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The migrant farm labor crisis

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USA's migrant farm labor conspiracy

Mostly Latino. Men are gratuitously separated from women and children. Many illegal immigrants (chickens) are hustled across the border by human traffickers (coyotes.)

The migrant nature of the work is driven by an uneven workload, (plow, plant, let the crops grow, and harvest,) and a necessity to get off the property of the farm and out of town still in possession of one's wages. Otherwise, it's company town and company truck.

The U.S. Federal Reserve and Departments of Labor and Agriculture wink a collective eye at illegal sub-minimum wage farm work, but they refuse to either close the border or admit the workers on official visa or full citizenship. Farm workers under such circumstances cannot reasonably be expected to carry identifying paperwork with them at all times, and farm business owners very astutely take advantage of their documentation or lack thereof, as the case may be.

So, enough with the pity party. Drug abuse and dealing are rampant on the farm, leading to a situation where food and crops are adulterated with mind-altering substances. In medieval Europe, drugs and drug crops (considered weed) were controlled in part by prohibiting the possession of private millstones.

Such measures was not terribly effective, but farmers who harvested their grain were required to have it inspected by the miller for the presence of weeds such as marijuana or opium poppies. Otherwise the weeds would grow unabated in the field with a wink or knowing smile from the workers, and end up milled into the wheat flour, and people would get a little bit too sweet on baked goods and such. But USDA, FDA, & DEA are corrupt and unfunded for official mandates of ensuring the purity of foods. Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels ride roughshod over U.S. law enforcement when it comes to drugs.

I'm talking medieval Europe of course, but a farm is a farm, and that's where our food comes from. That's where we need national security the most, but Congress won't even condescend to consider it. Trump's wall is all for show, and it really is Republicans who actually hire illegals for the most part, not so much the Democrats, because the Democrats aren't really in business to hire anyone, and they mostly subsist on a gluten-free vegan diet that does not include wheat anyways.

Pharaoh in the Bible was hallucinating wild and crazy dreams and suspected his butler and his baker, but he realized along with Joseph (who was already in prison) that the butler was only bringing to the table what the baker had prepared of weedy and impure milled grain. They were doing drugs when they sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn.

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