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Pacific trade crisis

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China, N/S Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, even to some extent Australia.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Unionand the Pacific Maritime Association tend to be rowdy boys who hang out at the port and drink too much alcohol on shore, and I've heard far too many cock and bull stories from that whole crew.

Americans export coal, wheat, and other raw materials to Asia, and import the finished productback into the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This is known as Dutch disease among certain expert economists, and the powers that be want to maintain the status quo of an horrific trade deficitwith Asia at all costs.

Asian workers are traditionally taught to save, but because of the deceptive, insidious, and pernicious inflation of the U.S. dollar, they will never enjoy the fruits of their labor. Delayed gratification becomes denied gratification, because the promise of a store of money or equivalent value over time is bye and bye broken, little by little disannulled, and altogether embezzled.

American workers will not work for free, nor can they compete on an equal basis with the slave laborwhich their bosses employ in Asia, or temporarily import as human cargo to the U.S. on the notoriously corrupt H-1B visa program.

What is cast by our U.S. overlords and masters as a trade war, ostensibly with China, is in reality a class war and a grand scheme to return the United States to those institutions of involuntary servitude and slavery as existed before the Civil War, even such as were imposed on the entire British Empire from the Crown prior to the Revolutionary War.

The vicious hatred and enmity of these British elitist roundheads and German Nazi skinheads is carefully cloaked in wanton multiculturalism and gratuitous gender awareness, and they accomplish their overriding goals of class warfare, rapine, pillage, plunder, disarmament, population control, and mass murder by an "inevitable" erosion of rights, freedoms, and liberties; and likewise by a gradual inurement to the compulsions of arbitrary and capricious "authority" rather than to right, law, and order.

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