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F-22 type madness

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how 16 types became 22

There is a carefully concealed subtext of a military or wartime enforcement of gender-appropriateness to all 16 types, which tends to be interpreted in a manner hostile and hateful to the transgender and other gender non-conforming individuals, especially in a military or government context.

This general phenomenon has been exhibited by the naming of aircraft adopted by the U.S. Air Force. The B-52 represents a naked female body. The B represents her bust, bosom, breasts, boobs, etc., and the 52 represents a full deck of cards, that is, her genitals, the labia. Remember? Was it Fat Man or Little Boy or how did they name those bombs? The B-52 gave birth to two boys, dropped them right out of her belly from the sky. Her deck of cards is full, as opposed to a man's genitals which are required to be circumcised or "cut" under the U.S. Criminal Code of Feudal Regulations as it is so violently enforced.

The F-16 and the F-22 which replaced it later on both represent a feminine personality with an imposition of gender-appropriate personality typology reinforced by referring to a ship or plane as "she" whereas a gender non-conformant individual may only be referred to as "he" or "it" in that typology.

The newer F-35 based in Alaska seems to represent male and female versions of all 16 of the Myers-Briggs types plus three additional unknown types, which may be reserved for the very young, very aged, and disabled who cannot be adequately typed or sexed according to the system.

The use of an actual gender identity as a restricted fifth axis to the Myers-Briggs typology is what led to the 22 types. There is a strange theme of mental incompetency versus military insubordination that comes out in Joseph Heller's Catch-22, but I do not believe that the novel tells the full story. We would have 32 types with an unrestricted gender identity, but there may be a bus off to the death camps for the three unknowns.

The 52 playing cards of the standard deck, alluded to by the name of the B-52 may have at one point represented a full personality typology, but practicing psychologists would have wanted to bury any suggestion of a Tarot-like "reading" as hopelessly unprofessional or risqué from the point of view of defending the legitimacy of their practice.

the gender ideals of the master race

The 16 Myers-Briggs types were either invented by Carl Jung or based on his work. At that time, such scientific endeavors generally took place in the context of a service to the nobility of a pre-WWI Austrian Reich -- a realm or empire -- not so much a "kingdom" but a federation of lords and vassals who had not yet received the enlightenment of revolution in Europe, at any rate in Austria not until the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand around the time of the Russian Revolution when the "Czar of all the Russias" had assumed the title of Grand Duke of Finland.

A duchess is the wife or female equivalent of a duke, and meanwhile the Ku Klux Klan of the southern U.S.A. recognized the title of a Grand Duchess as the wife of a Grand Dragon who would have been the equivalent of a Grand Duke or Archduke in feudal Europe.

The "enlightenment" was a big deal in Europe, if nothing other than realization of something stupendous that had never dawned on the royalty and nobility before. Fears of the Mob of commoners, well-muscled masons, (as Europe had already been indiscriminately logged and was largely deforested and denuded of wooden building materials,) and Illuminati intellectuals terrified the titled lords and ladies.


The masculine ideal is Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. The "ideal man" is outgoing, not afraid to take the initiative in a relationship, and bases his beliefs on logically sound thought processes which are in turn based on an objective sensation of his environment and surroundings. This masculine ideal was very important to the German Nazi Axis conception of Nietsche's Übermensch, but subordinate types were also needed to serve the "master race," (not all white, not all male, but often presented as such.)


The feminine ideal is Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. She "keeps her bosom covered," and her intuition is guided by an innate sense of appropriateness, knowing her place, and a quiet deference to male thought and judgment. Feminine submission under an almost "Fifty Shades of Grey" like relationship is idealized in this archetype, but there is something sacrosanct and inviolable about the ideal female role as such, almost like a secular version of the veneration of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church.

the masculine defective

We arrive at these types by dropping one of the four stereotypical traits of the masculine ideal ESTJ and substituting its feminine counterpart. There are four possibilities.


The party pooper: an anal-receptive homosexual; not extraverted enough to actually ask a woman on a date. Alan Turing; said to be an "invert" = introvert.


The schizophrenic: his intuition is too effeminate, and he sees things that other people don't see. He "hears things" in hostile or inappropriate social situations, etc.


The Mensch: he effectively cultivates the sympathy of other men but judges them on the exclusive basis of his own humanlike feelings. The danger here is the rise of a Hitler-like popular leader, and a "faith-based" system of social deception, manipulation, and control that rejects reason, of the sort that prevailed under the ancien regime of France. Religion as a tool to control the masses.


The liberal freethinker: his thoughts have a sound basis, but he refrains from explicit judgment: nonetheless must be watched for politically subversive activity.

the feminine defective

Again, these types are derived by overriding one of the four stereotypical traits of the feminine ideal INFP with its masculine counterpart.


The whore: an "extraverted" woman is a woman with her blouse unbuttoned.


The mom-in-tennis-shoes: otherwise unremarkable, she lacks woman's intuition and doesn't know her place.


The bluestocking intellectual / librarian type: the stereotypical closeted lesbian. May also be politically subversive.


The cop-calling babysitter. She collects state benefits, child support, and alimony.

the mixed types (m/f)

Of the 16 types it is these six that split into male and female subtypes, yielding a total of 22 types.


The male is very effeminate and may be transsexual.
The female is an extreme political feminist and man-hater.


The man's man. Or mother bear.


The male is a "lone wolf" terrorist, too secretive to share his political thoughts openly. The female is the "mother next door," careful to conceal her political activism.


The male is a psychopath. The female is a cop-calling hooker or professional rape victim.


The male is politically dangerous but too crafty to be caught at actual crime. The female is very talkative but not as open as one may assume.


The male is hypocritical: he is "liberal" but at the same time demands a police state. The female is a swinger or player at the marriage game.

a review of the basic traits

extraversion / introversion

Spelling variations include extroversion or intraversion; inversion, etc., and "-vert" as a noun for the human subject, or "-verted" as an adjective. The language is rude. Outgoing or shy, socially dominant or socially submissive, male-appropriate or female-appropriate. This one is almost exclusively a dating game. As distinguished from perversion, pervert, or perverted.

sensing / intuition

We are talking about perception of one's immediate environment by the five basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, versus extrasensory perception, woman's intuition, seeing/hearing things that other people don't see/hear, and other very negative or dismissive stereotypes about any perception not based on immediate "reality" as presented or deemed obvious or appropriate.

thinking / feeling

Translated from the original German, feeling should have been knowing in a very old-fashioned sense in English, not so much as knowing in the sense of carnal knowledge or feeling in the sense of physical touch, but nonetheless a more intimate and less voluntary mode of forming beliefs, which the professional may dismiss as delusions, whereas a more logical thinking is seen as having a certain distance or detachment from one's emotions.

judgment / perception

Judgment here implies a willingness or eagerness to make fixed or irrevocable decisions. Perception implies either a deference to others' judgment or a refusal to foreclose alternatives. Lacking either the grounds to make a decision or the need to impose judgment, one may remain perceptive and open-minded, but this is often taken for gullibility.


The Jungian or Myers-Briggs personality types often enumerated by psychologists and psychiatrists are in reality none other than cloaked archetypes or stereotypes, which may in fact be very negative about any particular personality type, the exaggerated "ideals" being no exception.

At best we could hope for a humorous caricature of all possible "personality types" but we do not have such nice language to discuss the classification of personality typology or any kind words for such involuntary "care" as it may be practiced on human patients or the research or experimentation done on involuntary human subjects by the covert Nazi regime that has taken over the U.S. government through Operation Paperclip. We thought we had coöpted the support of top German scientists, and they were so intelligent. Who could have been smarter than Albert Einstein? But they banned guns in America and duped us into playing Cold War games, even to the point of Ronald Reagan's hopelessly impractical and illogical Star Wars. Movie-star "governator" from Alta California.

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more F-22 mayhem and madness

proof of concept

They called it a POF, for "Proof of Concept." The Russians supposedly hacked up some fake government forms, SF-86 or SF-87 or something like that, I don't think they ever went '88 with it because the Cold War was winding down, and that was some sort of code for "Heil Hitler" and anyways all the 1488 white supremacist street gang symbology in the U.S. government was still a little bit of a sticking point with the Russians.

the OPM/SAP hack

Anyways they broke into the OPM during the Obama administration and inserted the fake SF-86/7 forms into the SAP database with stolen fingerprints, because that was technically an unclassified system and the brotherhood always set up a fall guy for stuff they did like that, and once in the database, they got "replacement" government IDs issued with key codes and access cards to secure facilities, and they were really into hacking Ada, fooling around with the data types, some sort of type safety mechanism that was supposed to be very important and extremely critical to aircraft control systems and whatnot.

other bit-flipping due to radiation

In any case the computer stuff keeps crashing and the F-series aircraft are not resistant to gamma rays and electromagnetic pulses under conditions of nuclear war, never mind all that computer programming type safety, which they call "salt" and swear like sailors about it even though they're in the Air Force and aren't supposed to use language like that.

enough with Carl Jung's types

Actually it was Sigmund Freud who originally caught the hidden subtext of sexuality or gender to Carl Jung's opposing or conjugate pairs of personality traits. He was smoking dope in his pipe listening to a woman on the couch in his office rambling on about why she was a lesbian because men were so full of shit all the time, and he added a fifth axis to the original scale of four.

anal-expulsive / anal-retentive

If a man is anal-expulsive, meaning he actually gives a shit, and his wife doesn't want to take it in the pussy, then she is supposed to take it in the anus, because that's what a man does when he is homosexual: it's not like he's going to lick her pussy or anything like that. But if a woman is anal-retentive, meaning she doesn't give a shit about anything, then maybe her husband has cause for divorce.

The negative side of a man's anal-expulsive personality is that the guy beats the shit out of a woman when he is angry, whereas an angry anal-retentive person tends to be more passive-aggressive, (the premeditated murder type,) like a guy who's on pot or trying to enjoy one beer too many.

This was before World War I in Austria, after all, a Victorian holdover from pre-Enlightenment Germany, Italy, and Britain, even long after European Renaissance artists had made so much effort to distinguish the beautiful and pure from the filthy and disgusting.

Women murdered their husbands more often than they filed for divorce in those days, because the social status of a divorcée was no better that that of an adulteress or whore, whereas a widow who successfully concealed the murder of her husband had a better chance of preserving her lifestyle and social standing, especially if the guy was so full of shit that other people were secretly glad to have him gone, too.

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more axes of evil

the psychology and psychiatry of masculine and feminine imputations

The purpose is always the same: to forcibly separate the masculine from the feminine, unnaturally inflame the passions and desires, impose a totalitarian, brutal, and vicious sex segregation, and finally, to charge money or press criminal charges for reuniting the sexes in anything approaching a natural human social setting, let alone any possibility of normal day-to-day friendship, intimacy, or closeness.

There is a consistent theme of extreme hatred for transgender individuals (and other minorities of sexual orientation etc.) throughout the field of personality typology.

more on anal-expulsive vs. anal-retentive

Outside Carl Jung's four pairs of conjugate personality traits, it was Sigmund Freud who actually invented the anal-expulsive // anal-retentive axis with its obvious allegory to male homosexuality. Recall too, that pre-WWI (19th-century // late Victorian) Austria was infamous for the moral decadence of its opium dens and houses of prostitution.

Taking a shit really was a big deal in those days. People were addicted to heroin and other opiates, drugs with a strong tendency to stop up the gut. They drank not only fermented prune juice, but liquid metallic mercury and other quack remedies as laxatives, because they could not give up their heroin habit to save their lives.

The anal-retentive personality type was negatively characterized and professionally mocked in a bizarre, drug-addled effort to subtly shame patients out of their heroin addiction.

type A and type B personalities

This one crops up in a suit-and-tie cubicle-farm setting of corporate middle-management MBA pop psychology. The type A personality is the aggressive alpha male (a dangerous charging bull) prone to heart disease or the angry woman who doesn't know her place. Type B is the "healthy" passive (or psychologically castrated) beta male or subservient female, much preferred by middle-ranking corporate drones who hire for subordinate positions.

dominant // submissive

Romantic overtones, popularized in romance novels, (Fifty Shades of Grey, etc.,) read mainly by women. Female submission to a male-dominant rape culture is emphasized, as well as a collective male guilt and a Mafia-enforced Omertà "respect" for women imposed on men. The boss has a haircut or something like that, but he's not God.

sadism // masochism

Extreme form of the dominant-submissive characterized by outrageous but highly secretive acts of torture and mayhem. Newborn children are circumcised and cauterized "for their own good." Mental health care is imposed on unwanted family members, mental defectives, and social undesirables against their will. Dentists pull teeth unnecessarily.

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