Can a wolf be a pet like a dog?

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I was downtown in a large city, and a man was walking an animal that looked exactly like a full-blooded female gray wolf, just like a dog.

Another man nearby was walking a large male bulldog. The wolf was sniffing at the bulldog, obviously quite interested in a friendly way, but the bulldog and his owner were both rather intimidated by the wolf.

I was quite curious about the wolf, and I wondered if she would let me pet her. I walked up to her and knelt down, and she immediately jumped up on me with her paws on my shoulders, broke into a huge wolfish grin, and rubbed her soft wet nose in my face.

I could not resist grinning myself, and when I did so, the wolf immediately relaxed and wiggled her ears at me, let me scratch behind her ears, and then lay down and let me rub her belly.

People tell me that a dog is not that different from a wolf. Do not trust a dog or a pack of dogs not to turn on you, especially when you live alone or in a remote area, and on the contrary, do not read too much aggression into the behavior of a wolf that might be neutral or friendly to humans.

Wolves are highly intelligent, and know that they will likely be hunted down and killed if they are found to have mauled or killed a human.

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Well my wife is a Dryad and she says the only way you can tame a wolf is to feed it with the milk of a sick cow mixed with ground corn and some pig fat.
However, it is very likely the wolf you encountered was an angel sent from heaven.

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