Murrain and mad cow disease

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The English word murrain is mostly a legal term for the toll or rate of death of cattle: the veterinary or livestock equivalent of human mortality.

The term is derived from the.French and used when something other than rustlers or predators is "culling the herd" and the surviving cattle are mooing mournfully.

— Quant aux vaches, qu'elles meurent!

supernatural mortality

Murrain is a supernatural form of mortality, an otherworldly death.

So the cattle are not feeling well, they are flicking away bloodsucking flies with their tails, and that plaintive moo is heard all throughout the pastures and fields.

There was a recent murrain of mad cow disease in Europe, I forget, some time in the last 20–30 years or so.

We think that the true cause of the European epidemic of mad cow disease was the endemic practice of the castration of bulls. A cow can become extremely vicious when she decides that she doesn't want to be milked anymore, and she requires the services of a bull. In that case, nothing short of the bull's companionship and the bearing of a calf to a live and healthy birth at full term will put her in the mood to be milked again.

veterinary quacksalvery

Bulls are said to be dangerous: so the veterinarians castrate them, but then the cows are mad because they don't want a bull if he can't get it up, and in fact mad cows are just as dangerous as bulls, especially when they are not in the mood to be milked.

It is not entirely clear that a castrated bull or steer is safer to handle then an intact bull, but some farmers collect hefty stud fees, and it is manifestly apparent that veterinarians who practice castration on cattle also fraternize with obstetricians who practice circumcision and other forms of genital mutilation on newborn infant human subjects.

criminal medical quackery

We feel that doctors in any particular learned and specialized field have an endemic tendency to engage in such and such peculiar practices in order to satisfy their own prurient and gratuitous desires to cause mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and other permanent and lasting injury on unwilling subjects while empowering themselves to extort pecuniary gain by either outright inflicting further bodily harm or coldly withdrawing lifesaving aid in time of need or emergency.

(Every bank needs an emergency downsizing plan to remain solvent in case of sudden massive withdrawals by panicked depositors.)

witchcraft and bad medicine

It is in terms of witchcraft and bad medicine that we speak of such and such practices that result in lasting and permanent bodily harm and injury that would otherwise be avoidable. Such medical practices are so evil and wicked that they violate even the old pre-Christian Norse and Roman Pagan command,

— An' ye harm none, do what ye will!

When individuals of great learning and political power obstinately refuse to obey such a simple command, we feel compelled to make some response or resistance, but now neither are we to be limited by modern precepts of civility and Christendom or Judaic etiquette and politeness.

casus belli and preparation for war

The Ten Commandments and the law of Moses are not for those who so ardently and incessantly seek to cause such harm. The tables of stone are shattered, the ancient scrolls are crumbled to dust, and the ark of the covenant no longer bears the statutes of onetime peace and civility.

When the Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle, the seraphim, who worship God day and night, cry one to another, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts!"

These are they of the highest angelic order, whose faces only the Lord Almighty is able to behold, and whose wings fan the flames of the wrath and vengeance of the Eternal God, as the dry bones of the righteous, once scattered about on the desert floor, assemble themselves into skeletons, put on sinews, flesh, and skin, breathe the pure air of holy prophecy to new life, and ready themselves for mortal combat.

Next in order are the cherubim, full of eyes, who who carry that holy flaming sword which turns every way to guard the way of the tree of life, lest the mortal corruption of fallen human souls usurp the immortality of gods.

There are thrones and dominions, it is said, but virtues oversee powers and principalities while Michael the archangel leads into battle.

the host

We use the word host in English. A hostis not just an army but a vast multitude of men, women, and children, all armed to the teeth for the long war, generation after generation of vicious and mortal combat for very survival.

The pregnant woman draws the hunting bow with a strong arm as she readies her breast for her child. Her man fights alongside her, while the children set traps and snares for the enemy.

The luxury of a home front or base is only a vague memory of the distant past, the rear guard is weary of sniping enemy fire, and the orders are to continue on with the attack, retreat from the rear and advance forward.

Only when we have conquered the enemy, returned beating for beating, shed their blood for our blood, taken back treasure for treasure, exacted their lives for our dead, and purged their civil courts of their abominable filth and putrefaction of law, will we have a home or place to settle, or return to our former territory. We are the host. There is no way out.

When cattle die in murrain, they are said to be adulterated as touching the carcass of an animal that has died otherwise than by slaughter, and therefore unfit for human consumption.

Of all the cattle of Europe, over 500,000 head were said to have died in the murrain of mad cow disease.

Their bodies were incinerated at Auschwitz in a prelude to a second hu

man Holocaust in 90 years.

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Creutzfeld Jacobs Disease. I just don't believe in rare brain diseases or unexplained mental illnesses.

The doctors have lied to us too many times, they have bilked us and extorted us for money, tortured, maimed, mutilated, and slaughtered the innocent ones, and they will not cease and desist from the unnecessary cut of flesh, draw of blood, and pull of tooth, no matter what we do or say.


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I mean like well, it sounds like professional cattle rustlers are hard at work.

Veterinarians work to quash "misinformation" about SW Kansas cattle deaths

>>> Video of dead cattle has gained national attention along with confirmation that at least 2,000 cattle in southwest Kansas feed lots died from heat stress. The livestock experts say though the situation is rare, it isn’t unheard of and there is no big mystery or conspiracy. What happened can scientifically be explained.

>>> Among those working to educate with facts is Dr. Nels Lindberg, a veterinarian who works with feed lots across Kansas. Dr. Lindberg said the way to understand this situation is as a natural disaster.<<<

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