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The transgender conspiracy

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The transgender conspiracy

the excessive spirituality & heavy breathing of church-goers

This is the greatest obstacle to the transgender. People become too spiritual, which means, literally, that they breathe too heavily, of that sort of spirituality which usually comes out of the bottle, however strenuously they deny it on Sunday.

The body is the body. It does not, and cannot have sexual intercourse in any pleasurable manner, and its existence is scarcely tolerable as it is. Others pleasure themselves gratuitously at the misery of the transgender while they read the Holy Bible.

The Bible speaks of “the whole body, fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth.” Obviously it is not so for the transgender.

Something is wrong, but this is a place where doctors amd parents must stand with their knees quaking in mortal fear of the capital and eternal punishment to be imposed on them for every error, mistake, or transgression, no matter how slight or insignificant it may have seemed to them at the time. They must now be made to see the handwriting on the wall, and they must be made to understand those symbols of judgment written on the masonry by that disembodied hand.

the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

The truth is not told in those skinhead Aryan white supremacist churches, which demand so much of works six days of the week and service on the seventh day.

Too much service causes churches to become cults: they have broken the Sabbath and they worship other gods in their close-shaven skulls and graven images, while they take the name of the Holy One of Israel in vain.

actus reus

Chromosomes almost always do correspond to a true inner sense of gender identity.

Doctors of the white circumcision sometimes give parents a “choice” of whether to bear a male or female child after conception has already occurred.

female-to-male in utero

This is often done if the father desires a young “male” companion fuckable in the butt, rather than a daughter.

A massive dose of bovine testosterone, administered by amniocentesis directly into the fetus’ body, is known to accomplish this on a female fetus.

The testosterone causes the labia to close up during fetal development and elongate with the clitoris to form a “penis,” and non-fertile but testosterone-producing testicles to descend into a scrotum: there is less testosterone than the average male and ovaries remain with a female period.

male-to-female in utero

This is also done deliberately, but less often. There is some sort of testosterone “blocker” but not so much any great dose of particular “female” hormones that will have the desired effect on a male fetus.

The outer “vulva” appears normal with labia and clitoris: sit-down to urinate like a female, but the vagina proper (along with the cervix and uterus) is missing, and a male prostate gland remains in its place, which can definitely obstruct urination.

The breasts remain rather flat in this “experiment.” It’s another butt-fucker.

mens rea

of women

Most women do not directly desire the transgender per se, and in fact most viciously exclude them from their social circles, but they do take sexual pleasure in cutting hair, grooming, and offering other “services” in such a feminine manner of caring for the sick, elderly, and disabled.

of men

For men, it seems to be a primitive overriding dominant homosexual desire to fuck butt rather than pussy. Obviously, not all men are “like that,” but the thing is, the sort of men who are attracted to or allowed to enter medical specialties and other areas of arcane knowledge have always tended to be the most vicious buttfuckers.

casus belli

We prove these things as crimes, and we are horrified and appalled at the evil which has been allowed to go on unredressed for so long.

The failure of the civil and criminal courts of the land to address and resolve our complaints of medical malpractice, fraud, and other serious wrongdoing has left us no option but to acquiesce in the necessity of war, and to seek our rectification and justification in victory as the spoils of war, not as a hollow and meek judgment from the parochial courts of justice where traffic tickets and other mundane matters are decided.

The charges we bring here are far too heavy to weigh on scales of earthly justice, and they motivate us to total war in the sole and unwavering objective of completely annihilating our enemy in order to totally eradicate that evil from the face of the earth and make way for that slow and painful process of regeneration, reconstruction, and healing from the damages and destruction, which they have so viciously and unjustly wrought, and continue to work, upon us.

There shall be no rest, day nor night, for our enemies who broke the Sabbath in eternity.

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The Anchorage Bathroom Bill



Section 1.

A new chapter is added to Anchorage Municipal Code, Title 3 Administration, to read as follows (new language in bold and underlined):


3.102.010 Policy.

Persons using certain intimate facilities such as locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, and restrooms within buildings owned or operated by the municipality have a right to physical privacy that must be protected. The right to physical privacy includes the right not to be seen in various states of undress by members of the opposite sex. The failure to protect this right to physical privacy can create unsafe situations, and may potentially cause embarrassment, shame, and psychological injury.

3.102.020 Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this chapter: Multiple occupancy changing facility or restroom means a facility designed or designated to be used by more than one person at a time where persons may be in various states of undress in the presence of other persons. A multiple occupancy changing facility or restroom may include, but is not limited to, a locker room, shower room, changing room, or restroom. Sex means biological sex as defined in Anchorage Municipal Code section 5.20.010. Single occupancy changing facility or restroom means a facility designed or designated to be used by only one person at a time where persons may be in various states of undress. A single occupancy changing facility or restroom may include, but is not limited to, a single stall restroom designated as unisex.

3.102.030 Requirements for Multiple Occupancy Changing Facilities and Restrooms.


All multiple occupancy changing facilities and restrooms in buildings owned or operated by the municipality shall be designated for and used only by persons of the same sex.


Nothing in this section shall prohibit the municipality from providing accommodations such as a single occupancy changing facility or restroom upon a person's request due to special circumstances, but in no event shall that accommodation result in the municipality allowing a person to use a multiple occupancy changing facility or bathroom that is designated under subsection 3.102.030A for a sex other than the person's sex.


This section does not apply to persons entering a multiple occupancy changing facility or restroom designated for use by the opposite sex:

  1. For custodial or maintenance purposes, when the facility is not occupied by a member of the opposite sex.
  2. To render medical assistance.
  3. If the person is a disabled person requiring assistance or the caregiver of such a person, and the disabled person and his or her caregiver accompany one another for the purpose of allowing the disabled person to use the facility.
  4. If the person is a minor under the age of eight who accompanies a person caring for that minor.
  5. That has been temporarily designated for use by that person's biological sex.
  6. For purposes of protecting safety and good order during emergencies. Section 2. Anchorage Municipal Code 5.20.010, Definitions, is hereby amended to read as follows (not all definitions in the referenced section are affected and therefore not every definition is set out; language indicating no amendment is included for context only; new language in bold and underlined):

5.20.010 Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this title, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Sex means an individual's immutable biological condition of being male or female, as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at the time of birth. An individual's original birth certificate may be relied upon as definitive evidence of the individual's sex.

Section 3. Anchorage Municipal Code 5.20.080, Lawful Practices, is hereby amended to read as follows (language indicating no amendment is included for context only; new language in bold and underlined; [DELETED TEXT IN STRIKETHROUGH, CAPITALIZED, AND IN BRACKETS]):

5.20.080 Lawful practices.


Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, it shall not be unlawful for a person in connection with the sale or rental of real property, financing practices, employment practices, public accommodations, educational institutions, and practices of the municipality to make or keep records identifying race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, age, or physical or mental disability, if the purpose of the record is to comply with federal or state equal opportunity laws or regulations or in furtherance of a program designed to ensure compliance with this title.


The prohibitions against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in this chapter do not prohibit an employer or an operator of a place of public accommodation from[:

  2. I]imposing reasonable dress codes and grooming standards, provided that persons are allowed to dress or groom consistent with their gender identity.


Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, and except for the specific provisions applicable to municipal facilities under Anchorage Municipal Code chapter 3.102, it shall not be unlawful for any emplover, public accommodation, or other person to establish and enforce sex-specific standards or policies concerning access to intimate facilities such as locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, and restrooms.

Signed & Sealed by the Establishment

  • Kim Hummer-Minnery
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Christine Rutter
  • Jen Cudmore
  • Gail Randall
  • Marian Griffith
  • Caroline Sullivan
  • Stephanie Duchatellier
  • Stephenie Wells
  • Amber Underhile
  • Caroline Williams
  • Emily Railing
  • Renée Scott
  • Bonnie Charles
  • Mary Daniels
  • Hester Sanders

Beat cops riding the vice circuit

  • Tanya Vandenbos
  • Ruth Adolf
  • Yulonda Candelario
  • Retta-Rae Randall

These women on the local police force express strong “feminine” feelings of hate toward transgender individuals, and they act as “social climbers” to work up hate in the community even as “certain lewd fellows of the baser sort” who worked the city into an uproar and assaulted the house of Jason in the Holy Bible.

Certainly these women have closely coöperated with the signers of the petition, and have numerous protective boyfriends and brothers on the force, but the men tend not to introduce themselves by name, because it is seen as somehow “unmanly” if a man on the civilian force “fails to cover his own tracks” and is compelled to request additional protection against his enemies who seek to track him down by name, whereas it better comports with their civic etiquette to present a “male” suspect, or in any case a suspect in the “masculine” role, with the number of a proper female to call.

The Municipality of Anchorage is a deplorable red-light district plagued by a white supremacist Democrat police force with strong “Scottish” ties to

  • Ku Klux Klan and other white militias;
  • Scottish Rite freemasonry and local masonic halls;
  • Scotland Yard, RCMP, and other foreign police agencies;
  • various police unions, police guilds, and fraternal orders of police;
  • the preëminence of local, state, and foreign law above the U.S. Constitution and U.S. law; and
  • Signal 88, Heil Hitler, and other gang-related armed mercenary “private” security forces.

As usual, swing shift on the police force is swinging a noose of hemp rope, graveyard shift is digging all through the night, and day shift is covering it up by planting a tree.

The Omniscient One, the Omnipotent, whose all-seeing eye oversees all labor, is not satisfied with such work. Will He continue beating those disobedient slaves until they submit themselves to the Highest, or will He call a halt to the labor and command His angels to bring in the sheaves of a final harvest? We His people are not happy either: we can only sigh by reason of the bondage that they have so unjustly inflicted on us under the color and usurpation of law.

The civilian police forces of the United States, and all who associate with them in a friendly manner, appear to be of a different political party that holds exclusively to certain values of

  • omertà or silence,
  • arbitrary respect for women, and
  • unquestioning obedience to authority per se authority;

whereas the old ones, long since deceased from this earth, who fought the same battles as we now fight, always taught us

  • to walk with an open mouth,
  • to question authority, and
  • to obey God rather than men.

The old ones were right, and the Democrats and the people of the district are wrong.

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the Manning phenomenon

Bradley E? Manning changed name to Chelsea E. Manning, got out of prison, and started using a masculine Twitter handle.


It is neither authentic nor representative of the identity of a transgender woman, if she introduces herself as being identified by an XY male chromosome set as if one were tasked to examine the family jewels under a microscope. It seems like a dude taking a long drag on a cigarette rather than a true female identity.

Army culture

the guys

Manning hangs out with “the guys.” Not a good situation. They’re not good guys.

The feminine demeanor and appearance are not what I would be concerned with, especially outside a “special forces” zone of active hand-to-hand combat.

I am gravely concerned by “the guys” who hang out or associate with Manning. Aggressive homosexual men do not belong in the Army. A guy can’t be in a position of hesitating to take a shit or a shower for fear of being raped in the butt in the barracks.

the girls

Chelsea Clinton, of whom Manning is admirer and namesake. Now Anna Rothschild, sometime friend and confidante to Clinton has introduced herself on Twitter in such feminine respect.

LESBIANS, I presume from the exclusive socialization among women, the attendance of LGBQ events, and the respective lack of boyfriends and husbands.

THEY most viciously exclude transgender women: oh, yes, of course Manning is permitted to use the feminine pronoun, but only as long as she stays out of the women's room and does not infringe too much on the liberal female “zone.”


=== Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist ???

No, that is too much to believe on Manning’s part. These people are strictly gay and lesbian, and they have mutually agreed to a rigid and harsh separation of genders by “birth sex.” They have stolen the identity of the transgender, kicked them out of the club, and imposed a grossly distorted version of Islamic Shari‘a on them.

the failure of class and “old” money

These people are incredibly wealthy, but for some odd reason their wealth cannot buy Genital Reconstructive Surgery (GRS) for Manning that would enable her to make love with a man in front rather than behind.

There is no healing in that same dirty knife that has been taken so routinely and so aggressively to newborn boys for the satisfaction of the lascivious desires and fleshly Schadenfreude of obstetricians and gynecologists.

the top secret clearance nightclub

Officers’ level in the Air Force, NSA, etc., SF-86/7. They’ve been twirling their moustaches in the military.

The “guys” who sign up are assumed to have their proclivities, and the “girls” who work the nightclub are required to have the proper security clearance.

There’s a top secret nightclub downtown Baltimore maybe 30 miles from Fort Meade. Gay Street, Commerce Street, somewhere, very close to the central police station, main post office, and a Catholic church in the heart of downtown.

The “girls” do not socialize much in town or even dare to show their faces outside those clubs — if they misbehave, they are shipped off to one of the notorious mental hospitals in the area such as Maryland Psychiatric Research Center at 55 Wade Ave, Catonsville, Maryland — surrounded by numerous crematories and funeral homes for the wining and dining or boozing and schmoozing of the grieving families of errant girls.

The “nightclub effect” does not help the transgender adjust to day life.

The dudes are going to lose their lives over it, too. We aren’t putting on a sideshow for the night shift.

“Family women” and transgender hate


  • Retta-Rae, US attorney at DOJ, Anchorage
  • Cathy, former student at UAF, vegan/vegetarian, lesbian, later married to a professional hunting guide
  • Kikkan, the Olympic skiier
  • Gail, signer of the petition

Wealthy real estate investors. Obvious big-money family support behind the Bathroom Bill and other family vendetta harassment against minorities by malicious criminal trespass orders from commercial and government property otherwise open to the public for business.


Big money in Alaska. Also wealthy real estate investors. Deep ties to Battle Ground, Washington and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Numerous inexplicable orders from the Department of the Army at court-martial have been procured in a manner that has adversely affected the real estate development interests of their competitors.

The orders themselves are not so far out of line with policy or law, but the Rasmusons and other families who were privy to the orders were unfairly positioned to profit by them at the expense of unwitting competitors who were not served with the military orders in a timely fashion whereby they might have save much wasteful and unnecessary expenditure.

On the one hand, the families should not have been allowed to profit by executing a law enforcement “sting” on their competitors at martial law over civil matters, and on the other hand personnel at the Corps of Engineers should have been using official channels rather than relying on “family” to enforce policy.

other families

Old money ties. Public corruption. Drugs. Murder for hire. Psychiatry. Still investigating. Stop lording it over the poor folk, personae non gratae, and others left out by old money and decayed class.

There has to be an objective reason for a child to identify with a gender other than the one “assigned.”

“Assigned” is too strong a word. Cooperation of the mother or no, somebody fucked with a child in the womb by amniocentesis or similar means.

How are they going to change that law but still allow little girls to perform ballet?

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this is real. The medication I'm currently on is meant to disrupt my hormones and I know it has to do with their agenda. Look, half of you will be saved, Targeted Individuals are basically the last resistance to human rights and the struggle to keep all of us out of Fema Camps. If they violate Targeted Individuals lives' they can violate anyones. Look at REX 84, the patriot act, extensions by Obama and Trump. They are getting rid of our constitutional rights. The sheeple go along because they think in the end they will be rich. They're dying with us. I already got red stickered.

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