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The narc conspiracy

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the narc conspiracy

There has to be a huge religious conspiracy to the Narcotics Anonymous organization, definitely connected to a "Blue Pearl" cult among law enforcement. Little is known about it outside the brotherhood, but the Blue Pearl is probably a front or offshoot of Jalisco Nueva Generación, probably their highly secretive law enforcement and military protection arm. We have received tips relayed from obscure sources among the Native American people of New Mexico; also from rival Sinaloa gangs, although Sinaloa has mostly merged with the Establishment, and cultivated an identity associated with the legitimacy of an official statehood within Mexico, no doubt through the work of Mexican ambassadorial statecraft.

On the other hand, la Nueva Generación has achieved a self-sustaining base of operations and advanced mobility in the New Mexico and throughout the Four Corners states away from its original home in Jalisco. The "leader" is mostly a figurehead or "fall guy" reported in the news and FBI Most Wanted etc. A drug "cartel" as such tends to be a federation of powerful drug lords and pimps who shift alliances from time to time, covering for each other, and adhering to a certain code of "death for treason" that maintains the stability and resilience of such alliances, much like the lords and vassals of medieval Europe, but outside the law.

comparison with Alcoholics Anonymous

Let's make an analogy with Alcoholics Anonymous. This is Alaska, and the Establishment serves and drinks a lot of alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous are not welcome at very many places, and such gatherings tend to be informal and secretive, but among the few times or places or occasions that people are able to meet and greet and socialize clean and sober. Formal organization and funding are an immediate path to the flask of liquor or worse in the punch bowl or coffee pot, upon the arrival of undercover cops or other unwanted guests who wish to loosen the lips of the crowd.

Alcoholics Anonymous have a certain worldview that alcoholic beverages are cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal, and they have pretty well proven their case as a choice to abstain.

U.S. government bureaucracy (ATF) is extremely establishmentarian and opposed to the goals of Alcoholics Anonymous when it comes to alcohol, and they adamantly, in total defiance of the U.S. Constitution, refuse to apply the paradigm of "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" to firearms and explosives, (let alone tobacco.)

"No way, José."

Guns are banned, there are no resources to prosecute an actual murder case, and abortion or infanticide is made "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" -- and the motivation for this wholesale abortion-on-demand and genital mutilation of babies is to destroy the evidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Down's Syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, myopia, cleft palates, dental malocclusion and overbite, bowlegs with flat feet and fallen arches, shortened forefingers, symphalangism, limb and even genital abnormalities and transgenderism, all caused by parental alcohol abuse, the mother's typically very early in pregnancy, but possibly before conception and also the father's during the development of sperm.

The human brain is, amazingly, one of the most resilient organs of the human body: it recovers from shock and repairs and regenerates itself as well as the liver and kidneys, but establishment doctors deny this, because they feel that the patient's brain is the organ of political opposition to their establishment, and they do all they can to control, suppress, and sabotage the patient's thinking for establishmentarian political reasons.

There is a great deal of establishment (Sinaloa) hate for Martin Luther who preached the baptism of Jesus Christ in a washing, regeneration, and new birth. Consequently, Nueva Generación philosophy is neither pro-Catholic nor opposed to Lutheranism or Protestantism, and it is quite compatible with a clean and sober lifestyle, but there is always a certain level of hypocrisy in too much protest, teetotalism, and denial: "The lady doth protest too much," etc., whereas a judicious application of "omertà" is sometimes more effective in abstaining from street drugs so incessantly offered and dealt even at gunpoint in one's daily life.

Too much talk about drugs is heard as too much "the first of twelve steps," when one has not bought into the whole program. Try to quit smoking, for example. Buy a single cigarette to quiet the urge, and you've bought the whole pack if they let you have anything less than a full carton, and a whole gang of buddies at the bus stop or gas station are constantly blowing smoke in your face, asking for a light or a smoke or rolling paper.

Quit cocaine or meth or even marijuana, etc., and they dope your food with narcotics or prescribe major tranquilizers and don't even let you have a cup of coffee or tea, because you refused the offered hard drug, which is a cardinal sin in their religion, a deal gone bad.

The truth is that none of those drugs are as addictive as the forced, involuntary, and overly intimate socialization with the wrong crowd, and a total, permanent lifetime exclusion from productive activities and gainful employment.

When drugs are involved, the parents' fingers must be cut out of their children's hair, not the other way around, as the Establishment imposes it.

Narcotics Anonymous itself

Now Narcotics Anonymous is a completely different pro-establishment organization that applies the same paradigm of "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" to any and all street drugs, but along with the NRA, the conservative establishment, and the federal court system, they fully subscribe to the cheap coppers' gun ban almost as a religion or cult. Narcs. "Cop-callers" with an unspoken agreement with establishment police forces to "give up" certain individual rights in exchange for an informal but arbitrarily limited release of individual responsibility for general drug use and abuse. There is a very strong but absolutely false pretense of individual choice that appears to be but is not in reality respected in law.

The cops, in cahoots with Narcotics Anonymous, care not a whit about the infringement of others' rights by problematic drug users, and they remain entirely complicit and content with the general situation in any large city of a disarmed and helpless"law-abiding" populace subject to a reign of terror by armed drug dealers with off-the-books police backup.

We the people are at the point of authorization to use deadly force to protect ourselves against drug crimes regardless of any law. Narcotics Anonymous has done absolutely nothing to stop or mitigate the harm caused to society by drug crimes, but has only served to enable and further establish the recreational abuse of street drugs by addicts, especially the adulteration of others' food and drink and even the air they must breathe.

To addict is to swear oneself to something with an unbreakable oath, and if, for example, "I swear by my coffee," then by definition I am "addicted" to coffee. All foods are necessary, but not to excess. Some foods and beverages make us sleepier, and others wake us up. Some foods satisfy, and others seem only to stimulate further hunger. Why?

We need to ask because we are heavily concerned with confirmed reports of ongoing adulteration of food, drink, cigarettes, public water supply, and even manufactured, licensed, labeled, and sealed prescription medications.

the religious angle

Latter-Day Saints. I don't like the implications of that phrase. Not morning people. Coffee is forbidden. Too many "wives" and late nights on the town, Salt Lake City, Reno, Vegas, Denver, really, prostitutes, not wives, that's the big-city district of the West. Polygamy is an establishment of prostitution, not to be ignored or denied. That total abstinence from alcohol leaves a person with too much of a hangover, and the hair-of-the-dog shot of liquor in a cup of coffee is not the right cure, either. The Mormons have not admitted that they have a problem.

There are drugs and alcohol in everything, and various religious food prohibitions and hang-ups. The altitude is high, so I do understand to some extent the prohibition on smoking, because it's hard for smokers to breathe that high up, but from a religious point of view, but injurimg one's own health by smoking properly falls into the category of "self-abuse" which the Mormons have reinterpreted as masturbation, which is a mortal sin because there are so many wives available on the street, and a man has to wear special semen-disclosing underpants so that his seed remaineth in him according to the Holy Bible, of which there is a copy placed in every hotel room in town.

Then there are the Jews and Muslims with all the rules about meat and milk in the same meal or pork or shellfish. Practices of picky eating, food allergies, and the horrific genital mutilation of small children are sure signs of endemic drug abuse. There is a certain ignorance and avoidance of fundamental principles of right and wrong by religious practices that rationalize the enforcement of arcane and irrelevant religious rules and restrictions of daily life, while at the same time justifying abominable cruelty to innocent humans.

I have heard a lot of preaching and Bible-thumping in my life, but only very rarely is there any establishment religious objection to doing drugs. Sadly, most religions are cults, and most cults are atheist drug cults who take the name of the Lord of Sabaoth in vain, full of shit six ways to Sunday, refusing to rest even on the Sabbath from their murderous Mafia ties and family vendettas; they kill, steal, fornicate, and lie; and they covetously begrudge the poor even the scarcest means necessary for shelter and survival, let alone to work or go in business or commerce to earn a livelihood.

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