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Body modification cults

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Jewish circumcision is the big one. The Finns don't believe that circumcision is Jewish at all. They believe it was a sign of slavery or sexual bondage imposed on the Jews from without, namely from Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon. The epitome of evil, in the reading of the Revelation of St. John.

Abraham was hanging out with a bad crowd, even going to war on behalf of the King of Sodom, where his nephew Lot was living, etc. when he ended up circumcising himself.

The Egyptians of course enforced the law of circumcision against the Jews to mark them as slaves, and even the Scriptural references on the subject are almost suspect or carefully veiled inasmuch as the holy writings themselves would have survived the Babylonian captivity unaltered.

The other body modification cults are usually body piercings or tattoos of some sort. Hindu women often pierce their noses (usually in the left nostril) as well as their ears. Something to do with the Hindu religion, but not entirely clear to me.

Street gangs cultivate a "service" or following even to the point of a religious worship or cult, and they have various distinctive marks or tattoos, which may be permitted, required, or forbidden under unwritten rules. People (especially men) have a lot more tattoos than they used to, say 50-100 years ago. Not always clear it's a religion as such, but it must be really important or significant to people to mark themselves permanently with such symbology.

The body piercings seem slightly more popular among women than men. It might be that girls who often already have their ears pierced feel more comfortable than guys piercing other body parts, not just the ear or nose, but lips, eyebrows, or tongues. The tongue piercing is sort of a lesbian thing, but some of the others do have a religious or Satanic cult significance, and it's not always clear where that verges off from a girl's or woman's desire to be pretty or attractive by wearing something shiny or eye-catching, which is something guys almost tend to avoid in general.

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One of the really bad body modifications for women is the high-heeled pump-style shoes that force the toes together and create corns, calluses, and bunions, deformities of the bone almost as if women never gave up ancient Chinese foot-binding practices. Disabling, too. Can you lift 70 pounds as part of your job? "Rather not," drone the faux feminists. And tattoos and body piercings are absolutely harmless compared to misshapen feet. Or the tight laced corsets women wore in Europe in the 1700s and 1800s. But the most harmful body-deforming fashions are always the most religiously enforced.

That's not all. Ladies like that cut hair, or dye it so awful it has to be cut. They want men and other women to have short hair.

"I'm pretty, and I really do not want you to be pretty, no matter how much you pay me."

The old blonde versus brunette game. Just a brutal vicious fight. "Lesbianism" as such usually does not even enter the game except as just one of a long list of insults, slights, put-downs, jabs, and exclusions.

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