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The Chinese CRISPR babies

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Remember Oregon's Board of Eugenics?

Is this real, or are they kidding us?

No joke. I believe they did something like this to me in the womb, perhaps hormonal versus gene editing. Believe me, their goals are not benevolent, and these scientists only serve to justify casus belli for the holy war of all holy wars to end their madness.

Did they never read in the Scriptures that holy Song of Songs, and from the Book of Wisdom how Solomon was conceived in the same act as all mortal men were? And now they have profaned, pillaged, and plundered the holiest of holy places of the Temple of the Lord of hosts, which Solomon built.

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>>> Doctors try CRISPR gene editing for cancer, a 1st in the US: “It’s the most complicated genetic, cellular engineering that’s been attempted so far,” said the study leader.

Those doctors are out of their over-educated cannabis-addled minds. My grandmother checked her horoscope in the daily newspaper and announced, "Nobody in my family has ever had cancer." She had a lot more sense and wisdom than those mad doctors.

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