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Birthers & Doxxers

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It's the Russian Jews. The Ashkenazi sect. The “concision” mentioned in the King James Version of the New Testament. The “synagogue of Satan.” There is no compromise to their total, absolute, and insufferable demand for universal male genital circumcision at all costs, no matter what.

It does date back to the Roman Empire and admits a distorted version of Roman Paganism into the Jewish religion. They symbolically kept the Sabbath on Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Roman God of wine and beer, and held it as a day of “rest” only inasmuch as a “rest” from weekday prohibitions on excessive consumption of alcohol.

The named Roman calendar months, even to this day, lag the signs of the Zodiac by eight days, because male children were circumcised and named eight days after birth in the peculiar observation of such times and seasons, and in the fashion of rounding the hair of the head or trimming the corners of a man's beard, even insofar as the cutting of the flesh for the dead.

The calendar month on which the child received his name, then, corresponded to the Zodiac sign under which he was born, eight days previously. But not even the old Roman Pagans were so unnaturally obsessed with birth or the signs of birth. Does not life begin at conception? And who can know the precise moment at which that occurs? For the sun, moon, stars, and planets continue to revolve about their appointed courses in the heavens regardless of life on earth. Yet they go even so far as to sell horological gemstones for each month of birth, even though these do not correspond to the proper birth signs of the Zodiac under that self-same peculiar system of gematric numerology.

Doxxers & identity thieves

It's the Cult of the Dead Cow, with Beto O'Rourke in Congress. The computer hacking dates back to Adolf Hitler's gun registration and census of the Jews on IBM's Hollerith punched card mechanical tabulating machines, which were an improvement on Charles Babbage's calculating engine programmed by Ada Lovelace.

It is a government cult which obsesses supernaturally over concerns of identity, birth, destiny, travel, and documentation. These are the ones who push the bathroom bill and immutable sex propaganda, and under whose religion the transgender are so viciously spited while even the most promiscuous and aggressive lesbians and gays are welcomed openly on the left and secretly on the right.

Love and commercial sex traffic

People of the district marry for money, housing, and child-rearing in the unmitigated misery of their lives, doomed to the everlasting destruction of their souls in the torments of hell fire.

“falling in love”

When they speak of “falling in love,” they speak of an eternal fall into the sins of adultery, prostitution, fornication, and all manner of sexual witchcraft.

To be “in love” is more properly to be “in the know” in the sense of carnal knowledge or “in the business” of commercial sex traffic, for such ones have “fallen” eternally from all regard or feeling of kindness and compassion for another human being, in their burning and insatiable demands for the senseless mutilation of the tender flesh of the innocent ones. The Bible says that such ones, even as they profess to be “in love,” are in reality “past feeling” and have given themselves over to lasciviousness.

“finding a soul mate”

They talk about “finding a soul mate” when what they really mean is a gradual process of getting used to the formation of new sexual relationships while ridding themselves of the “heartbreak” from the destruction of relationships with former sexual partners. The urge to “move on” — footloose and fancy-free, as it were — becomes insatiable, but it is so vulgar that they cannot speak of it without imposing their own bald-faced lie of “finding a soul mate” upon others while utterly denying them all semblance of such companionship.

Hackers & Crackers

It is abundantly clear that the Cult of the Dead Cow is 100% pro-Establishment with the aforementioned Beto O'Rourke in Congress.

Plain old horse-and-buggy beef-eaters. Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–Day Saints. Wells Fargo. Total brick and mortar. Computers and high technology are a “sin” in that peculiar worldview, which gives free rein to hackers and crackers.

There is a party “scene” — plenty of cops on the area, but too much sex and drugs to prosecute a crime, because the pretty girls are subject only to the pimps' authority and are thus exempt from arrest and criminal prosecution under the “official” criminal justice system which is reserved mostly for men.

Hackers cut hair. They are skinheads. Crackers or snipers shoot at blacks and others who have been disenfranchised and dispossessed of their firearms under federal law. Loss of rights for their victims is “progressive” with no recourse, no redress, and no reparations for past injustice.

There is a party van. The FBI's Democratic Party directed local police pick-up without even so much as a pretense of due process. Names slurred in the local newspaper with false & slanderous charges.



Pimpnet? What's that? And the “orange” stuff like a guy's getting set up with a “friend” or prison buddy at the lumberyard. Hello?

Are we answering the phone in this district? Why are so many females hustling and bustling undercover in law enforcement?

That is a strange and foreign law they are enforcing.

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the Russian Jack retirement lift

The government wants little people or consumers to save and invest for retirement.

Social Security

You pay in all your life, and then you draw a small stipend when you retire. But it's more complicated than that. There is disability. It's pitifully small and based on what you had earned when you were disabled.

Disability is a legal concept, not medical. Guns are banned, and there is a legal adjudication of mental defectiveness.

The old age pension is worse. It's a life annuity, which they supposedly must pay you as long as you live. There is an insidious and inevitable moral hazard to the whole concept of a life annuity.

Basically, someone who is paying you to stay alive doesn't want you to live too long. And in this case, it's the government. The numbers look good to the higher-ups when people die younger. They're culling the herd, and they want young blood in the workforce.

401(k) or 403(b)

This is the main one, because even the government acknowledges that Social Security alone is not enough to live on in retirement after you are forced out of the employment market. You life's earnings are “hidden” under some obscure section of internal revenue code. A horde of fees are charged for bookkeeping, administration, advising, and mututal fund management. The total annual fee exceeds 2% of net asset value per year. This is too much over the average working career. Most of the money isn't going to be there when you retire.


Do it yourself. Traditional or Roth? Taxable mandatory minimum distributions or pre-paid tax on some kind of “allodial” title with a lordly name, not your family's, attached to it.

Wake up. You're little people, consumers. FBO. For Benefit Of.

It's a mental health trust. You need a custodian. Paint that white picket fence. Mow the lawn. Clean up the kitchen and bathroom. Make your bed. They're “checking” on you. You didn't really think you could do it yourself, did you?

unqualified investments

Just invest straight in your own name? They don't make it so easy. Dividends and interest are taxed as ordinary but “unearned” income, and there are long term and short term capital gains taxes. On a LIFO, FIFO, or specific share basis. By trade date or settlement date. Choose wisely. You're stuck with it.

Oh, yes, there is plenty of professional help to do your taxes, and the professionals love a complex tax code with selective enforcement and generally accepted exceptions to arcane rules.

little people, consumers

You're fucked. You don't own one red cent in this life. It's all over, Ma'am. I'm sorry you're going through this. Hopefully you won't have to suffer much longer. Arrangements are made and we've got the money all taken care of.

Guests doxxed in their hotel rooms!

Motel 6 will pay $12 million after several locations gave their guest lists to ICE

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