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The secular mainstream religious axis: 666

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people of the book

Mainly it is Muslims use the term "people of the book" to include Christians, Jews, Baha`i, etc., as opposed, somewhat pejoratively, to uneducated heathens, pagans, and gentiles.

Jewish Secularism

Opposed to orthodoxy. Total control of mainstream media. Astrology, horoscopes, etc. Traditional deference to Romish pagan justice and jurisprudence. Numerous semantic arguments over the "existence" of God, agnosticism vs. atheism. A certain vague hyperspirituality over common medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Rabid insistence on abortion rights and non-optional genital circumcision at birth.

501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business. Is that a CFR or U.S. Code, or a fundraising selling point?

Christian Catholicism

Ecumenical, worldly, and all-encompassing. Violently opposed to Protestantism, but not even to the most hideous torture and human rights violations. The pope and all his cardinals, not to be caught in their own words with so much secular power and authority. Total control over health insurance and medicine. Donald Trump's notorious religious advisory panel. Rabid insistence on total mental health gun control.

501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business.

Islamic Sunnism

ISIL. The caliphate. Terrorist opposition to Shi`ism. One world order for all Muslims. Think of outdated Confederate rebel sympathies in the U.S., or else a Civil War Union mentality tainted by Iranian carpetbaggers with an anti-business labor movement. The Saudi Arabian royal establishment. Lesbian ladies of the harem who demand a beard of a certain length on men. Strong and carefully hidden influence on mainstream media. Very effective religious propaganda. Unabashedly in it for the money.

Baha`i, other sects

Jesus' disciples asked him why the disciples of John the Baptist fasted so often, while they ate and drank. Jesus explained that He was the bridegroom, and that the children of the bridechamber (namely His disciples) could not be expected to fast while they were with Him, but that the time would come that He would be taken away, and then they would fast.

John rebuked the whores of this world harshly, and he was decapitated for it. Jesus was as kind, loving, and affectionate as He could be to them without implicating Himself in their wrongdoing, and He was crucified for it.

John the Baptist insisted that he was not worthy to unloose the latchet of Jesus' shoes, a very affectionate way to speak of another man, and Jesus called him "the friend of the bridegroom," that is, a different sort of character, almost like there was a bit of bachelor party ("last night out with the guys") going on with those locusts and wild honey, and the "wandering in the wilderness," like maybe John was a little bit queer and didn't like women that much, but he was probably circumcised, and unable to have proper relations with any woman, let alone the very same women who continued to insisted on such universal infant male genital circumcision.

At some point, of course, a whore is a whore, and somewhere it is written that all whores are sentenced to tar the roof of the church.

John said, in essence, that those people are filthy because they have not taken their baby bath. Perhaps the Baha`i have other worthwhile literature, but we are not impressed with the peculiar "reading rooms" and rented space in seedy retail strip malls, as the religion is so often presented or sold at retail to the public. Something was already bought and sold wholesale if it is being "retailed" to the public like that.

the mainstream axis of 666

Everywhere we go, we find the exact same ultra-mainstream secular Jewish // Roman Catholic // Sunni Islam alliance with the Establishment. All world religions in one. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden, but absolutely drunk in large quantities.

It is written again, that the Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle, and the battle of Armageddon against the Establishment is about to begin.

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