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Ukrainian nationalism vs. separatism

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The Russian Embassy "in London said it was willing to discuss "speculations" about the Skripal case with British authorities but cast doubt on the Bellingcat report.
"The Russian side will be ready to discuss both this information and other outstanding issues with the British authorities through official channels if we receive a respective request from London," the Embassy said on its website.
European liberals and Ukrainian separatists are turning to Europol and Interpol to cast this as a crime, but there is no indication that British authorities are cooperating with (let's assume) Europol. Ukraine's blue and yellow flag was supposed to represent golden fields of wheat under a blue sky, but the liberals rather went for Yuliya Tymoshenko's blonde hair and blue eyes in the name of nationalism. The British are agitating for "Brexit" and more likely to be cooperating with the Russians than the mainstream news media are willing to admit.
Some of those religious cults in Ukraine give me a bad feeling, because I know that the Russians are not overly religious or excessively superstitious despite the existence of a state church, which would be forbidden under the U.S. Constitution.
I know this, because a large, tight-knit community of Ukrainians had immigrated to my hometown, and joined up with (and much for the worse influenced) some of the more extreme religious cults already attended by the local population.
I was forced to flee my hometown as a result of this cult-based hate.

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So the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is getting out from under the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church. A good thing in and of itself. It is unseemly for a the Russian Orthodox Church to have so much political power as if a lady were compelled to wrestle and overcome a man by her muscular strength.

The women of Ukraine are not "young men."

We have the same situation in the United States as Roman Catholicism has assumed so much political power over our government and health Care system which is exercised from the Vatican in Europe, as Protestantism has fallen to decay and destruction in the U.S.

Our churches in the United States must also separate themselves from the state and thoroughly purge themselves of the filth and doctrinal contamination of Romish paganism which is exercised from Italy and the entire enemy Axis of two world wars of the twentieth century.

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