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  •       We all crave freedom, do we not?  Imagine a world without the stresses of our lives now, due to whatever it may be. A world where you could always have everything you need and anything you may want.  Where everyone is equal to everyone else, and everyone appreciates everything someone does for society.  This is not about politics, this is about freedom!  To get to this point will be very hard, it goes against everything we believe in.  We need to really think about this with a big heart and compassion for others.  In order to accomplish this we must rid ourselves of all forms of currency and laws.  The only law we should live by is that we cannot make anyone do anything against their will or harm them. Essentially , this means that you can not affect anyone's freedom.  It will take a lot of questioning to understand this and how everything will work.  It will need to start in a country that is a superpower first.  Everyone under 56 would need to work or go to school, unless a physical or mental handicap prevents this.  We will work a set amount of hours per month so that we can have the things we need to live.  And for the things we want, we could have an online site where a first come fist serve basis would exist.  Everyone that works will have everything society has to offer and those that don't want to work could live freely outside of society where they could farm and raise whatever they needed.  For those who have murdered or harmed others in a very negative way would be removed from society and placed with others like them to live freely outside of society as well.  They would need to build their own homes, farm their food, grow what they needed and so on... They would be guarded so that they do not affect anyone, they would only be kept in the section of land provided for them.  Public transportation would come back so that we could have less accidents on the roadway.  All jobs would be on a website for each city or county, anyone 56 and older would not have to work if they did not want to.  Our armies would no longer attack others, but defend us and other countries that would choose to live this way, 'if they could not defend themselves'.  Everyone could then do a job they would enjoy and that benefits society.  If someone has a great idea to create a new job, then they would not be held back by anything.  The homeless 'if they choose to work' would get a house and transportation as would any adult that may be stuck at home for whatever reason.  The jobs that do not benefit society would be removed and those workers would find another line of work.  Everyone would get three month's of vacation where they could go anywhere and do anything where there is this freedom.  The crime would be nearly gone, there would be no need to commit crime if you could have what you need and had no one telling what you can and can't do.  Police officers could then concentrate on serious crime and on keeping our roads safer.  I do not claim to know everything nor will I ever, if anyone has a question about this I will try my best and maybe others will help as well.  I have looked for any reason this would not work, now I need help to disprove or legitimize this.

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