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U.S. student "detained" in Israel for supporting boycott

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Female, nice teeth, pierced nose, huge framed eyeglasses. Invited to Israel on a student visa and arrested when she got there.

Some of those Jewish gals are getting a bit carried away, aren't they? It's almost like they cut their boyfriends' dicks off and become lesbians or something like that, and they want another girl.

The Israeli "boycott" thing? That's just a little bit too aggressive, isn't it?

"We're selling something and you've got to go to jail if you don't buy it, because that's our little gig, and that's how we make our money, so don't upset the applecart."

On a more serious note, you just can't run businesses like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD, no, not the shoe repair business, but part of Big Pharma's MH industry, and complain of a "boycott" when you don't have enough captive and unwilling "consumers" for your product.

Israelis have the "right to bear arms" like the Swiss but again, like the Swiss, they lobby heavily for gun control in other countries.

Jews for centuries have been heavily into banking in Europe. The Germans during the era of Weimar hyperinflation had a tough time working up any sympathy for bankers in general.

It is unbusinesslike to continually complain of a boycott. If you are in business and sell a better product for a better price, no one will even pay attention to a political boycott.

The Israelis cannot act like their poor neighbors owe them continued wealth and make continued demands on that alleged debt.

Jail for refusing to buy your product or patronizing your competition is just over the line.

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