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Martin Timothy

Montage, We Say CP Model Miss Alli & Madeleine McCann Are the Same Person

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Large File.

Employ Facial Recognition Tech to find out for sure, while Scotland Yard and Portuguese Police must explain why they have been dragging their heels .. the sheer abundance of shots of Madeleine McCann that turn up in Google Images indicate her career as a photographic model started well before the alleged abduction, not withstanding the tens of thousands of shots of Miss Alli in the UseNet Rebel Shooter file.

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Whatever else happened these shots prove Madeleine survived the alleged abduction, that her career as a CP model continued means someone is playing games .. so where is Scotland Yard.


Where did you get those photos..

I pulled 'em outta my arse.

I'm not convinced those pictures are of Maddy .. sick f*cker.


It's her alright, the sickos are the ones who turn from the evidence!

Picture by Lee Thompson Sept. 17, 2007.

Above, the Mark Warner Ocean Club apartments in Praia da Luz Portugal, the McCann's apartment where from Madeleine allegedly disappeared is bottom left in the picture, the same apartment and pool complex is visible in a Viv Thomas production, whence lesbian superstar Jo is at an upmarket swingers party in what appears to be the McCann's holiday apartment,


Jo and a black haired chick  leave the party and proceed to the poolside where a torrid lesbian encounter gets underway, one of the background figures looks like lesbian queen Vera, we are gonna say it was indeed Kate McCann, reinforcing the connection between M's disappearance and online pornography.



Madeleine McCann has since emerged as i'net CP model Miss Alli.

Connecting Dots: Globalism, Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, PizzaGate.

Her situ resonates with the Johnny Gosch case in the US .. he allegedly disappeared from West Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 5, 1982 and was shortly there after photographed in the company of George HW Bush then US Vice President, before he subsequently emerged as President George W Bush’s gay lover White House correspondent Jeff Gannon.

Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch.

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