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Erebus Terror

Genesis and Copper

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Eve was tempted to take the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden by the serpent or "Shining one".  The serpent has coils right? Supposedly its a snake.


Eve is Estrogen. Wherever you get Copper you get Estrogen.  We need Copper and Estrogen to create life, without it there is no life.  So Eve was tempted by what? And what is Eve?  If Eve represents Estrogen then Genesis begins to make sense does it not?  It does everything the serpent does, it coils and coils like a serpent, it shines like a serpent... oh but wait does it speak? Well yeah actually.. or rather without it we couldn't communicate over the internet or have televisions or anything like that.

Copper is the actual Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail was brought to King Arthur by Parsifal - or perhaps it was someone from Persia, the immigrants to India are the Parsi.

Their emblem is a cup of fire.

In fact you can find copper on the Baphomet picture.  Lets have a look at it.,2,6

So. To Explain.

The Cup of fire on top of its head is representing Persia. The Persian People. Henceforth.

There is the head of a Goat. Well.. Goats like their minerals do they not? You get Copper from stone just like every other metal.

Baphomet has breasts because that is representative of Estrogen which you can find always with Copper all the time. If men took enough Copper they would have a lot of Estrogen in their bodies.. along with harmful radiation as well.  RADIATION? REALLY??? Oh yes.

Baphomet points up and down and if you trace that shape you get a lightening bolt signifying Electricity for copper is an electricity conductor.

Now for some very interesting language translation.

Copper used to be called Chalcolith - Chalice.

It got its name Copper from Cyprus , and it means Cup. So you know.. Cup - Copper - Couples - Copulate and so on.

In the Semetic language of Hebrew they like to mix up letters and things its what they do. So consider

Tarot - Rota - Rotate, and can also mean Red. 

Rothschild means Red Shield.  Red as is Copper.

If you have enough copper in your system and you wear copper jewlerry you can withstand some forms of RADIATION.


The Story of Adam and Eve isn't about two human beings created by God... its the start of Alchemy and how to make a very powerful bomb.  The Bible is full of it.


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