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Martin Timothy

The April 2008 Murder of Palestinian Christian Activist Riad Hamad in Austin TX.

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The Murder of Palestinian Christian Activist Riad Hamad whose bound tortured body was recovered from Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX. April 18, 2008, the APD say he suicided then bound himself


"Right now the indications are that this was not .. there was not foul play involved," said Police Sgt. Joseph Chacon, "the bindings although I can’t go into them extensively I can tell you that it is possible that he could have done this to himself." PalestineChronicle.
Mr Hamad had written letters to Austin newspapers and to public figures decrying the lack of religious freedom in occupied Palestine. Link.


Alex Jones should provide a detailed timeline for all his movements from the hours leading up to the discovery of Mr Hamad's body up until the time he conducted a studio interview with 911 researcher Victor Thorn that same day, because at this time both are prime suspects for his murder.

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Update: Victor Thorn was found dead of a gunshot wound very near his mountain home, August 2016, authorities are ruling it a suicide.

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