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City hall bond and levy issues

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bonds and levies

We always vote no.

Bonds are a medieval form of imprisonment, and a levy is a lifting or raising of something, literally to lift the heads off the shoulders of a decapitated population to raise money for some cause to be forcibly imposed on the remainder of the people.


Public libraries are government institutions, and they exist solely for two purposes,

  1. To control, regulate, limit, and restrict (a) the press in general, and (b) what in particular is legally permitted to be printed or published; and
  2. To collect and retain detailed information on the reading habits of political dissidents and individuals deemed mentally ill or politically subversive, for express purposes of arbitrary imprisonment, torture, and execution.

Paper, ink, and binding are cheap, and we demand the freedom to pay for the books we do want to read and not to pay for the books we do not want to read.


We view public schools as government-run internment and indoctrination camps for children, and we only permit our children to attend them because to some extent the children do look out for each other at school, and they do need the information imparted to them there in order to survive under such a brutal and oppressive political regime even if they do not "buy" the government propaganda.

In general, we feel that the less money school districts have access to, the less harm they are capable of inflicting on our children. We have long since been disillusioned on our part of any ideas of good will and benevolent government on the part of city hall relating to the education of children.

emergency services

The usual three are fire, police, and medical.

More money for city hall does not alleviate the risks of firetrap construction methods and business proprietors who willfully and intentionally insist on obstructing exit doors, knowing, to wit, that human deaths will result which otherwise could easily be averted.

We cannot afford to pay for the gun control demanded and imposed by cop-calling whores and their courthouse pimps. Law enforcement has never come to our aid when we were victimized by serious organized crime, and we the people are compelled for our very survival to seek and exact our own redress outside the court system for the unprosecuted crimes continually committed against our persons and our property, day and night.

Medical care for us is mental health only, with the sole and express purpose of imposing arbitrary gun control on us. We are lucky to have a bone set in a cast rather than having an entire limb cut off unnecessarily, and furthermore being falsely accused and imprisoned for disability fraud. We cannot pay for the enforcement of others' morbid desires against us in the name of medicine, or purported treatment for false and malicious diagnoses of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone, internet, cable television

When bonds are sold by city hall, these are government services to be monopolized, mandated, enforced, and liened against homeowners, borrowers, tenants, for the purpose of extracting economic rents from the populace. The quality of service is horrible, and without a competitive market the price is exorbitant.

Just vote no on the bonds and levies!

How in the world could voters be so stupid as to vote for all this stuff? Surely the ballots are not being counted honestly.

Oh. Did I forget garbage pick-up and city bus service? Counting, that's about fourteen government monopoly shopping carts on private property, and they all have arbitrary power not only to deny the services they bill for, but to lien and foreclose property for payment. That is a very, very sneaky and pervasive taking of private property for public use without any compensation whatsoever.


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A non-functional "Constitution." That's part of the problem.

Article 1, sections 5, 8, 12, 17, and 20 have qualifying clauses that in practice completely annul and cancel the rights of the people enumerated therein. Free speech is overly qualified by an imposition of excessive "responsibility" for a deliberately ill-defined concept of "abuse" of that right. Grand juries are made subject to the standard prosecutorial "deal," whereas by law under the U.S. Constitution, a prosecuting attorney cannot even speak to a defendant on a felony or other infamous criminal matter without the indictment of a grand jury having already taken place. Outrageously excessive bail, exorbitant fines, and the cruelest and most severe punishments imaginable are explicitly encouraged by conspicuously omitting the human rights of the defendant from consideration in such "Criminal Administration" matters. There is, to quote, "no imprisonment for debt," but the authority to arrest and imprison debtors is explicitly retained.

The Third Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is reiterated with the additional clause that "The military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power." First of all the assumption of "strictness" is a presumptuous slur on the U.S. military, and second, the civil power of any individual state has no authority over the United States military except as U.S. law under the U.S. Constitution permits for calling out the militia and so forth. It is only the civil power vested in POTUS to which the U.S. military is held subordinate, not that of the governors of the respective States. No individual state has the constitutional power to wage war or impose an additional or alternative chain of command on the U.S. military outside that of the Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces under U.S. law.

To make matters worse, sections 19, 20, and 23 of Article III grant to the governor of the state virtually unlimited powers of military authority, martial law, and government by executive order with the force of law.

Under Article 5, section 2, not only a felony conviction but any allegation whatsoever of mental illness is an absolute lifetime disqualification from voting.

Under Article 9, section 1, the state has permanent, unlimited  absolute taxing authority. No constitutional amendment can ever limit the power of the state to lay and collect taxes.

Article 15, section 8 is at odds and in conflict with the United States Constitution regarding the election of Senators and Representatives to U.S. Congress.

Article 15, section 17 outlines a completely frivolous, gratuitous, and nonsensical "transfer of court jurisdiction."

Altogether too much general-purpose legislation of a non-constitutional or unconstitutional nature has been inappropriately codified into the Constitution of the State of Alaska.

These things are especially treacherous and adhere to treason against the United States from the point of view of a duty, whether sworn or affirmed in some official capacity, or naturally assumed on the basis of citizenship, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America as the supreme and inviolable law of the land.

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