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Martin Timothy

Islam For Singles: My Grandmother Said I Was a Jew My Father Said I Was Catholic

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My Grandmother who was from the Hebrew Congregation in Glasgow Scotland said I was a Jew, my Father told me I was a Catholic, neither her attitude toward non Jews nor the concept of priests and sacraments appealed so I took up with Islam .. the Koran says "cast truth at falsehood," Jews did 911.


For me Islam consists entirely of reading the Koran from time to time and endeavoring to live by the precepts therein, I have never been inside a Mosque and have no mind ever to go into one, I do not know which direction Mecca is from home nor do I ever expect to go there, one day I took a guess and could have been around ninety degrees off, I started out for Mecca and wound up in Mexico City.

The irony, is seeing the vast numbers of the faithful attending the pilgrimage every year, yet they do not find the time to do as it says and hurl truth else there would be truth all over the internet, so what kind of Moslems are they .. fair weather sailors is probably an apt description else I have missed something.

I do not evangelize in favor of Islam and what others believe or choose to disbelieve is their business entirely, it does mean that when I prosecute abortion under the capital strictures of Islamic Law, all of the guilty will be sentenced whether they are Moslems or not.


Feedback: FbinT says, "people stereotype us as having one mindset, I personally like smirking at gas stations filling up my expensive car with premium fuel while you are barely getting by with your ecomobile.

Reply: That's a vapid response from someone claiming to be a Moslem, the Koran warns against those whose pleasure is in contemplating their magnificent possessions, horseflesh in the Prophet's day expensive cars today .. so where do y'all hurl truth, and as for your assertion those with more modest auto's should feel envy when they see you filling your prestige car at the servo, I ride a bike and sure do not want your fuel, insurance or registration bill either.

When Mario Andretti fuels up the Daytona Special I guess you must hide your head in shame at the spectacle, and how dowdy your Porshe or BMW must look beside his magnificent machine, it means you have an identity crisis which is a symptom of a far more serious malaise.

You want to share in the Moslem reception in the afterlife however you make no move toward obeying even the most basic requirements of a Moslem, that you refrain from undue pride in material possessions .. the 911 perpetrators are hidden out among the Zionist cliques world wide, they control politics and the media.

So they present a perfect target for someone who wishes to hurl truth, to expose every member of ruling political hierarchies world wide as traitors and Jew tools for refusing to acknowledge the calumny of the Zionists who attacked America on 911 .. else why were Mossad agents from Brisbane Au., filming the drama amid evident jubilation .. hurl truth or be known as a false Moslem.


FbinT .. "uh sorry if it came that way if you knew me in person you would know that I'm not a show off, matter of fact I despise vain people.

Sure I am prepared to accept your normal pride in having a decent car has in this case overwritten other considerations a minor peccadillo to be sure, and perhaps your understandable attitude stems from observing low self esteem in those with worthless motor vehicles .. now we have to get down to the nitty gritty.

Do you or do you not wish to be identified as a Moslem, for the fact that you replied as "us" and "we" in response to a thread concerning Islam suggests that you do, when you wish to be seen by men that is .. off to Mecca at the appropriate times, no beer or pizza at any time all the things public Moslems do to find social acceptance.

Get onto the truth Mate that is the challenge in today's Islam, eugenics and Zionist Talmudist inspired war is gonna cause human extinction otherwise, deal with the problem similarly as per the instruction in the Koran to prosecute capital offenders, abortioners and war criminals under the capital strictures of the Law.


That means 911 and the Zionists who perpetrate atrocity daily in occupied Palestine need to be prosecuted, means many US and Yisraeli officials tried and exed, its tough however that is what is required from the Moslem of today.


In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful

We did not create the heaven and the Earth and what is between them for sport.
Had We wished to make a diversion, we would have made it from before Ourselves.
We cast the truth against the falsehood, so that it breaks its head and it vanishes
And woe to you for what you describe.

The Koran: Chapter 21 The Prophets, verses 16 17 & 18


The Koran does not endorse public prayer.

The correct spelling is "Moslem," in Arabic it is pronounced with a hard "s" whereas in written English when a single "s" turns up in the middle of a word it is pronounced "z," thus the Arabs say Mosslem which in spoken English is pronounced Mozlem. The term predates Islam and was used to describe those who have surrendered to the will of the Almighty in the days of Prophet Abraham, which similarly predate the Jewish religion.

When Grandmother arrived in Australia she married an aboriginal from Port Germein in South Australia, thus Mother was half aboriginal and half Jew .. Father's father who was from Queenstown in Tasmania assured me his was an aboriginal family, so too am I descended from Tasmanian aboriginals with an admixture of British Convict stock .. so now y' know


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I have a 2000 Jeep 4L straight 6 4 ×4. Wouldn't trade it for any other car, truck or other. Looks like heck really needs a paint job but its the guy with the fancy car on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck I feel bad for. So here's my question, and I'm not tring to be a smart rear here, I just really like to learn about people and why they do what they do. Why did you choose to worship a man who turned a god as apposed to a God who was always God? I am assuming you at one point didn't know a lot about Islam so why when you learned this did you choose to follow the teachings? I do want to make clear I am an evangelical christian. I do not attend church. I have a hard time finding one that truly follows God and his word. I love every soul. I don't care what a person is. I care who a person is. There aren't enough nice people in the word to be picky about sexual orientation, race or what the heck ever else man has labeled folkes with. So, I'm not trying to pick a fight I am just interested.

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