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The Pearl Harbor conspiracy

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The Pearl Harbor conspiracy

Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?

Just trying to collect some facts here and brainstorm.

No “issues” for casus belli on the Japanese side?

It is often claimed that the Japanese, up to that point, had no particularly evident overriding “issues” with the Allies, and to a “neutral” observer it would have seemed that they could have stayed out of the war if they had wished to.

Imperial government

Japan had up to that point retained the old imperial or dynastic form of government previously common to much of Asia, but outmoded today outside of North Korea.

There were no free or fair elections, nepotism and corruption were rampant, and government offices and positions of authority were largely hereditary.

Family honor and gender roles

The emphasis on “family” adhered all too firmly to the Italian system of honor vendetta and unofficial but brutal enforcement.

There was a Samurai culture of masculine “honor” along with a Geisha culture of feminine “service” and a Kamikaze culture of mental health for any “deviation” from established gender norms, whereby falling on one’s own sword was the accepted way to avoid much worse and far more hideous tortures and punishments to be inflicted in secret.

The strict classification and enforcement of gender roles comported all too closely with that of the Germans.

Unreasonable social standards

Under the old enemy Axis system, people who have “issues” are considered unfit for this or that duty.

Classified information

The U.S. system of “clearance” for access to “classified information” is a prime example. The phrase “need to know” carries too much sexual connotation of carnal knowledge, rather than information that would otherwise be meet for survival and edification.

Rubber stamps do not and cannot keep secrets.

Prohibition of civilian cryptography

If a “crypt” is a vault, or, in Latin, fornix, then “cryptography” is viewed as fornication or pornography, and all possible communications among the general public are viewed as illicit love letters to be deciphered at all costs by an all-powerful government, which falsely and arbitrarily but nonetheless ardently and incessantly imputes all manner of sexual perversion to the population under its control.

It is the “peeping Tom” totalitarian government of the old enemy Axis of two world wars to which the United States have now succumbed in utter and willful ignorance of their Constitution and wartime victories of the early twentieth century.

LGBT hate

Extreme LGBT hate and mass murder are only icing on the cake. We must extract more information from hostile government operatives and corrupt law enforcement officials on their goals of slaughtering us in great masses and offering us as a Holocaust to their ideals of a perfect society.

Who in the heavens will smell such a sweet savor? “Not I,” saith the Lord of Hosts, for the seraphim already are spreading their wings to fan the flames of His severe wrath and endless cruelty upon the enemies of His people, and the cherubim now wield that flaming sword which turns every way to execute God’s eternal vengeance upon them.

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There Were No Japanese Planes at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. 

Despite the bomber flights shopped onto this pic, US anti aircraft gunners on Diamond Head said there were no enemy aircraft at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. MovieTone News.
Despite the smoke and the sunken ships, sailors shootin' the breeze and others just getting on with their business, says they were in no way concerned a force of some hundreds of enemy aircraft was at large.
Wheeler Army Air Field December 7, 1941 smoke coming from planes on a row of undamaged aircraft, upwind of a conflagration of other burning planes and no blast damage or bomb craters anywhere, says they were deliberately set alight at ground level. #
"Officially, beginning at 06:00 hours the first wave of 183 fighters and torpedo bombers, struck at the fleet in Pearl Harbor, and the airfields in Hickam, Kaneohe and Ewa, the second strike launched at 07:15 hours, consisted of 167 aircraft which struck at the same targets, at 07:53 hours the next wave consisting of 40 Nakajima B5N2 Kate" torpedo bombers, 51 Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers, 50 high Altitude bombers, and 43 Zeros, struck at airfields and at Pearl Harbor."
PH was a replay of the 1898 USS Maine incident in Havana Harbor that precipitated war between the US and Spain, whereby the US obtained dominion over the Philippines there after to inflict unimaginable horrors upon the host population, and to annex Hawaii then Cuba, Guam & Puerto Rico.
The Zionist press beat the drums of war in relation to USS Maine and Pearl Harbor, just like it did September 12, 2001 post the False Flag Jew inspired 911 attacks .. the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan March 11, 2011 were caused by HAARP.
The nearly simultaneous explosion that devastated the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, was caused by nuclear charges that had been placed by an Israeli firm under cover of security camera installation.


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You know..

When a country like Germany makes an alliance with a country housands of miles away like Japan, yeah? Then somehow the atomic bomb is dropped on.. JAPAN.. you kind of think.. why Japan? Why were they in the axis powers anyway?

Consider that it was all planned right from the beginning, they just needed an excuse both to get the Americans into the war, and also to bomb the fxx out of Japan. IT WAS PLANNED. ok? The japanese apparently bombed pearl harbour.. pfft.. I'm sure they did *haha* not .

When people tell you how they are going to do something, and then put it in some mystical book or other and call it prophecy... don't be surprised when it happens ok.. its meant to happen. Now there's all this prophecy like revelations 13 which is a detailed recipe on how to iradiate copper.. ffs.. so they are telling you how they are gonna fuck up your life.. they are gonna do it.



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U.S. Strips Visa From World Criminal Court Prosecutor Pursuing War-Crimes Inquiry

>>>"The ICC therefore has jurisdiction over Rome Statute crimes committed on the territory of Afghanistan or by its nationals from 1 May 2003 onwards," the court said in its summary of a preliminary examination in 2013.<<<

The Rome Statute? That's the Catholic Church complaining about torture and cruel and unusual punishments of the sort they themselves do not hesitate to inflict in the depths of their secret catacombs and fornices, wherever they have the power and authority.

Wasn't the Pope cozying up to the Muslims over there?


The Vatican and the Gulf Have a Common Enemy

The meaning of the pope’s historic visit to the United Arab Emirates


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