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Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

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These aren't very clear to me.

They are usually more popular in modern culture among women than among men, because Christianity is billed too much as a "brotherhood" that tends to exclude or subordinate women.

There's the "six-pointed pentagram." All the way around the circle, back where you started, the sixth point coincides with the first. [EDIT: it's the standard go-around come-around you get from "the ladies" in any government office. Their holy "circle" is closed and someone is left out because they demand a human sacrifice.]

Wiccans and Paganists vary a lot on their tolerance of the LGBT spectrum.

People "witch" for water when they dig a well, or something like that when they otherwise confess Christianity.

There is an intentional imposition of imperfection, and a certain frustration, prevention, or denial of perfection. Almost as though we could do something right, but let's not be too perfect about it. It's not usually a bad thing to avoid perfectionism, and learn to move on when a job is done "well enough," but people make a religion of slight or minimized imperfections, and they fail to recognize or allow for certain situations where perfection really is an absolute requirement of success.

Of course the Paganism I am referring to is more or less a mix of Norse, Roman, and Greek, because the Finns had a slightly different set of beliefs.

These are deep-rooted cultural beliefs or superstitions that people often still carry subconsciously, even if, say, they confess Christianity, of which an overt form has taken over the areas where these beliefs once predominated.

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I am a Witch and have been since 1951. The pentagram (pent) is a five point entangled star with the apex pointing up each point represents the elementals  earth, air, fire, water and spirit.   A pentagram with the point down is a satanic symbol and has nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft. Witches do not believe in an evil divinity (devil or demons). We believe that an all pervading intelligence we call Spirit is present everywhere in all things. Wicca is new age having evolved in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner and appeals to the younger generation as a social instrument and hosts Covens for group ritual such as circle casting for Esbats (full moon rituals)  and Sabbats  (seasonal). Witchcraft is an ancient way of life from pre-historic beginnings of the human quest for spiritual enlightenment. The cave dwelling fire watcher (usually female) became the first Witches, Shaman, Wizard and were considered the "Wise Ones". Witches follow the noble path of the Ancient Ones, we have a deep respect for and affinity with Natural Forces. We gather in small groups of solitaries or covens to celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats. Witchcraft empowers the practitioner to influence probabilities in the material world with "Magick" and allows the Witch to establish a presence in the realm of Spirit. We are "Walkers between worlds" skilled in many occult arts such as remote viewing, bi-location, telepathy, healing and remote influencing. We have a higher code of ethics that demands we "are free to do as we will so long as we harm none".

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The Satanic Temple sues Netflix for $150 million for using a statue of a demon god in 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

On 10/23/2018 at 5:54 AM, Shekinah said:

a higher code of ethics that demands we "are free to do as we will so long as we harm none".

That, as stated, is not what I am finding fault with, but nevertheless, a great deal of harm is wrought in such total denial.

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The New Age

It is said that light grappled with darkness, and Europe received Enlightenment to emerge from the Dark Ages. The Protestant Reformers were horrified at the conclusions of Reason on the premisses of Facts brought anew to the light of day at the end of the 1000-year darkness which had fallen over Europe with the fall of the Roman Empire.

There was a certain female Pope, Agnes, who took the name Joanna to sit in the Holy See sometime early in the ninth century, only to die two years later in a scandalous and tragic childbirth en route of a papal procession along a way in Rome known to this day as Via Dolorosain her memory, but assiduously denied and superstitiously avoided by later popes, for her admirer John Huss, over 500 years later, was burned at the stake as a faggot upon whom even his own mother heaped more firewood as he died in the flames.

That was how they reacted to the mere mention of a biological woman who had taken on a somewhat masculine identity to become pope although the degree of gender identity and the use of pronouns may be lost to history. Meanwhile, Lesbians and Gays were viciously persecuted as “Lollards” and “Bohemian brethren” and rebuked from the pulpit by celibate priests for their “Lollardy” and “Bohemian fraternization.”

Dr. Martin Luther was so horrified at the Conclusions of man’s intellect and sound Reason, that he saw Reason itself as a beast that must be throttled and have its eyes put out, for never before in history had such Conclusions been brought to such garish and horrifying Light: a veritable Rainbow Enlightenment had taken place in Europe.

For that reason, Martin Luther despised the false vows of chastity and celibacy, hated the sex segregation of the cloistered convents, and eventually moved out of the monastery to marry a former nun.

The New Man

That which is old is old, but that which is not old is said to be young or new.

If a man is young, and takes after his parents without thinking for himself, then he becomes old in the same manner as the old ones, and he has no part in anything new.

But the Reformers, in a hidden masked voice from a deep throat, spoke of the new man: the navel cord which connects him to the old man must be cut, because the new man is reborn and regenerated, and has no part in anything old, having departed from the matrix at the peril of his life.

The new man is rejuvenated and walks in newness of life, absolved of original sin and permitted once more to return to the Garden of Eden, from whence he was originally driven out, and to eat once again of the fruit of the Tree of Life, so jealously guarded by the cherubim, that holy and pure nourishment which is so essential to life.

The Old Church

The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of America, the same who call themselves the Congregation of the Firstborn in Europe, have rejected the new man and gone a-whoring after the old ways of the firstborn who lost their birth certificates long ago in Egypt.

They forsook the cross of Jesus and accepted old Adam in the eating of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Thus they never relent from their ardent demands of

  • circumcision for baptism,
  • the pulling of wisdom teeth for confirmation,
  • the cutting of hair for work,
  • the bondage of much officious rubber-stamped paperwork with a real estate contract for marriage, and
  • the practice of civil commitment to a locked ward with forced medication for mental health.

The burial of the dead is practiced with arcane arts of embalming or even cremation, so concealed from the public that they scarcely permit an open casket funeral, let alone a true accounting of vital statistics.

Some of the old Saami were medicine men, and they had certain knowledge of such peculiar arts of the establishment of cult leadership and followership or worship. They felt that any such worshipful following to the 33rd degree was foreign and hostile to their people, because a Saami man does not eat oats like a horse or live in a brick house, wear a kilt and puff bagpipes like a Scot.

The bills of mortality of unexplained causes, the emphasis on a legally privileged private confession to lay preachers, and their refusal to coöperate with official investigations and prosecutions of murder, have cost those preachers their birthright.

Their peacenik handshake is a sign of fair-weather friendship, not of courage or friendly alliance in war.

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I am not Martin Luther, nor yet the new man, and certainly not the old.

The old man has borne a child, and Swedish grammar (contrary to the German) requires the definite article and the feminine pronoun to speak of “man” in the generic sense.

The new man is no bull chewing his cud in the pasture, as if the farmer’s daughter were trying to get him to stand up on his cloven feet by waving a bright red flag.

We are not to be taken for such bloody fools. The old man, instead of renewing himself in Germany, got it on a little bit too hard, and appeared as an “overman” or Übermensch à la Nietzsche or Hitler, overseeing the workers of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party.

We were “workers,” and labor mob bosses appeared from other quarters with gun and badge and whip in hand to dock our paychecks and beat our backs.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s generation of Negroes put on their reading glasses when they saw this “new man,” said “Motherfucker!” and they had full-blooded German back-up and support for every word they said.

Dr. Martin Luther, the German monk, enumerated only three of Ten Commandments on one table and put seven on the other. He felt no doubt that Eleven Commandments would have been altogether too many, because if the poor man is not permitted to covet to live in the rich man's house, then the rich man cannot be permitted to covet the poor man's artistry in precious metals or music or whatnot.

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Troubles with Christianity as a Religion

Old and New Testaments

The Old Testament was based on circumcision or a submission to genital mutilation in the promise of a Comforter to come, the Consolation of Israel.

The New Testament rejected circumcision for baptism, and Jesus was crucified for it, but the doctrine was never made sufficiently clear, and even Paul himself almost sneakily reintroduced circumcision into Christianity.

The word “Testament” itself is related to “testicle” as it were a vulgarity or oath undertaken to an agreement or covenant, or last will, as it were.

I cannot read the Bible as a lawyer reading a will, or the salvation of one's soul as a testament that only comes into force after men are dead.

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Jesus is the Son, whose fatherhood is not ascribed to Joseph the husband of Mary, but to God in heaven.

Nonetheless the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, tends to sneak in alongside the Father as a fourth person to the Trinity.

All three persons of the Trinity are of course undeniable in reading the Gospel, but there was a so-called Aryan heresy that insisted almost upon a trefoil symbology for the three persons of the Trinity, rather than the simple sign of Jesus' cross.

The Aryans, of course, were white people, and there was. a certain cultural significance to the number three among “white people” that long predated Christianity.

The number three was necessary because the number two (among men) represented an inappropriate father-son or other male-male relationship, a men's cultural problem that could not be remedied by a mother figure, as if Jesus were to be a mama's boy; no, the Holy Ghost was needed as a third party inasmuch as Christianity was not to be interpreted as a religion of a Father fooling around with His Son when the right Spirit is not present.

Propitiation or Atonement for Sin

The doctrine of substitute atonement, as a whipping boy for the fairy tale prince, has been carried too far.

A certain culture of Omertà, presented as a passing or substitute “respect” for the Virgin Mary, and an assumed willingness do “take the fall” in silence for another's crime, has been imposed altogether too much by Roman or Latina organized crime networks.

As if “I” ought to be kind like Jesus, and freely allow an irascibly corrupt system in the name of “justice” to do to me what it did to Jesus, as if out of kindness “I” should meekly offer myself to slake the thirst of my enemies for my blood under the color of law, without rising to defend my friends.

No. It is Jesus who said, “I am the way.” We cannot earn our way out of the false accusations of a corrupt and putrefied justice system by taking all its guilt upon ourselves the way Jesus took it on Himself. “It is finished,” He cried. Enough is enough.

The Crusades or Holy Wars

Christians eventually had to take to arms and fight. Christians cannot accept Holy Communion in the name of the Lord of Sabaoth and deny the Crusades or the cause and necessity of war.

Christianity is neither a religion of peace, submission, and self-humiliation for the sake of submissiveness, nor of the honor of military officers twirling their moustaches. It is a religion of obedience to God rather than to man, and of an independent and personal relationship to God at that.

The Religion of Psychology and Psychiatry

Greek neologisms for the scientific study and practice of healing, respectively, of the soul, or psyche.

Unfortunately those doctors are evil, who deal in the bodies and souls of men, according to the Revelation.

We cannot as Christians stand by while those doctors practice such wickedness upon the innocent ones, nor in good conscious can we willingly submit ourselves to their evil, as it were an example that others should follow as if in obedience.

No. We must commit ourselves instead to the destruction of the lives of those doctors, even as they have destroyed our lives by practicing such peculiar arts under the guise of “healing” the soul by imprisonment and forced administration of drugs, just as they “healed” the bodies of the innocent ones by practices of circumcision and genital mutilation.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, skin for skin, wound for wound, burning for burning, stripe for stripe, and life for life, after the law of Moses and Job, we must pursue those doctors until all their peculiar arts and practices of scientific divination in the name of healing the psyche or soul have been eradicated and purged from off the face of the entire earth, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It is a scandalous shame to proclaim the “Gospel” anywhere a psychologist or a psychiatrist is permitted to practice his peculiar arts, for there is no “Good News” until those Satanic curses in the name of medicine have been thrown off.

Then shall be fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, when the battle turns in our favor, the blood-soaked garments from the war zone are gathered and burned up with fuel of fire, and the rod of the oppressor is broken, for we cannot leave unpunished those police officers, lawyers, judges, and military officers who fraternize with the doctors of such peculiar arts in the guise of “healing” the bodies and souls of mankind.

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five pillars of faith

I am still not sure where this idea originated, but the Muslims hold certain things to be very important, such as praying five times a day, fasting from sunup to sundown during the month of Ramadan, alms for the poor, etc.

Martin Luther, the German monk and reformer of the Roman Catholic Church, was quite disgusted at the Jews for running a brothel district and circumcising children in the Yiddish “shtetl” towns.

On the other hand, he rather famously stated, “I fear my own heart more than the sultan of Turkey,” who, of course, was not only Muslim but greatly feared by most Germans and German Jews at the time.

There was an idea of five pillars of faith that seems more common to Islam that Martin Luther somehow borrowed or translated for Christianity. Luther taught five sacraments of the altar, including baptism, confession, communion, and matrimony.

I hesitate to be too precise, but there is an idea of five fundamental practices that adhere to the exercise of a religion. I am not sure, but the idea at some time must have been to replace a five-pointed star or pentagram of German (or Norse) Wicca or Roman Paganism, which is odd because the Roman Pagans worshipped some of the gods of the Greeks and some of the gods of the Germans.

the fifth sacrament

Luther's fifth sacrament, if I recall correctly, which I am not sure that I do, was either a laying on of the hands or an anointing of the sick. John Huss and the Bohemian Brethren were definitely more affectionate with that sort of thing than most Lutherans, but there is a certain point of men becoming inordinately affectionate of one another with too much brotherly love and withholding alms from the poor.

Now alms are very important to the Catholics, the Muslims, and to some extent the Jews — but there is still something missing in the formality of passing the hat and tithing for alms. Paul laments in a certain place, “Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and have not charity …”

Alms are, perhaps, necessary but not sufficient for charity.

the origin of Islam

Think of classical Arabic culture before the time of the Prophet Mohammed.

Genies (or djinn) came out of bottles as if by magic. Alcohol lamps were common. Rub a lamp, and the genie grants you three wishes. That sort of thing.

There was quite a bit of distillery going on, putting out highly refined spirits where water was scarce, enough proof to burn in a lamp.

At some point, Mohammed (or someone like him) had to step in and say, “Enough is enough. You guys are in deep trouble. You’re drinking too much alcohol. This is going to take some serious prayer and fasting.”


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Men over 40:

The OALC cannot seem to rid itself of that pernicious and insidious mysticism of men over 40, no matter what.

The dictums and dogma of church doctrine are stated as such only for men, and in practice applied only to young men, who are strictly forbidden from dating.

Meanwhile the girls and young women are kept under a Code of Omertà or silence and obedience to older men, to whom they are compelled to cater in order to retain the favors and blessings of the church.

One might as well mourn the “lost boys,” circumcised and rejected, as by the time the girls reach the age of majority, they are far too much the professional players at romantic relationships, who in their companionship with other women and older men have completely shut out their male peers as a socially excluded group.

In effect, girls reach adulthood by church law at 14–15 while boys must wait until 40–45. The younger men are kept as slaves while the younger women are married off to husbands old enough to be their fathers. That is the vicious brotherhood of the Establishment, of which we shall not leave one stone atop another, when we come to destroy: for the abominable evil of that “church” must be destroyed and set at nought to make way for that which is just and right and honorable before God.

We do not deny our faith, but we condemn the false faith of those false teachers and preachers of heresy and false doctrine.

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