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Religious enforcement of the Islamic police state

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the Islamic police state

Islam is a religion of submission to authority, and Muslims are the subjects of that sovereign authority or caliphate. They are "under the law" in a certain religious sense, and every possible thought, word, or deed is subject to one of five modes of legality.

  1. Requirement (absolutely mandatory)
  2. Encouragement (pretty much obligatory to avoid getting in serious trouble)
  3. Permission (as a free choice, take it or leave it)
  4. Discouragement (concession or acquiescence, a poor choice but still a possibility to work things out)
  5. Prohibition (haraam, absolutely forbidden, punishable by death)

too many wives

For example, a man "may" have up to four wives, though this is officially discouraged. It is a concessive mode of thought only, not permission. Five or more wives, and a man is just plain fucked, but if a man is married, one must at least concedethe possibility that he may not be faithful to one and only one wife, but that another woman or three might be involved, and if so, then he might have to pay alimony and child support pursuant to civil court order.

(Muslim women have a slightly different way of explaining this to other women than Muslim men ordinarily would to other men...)

peace and mental health

Muslims are by definition law-abiding people under a certain religious conception of law, and when people are not law-abiding, they are said to be mentally ill, or struggling, or at war or jihad. Here is where Islam imposes "mental health" as law, because jihad is terrorism or danger to self or others, a basis for civil commitment under Shari`a law.

Mental illness under Islamic law is manifested in a person's performing acts that are discouraged or failing to perform acts that are encouraged. These are the so-called positive and negative lawful symptoms of the aforesaid schizophrenia under Islamic law as enforced by Title 18 U.S. Code §922 ¶¶(d)(4), (g)(4) in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations under Executive Order and Secret Service privilege ever since the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and the legal lobotomy at law that was legally performed on JFK's lawful sister Rosemary's brain, pursuant to her legal adjudication at law as a mental defective, although she would not have been de facto mentally defective without the operation of lobotomy, which was deemed de juris to be medically necessary at law in order to enforce her lawful adjudication of mental defectiveness.

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