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Roman Catholic Church roped into Penn State

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Justice Department issues subpoenas to seven Pennsylvania dioceses over sex abuse allegations

Same old mess they keep talking about at Penn State.

And I'm not sure how a university gets dragged into all these child sexual abuse scandals, because you've got to go K-12 for that stuff. People talk about Penn State because it's adult, but they are really referring to the local K-12 school districts, because that's where it's really taking place. The children being molested are too young to be going to college. Sure, there's got to be plenty of it going on at college, too, the whole sexual assault crisis, but those kids are 18+, and they speak up about it more on their own, we hear that all the time and it's a different social issue. It's the younger kids, still under authority of their parents, who are forced to submit in silence.

This is where it is really at.

131 W Nittany Ave, State College, PA 16801 NSFW!

The State College Area School District (SCASD) is a large, suburban/rural public school district based in State College, Pennsylvania that serves students and includes public schools in the Borough of State College, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding townships of College, Ferguson, Halfmoon, Harris, and Patton.

A borough and several townships. The general "area" where the kids are going to school and being molested.

Bad memories. A lot of Germans in that area, "Pennsylvania Dutch," Amish, other, extremely close-knit communities, so tight and closed that they verge on incest. Remember, these people were no longer welcome in their home countries when they emigrated from Europe.

Passing through that area a couple of years ago, quickly, I knew it was extremely dangerous, not to stay anywhere. I was at a bus station, 2910 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230 - yes, a thoroughfare named just "Boulevard" - and I realized that I had been there when I was only two years old, people were speaking Spanish to me, I was able to respond to them with as much Spanish as a two-year-old was expected to speak, but they tortured me, molested me there, and I have long since forgotten most of it.

Virginia Commonwealth University is definitely involved, as well. Somehow those universities really get into organizing and conspiring to molest child on a grand scale, and certainly enabling that same type of parental sexual abuse to continue past the children's age of majority. There is often a religious cult of some sort or other, usually Protestant if not Catholic, involved.

The "99%" ... there's "moar" ... the molestation "rings" or networks are very sex-segregated.

The molesters I remember were female. It's always a closed circle, the local political sewing circle, the library, the women's club at town hall, the parent-teacher association, the bazaar, the babysitters' club, etc. Most of it is female-on-female with the exception of very young boys. 

There is no need to be "too graphic" with descriptions of specific acts of abuse. To bring these accusations in court, it needs to be made clear what happened in a matter-of-fact way that does not unnecessarily "shame" the victim or excite the perpetrators to further abuse.

This is never easy, and even for a prosecution for rape when the victim is eighteen or older, the cops need to get away from the "rape kits" - no, it's not supposed to be that easy, you don't get a "kit" for it - you need the circumstances.

The same doctors and lawyers who introduced unreliable DNA and cheek-swab rape kits are the ones who so viciously knocked "circumstantial evidence" even though the circumstances are the only evidence that can prove the element of force or coercion (non-consent) necessary for a rape conviction. It should not be necessary to gratuitously dangle dirty lingerie in front of the jury.

This sort of thing, too ...

Texas Mom Chases Son, Beats Him With Belt After He Takes Family's BMW and Goes on Joyride

I mean, the kid needs his own job and his own car, and a lock on his bedroom door at night, to which she does not have access.

His mother gave him a beating for trying to sneak out of his home past her electronic surveillance. And now he's "grounded" as if he wasn't before.

No girlfriend. No job. Mother probably publicly posted videos of him masturbating in bed from a hidden camera she had hooked up. He'll never drive, because he has "young man" syndrome at the insurance company.

And he's going to work somewhere when he graduates high school / college / tech school?

Oh, please. Just let someone, anyone, torture this cruel woman to death on behalf of the poor kid. She sold her soul to Satan a long time ago.

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And now a haze of law is passed against "hazing" students, which makes for a hazy situation in court.

New anti-hazing law signed in Pennsylvania after death of Penn State student

They are so full of Supreme Court ConFraudUs bullshit, that they cannot prosecute murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The judge's gavel cracked to pieces, shrapnel went flying, and the Pennsylvania Dutch went full-bore Nazi enacting ever more burdensome and asinine laws, which they know full well, as and how enforced, will only exacerbate and worsen the very problems which they claim to the public that they are solving by such progressive legislation.

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