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Proof of Torture

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Invite to who are interested, really do need assistance, parts of the story, history can be proved, been shot a multitude of times, how many won’t say, no one will want to believe, so why not give a try, take a look, see for selves, 1975 shot under the right eye, hit in the bone, opened up wide, been shot, as recent as 2010, three bullets to the lower left calf, multitude of times, duration of time in between,  incident in 2001, sprayed with a machine gun, “Fusil Automatico Ligero”, Jewish made “FAL”, caliber .2193 three bullets per half second, shot from head to toes, visible marks, right side of head, punctured top of ear, took out  cartlidge, ear folds odd, made near perfect circle, left a track, goudged the skull, front of face, five periferations, bullets entered into mouth, scars are visible, if is inspected, roof of mouth, visible are the scars, upon the face,perforations can be felt,  are aligned with the scars,left hand thumb, fingernail shows marks, straight pinned for years, recent as  2018, straight pinned various times, included straight pinned, inserted into eyeballs, both eyes show, multitude of periferations, holes caused by the pins, takes a doctor, certified optometrist, inspected under a scope, holes don’t’ go away, till after minimum eight years, was straight pinned, again over again, various times, recent as last year 2018, metal detector, such as at events, used by security, “Keen” Metal Dector Wand, been wanded with the device, placed on sensitive, body when wanded, shows the metal, located at the cerebral cortex, bullet lodged, located middle of the back, implant in the right forearm, implant in the left foot arch, included other metal, bolts with nuts, staple and a plate, 15 years, overdue to be removed, 70 dollar XRay, shows the jumper wire, size of a bicycle brake cable, made of metal, inserted thru the neck, threaded thru the heart, wraps around inside of torso,  2014, while extra judicially extradicted, away from the Country of Peru, Yankee Sam, broke my back, left side of torso, lumbard region, noteable is the vertebrae, been cracked all the way across, tip of the vertebrae snapped off, given no medical care, fused back together wrong, protrudes outward, further distance, than the other side, transistor radio, equipped with germanium diodes, with sensitive reception, up to three miles, AM 750khz, every word spoken, any word spoken near, or any other  noise, can be listened, television with sensitive reception, 50uhf, eyes anything viewed, appears on  the screen, Jewish made NFR2K, is a bug sweeper, sensitivity or greater, picks up the tracker, located at cerebral cortex, part of the stimoceiver, signal is AM 75mhz, doesn’t anyone, want to meet, who has been shot, more than any other, person who has been shot, lived to talk is able to walk, Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department, scanned both hands, red points on the screen, appeard 31 marks, periferations high probability, due most likely to bullet wounds, scanned fronts with backs, each of both hands, public is invited, go ahead drop by, Redding California Police Department, intersection at Cypress, Monday thru Friday, 4:00 till 5:00, weather permits, minus holidays, every other day, over two years, protested month after month, hold in hand billboards, “being held a slave, receive no pay, held against will, USDIA, stimoceiver program,”, “I was sexually assaulted by officials, Redding Police Deparment, officials are allowed, rape also torture” public is welcome, learn more, bring an USB information saver, are welcome to receive, 416 page, copy of “Writ of Habeas Corpus”, learn about the case, in need of a pro bono lawyer, “Writ of Habeas Corpus” is posted in parts, first part has a file, rest is found, in other seven posts, please read,


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