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Impressive speech by AfD leader Alice Weidel

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And the children are accused of "Nazism" for complaining that their teachers are molesting them.

Germany (as well as the rest of Europe) does need an alternative to unelected diplomatic pan-European rule. We're just all too "far-right" for the EU's ruling elite.

Alternative für Deutschland? A third political party.

Anti-Islam? Martin Luther said in the 1500s, "I fear my own heart more than the Sultan of Turkey." The Muslims stayed away from him.

Too many rules. The Germans do not want to be forced to obey Islamic Shari`a Law as well as all local, state, and federal regulations that micromanage all of daily life in Germany.

And she's a "lesbian."

That's just a hot sexy woman to the average male German voter. They're looking at naked pics when they vote for her.

I don't really know. All of Germany is most incredibly sick these days...

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