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The CIA uses zombies like these for espionage in foreign governments.

A group of people think alike, and develop a pseudo-spiritual connection among like-minded individuals.


Groups have bosses, and sometimes more-or-less logical thoughts that occur to the leaders also occur to the followers, especially when they have access to more-or-less the same information and the same premises to draw the same conclusions.

Some people make more of this than what ought to be made if it, but physical implants in the brain are not necessary to explain the phenomenon.

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15 hours ago, jxi983 said:

I'm not really sure what you mean. You may have ignored the whole premise. That these brain implants exist. And one fact is just that they do use them like that too.

If you are a "zombie," and that is a relative term, you are likely being manipulated and used.

Some people have had cruel ice-pick lobotomies performed, or survived a gunshot wound where the bullet penetrated the brain.

The brain will certainly heal if it still capable of conscious thought and control of movement.

Sometimes people are "way out" there, and they sense a "call of duty" and respond without any known means of overt communication.

RFID chip implants are not known to directly stimulate the brain directly, but geolocation and biofeedback mechanisms are perhaps still possible.

Don't feel put off. This is a conspiracy forum, way out there somewhere, after all. It's just that a big long write-up is a bit much to digest all at once. You might break it up into smaller pieces and ask around.

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