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The six sigma conspiracy

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The six sigma conspiracy

Or why I am not only unemployable in the United States, but persona non grata at practically every place of work, business, commerce or government.

Serious conspiracy stuff, do take warning: highly classified informationif we needed such official sources, not to base our reports on commonly observed everyday events and life experience or resist being dissuaded from the inevitable conclusions of common sense by all sound logic.

This is nothing short of a full-blown Communist coup d'etat of the United States of America. It happened progressively, "boiling the frog," as they say, as the whole U.S. government, and the government of every state, district, and municipality within the U.S., in the lies and denialism of their entrenched bureaucracy, secretly succumbed to all the vices propagated by the old guard Soviets from behind the Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War.

six sigma or five nines

Six sigma or 6σ is a pseudo-intellectual middle-management reference to the portion of the standardized bell curve within six standard deviations of the mean. Sometimes they say five nines or 99.999%.

∫₋₆⁺⁶ e^(-x²/2) dx/√(2π) =~ 99.999%

These people probably skated through with an MBA somewhere even though they struggled with the math, so the details are not really all that relevant to their way of doing business, except as a catch phrase or recognition sign here or there for a certain self-important Harvard-Yale-Wharton small-business or "break-room labor-friendly" in-group.

I remember a club called "VICA" ("Vocational Industrial Clubs of America") from my high school days, which I never officially joined, although I did take some of the courses they offered at the high school level. My main objection at the time was that it was a "club," and I have never been a clubbish or cliquish person or felt a need for such a strong sense of belonging to a tight and exclusive in-group. I have always felt that it is time to move on and make new friends when something like that happens.

labor-vs-management ping-pong

Just suppose for the sake of argument that you are working on an assembly line in a factory somewhere. You are making "efficiency wages," supposedly "more than you are worth," so management can fire you at the drop of a hat unless you carry major weight with the labor union, and yes, it's all closed-shop progressive labor-union nonsense, so don't even think of applying to work there unless you are a blue-blooded union boy, (or spirited working girl if they choose to admit women.)

assembly-line defects

The theory is moot, because defective goods are falling off the assembly line at an unacceptable rate, and neither the line workers nor their managers are taking responsibility. They are locked into a theory-mandated "system" with fundamental defects that cannot be corrected by progressive or gradual "improvements" to an erroneous business process.

market for second-hand goods

So the defective goods are sold second-hand at unprofitable prices, cutting into the market for what should have been made correctly on the line in the first place.

Many businesses would rather destroy damaged or broken goods rather than putting out defective product with their their brand name, but shoe-string accountants won't let them take take a loss on it, and they have a valid point. Do it right on the line the first time around if you want do preserve the quality of your brand name. If that's how you make them, that's how you have to sell them. You can't be so picky and choosy after the fact. Waste not, want not.

unreasonable expectations

Now 99.999% of anything is simply not reality, because with that number we are already pushing the probability that a healthy young adult human being, nether at war nor in any particular danger, even lives to see the next day. The law of sudden destruction applies to such delusions of progressive excellency, peace and safety, and the reality of those numbers is the field of life insurance and murder for hire. Contracts are put out, and there is a great deal of premeditation and concealment of the true causes of defects, illness, and death.

industrial sabotage

It is a massively progressive industrial sabotage, done collectively on a grand scale, but by millions of individual acts each inflicting a miniscule or microscopic damage that goes unnoticed at the time: the Chinese attack of death by 1000 cuts.

dictatorship of the proletariat

It is all part of a foreign dictatorship of the proletariat which by a strong and overriding progressive labor union influence has taken over the lines of production and chains of command of U.S. companies from shareholders, directors, and executive officers, and subsumed capitalist business goals of competitive profit into the directives of the centrally planned economy of a certain chain-gang collectivist-progressive worldwide cartel.

time to slam the door on immigration and free trade

Those immigrants and foreign manufacturers come with peace signs and smooth ingratiating talk, but their occupation is military and they pursue warlike goals of industrial sabotage and mass murder on the citizens of the United States of America, intent on progressively fatiguing us into compliance with their foreign customs while they actively seek to impoverish us and chain us into the submission of a worldwide Latin-American or Spanish-Italian dictatorship of the proletariat.

What the Latin collective has to offer us is not a valid alternative to the progressive public corruption and putrefaction of law of the Anglo-Saxon system which we have already so soundly rejected on CASUS BELLI.

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