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Martin Timothy

Image - Sure the Mainstream Media Machine is Run by Jews

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Michael Bloomberg is Jewish.

No argument there. I don't like the big money families or the circumcision.

the wealthy Jew attitude

Circumcision is “required” by the letter of the law of Moses, carried over from Egypt as a reminder of the law of the bondage from which they escaped, but no punishment was ever specified for failing to circumcise.

On the other hand, both the practice of circumcision and any enforcement of a requirement to circumcise, are explicitly barredin no uncertain terms by numerous provisions in the law of Moses, under a strict penalty of stoning to death, prosecuted aggressively as a war crime at court-martial.


Wealthy Jews don’t care. They are always on the other side of an issue, even as Satan who demanded skin for skin from Job and slew his children.

It’s that eye for an eye attitude where “I’ll poke both your eyes out if you even look at me!”

Wealthy Jews are too conservative by day, and too liberal at night. They preach like a rabbi in the daily newspaper, and play matchmaker at the nightclub. Swingers. The Swedes call that lifestyle en skörlevnad, literally a life of “harvest” or conspicuous consumption, slösaktighet och lösaktighet.

night life

When a man’s suit is too somber, and his pants are too neatly pressed by day, people wonder what he does to relax or enjoy himself socially when his workday is over.

If he doesn’t have a wife and children of his own, then he must be in search of a good woman and beautiful children, and he could surely benefit by the services of the Jewish matchmaker.

The Chinese as well as the Finns are more frank to observe and admit that there is often a club or establishment to which people adhere by night even when they consider it irrelevant or do not wish to speak of it by day. The point being, people go clubbing after work, leave someone out, and remain in denial by day.

People “live” all day and all night, and while they are often well aware of one another’s day life among those with whom they associate by day, the night life often remains hidden, except for symptoms such as a late arrival and inattentiveness at work or church which may indicate problems with immorality and lack of sleep.

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