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Martin Timothy

Goyim Defense League Rejects the Pittsburgh Story @ YouTube

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The word "Goy" is Hebrew for "nation." Plurals in Hebrew are not that clear to me, but an ending like "-oth" or "-im" is typical for more than one of something.

So "Goyim" are "the nations." A very contemptuous term in Hebrew. More or less what the Italians call the "Mafia." (Ironic, the other side of WWII.) Anyways, "the masses," in a very negative sense, to create fear among Jews. Heathens, pagans, gentiles. The criminal class. Unbelievers. The unfaithful, traitors, infidels.

Goyim Defense is a defense of organized crime, and no, not in a court of law.

Some people who call themselves "nationalist but not (necessarily) white nationalist" are essentially saying that they are Goyim and proud of it, that is, "of the nations" and not of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Are they in a religious sense rejecting the God of Israel and reverting to their former heathenism? I am beginning to think so, because these are not the folks who have accepted Jesus in their hearts.

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