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Julian Assange sues Ecuador

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Julian Assange sues Ecuador over new rules, including Internet ban, bathroom hygiene and cat care.

This guy's thinking is a little bit off sometimes.

Okay, he slept with those girls in Sweden, which got him in trouble in the first place. Did he force them of his own free will against their will?

I highly doubt it. Those girls are striking a kitchen match and lighting up a marijuana roach right up his butt.

The embassy situation. Seeking refuge there in the first place was probably not the right clear-headed decision to make at that time. There is a haze of European marijuana smoke in that back room over there.

Suing Ecuador? He's not thinking clearly anymore. It's getting to be too much of a drug house. Other than that, no standing to sue. Ecuador will let him leave at any time. It's just that he risks arrest by British authorities if he leaves. Britain is content to let him stew there, effectively locked up, still a long sentence to serve for skipping bail when leaves the embassy or gets kicked out.

Internet access? Don't the neighbors have Wi-Fi? Assange doesn't even have a buddy to "smuggle" a smartphone into the place for him?

Good grief. The embassy's hacked, and they can't keep their network up against all the targeted hacking.

That dude just needs to chill out and lay low. They're going all-out to save the poor fellow's sorry ass as it is.

Julius Baer is the money behind this man's problems. I think somebody there fronted that 1,000,000# bail and skipped him into that embassy on a cloud of seven-leaf smog.

I am starting to doubt that story of a pop culture celebrity pulling that kind of cash straight out of her purse without even a shrug.

Someone was taken to the cleaners at that bank and pulled their other money, and a lot of it, out of danger.


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