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Doctors demand censorship of anti-vaxxers

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Those crooked doctors are at it again.

Going to court to demand that the high-tech cartel of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft et alia censor conspiracy boards and other anti-vaxxer sites on the internet.

We need a medical board to stretch those gun-banning liberal doctors out limb from limb and take those bloody syringes and needles out of their hands.

They cheated their way into medical school, and they need to be re-educated and interned where they will never again be allowed the opportunity or means to harm another patient.

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Doctors are paralyzing kids with injectable nerve agent

The doctors are shooting the kids up with some kind of paralytic nerve agent from their vaxxing needles & syringes.

That faggot Glenn Greewald whats-his-name from that libtard Intercept site in Brazil had my Twitter account blocked just as the news came out.

Ir's getting really, really bad. Kids who are unvaxxed or uncircumcised are not permitted in school anymore.

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