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Alternative für Deutscheland

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Alternative für Deutscheland

Is Alice Weidel really going to buck the Bilderberg establishment of the European Union?

Or is it just another “lesbian” swaying her hips in front of the good old boys’ rape club? Just screw some other lady? I trow not. It’s a dog-and-pony show put on for the gentlemen’s money and the gentlemen’s votes. I don't believe any of that lesbian mouthwash gargle nonsense. Those ladies go straight as an arrow for the men’s pockets and the men’s pocketbooks as soon as they can afford to rent their own place without a nosy roommate.

The European Establishment is 100% old-school Nazi, which itself is also a lie, because a national socialist workers’ party should not have been cozying up to so much foreign money, class, and hereditary privilege of which the common people are deprived.

The British Royals resented the victory and have been shitting the common people in the mud with their tabloid media trash and infamously obscene “popular culture” ever since the end of the Second World War.

The British Royal shape-shifting reptilians at the Bilderberg Meetings have completely bypassed popularly elected government and joined forces with the old German Nazi labor bosses and the Italian mob bosses, all in a grand scheme to bring back l’ancien régime of hereditary rule in Europe, to which they have also invited the Japanese imperialists via the Trilateral Commission with its deep ties to Asian “triads” and criminal gangs.

I’m trying to give every benefit of the doubt, of course, but I am still failing to see any real alternative to the deadbeat status quo ante in the radical fringe dress rehearsal of a supposedly brand new political party.

The “Neo” stuff clashes with the “Nazi” stuff, which is “old” from the New Age point of view of Enlightenment, Reason, Reformation, and Renaissance in a continent which in the end could only be purged of its plagues of rats and fleas and all manner of other filth and sickness by the shedding of the blood of privileged noblemen as the bills of mortality all over Europe continued to accrue to the detriment of their royal accounts before their Maker.

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