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Spying on NATO allies continues: name of CIA's double agent in Germany is revealed

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Rarely do I post to forums something facebook related but this case is exactly the one worthy of the forum and discussion.

Well, lately an anonymous user broke straightaway into three facebook communities I am following. He calls himself an acting intelligence officer and bursts a name - Maximillian (Max) Josef Maldacker, a German national who allegedly has been working for both the CIA and Germany's Federal Foreign Office for more than 20 years...


Just a few days later the same individual was mentioned on 4chan:


If the information about Max Maldacker is true, the scandal will be grandiose. In various years that man served as Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy in Bangladesh, worked at the German Embassy in London, represented Germany in the EU in Brussels, and worked at the headquarters of Germany's Foreign Office. And he is currently (!) serving as Consul General in France. This time Washington clearly will not be able to explain to the allies its illegitimate espionage with the arguments of fighting terrorism and securing NATO soldiers in the Middle East. Before the official investigation starts, there are all reasons to believe that the U.S. has been spying politically and economically on its closest allies in NATO for 20 years.

What do you think about this? Is it possible that a real CIA officer revealed this kind of information putting the relations between the United States and Germany on the brink of collapse? Or is it Germany's special services doing such sophisticated job to avoid the official accusations, but showing Washington their familiarity as the final warning.

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Oh, I think anything is possible. What about all those NSA listening posts that the USA has maintained in Germany since WWII?

New Age thought -- and I'm including even Martin Luther of the Reformation when I say New Age -- says that those listening and surveillance posts are "old" in that NSA is only hearing and seeing what the Germans want them to hear and see.

There is a subconscious awareness and hyperspiritual biofeedback especially of live surveillance. Old-school detectives were terrified of being "hanged" by "live wires" and instead used passive data collection and "dead drops" to collect recorded audio and video. The old school was nevertheless sometimes burned by the "library effect," when investigators inadvertently let slip or involuntarily "assumed" something they knew but should not have known pursuant to the recorded audio or video.

"NATO allies," by the way, is a code word for a certain political pro-Establishment in-group among the American//European intelligence community that demands gun control and disarmament, even to the point of dismemberment, disfigurement, murder, and mayhem under the guise of medical care.

They went Washington, DC hookers and blow, the whole nine yards. London financial district, Berlin, everywhere. Not every woman can have her own husband just like the Holy Bible says, so it all went to hell in a handbasket.

It's the old 911 triad of police//fire//medical. Fire is more often than not a "mental health crisis." Medical is always "behavioral health" if they do no harm, so the triad becomes police//police//police.

Basically, guns are banned, and NATO went NAZI with an American//European pan-Atlantic total police state.

More. Had to compose off-line for safety...

the US political machine

NATO is a cancerous pan-Atlantic overgrowth of what we call the "political machine" in the United States of America. It's the New York Mob, bent on exacting temporal vengeance for 9/11 and imposing a perpetual police state under the New World Order.

the Democratic Party drug machine

They tell us the political machine is exclusively Democrat. It's not. Out on the farm, on the assembly line, yes, it's 100% labor union Democrat Party line. Guns are banned, and if you are not a union member, you at least have labor union sympathies, or you don't work there.

Many workers hate street drugs because they cause industrial accidents on the job. Yet the union mob bosses commit them to Democratic Party sympathies for street drug users and dealers.

the Republican Party industrial complex

But that is only one side of the political machine. The other side is, of course, old-school Republican, and remains a little more hidden from the common people. Here you have the infamous MIC, or Military-Industrial Complex, (or even PIC, Prison-Industrial Complex,) with the good-old-boys' no-bid contracts. A full-blown Government-Industrial Complex of the sort that prevailed in corporatist-statist fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini.

The Complex is a network of favored suppliers and contractors with official top-secret government "clearance," which functions as an exclusive club, and is in reality an indication or "merit badge" of political favoritism and corporate cartel membership rather than an actual need to know or be privy to any information that might be of import to U.S. national security as against the security or military goals of other nation-states or significant political-military groups.

The lone-wolf terrorist? No. Not even close. He's just some guy who has become worn and weary of this life kicking the federal whores and thieves out of his bed. And it has to be a he. To translate the word "indictment" into the Finnish language, the nearest simple English approximation one may perhaps come is "fuckment," because when a man has been indicted, he is literally fucked, dragged by the testicles and pubic hairs naked into court by so much disreputable DNA and semen-stain expert testimony and whatnot.

Meanwhile it is very difficult if even possible to indict a woman, because this violates the Roman Catholic Church's strict Code of Omertà as well as Islamic Shari`a precepts which prohibit publicly disgracing a woman; rightfully so, in any "reasonable" interpretation, but in right, this prohibition cannot excuse the misbehavior of a man who abuses an official position of power so intimately to disgrace another man without cause in a court of law.

need to know vs sexual orientation

If we think about "need to know" in the older sense of a suggestion of "carnal knowledge" or loss of innocence, we can get a better grasp on the general government obsession with "sexual orientation."

Washington, DC is full of pimps and hookers who cater professionally to every possible proclivity, sneaking into bed with clients and providing a service, which they would prefer to be kept secret, although it is not actually a secret.

So if you don't fully accept or buy into the "hookers and blow" culture of Washington, DC, you don't get the clearance, and you're not allowed to do business with the government or with big government contractors.

sex discrimination

The labor-union EOE//DOE workforce is extremely sex-segregated. How much weight can you lift? Male. How fast can you type? Female. Can you answer the phone or provide customer service? Female. Is it something technical? Male again.

At a certain young age, depending on circumstances and privilege, if you don't join the labor union, your only other option is to go Republican: if you're a man, suited and tied in collective guilt and taken to the cleaners; if you're a woman, sexually harassed in high-heeled pumps, nylon stockings, and miniskirt, and, well, taken to the cleaners.

There is a certain male to female wage differential that will not go away, accounted for in that the system demands that men offer women money for sex, whereas it is no secret that women are forced to offer sex to men in exchange for money.


The transgender, (whether MtF or FtM,) don't fit in to a system that considers statistical outliers to be "outlaws," even though the only law they break is the probabilistic law of a statistical distribution in a certain approximated mathematical sense. There is a statistics cult in government who look for anything unusual that might have to be eliminated or anyone out of the ordinary who might have to be murdered on a contract, or committed for involuntary mental health treatment.

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