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Premium creep

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It's a huge problem with the insurance industry. The "Progressive" politics and the come-in-out-of-the-rain "umbrella" policies indicate a "liberal" or Democratic Party political lean to the whole business.

Premium creep. The price on your auto (or other) insurance policy creeps up, and you have to shop around and switch once in a while to keep it down. We are all familiar with that aspect of it, but there is more, and it is worse, much, much worse.

Premium. Auctioneers charge a premium for goods sold at auction. They almost want to total your car and auction it off for even the most minor bump or scrape that scarcely exceeds normal wear and tear as soon as you take out a policy.

Premium. Think premium calling numbers, like 1-900-XXX-XXXX in North America. Premium cable television channels. The infamous "young man" premium for car insurance. "SR-22" they call it sometimes. There is an extremely subtle and vehemently denied pretext of "hookers and blow," (drugs, sex, and alcohol,) to all this. A P.O. box to get mail which the young man doesn't want his parents to intercept or read.

The black box they want to put in your car to track and assess your driving for risk.

Risk drives premium, and the higher the premium, the more money the industry makes. Old ladies are playing BINGO at Finn Hall next door, and it is the young men who are compelled to bear the "risk."

Risk. There is too much of that. Too many alleged accidents are not accidents at all but just a little bit too coincidentally arranged. Fortune-cookie fate.

Indemnity. Limits on coverage. Insurance agents sell "indemnity" -- I am not sure of any other way to define "indemnity" but as the exact opposite of responsibility. In other words, irresponsibility, or freedom or release from responsibility.

The irresponsibility trope sold to young men, while their elders drink responsibly, borrow responsibly, and drive responsibly.

There is no righteous investigation into the true cause of death at the scene of a crash. There is too much "umbrella" to "cover up" the facts from the tears of grieving loved ones and impartial witnesses. The adjusters are professionals and very, very good at what they do.

It's not cheap. And it's very, very creepy.

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