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The New Police Confederacy

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The word “Federal,” whether it's the Reserve or the Bureau of Investigation, is part and parcel of it.

Beat cops are enforcing the Mafia's Code of Omertà in Chicago.

City Hall's extortion racket is fully backed by the Feds.

The Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago on Monday is planning to protest outside Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx's office over her handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

We cannot allow this to take place. For every violation of the due process of law, no matter how minor or insignificant, we the people need a dead cop to show for it. The Fraternal Order of Police, and every police union and guild throughout the nation, is in rebellion and insurrection against the United States of America.

Such conditions of involuntary servitude and slavery have not existed since before the Civil War, and nothing short of a second Civil War can serve to exact the reparations that are due from City Hall's mob bosses and police chiefs.

Police and other law enforcement officers need to learn of a certain bright red line.

Thus far shalt thou come and no further.

We the people have guns, and we will shoot and kill with total impunity when you cross that bright red line, namely, to take  our lives, liberty, and property without the due process of law.

We cannot express ouselves any more honestly and clearly than it has already been laid out in the Constitution.

We can no longer tolerate the lies and deception of government and law enforcement officers.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

So says Jesus in the Gospel according to John. We are not Jesus. We cannot restore life to dead cops. They died in the deadness of the letter of the law, and they earned their reward under the law. Theirs is not the reward of righteousness and eternal life, but of the damnation and eternal destruction of their souls.

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women who aim for the criminal look

A fashion conspiracy of sorts. There is a certain vicious complex of appearance among women.

  • hair cut with “bangs,” always dyed or styled “off” somehow
  • too much makeup: lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, foundation, mascara, etc.
  • gaudy earrings and facial piercings, lips, nose, tongue, eyebrows
  • manicures, pedicures, and “fat acceptance”

There's a certain “statement” they are making.

  • “I am making myself ugly because I can, but you are not allowed to think that because I can make you think I am attractive, but don't you dare think that you might be more attractive than I am, because I can and I will make you uglier than I am.”

It's all a lie, of course, but women of a certain class enforce it as “the law” amongst themselves, and the strange part is how they cut and style men's hair just as viciously as they do each other's.

Munchausen Syndrome by proxy or whatever it's called: they constantly cast aspersions on the mental or physical health of others. They are helicopter parents, mothers who molest their children of course, but they always want some other person, almost always a male or masuline persona, to take the fall for their crimes in court.

They're no virgins and they do not believe in Jesus. There is no recompense in the destruction of their own beauty for the circumcision which these women so senselessly and mercilessly inflict on innocent little boys.


Do you need an attorney? This is too weird to be true. The attorneys in town are in trouble with the state bar, and there's a circumcision emergency for a little girl.

It's time to go on the warpath. I'm sick and tired of all this civil bullshit law and medicine what the fuck else does anybody go to school for anyways because they can't handle the math.

Fairbanks Federal Judicial Court Complex

You've gotta face it. State Troopers busted Nenana City Hall over in the next borough, but they haven't even gotten started on Fairbanks yet, because Fairbanks is just so fucking federal with all those dirtbag whores from the University and their boyfriends and shit.

The military dudes from Fort Wainwright and Eilson Air Force Base aren't really even welcome in town because guns are banned and the local yokel pimps in blue with the gun and badge are too damned “protective” of the university girls who are deemed to have too much class to associate with the military and are instead offered to peacenik gentlemen of more liberal means.

The “Russian Jack” auto lift ring is run out of a federal building midtown Fairbanks which houses the Social Security office and main federal court complex. A body shop and locksmith right next door coöperate with an insurance agent and title shop to take care of the paperwork and several drinking establishments in the neighborhood to take care of the guilt. AT&T's main office and switchboard is part of that whole federal court complex and intimately connected to it, along with the local Masonic Hall and Moose Lodge and several community churches or cults.

Another federal building houses a federal judicial court of mental health adjudication (a court of record in Alaska) where hundreds of court psychologists and psychiatrists labor day and night till death do us part to have unwanted or disobedient family members adjudicated as mental defectives under color of federal law.

A Congressional office in that same building serves to enact gun control legislation at the federal level, and to investigate any charges of obstruction of mental health adjudication in case other family members appear amicae curiae in support of adjudication for cause of mental health or social hygiene.

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single-engine Cessna syndrome

The local airport is full of those things.

It's the ubiquitous model of light sports plane rented out by the hour to tourists. A fair-weather plane with boat-sail wings for low-airspeed maneouvers by beginning pilots, but a sudden gust of wind is death in one of those contraptions without the engine power and wing frame strength to build more airspeed to ride out turbulence.

I don't know how to put this nicely, but it's a gay man's plane. You don't want to be Amelia Earhart in one of those things, and I'm not even sure if there's room for a copilot to squeeze in, let alone the wife and kids who are definitely not compatible with the high-flying drug-dealing lifestyle anyways.

Let's not kid ourselves. FAA is sharing a blunt with ATF, and they left drug enforcement out in the cold.

The federal government is so fucking gay, they revoked the rights of the clean and sober in order to fly planeloads of cash, heroin, and cocaine to and from remote communities.

There's the prison escape from Anchorage Correctional Complex, and the kidnapping from Fairview Elementary School.

There's too much land and property fenced in, unsigned dead ends with no escape to freedom by ground for pedestrians.

It's the civil aviation in a calm, traffic-controlled neighborhood with white picket fences and carefully mowed and raked lawns. There's a mental health trust for the incarceration of unwanted family members, lest the “independently wealthy” be accused of murder without the color of state law.

Little planes for little people do not belong in the big city. I do not like that country club set.

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# Crack down on police corruption now!

We call for a crackdown on the rampant corruption of local and municipal police departments throughout the United States.

We fully realize it will be bloody and violent, as we have exhausted all peaceful, civil, and equitable remedies in that corrupt local and municipal court system, which is nonetheless so pervasive and unified under color of law at a certain ill-defined "state" or "non-federal" level throughout the United States.

We realize that guns are banned to all intents and purposes for citizens and inhabitants of America's red-light district. Nevertheless we are compelled to call upon a higher power for authorization to use deadly force to put down that civil insubordination, the insurrection in blue with the gun and badge, and the present rebellion against the United States by city hall and local police, fire, and medical departments everywhere.

Those local departments have unionized, fraternized, and militarized altogether too much, outside, over, above, and beyond the law and medicine they were hired to enforce. The limited defense against their false criminal and mental health charges, which they permit to us only at pains within their local prosecutorial court systems, is no longer adequate to protect us from their gunfire and their strong-arm and knife tactics which have expanded far outside, above, and beyond the official jurisdiction of the courts to include armed, organized, and privately employed security forces as well as foreign police organizations not subject to the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States.

We believe that the conditions of slavery and involuntary servitude, which now exist and are now imposed on us, and to which race, sex, and skin color are only a proxy, necessitate us fully to the cause of a second Civil War, the likes of which have not been known in the United States in over 150 years.

This is the just cause in which we must now acquiesce and take to arms in the pursuit of victory.

Thus our defense is no longer in court to false criminal charges, but openly and secretly in resistance to that hostile military occupation in blue with the guns and badges, which has so viciously opposed us and greatly oppressed us outside all bounds and limitations of law.

The church bells are tolling, and the "ladies" who were once so viciously raped, who walk hand in hand _au pair_, now that they deem themselves fairly compensated for those masculine indiscretions, instead falsely accuse their innocent brethren rather than their assailants.

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the Jewish diaspora

(Technically, from the time of the Maccabees in the Apocrypha to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and on into the Middle Ages.)

The Jewish Kingdom had already split long ago, and the people had to leave town to get away from all the circumcision and crucifixion and other outrages of a society that was no longer civilized.

The typical Jew from Biblical times would have had lighter skin than, say, an Ethiopian, but not as light as a German.

Their eyes were brown, their hair was dark and very curly, male pattern baldness was common among men. Dreadlocks, might be shaved off to the scalp once in a while, but not much styling or washing in those days. They hatedbarbershoppery and service of process.

There is a lot of self-hate among the diaspora, a vague tendency toward circumcision and servitude to a master race, which they impose on their followers. The diaspora went mainly in the following areas, more or less.

  • German // Swiss // Austrian Yiddish
  • Norwegian bokmål // Swedish sje-ljud
  • Russian Ashkenazi
  • Romanian // Finnish // Hungarian Gypsies
  • French // Italian Kabbalah wise guys
  • Spanish // Portuguese 7th Day Adventists
  • Greek Maccabees
  • Chinese // Tibetan // Thai sages, wise men, magi
  • Japanese // Korean // Samoan // Philippine Blue Pearl law enforcement and private security cult

The Jews were mostly just people who had always mixed with a lot of other people, and what made them “special” was that they wrote down and preserved so much of their history in the scriptures known as the Holy Bible.

one world government

There is definitely a tendency, among the Jewish diaspora, toward worldliness, trade, establishment and government. One can look at the Middle East as a place of convergence of major trade routes from Africa, Asia, and Europe, and of emergence of one unified world government and a New World Order rife with conspiracy and serious organized crime. The Jews naturally had a desire and ability to imperialize over the various cultures among which they dispersed.

The Muslims have taken the spotlight of the mainstream media after a fashion, and it is almost impossible to talk about Jewish conspiracies to rule the world without being viciously libeled and slandered by accusations of anti-Semitism. Muslim “terrorists” are acting as armed bodyguards to Jews, in cahoots with Jews to rule the world.

Christians eat pork and we’re not fools. They have been systematically disarming us and laying us bare to the pillage and plunder of our enemies and to all manner of depredations of war.

the goodfellows

I’m pissed. A token claim to a drop of Jewish blood, a passing respect to some teacher or rabbi or wise guy, avoid pork or shellfish, and it’s a full-blown Jewish mafia family vendetta rule of the world above the law. People get into city hall politics, start avoiding pork and shellfish, or meat and milk in the same meal, put up a menorah, and circumcise all the children at the labor-union-local preferred-provider hospital. And they’re cutting up the girls just as bad as the boys these days, too.

It’s a gang. “You’re one of us, now. We’ll hold the little law off your backs as long as you’re useful to us.”

No. That ain’t gonna work. You broke your shitty promise which we should not have had to depend on in the first place.

We need our guns back.

Throw the labor-union-local city-cop fuckers off our backs for good, and deep-six the false accusations and the mental health shit which are always going on the court record without cause or evidence.

The goodfellows gotta go back to the drawing board to fix all that shit they misarchitected and fucked up our society so bad we’re broke and penniless the rest of our lives, have to get off the property before we get arrested for criminal trespass and shit, all that permanent shit that stays on our record.

They never gave us a choice. They tried to make all our decisions for us on our behalf, and they screwed up big time on our account. They are going to have to pay the price, because we have got to have our freedom back from those Bible-thumping Jew-tards who mis-sexed us in the womb with a shot of bovine hormones by amniocentesis and banned guns for us.

Bible-thumping Jew-cops

North Pole, Alaska, but it doesn’t matter, could be anywhere. All that Christmas shit all year round, and they spike your coffee with a shot of alcoholic liquor and Jew you in the back of a cop car with a fucking Star of David to the jail or mental hospital, on the orders of some brotherhood or fraternal gang association from the goodfellows at the neighboring Eielson Air Force Base.

I don’t buy that private little NYPD “Internal Affairs” style execution for police misconduct and girl crimes. They got too much omertà and top secret government classification and shit. The cops and the girls have to be beaten and bloodied to the confession of their souls, doped up and questioned for anything they might have missed, and left to rot in their cells. That is exactly what they do to us, but we’re free. We’re out of that prison for now.

They have too many consecutive terms of life without parole to serve for what they’ve done under color of law and respect for the fair sex. We've got to make double sure that that governor is lined up to go down for corruption if he ever even thinks about pardoning a cop or a girl.

blood quantum & DNA evidence

Blood quantum is a way of counting ancestry, neither matriarchally nor patriarchally, but equally from both sides of the family. Blood quantum is mutual, and may in theory be measured by the fraction of non-sex-chromosomal DNA shared between two individuals, against a standardized background of the human population at large.

  • 1 = identical twin
  • 3/4 = parent or child by full brother or sister (incestuous)
  • 1/2 = parent, child, full brother, or full sister
  • 1/4 = grandparent, grandchild, half brother, half sister, full niece, full nephew, full aunt, full uncle, or double first cousin
  • 1/8 = great-grandparent, great-grandchild, half niece, half nephew, half aunt, half uncle, full first cousin, double first cousin once removed, full grandnephew, full grandniece, full great uncle, or full great aunt

All humans share a lot of DNA in common, and even with apes, monkeys and other animals and living things, so a “zero blood quantum” has to be calibrated to that shared between two individuals selected uniformly and independently at random from the world population.

As far as I know, the calibration is too tricky to even consider a direct approximation of mutual blood quantum any more precisely than 1/8.

Murder, rape, proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Absolutely not! It’s a show-trial rape kit for the D.A. plus some off-the-books hocus-pocus to impress the jury and railroad the defendant at all costs. Those damned lawyers & crooked cops & doctors need to be continually body-slammed, beaten, and bloodied at the bar for all the frivolous and patently false sex charges they file all the time at the courthouse.

The neighbors mowed the lawn and bought some ultra-safety-conscious Swiss consumer product plastic children’s play equipment at the shopping mall for their yard. They’re always calling the cops because somebody’s allegedly molesting their kids in their yard, and you can’t even walk on that sidewalk or that side of the road:

“Get off my property because I’ve got kids. I know your gun rights had to be revoked for mental illness, and I don’t want to have you registered as a sex offender, but I will if you don’t move out of my neighborhood.”

I swear, those crooked cops and street girls and their corrupt courthouse and prison systems are not long for this world. There is a higher law and a higher power to punish those people who mistreat us and falsely accuse us day and night.

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the Democratic National Committee’s boiler room became a treacherous “War Room” overnight

@DNCWarRoom on Twitter, behind the Mueller Inquisition.

Sessions is Italian Mafia. Mueller is German Nazi. Rosenstein is Jewish. The Irish Mob is heavily involved, as well as the Swiss banking cartel and the Roman Catholic Church. It’s Democratic Party money. Tax-free municipal bonds, traded at local synagogues to assuage the consciences of congregants who feel that such “lending” to city hall fulfills their civic duty of “giving” alms for the poor.

Israelis and Jewish Americans have gone Axis, along with Palestine, Canada, and Mexico. They appear to have switched sides since WWII. Or perhaps it is the case that it was the more righteous and orthodox Jews who were slaughtered in such great numbers in the Holocaust of the 1930s, and now it is the liberals who have survived and taken over the synagogues.

murder for hire and the failure of the GOP resistance

There is deep money on the heads of Donald J. Trump and other conservatives, and much extortion to subvert conservative causes and redirect money to liberal political aims.

The Republican Party have expended themselves to defend against baseless and frivoulous criminal charges continually brought by the left, and left themselves unwatched, unarmed, and defenseless against Democratic Party murderers and hit men.

The GOP has has left policy-making up to the Democrats and functioned as an unquestioning “Old Republican Guard” to enforce and execute Democratic Party communist-socialist policy under a guise of conservatism that has already sold itself out to the left long ago.

the brotherhood and thieves in law

So back to the Jews, Russians, Ashkenazi, etc. There is an over-40 mysticism problem: the matchmaking, the brothels, the circumcision, the motorcycle clubs, Freemasons, Moose, Elks, Eagles, Lions, Rotary Club, Oddfellows, Log Cabin Republicans, etc., etc.

It’s the Kabbalah sex club, the brothers who require pussy on demand or butt on demand, whatever their preference is, for money or on pain of withholding money that is due or denying even so much as an allowance of keeping or disposing of one’s own money or property, however it may have been earned.

A ruthless brotherhood has taken over the right to steal from us at law any of our property which the left may have neglected to tax. They leave us naked and starving on the streets with absolutely nothing.

First ever bona fide report of police misconduct in Minneapolis. They have that Roman Catholic Internal Affairs style confession on the police department.


That “Old Apostolic Lutheran Church” is the worst of the worst when it comes to vice and corruption. The over-40 set “have their bosom sins” with mafia “protection” on the police department, and money to torture and murder anyone who who gets in the way of their chosen lifestyle of drugs, marijuana, alcohol, sex-for-money, and lies.

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And now Attorney General William Barr is being forced to resign from the federal prosecutors’ office, apparently for not toeing the Democratic Party communist-socialist line, which is absolutely mandatory for the one-party system of government to which the United States have devolved since the presumed death and dissolution of the political right.

There is a resistance, of course, but it appears to have gone deep underground.

Democratic Party transgender hate

We (transgender) lack the proper organs to procreate, and we cannot obtain proper medical care under any circumstances, least of all Genital Reconstructive Surgery from the same doctors who senselessly mutilate newborns in the genital organs by the routine practice of circumcision. The Democratic Party’s only interest in us is to sell us out as sex for money at the LGBT rainbow hair dye and marijuana party.

  1. We hate parties.
  2. We hate being drugged and forced to endure unwanted anal or oral sex against our will.

The Democratic Party only laughs at us and makes light of our “situation” or “predicament” as the case may be. They are always making plans on our behalf, but their plans for us do not include any options for our livelihood or independence, or even mere survival for that matter.

  1. We have been maliciously “served” time and time again by “the girls” in court with false accusations of harassment, criminal trespass, danger or threat to self or others, and various other unfounded restraining orders, no-contact orders, and protective orders of a vague sexually suggestive nature.
  2. Guns are banned for us if for no other reason than that being transgender is always considered prima facie to be a mental illness if not in so many words as to be admitted thus openly in court.
  3. We have no legal protection against rape and sexual assault whatsoever, because that is deemed the exclusive right of documented birth-gender-only girls and women.

We feel, along with others who are similarly persecuted, that we have patiently exhausted all equitable, civil, and non-lethal remedies at law to save our own lives.

We are not willing to lay down our lives in submission to the murderous hate of a Democratic Party communist-socialist regime, but we are willing to take to arms, inasmuch as we are able, to fight these foreign and domestic enemies who have deprived us of our natural rights, and to put down their insurrection. Nonetheless, the Democratic Party government Wicca cult continues to obsess supernaturally over

  1. birth;
  2. documentation;
  3. travel;
  4. destiny; and
  5. sex;

bringing in court a brutal and vicious five-point Pagan denial of transgender rights.

We do not take the steps of our opposition lightly as we tread forth before the judgment-seat of a foreign religion, and however unnatural we may feel it is to be compelled to war against our own country-men and women over these matters, we do feel it is unquestionably natural for us to retain the rights and means of waging war on our mortal enemies within and without in the assurance of our own survival and proper care for our own bodies.

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the mainstream media’s Jew problem

The mainstream “media” have a Jewish problem.

“Media” are witches, if one is willing to be precise.

They “frame” white nationalism and gun rights on the so-called far right while they assert their liberalism, gun-banning protectionism of Jews, and safety and security for all at the cost of our freedoms, rights, and individualism.

Any talk of Jews or Judaism outside the narrow way it is framed by the mainstream media is stridently and harshly rebuked and silenced as anti-Semitism.

the Jewish religion

The Jewish religion is that of the Holy Bible. Not just the Old Testament, but Jesus was a Jew, and so was Paul who wrote many of the epistles of the New Testament.

the white nationalist religion

The white nationalist religion is, technically, Wicca, the religion white people had before they were proselytized and converted to Christianity.

Odin and Thor, etc., Väinämöinen and Ilmarinenfor the Finns. There is evil, and a certain unspecified rivalry or opposition to that evil, but it is not immediately apparent that good arises from that conflict, as two wrongs do not make a right.

These religions are characterized by certain general beliefs, or superstitions, as they are sometimes called, not to invalidate them.

One such belief is that burning the body sends the soul into hell. It should not even be necessary to clarify any further, but no, not the soul whose body is burned, but the soul that burns the body.

Both the German // Polish Holocaust of the 1930s and cremation as a funeral practice are absolutely forbidden under such religions, and in both cases it is the perpetrators, not the victims, who are condemned.

societies, non-profits & putrefaction of law

The Anti-Defamation League is very secretive, and not entirely trustworthy as a formal organization. It is too close to AIPAC, NRA, JPFOetc., who eork together behind the scenes and very subtly spread a certain conception of gun rights in principle only, as rights that never come into effect because they are never deemed to have been sufficiently incorporatedinto case law with respect to every conceivable technicality that could possibly be raised at the level of the Supreme Court of the United States.

  • Jews In Name Only (JINO)
  • Republicans In Name Only (RINO)

The lower courts have cleverly refused to consider gun rights in a sufficiently broad interpretation, that is, in a liberal construction,having confused the construction of rights with the denial of them under a pre-conceived and prejudiced political liberalism.

This denial is cleverly engineered to place a seemingly unbearable load on the higher courts by the refusal of the lower courts to consider matters of restoration of gun rights. Judges all read the text of the Second Amendment, but they refuse to interpret or apply it or rule on it in a plain reading as the supreme law of the land, choosing instead to apply “the letter of the law” of the Gun Control Act of 1968, even though it was passed in direct defiance of the Constitution without the due process of ratification by the respective States, which would be necessary to properly repeal the Second Amendment.

the limited intelligence of cops

It is said that applicants who score too high on an intelligence test are not hired on the police force. There are “too many” reasons for this, connected with Ashkenazi Jewish perceptions or stereotypes of intelligence.

  • Intelligence Quotient = Developmental Age ÷ Chronological Age
    • Childhood IQ: used either to characterize a male defendant as a monster or to exonerate a female defendant.
    • μ=100, σ=15, standardized bell curve, Marilyn vos Savant, etc., applied to adults regardless of age.
  • Cops want to avoid the public perception of “intelligence” in the sense of unwarranted surveillance.
  • Cops don’t want to appear to “outsmart” a jury of 12 with an average IQ of 100.
  • Cops in solid blue uniforms want to cultivate the sympathies of a typical blue-collar jury of randomly selected registered Democratic Party voters.
  • Cops see it as their job to impose an intelligence cap on the population at large by “picking up” individuals who either have an “attitude” or are “too smart for their own good.”
  • Cops cultivate a general “mental health warrant” to pick up anyone for anything unusual or out of the ordinary that might be characterized as “abnormal” by authorities.
  • Einstein was Jewish and had too much hair on his head, and the cops don’t want anyone getting that smart. Cops cut hair at law. It’s a barbershop and a half in solid Democrat blue.

possession of stolen property

Considered a crime even if one has acquired the property lawfully and exercised due diligence to avoid complicity in any theft.

Even David in the Holy Bible laments that he was required to pay restitution for what he did not steal, even in wartime necessity and privation.

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They did not intend for me to get away alive, and they certainly did not want this information to become public…

The Democrat Drug Deal in America

Alaska, like many other states, is overrun with drug-&-sex tourists in the summer. I scarcely bother to mention alcohol, because most people can drink enough of it at home wherever they live and are well aware of its effects when they go to work.

There's a milk operation at all the grocery stores & gas stations. The milk is adulterated with methamphetamine, as are the paper cups used by Starbucks and “independent” little coffee shops everywhere, especially during the summer, when methamphatamine is highly popular in conjunction with the long daylight hours.

There is a bakery operation at the same mainstream or upscale grocery and convenience stores everywhere. Baked and deep-fried sweet goods are adulterated with marijuana, CBD, and/or opiates in the cooking oil.

There is a fruit operation as well. Fresh fruit at the produce department is adulterated with some rotgut alcohol liquor injected by common insulin needles.

There is a meat operation, too. Meat is injected before or after slaughter with growth and/or sex hormones and other unknown adulterants.

Guns are banned, and hunting and fishing are all but prohibited except for the privileged few wealthy tourists and their professional guides.

The Satanist Cult of the Dead Cow along with Beto O'Rourke in Congress, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Wells Fargo, local credit unions, and the whole Democratic Party are responsible for this deal with the devil. City cops in solid Democrat blue enforce the deal with a gun and a badge, and Democrat prosecutors, Democrat public defenders, and Democrat judges all work together to put away anyone who rats out a Democrat drug deal.


The Democrat cops have to be served, and after they've been SERVED, they must be PUNISHEDfor dealing drugs in uniform blue. We are at war to resist their hostile occupation, and we cannot afford them the due process and civil rights that they denied us in their drug-addled court system.

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