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Seventh Day Adventist hypocrisy

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I was reading a book, a piece of religious literature which they had distributed. There is a certain subtle and roundabout way they talk about the Sabbath day and the exact hours of its observance.

The Jews' Sabbath in ancient Rome coincided with Saturday on the Roman calendar. Emperor Constantine was not a fool when he decreed that Christians should celebrate the Sabbath on the "venerable day of the sun."

That is, Sunday. Obviously Constantine did not think that Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Roman god of wine, was so venerable. In any case, it was the weekend, and people of the bread-and-circuses sort partied and drank a lot of alcohol in those days.

"Let us who are of the day be sober ..."

Jesus rose from the grave early on Sunday morning, after all. Even Constantine the Great thought the Roman day of the Sun to represent sobriety was more venerable for worship than Saturn's day of wine and drunkenness.

So back to the Seventh-Day Adventists, possibly Jehovah's Witnesses and others as well. I live near the international date line, so theoretically if I were to observe the Sabbath on Saturday, it would already be Sunday in the easternmost parts of Russia, but the Russian Orthodox Christians have church on Sunday when it is already Monday in Russia.

The letter of the law of Moses is more of taking a required rest after six days of work, not which particular day of the week in the Roman calendar on which it should fall.

But their rigid insistence on a Saturday observance and "separating themselves" from the ungodly, heathens, and pagans leads me to believe that Adventists are sneaking that knife of genital mutilation and circumcision into their religion under color of law, along with an avoidance of pork and shellfish, or prohibitions on meat and milk in the same meal, or other Biblical ordinances that were in effect and enforced at one time or another.

I don't trust their Saturday teetotaling sermons when the Adventists open the liquor store on Sunday. People are full of shit and they are subtly avoiding the real issues.

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The major fault I find with both Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses is that on the one hand they seem to insist on a certain fundamentalist literal interpretation of the Scriptures, and on the other hand they envision the promised reward of eternal life as if Christ's riches and glory were but a vast accumulation of material wealth and political power in this life on this earth. Just as the Sadducees, that jaded and cynical Jewish sect of old, they refuse to acknowledge the heavens beyond the present physical universe and that which is immediately apparent to them.

They are wholly given over to unfettered greed and unjust business gain by the time they reach late middle age, when privately they must have disabused themselves of all hope of the eternal salvation which they continue to promise falsely to the children who follow their footsteps headlong into hell.

Their human-like law is based on letters and bookstaves, and the stilted reading of ancient prose from scrolls that have all but crumbled to dust, as they have become illiterate to God's law, and obstinately refuse to read and write that which is just and honorable before the Almighty.

I am female. When people sit on some Christian cult church pew on the wrong day of the week and refer to me by the wrong gender, I just want their heads served on a platter, one after another after another, until they are all gone, and all their "heavenly" riches, honor, and glory are plundered and pillaged, looted and sacked, and returned to their rightful owners as the spoils of war.

Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses, the materalistic bastards, are THIEVES IN LAW and must be condemned as such and conquered in war and battle.

Such picky eaters, vegan or vegetarian, all "organic," their dietary rules offer no meat for the poor and hungry. Just weed or pot herbs, carrot tops or turnip greens. Always at law over their grass and turf, mowing the lawn and painting that white picket fence just so on Sunday because they already served the Sabbath on Saturday.

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