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The New Police Confederacy

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The word “Federal,” whether it's the Reserve or the Bureau of Investigation, is part and parcel of it.

Beat cops are enforcing the Mafia's Code of Omertà in Chicago.

City Hall's extortion racket is fully backed by the Feds.

The Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago on Monday is planning to protest outside Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx's office over her handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

We cannot allow this to take place. For every violation of the due process of law, no matter how minor or insignificant, we the people need a dead cop to show for it. The Fraternal Order of Police, and every police union and guild throughout the nation, is in rebellion and insurrection against the United States of America.

Such conditions of involuntary servitude and slavery have not existed since before the Civil War, and nothing short of a second Civil War can serve to exact the reparations that are due from City Hall's mob bosses and police chiefs.

Police and other law enforcement officers need to learn of a certain bright red line.

Thus far shalt thou come and no further.

We the people have guns, and we will shoot and kill with total impunity when you cross that bright red line, namely, to take  our lives, liberty, and property without the due process of law.

We cannot express ouselves any more honestly and clearly than it has already been laid out in the Constitution.

We can no longer tolerate the lies and deception of government and law enforcement officers.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

So says Jesus in the Gospel according to John. We are not Jesus. We cannot restore life to dead cops. They died in the deadness of the letter of the law, and they earned their reward under the law. Theirs is not the reward of righteousness and eternal life, but of the damnation and eternal destruction of their souls.

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women who aim for the criminal look

A fashion conspiracy of sorts. There is a certain vicious complex of appearance among women.

  • hair cut with “bangs,” always dyed or styled “off” somehow
  • too much makeup: lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, foundation, mascara, etc.
  • gaudy earrings and facial piercings, lips, nose, tongue, eyebrows
  • manicures, pedicures, and “fat acceptance”

There's a certain “statement” they are making.

  • “I am making myself ugly because I can, but you are not allowed to think that because I can make you think I am attractive, but don't you dare think that you might be more attractive than I am, because I can and I will make you uglier than I am.”

It's all a lie, of course, but women of a certain class enforce it as “the law” amongst themselves, and the strange part is how they cut and style men's hair just as viciously as they do each other's.

Munchausen Syndrome by proxy or whatever it's called: they constantly cast aspersions on the mental or physical health of others. They are helicopter parents, mothers who molest their children of course, but they always want some other person, almost always a male or masuline persona, to take the fall for their crimes in court.

They're no virgins and they do not believe in Jesus. There is no recompense in the destruction of their own beauty for the circumcision which these women so senselessly and mercilessly inflict on innocent little boys.


Do you need an attorney? This is too weird to be true. The attorneys in town are in trouble with the state bar, and there's a circumcision emergency for a little girl.

It's time to go on the warpath. I'm sick and tired of all this civil bullshit law and medicine what the fuck else does anybody go to school for anyways because they can't handle the math.

Fairbanks Federal Judicial Court Complex

You've gotta face it. State Troopers busted Nenana City Hall over in the next borough, but they haven't even gotten started on Fairbanks yet, because Fairbanks is just so fucking federal with all those dirtbag whores from the University and their boyfriends and shit.

The military dudes from Fort Wainwright and Eilson Air Force Base aren't really even welcome in town because guns are banned and the local yokel pimps in blue with the gun and badge are too damned “protective” of the university girls who are deemed to have too much class to associate with the military and are instead offered to peacenik gentlemen of more liberal means.

The “Russian Jack” auto lift ring is run out of a federal building midtown Fairbanks which houses the Social Security office and main federal court complex. A body shop and locksmith right next door coöperate with an insurance agent and title shop to take care of the paperwork and several drinking establishments in the neighborhood to take care of the guilt. AT&T's main office and switchboard is part of that whole federal court complex and intimately connected to it, along with the local Masonic Hall and Moose Lodge and several community churches or cults.

Another federal building houses a federal judicial court of mental health adjudication (a court of record in Alaska) where hundreds of court psychologists and psychiatrists labor day and night till death do us part to have unwanted or disobedient family members adjudicated as mental defectives under color of federal law.

A Congressional office in that same building serves to enact gun control legislation at the federal level, and to investigate any charges of obstruction of mental health adjudication in case other family members appear amicae curiae in support of adjudication for cause of mental health or social hygiene.

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single-engine Cessna syndrome

The local airport is full of those things.

It's the ubiquitous model of light sports plane rented out by the hour to tourists. A fair-weather plane with boat-sail wings for low-airspeed maneouvers by beginning pilots, but a sudden gust of wind is death in one of those contraptions without the engine power and wing frame strength to build more airspeed to ride out turbulence.

I don't know how to put this nicely, but it's a gay man's plane. You don't want to be Amelia Earhart in one of those things, and I'm not even sure if there's room for a copilot to squeeze in, let alone the wife and kids who are definitely not compatible with the high-flying drug-dealing lifestyle anyways.

Let's not kid ourselves. FAA is sharing a blunt with ATF, and they left drug enforcement out in the cold.

The federal government is so fucking gay, they revoked the rights of the clean and sober in order to fly planeloads of cash, heroin, and cocaine to and from remote communities.

There's the prison escape from Anchorage Correctional Complex, and the kidnapping from Fairview Elementary School.

There's too much land and property fenced in, unsigned dead ends with no escape to freedom by ground for pedestrians.

It's the civil aviation in a calm, traffic-controlled neighborhood with white picket fences and carefully mowed and raked lawns. There's a mental health trust for the incarceration of unwanted family members, lest the “independently wealthy” be accused of murder without the color of state law.

Little planes for little people do not belong in the big city. I do not like that country club set.

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# Crack down on police corruption now!

We call for a crackdown on the rampant corruption of local and municipal police departments throughout the United States.

We fully realize it will be bloody and violent, as we have exhausted all peaceful, civil, and equitable remedies in that corrupt local and municipal court system, which is nonetheless so pervasive and unified under color of law at a certain ill-defined "state" or "non-federal" level throughout the United States.

We realize that guns are banned to all intents and purposes for citizens and inhabitants of America's red-light district. Nevertheless we are compelled to call upon a higher power for authorization to use deadly force to put down that civil insubordination, the insurrection in blue with the gun and badge, and the present rebellion against the United States by city hall and local police, fire, and medical departments everywhere.

Those local departments have unionized, fraternized, and militarized altogether too much, outside, over, above, and beyond the law and medicine they were hired to enforce. The limited defense against their false criminal and mental health charges, which they permit to us only at pains within their local prosecutorial court systems, is no longer adequate to protect us from their gunfire and their strong-arm and knife tactics which have expanded far outside, above, and beyond the official jurisdiction of the courts to include armed, organized, and privately employed security forces as well as foreign police organizations not subject to the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States.

We believe that the conditions of slavery and involuntary servitude, which now exist and are now imposed on us, and to which race, sex, and skin color are only a proxy, necessitate us fully to the cause of a second Civil War, the likes of which have not been known in the United States in over 150 years.

This is the just cause in which we must now acquiesce and take to arms in the pursuit of victory.

Thus our defense is no longer in court to false criminal charges, but openly and secretly in resistance to that hostile military occupation in blue with the guns and badges, which has so viciously opposed us and greatly oppressed us outside all bounds and limitations of law.

The church bells are tolling, and the "ladies" who were once so viciously raped, who walk hand in hand _au pair_, now that they deem themselves fairly compensated for those masculine indiscretions, instead falsely accuse their innocent brethren rather than their assailants.

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