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The femi-Nazi conspiracy

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the true extent of the femi-Nazi conspiracy

They utterly destroyed him without cause, but Rush Limbaugh was not joking when he spoke about the femi-Nazis. In fact, it is much, much worse than you probably ever imagined it could be.

the feminist law fetish and the exaggerated female comfort zone

Many if not most women have a "law" fetish, which the mostly masculine greasy-palmed rank and file of the police academy is eager to satisfy gratuitously. When the law demands eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, these women develop such delusions of grandeur as to put out the eyes of Samson with the feel of other women's teeth nibbling on their clitoris, while they read the law of Moses from the Holy Bible.

They develop a gratuitously "homey" and "comfortable" feeling from reading the graphic and lurid descriptions of sexual scenes in popular romance novels, while little children, entrusted to their care, are sitting in their lap. They aggressively seek and demand extreme vengeance and harsh punishment, under their own twisted precepts of law, for any imagined or perceived violation, no matter how slight, of their unfairly exclusive zone of such exaggerated female comfort.

child pornography, child molestation, and the demonization of men

At the same time there is of course a double standard of child pornography and child molestation, which applies for the most part only to men. Child pornography is "censored," as if the average man is assumed, prima facie, to experience sexual excitement by "downloading" or "viewing" it, rather than horror, disgust, and a desire to bring to justice the perpetrators of such harm to innocent children. But the laws on child pornography and child molestation are designed precisely to enforce the necessary secrecy to obstruct the prosecution of the favored but guilty perpetrators and to facilitate false accusations by information against the innocent, an arbitrary universal power which governments have never given up willingly in the history of mankind.

Politicians and pillars of the community intentionally play stupid about such matters when it comes to children. These adults who ought to know better put on a false affectation of childishness or childlikeness, and pout with a projected air of innocence unbecoming an adult human being, selling Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Cinderella, and so on and so forth, until by and by at some point you can tell it is all for the entertainment of adults and no longer appropriate for the children themselves.

the limited hangout of men's rights activism (MRA)

Men's duties in childcare are assumed to be financial only in the crass feminist worldview of current U.S. law, and there is a certain limited hangout of so-called "Men's Rights Activism" as it is offered by the present political regime. But what do men have to gain for themselves by commiserating over a shave and a haircut, cable TV, beer, and pizza? Is a gentlemen obliged to offer aid and protection to women and children? I suppose most men would rather have this role, rather than a "man's man" role hanging out with the guys, but a man really needs his guns and the lawful right to use them, or else he has absolutely nothing to offer to women and children. It's all gone in a flash, given up to pillage and plunder if a man ever did have anything to his name without the full means and right of defending it.

Filthy rich ladies of the street really should not be begging so much from poor men, but then again, they don't even own their own bodies themselves, let alone their own money. There's always a wealthy pimp with a wide sombrero somewhere who rides a white horse in court for them. The brother lawyers, judges, and cops will all have to get their affairs in order downtown in that red-light district, because it is their blood that will be shed in that war when those red lights go out for the last time.

It is never "the ladies" by themselves who demonize men so viciously in general; no, it is a surprisingly complex social phenomenon driven by a few rich and powerful men, wealthy pimps who cater to a middle class of women of loose or no morals to arbitrarily demonize other men. What is portrayed as a "war between the sexes" is in reality an artfully concealed primal same-sex competition for opposite-sex mates.

Men's rights are human rights, and men need to come out of the "man cave" in order to defend them effectively. The initialism "MRA" is not only a complete dismissal of human rights but makes a laughingstock of men on the right side of the law, oppressed by a government of pimps.

war crimes, holocaust atrocities, torture, mass murder, and feminist denial

For just one example, think about the newborn opioid "addiction" crisis reported in local hospitals everywhere in the United States of America. If it weren't such a sexual-moral, (i.e. war-criminal,) imperative to circumcise and cauterize every male child immediately at birth, then the babies would not be crying so inconsolably, and there would not be so much need for such deadly painkillers to quiet the cries of the innocent children and cover up the true horror of the atrocious war crimes committed by the Medical Doctors on the innocent ones.

Unfortunately, femi-Nazi laws on child pornography and child molestation, along with their full-blooded Nazi interpretation and enforcement, totally censor the documentation of such holocaust atrocities as are even now taking place in America, and have continuously taken place ever since the Vietnam War, even to this day, some 51 years later.

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Constitutional crisis in the USA

military duties of defense

The armed forces of the United States of America are sworn to defend the people and the Constitution as it is ordained and established by the people, to wit, as a plain reading of the law without such excesses of constructionism and activism from the judicial bench as to deny or disparage the basic civil rights of the people, including the right to possess and carry firearms.

military subordination to civil authority

The civil authorities of the United States, not only that of the executive branch of the United States government as such, but those of various localities and individual states, not held under direct US command, cannot at the same time demand victory of US military forces while continually imposing burdensome rules, regulations, and laws of loss and defeat on them, sapping them of their strengths, undermining their strategies, and cooperating with the enemy even to the extent of betraying them in battle.

justification for coup d'état

The writers of the Declaration of Independence, passed unanimously as the first act of Congress on July 4, 1776, laid out as fixed ends or end goals certain bedrock principles of unalienable rights, as well as a right and a duty to throw off any and all such government as will interfere with these goals, and to institute new government, holding it in a stricter adherence to the goals of securing and respecting these unalienable rights held by the people.

street cred and survival

As to matters of practical strategy, the military forces must build and maintain "street credibility," that is, the support and cooperation of the people at large, without respect to official government or established pillars of the community. Gross violations of human rights, whatever the purported justification, do not inure to this goal, so essential to survival and victory in combat.

omertà and respect for women

Unfortunately, middle to upper class women with either loose or no morals have rudely shoved the lower and working classes out of the "respectable" category. Most of them have the money to be stably married and housed, so they definitely have the backing of middle to upper class necktied men in shutting out the lower and working classes.

Wherever there's a lady, there's a lord by her side. (They're always straight, unless they wish to be known and recognized for their homosexuality.) Let's not fool ourselves. These folk always interpret "women's rights" as the rights of the wealthy and established: rich and privileged gentlemen are included, and poor women are shoved out with the poor men on the streets if they aren't willing to prostitute themselves.

Sex is a proxy for class and nobility in the United States, just as race, so often, is a proxy for sex. There are too many layers of deceit to count, but the law of omertà, silence, and deception remains the law of the land until we can throw it off in a complete coup d'état.

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I have a feeling that male abuse brought on feminism, just like white abuse brought on non-white identity politics.   However, though this stuff has gone into overkill.  As you say, with feminists - you have a culture where men are not free to be natural.  I mean, abuse  (wife beating etc.) is one thing - boys being boys Is another!

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