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Beto O'Rourke & Cult of the Dead Cow

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Beto O'Rourke was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker group that developed Back Orifice and whatnot, way back when.

Total devil worshippers. Evil beyond belief. Democrats in Congress. Computer hackers extraordinaire. Certainly affiliated with Computer Chaos Club in Germany, as well as the whole Bilderberg club, NATO, and Trilateralists.

Gun-banning peeping-tom zealots, all of them.

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The Cult of the Dead Cow is out to murder Devin Nunes at all costs, no matter what. We need to know why.

McClatchy: Devin Nunes sued a parody account with about 1,000 followers. Here’s how many it has now

We want to be informed. That should not be misconstrued as our approval.

the Grim Reaper

In the King James Bible, when the angel of death thrust in his sickle into the earth, the expression used is

  • The earth was reaped.

The Finnish language makes no distinction between reaping and cutting; however the Reaper swings the scythe by the snathe, it is a sharpened steel blade and it is said to cut, leikata in Finnish, but the Finnish Bible makes it clear that this is no ordinary or natural cutting:

  • Maa tuli leikatuksi.

This is not the usual passive voice in Finnish, but the translative case of the passive past participle is used to indicate that

  • The earth came into a condition of having been cut.

parents who sow “wild oats” and reap their children

When parents “cut” their children’s hair, we say that they reap their children for the pleasure of their own flesh in performing an intimate grooming ritual against their will.

We have no mercy for commercial barbers or hairdressers, either. If a man cannot cut his own hair or shave his head like men in the military tend to do, then he can wear it in a ponytail or tie it back like a woman — in no event a choice for another man to make for him.

A man need only be concerned with his own head and keeping it attached to his own shoulders, not with the hair on another man's head. Nor is there any such concern that long hair should become “too fashionable” on men: male pattern baldness is subconsciously appealing to women, however strenuously they might deny it, and a shaved head is often a subtle sign of a man’s naked sexual desire, which he wishes to conceal by shaving other men’s heads.

The same issues pertain to women’s hair and nails: such women hound their same-sex customers hellishly and unceasingly, and viciously break into private quarters even in the dead of night, with total impunity from a complicit law enforcement and criminal court system, to offer their services, or even compel them by force or deception when they are not accepted willingly.

We are Finns and we shall put them out of business and make sure they stay out of business, and never start up again, just as we did to the “Czar of all the Russias” who assumed the fraudulent title of Grand Duke of Finland.

When Joseph’s brethren sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn — that is, submitted to the Egyptian practice of circumcision — we say that they reaped their children for pecuniary gain.

ACH wire fraud

Automated Clearing House? Not so fast there. The American Bankers’ Association got in the way. The truth is far more ugly than anyone could ever have imagined.

ACH = Abortion, Circumcision, & Haircut.

Both the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were founded by the very same Czarist Russian regime characterized by excessive royalty and privilege as well as outrageous titles, enforced by the Охрана or secret police, which imposed the notorious and Machiavellian “Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” on the United States.

the enfeoffment of the United States under a “federal” form of government

The “federation,” along with all the other miscellaneous “federal” business which infected a United States government that previously eschewed the word in the one-time victory of the Civil War, is a warlike resurgence of the old Russian Royal blood.

If the U.S. Marshals cannot solve a crime the old-fashioned way as perhaps better exemplified by Sherlock Holmes, then the FBI is not going to be of much help either.

Intuition may lead to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but the fruit of faith is borne neither by an oath of fiefdom nor by any other institution that bears the word “federal” in its name.

the fiefdom

To speak English rather than Spanish or attempted Latin, the word “federal” means “of or relating to a fiefdom.”

We are not cattle, and our Constitution does not permit us to walk with cloven feet or to divide our loyalty between the fiefdom and the people of the United States, whether we seek liberty and pursuit of happiness or bondage and further enfeoffment.

We make the assumption of life rather than death, even if not for our own sake, because we believe our cause is just for the sake of the innocent ones, and the continuance of our life on this earth frustrates the burning lust and ardent desire of our enemies to murder us in cold blood, that may slake their thirst for evil and satisfy their own flesh in harm and wickedness.

Enough of that.

Those unalienable God-given rights of life, liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness are held, and must be held, to prevail over fiefdom and over all things federal.

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