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The British Royal undercutting of marriage

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undercutting marriage

I am putting a lot of written content "out there" but it is definitely not the sort of content that would make me money or enhance my reputation, career, or livelihood to have it associated with my name. This is serious conspiracy stuff.

the "institution" of marriage

Marriage is a commitment, not an institution, and not to an institution. Civil unions and civil commitments are institutions on paper of murderous LGBThate. The hatred of the unlike cannot be raised up to judge the love of the like.

When two people had a loving relationship, lived in harmony, and were reasonably faithful to each other, they were at one point in time said to be married under common law.

"Marriage was ordained by God." And well, if so, then it really was meant to be, and neither the ceremony nor the certificate will add to it or detract from it.

marriage as a "real estate contract"

This is where the term "husband" originates: a husband is literally a wage slave subordinated to a mortgage contract on a house. He is a "serf" bound to the house and obligated to support a wife to whom he is subordinated as well as to her children.

hus- = house
-band = bondservant, serf

A "husband" usually must be circumcised as a symbol of his bondage and servitude to his wife, who by such law is entitled to his financial support and yet from him held inviolable as the Virgin Mary. He may only visit his wife's children with her express permission.

A "wife" is literally a woman, and not even necessarily a married woman at that. The word "wife" is simply the word "woman" without the "-man" suffix, which in this case refers to species rather than gender.

marriage as "vows"

"Vows" are promises made under a curse. A marriage made by vows is cursed, for even if the vows are kept to the letter, the marriage is still kept under the curse.

Women as property? I don't think so. Not even close. All trashy romance novels must be burned, and every vestige of British law eradicated from off the face of the entire Earth in order to restore the sanctity of marriage, inasmuch as it was ordained by God rather than men.

The limousines and cut flower arrangements must be trashed and destroyed along with the flowing bridal gowns and the strange customs of establishing bridal retail registries and receiving expensive gifts from relative strangers.

Wedding crashed? Uninvited guests? Suspicious package from an ex? The whole business is carried away. Wedding cancelled. Marriage annulled. Somebody spoke and failed to hold his peace by Anglo-Saxon law.

The punch is spiked. Guns are banned. The party is over. Everybody go home before the jealous boyfriends on the police police force arrive to arrest the stragglers. It's the wrong district for a wedding anyways. Jealous women and girls sell sex for money commercially, and oh yes, by the way, they really are cutting hair and pressing criminal charges.

We are aliens of another species from a different planet, and a different sun has risen upon our land to awaken us from centuries and eons of peace to the reality of an horrible putrefaction of Anglo-Saxon law, of which the whole Earth must be purged if there is to be any hope for the continuance of life thereon as it was heretofore known among humankind.

Consequently we cannot associate or fraternize with the filthiness of the British Royal families or with that of their German Nazi working-class slaves.

We are not such bloody fools. Nothing is so proudly "made in China" but we have lost the rights and tools to manufacture it for ourselves in our own country. Immigrants without citizenship do not perform any services for us, but what they have deprived us of the means and rights of doing the job ourselves when we want it done right.

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The royals are considering moving to Canada, friendly territory for them, perhaps, to re-establish British royal hegemony in America.

We think they are well on their way of accomplishing their goals of rolling back the American Revolution, and annulling the Declaration of Independence, and cancelling the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.


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