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Zionist ultranationalism and treacherous alliances

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There is a certain mindset of "nationalism" in Israel which allies itself all too well with the old Axis of WWII.

The forced deportation of Jews from Europe and their "return" to Israel went hand in hand as the lower-rank soldiers were viciously and cynically pitted one side of the war against the other.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were brutal dictators who forced poorer or less politically powerful Jews into concentration camps and gulags on both sides of the war.

Of course, not all their victims were Jews. LGBT and other minorities, those with certain disabilities or birth anomalies were especially singled out in those dictators' great purge.

Once again, we are experiencing the same today in America. We never got over WWII.

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NATIONAL SECURITY Spy Bosses Warn Of Foreign Interference As Feds Unseal New Russia Charges

We got some Mob bosses at the NSA. Good grief. And it's the military Mob, to boot.

If a soldier's a good boy, they arrange a date for him with a good girl. If not, they have his credit card cancelled on a date, his beverage spiked with alcohol or his food doped, and pull him over for DUI with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. That's what the military Mob does. It's outside the jurisdiction of even the FBI.

So, stop "unsealing" those damned "federal indictments." You're putting on the veil of Moses, and getting a bit too holy with it when you have to "unseal" something like that. Blind faith doesn't make a grand jury in a court of law. Twenty-three arses sitting on a hard bench do.

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