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Proof is Computer Generated US President “Trump” Part I

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Analyst Assessment

open clip at bottom

invited to compare


“European Crisis”, is about to arrive, “Yankee Crisis”, caravans in mass, due to leave soon, Yankee Territory, illegal migrants in droves, inundated with plague, measles with mumps, planted among the population, 1970’s, Indo Asians, floated in boats, made the trek, landed in North America, migrated along the shores, US Congress, passed legislation,  approved over a decade ago, not enforced till now, open wasn’t the invitation, till was presented the production, aired throughout the media, for mundane reasons, person can receive, are given refugee status, USDIA, computer generation, take note of the dialogue, US President “Don”, terms “illegal migrants”, “persons”, “groups of people”, should be “groups of illegal migrants”, could be termed, “groups of undocumented migrants”, uses the term “people”, viewer perceives “person”, perceives “human”, similar to oneself, instead if stated, were “illegal migrant”, perceived first, illegal is a criminal, migrant not wanted, arrive documented, details in order, or don’t arrive, US President “Don”, recently  ordered, “a halt to the drug flow, arrives from Mexico”, since 1973, declared by US President “Richard Nixon”, USA, war was officially declared, termed “The war on drugs”, till date unsuccessful, rages on does the war, devastates the indigenous populations, indigenous to the zones, where takes place the drug production, cost to the Yankee Nation, over the decades, current date standard rate, trillions of dollars, on stays the pace, next to nothing changes, recent statement, made US President “Don”, sounded quite ridiculous, directed towards a mind controlled population, intellect has been reduced, use of a computer generated dialogue, nation about to loose be gone, people don’t understand, can’t identify what’s going on, time to turn off, Yankee Sam, placed topics, sparky does tricks, one program after another, computer generated dialogue, US President, doesn’t speak, rather operators, intelligence agents, finger upon a keyboard, place a computer generated dialogue,

wake up while still have the right, are allowed to have guns, don’t be the chump, knock on the door, had to give the guns up, Yankee Sam, troopers be there soon, tyranny has taken over, time to revolt, no longer follow, ,  

“Trump Threatens to Put Tariffs on Cars coming to U.S. from Mexico”



first thing to note, title is long, “Arriving Cars from Mexico, US President “Trump”, plans on placing tariffs” of “US President “Trump”, plans on placing, new tariffs, on arriving cars from Mexico”

“coming” is inappropriate, spins the mind, forward then reverse, going and coming, arriving first left, what happened, car in the port, placed is a tariff, furthermore, Yankee is a fornicator, “cuming” or “coming”, “come” is as “cum”, Yankee, if engages in porn, or ties the word, with own sexual practice, every time the word is heard, another time, spins in the sub conscious mind, idea of sex more porn, in case of the title, “coming” was used, get the reader, not to associate with arrive, if thought of “arrival”, would understand, upon the “nation” arrives, arrival associates to “USA”, “coming” isn’t understood, where are the vehicles going, arrive upon the shores, given is the USA, due to is the “US President”, though re enforced, was again the name, associated with the country, nation of Mexico, again named over then once more, duration of times, when speaks, US President “Don” seconds by seconds, begin the clip

0:11 to 0:16 mic turned down, computer generated, listener struggles, concentrates further, might turn up the volume, if so begins with a boom, either way increases frustration, incessant state of irritation, associated with the theme,

0:11 thru entire clip

note the background noises

supposed “shuffles”

noises from the movements

reporters in the room

computer generated

play on the psychies

those who listen

psychiatry session

pendulums with clicks

tick tock of the ornamental clock

usual snap of the fingers

count forwards then repeated backwards

example uphead, “4,5,600, 200 just can’t do”

computer generated rubbish


0:16 thru 0:33

“its gotta be a great deal, its gotta be great, “we” been loosing, over many years, four five six hundred billion dollars, a year “we’re” loosing, a few years ago, we’re loosing two hundred routinely to China, “we” can’t do that,  

“we’re” gunna “turn it over” garbled, slams into the mind, “flip this house”, lingo with “big business” reminder to the viewer, is a businessman, not a politician, inept in the position, placement as US President

0:16 thru 0:33

head of state, country of the USA, should speak, at a high intelect level, those who choose, opt to pay attention, same while aren’t aware, computer generated deception, tune in lowers intellect, reason for the placement, US President “Don” , when speaks refers to “we”, listener needs to associate, in turn understand the “we”, shell game is played, four even at times more, shells atop read the same, placed is the word “we”, underneath each, are a different meaning, “he with amiguous one more”, “he with advisors”, “he with advisors included US Customs with Borders”, “he with the Nation USA”, “he with the entire world”, computer generated dialogue, entire while shuffles the shells, sub conscious of the viewer, attempt to place, discriptions with the various shells, what occurs is disacotiation, those who don’t identifiy, are not part of “we”, in turn aren’t included, country of USA, choose to be excluded, “Don” by referring to USA as “we” or “ours”, disassociates an entire group, others who approve, don’t understand the issues, only comprehend, what was easily understood, programmed catch phrases, with conditioned key words, regurgitate the same phrases, insertthe same key words, when discussed are the issues, people spin circles, problems aren’t identified, issues fester go unresolved, computer generated

readers who choose, lets go travel together, won’t be a cruise, trip make a visit, begin to free the mind, travel for a while, in order to unwind the mind, no longer be held, MK Ultra, under the control, drop the ambiguous “you” as with “we”, stop with the use, hypothetical “you” as with “we”, if used is “she” or “he” perhaps “it”, necessary is to identify, place a name to the subject, depending on what’s discussed, repeat no more than three times, “she” as with “he” or “it”, after three consecutive times, necessary is to re interject, name of the subject, which receives description, if for example “Bill” and “Bob”, both took a trip, on the visit, tripped “he” fell, “he” shouldn’t follow, necessary is to insert the name, place either “Bob” or “Bill”, specify “who” tripped, English when spoken, if used is proper grammar, MK Ultra programming, isn’t able to be achieved, least not nearly at the same level, current date, Yankee speaks slop talk, accepts a broken down grammar, computer generated, placed dialogue, reduced the intellects, people don’t use logic, deductive thought process, are inhibited, can’t form a conclusion, get caught up in the illusion, readers who are interested, no longer receive sub luminal code, be held under the control, need to pick up the grammar, instead of speaking, Yankee English, better described as Yankee Rubbish, revert back to English, get out the grammar books, learn how to express, convey a message, clearly also efficiently , take note duration of the clip, misuse of “we” as with “you”

statement “its gotta be great, its gotta be great….” “gotta” should have been “needs to be”, of perhaps, “should be”, “gotta” was used, confuse the views, when heard is “God”, similar is the sound “got”, take note of the misuse, programs from the news, or just for entertainment value, misused is “got”, Yankee is anti, are against our God,

other reason, computer generation, placed the phrase, “its gotta be great, ist gotta be great..” is to make appear, ignorant is the president,

0:33 thru 0:36 statement “its gotta be a a great deal, if its not a great deal, “we’re” not doing itbut its going very well, uh top officials are here, and uh “we’re” very well along on the deal, it’s a very complex deal, it’s a very big deal, one of the biggest deals ever made, maybe the biggest deal ever made, it will be a great deal for “our” farmers, uh technology, intellectual property theft, everything is covered, there’s not a thing, that’s not covered,” analyst review, who are “top officials”, does that mean, “top US Officials”, “Top Chinese Officials”, Top US as with Chinese Officials”,  termed “our farmers”, should have been “US Farmers”,  again “gotta” is used, “deal” is heard, 6 consecutive times, placed within six phrases, 4th  grade level English, taught is not to repeat, same name, object or otherwise, repeated again over again, English grammar, dictates otherwise, structure needs to be other, if not the student, remains stuck with “spot”, repeatedly names the dog, doesn’t know how to move on, unfortunate is the situation, computer generation, dialogue placed as such, reduces the intellect, viewers of all the listeners, who processed the information, understood the theme, same while were oblivious, manipulated is the dialogue, later left with catch phrases, along with key words, planted in the mind, topics to be discussed, if mentioned is the theme, people spin circles, discuss nonsense topics, example with give, future if US President “Don”, mentioned is “business”, mentioned are “contracts”, anything to do with “deals”, six consecutive times, planted are the phrases, remembered is the critique, moments later, perhaps days later, incessant repeated mentions, reference to the statements, computer generated phrases, hot topics for the public, people spin circles, go almost nowhere, caught up in the same nonsense, problems go un identified, continue to go un addressed,

US President “Don”, use of “we”, unacceptable only intent, is leave the viewer, catch phrase programmed, or catch theme programmed, “we” is used, viewers to group, either are with “we”, or choose to be excluded, are not part of “us”, in turn are not part of the group, shell game played, four sometimes more, placed on the screen, heard thru the speakers, each shell is described, identical have written, inscribed atop each, is the word “we”, under each shell, placed is a unique significance, in turn each shell is different, same while undescoverd, until later uncovered,  occurs in the sub conscious, shell game continues, needed is to jungle, information gets jumbled, what is easily understood, “catch phrases with key words, mind as continues to  grasp, words with phrases are planted,  assembled the details, impression is formed is not spontaneous,  listener is left programmed, lets go everyone, stay ready to roll, remain with the show, “we” is “Don” with “imaginary friend”, “we is “Don”, with “unknown group”, identified as a member, group left unnamed, sub conscious associates, group with nation, due to the term “our country”, “we” have a great deal”, “we” is part of “our”, continues on the shell game, masqueraders with the charade, times “we”  is “Don”, with a specified “someone”, continuance without specification, next time is used “we”, sub conscious is confused, in appropriately associates, significance is misplaced, times might be properly placed, all the same continues the game, sub conscious attempts, solve the mathematical problem, included the primal skills patterns, pieces together the information, comes up with an image, computer generated dialogue, viewers don’t assemble, piece together information, details are planted, thru the trickery, deception placed forth, example such as use of “we”, shell game played,  “we” with different significances, established from the start of almost every broadcast, news to the opinionated views, example of National news, well as the Local News, “Good evening, we bring you the latest update, this evening we will start off, by letting “you”, see the damage, first hand up close, there at the scene, is “Angie”, “good evening “here”, first hand the damage, is bad very bad, “here” the lights have been out, as “you” can see behind me, “you” are able to see the cables, downed are from the wind, “here” the people were affected, “you” can see from the debris, numerous trees block the streets, “here” are reports of shortages, “you” can see, many stores have closed,” reader interested, who chooses to read, don’t want to insult, needed is to pick up, raise the intellect level, await more quality, don’t accept rubbish, rephrase what was just placed, do so without the use of “here” nor “us” or “we” or “you”, watch what happens, changes does the view, perceived very differently, issues have other significance, words mentioned omitted, person is able to think, use deductive thought process, in kicks the logic, arrives next the conclusion, left is an appropriate impression, one received due to the use of logic, completed thru deductive thought process, “you” instructs the viewer, in order to understand, sub conscious must associate, either converts “you”, when heard becomes “I”, or rolls around in the mind, not sure who is the “you”, momentarily again is the other, think of self in the form of you, third person thought, when about own self, is a  serious sufferer, dissociative identity disorder, example of such technique, US President “Don”, “ everyone knows, “you” know, the democrats are at fault, they probably sitting somewhere, saying “I” don’t want to fund the wall, “I” would rather see “our” country fall”, should be stated, “well known is the democrats are responsible, reluctant are to fund the wall”, in order to understand, vewer  if “you” converts to “I”, another time, viewer steps into the shoes, becomes another of the group, membership voluntarily chooses, does so in order to understand, dialogue placed forth, programs instead of inform, viewer is subdued, placed in a trance state, instead of in free observance, either way in both states, pieces together the details, how information remains, placed in the archive, sub conscious mind,  filed is quite differently, instead of information, stored later to be chosen, looked for in the file, allowed to be accessed, with the other method, placed while in a subdued state, in the sub conscious, archived is the information, when thoughts are triggered, due to again is heard, use of a catch phrase, use of a key word, either or both, again the viewer, repeats the trained reaction, again makes a similar decision, continues on whatever path, is chosen by the programmer, Yankee Sam,

0:34 thru 0:37 “…..everything is covered,…..”, again makes appear, ignorant is the US President,  should be stated, “ ……every aspect, all the details are covered,…..”, ridiculous is the statement, subconscious perceives, doomed is to fail, successful business entrepreneurs, don’t pre claim a smooth ride, before the drive begins, no bumps will occur, so first sign of a problem, public begins to outcry, allowed self no escape, noted everything will be perfect, word used “every”, leaves no exit, promised perfection, business entrepreneur, knows much better,

0:57 statement “we” could have made a quickie, but “we’re” in a very good position, “our” economy is way up, China is not way up, and uh “we’re” uh”,

analyst assessment, noted is the word “we”, is absolutely unacceptable, “we” should be, “……I as president with my advisors,…..” or “ I in the Presidency, was able, or assured, whatever the theme”, US President, used to be, viewed as a position, respected with held status, converted to “chump” with the bunch, not important much, use of the phrase, “we” could have made a “quickie”, word ties to sex, signifies a short session, followed up, “we’re” in a very good “position”, sub conscious of the viewer, perceived the position, associated with a term, short session of sex, useage of such a statement, cheapens the US Presidency, within a short while, public looses respect, plan is the intent, USDIA, Yankee is a fornicator, associates themes, intertwined with the addiction, persist with the desires, another time receive a fornication, same while left with confusion, in reference to pertinent issues,

0:57 statement “..”our” economy is way up…” should be stated, “The US Economy is thriving, Gross National Product, output is up”  or “ …there has been an upward turn in the US Economy…”  statement “we’re’ in a very good position” should have been stated, “…the United States is in a very good position”, statement shouldn’t have been made, doesn’t have significance, in what way is the US in a good position, impression given, “US is on top, fornicated China”, fills the minds, archives are stored the filth, un addressed remain, ignorant to the pertinent issues, statement “….China is not way up,” shows lack of diplomacy, enough is enough, readers need to go past, find the correct path, bring the mind back, recognize the illusion, “Don” the business entrepenuer, not ept at the Presidency, due to is all business, doesn’t know diplomacy, computer generated, perception is a farce, “deal” mentioned six times, is another example, use of re enforcement, remain with the perception, US Intelligence operators, place the dialogue, choose to insult, non diplomacy noted, economy of China, shouldn’t have been mentioned, if any mention, “The Leadership of China, are satisfied with the agreement, feel the details, will favor the economy of China as well,” statement “China is not way up”, is ridiculous, required is a higher intellect, economy needed to be added, economy of China, China’s economy, “China is not way up” is reduced intellect speak,

1:06 statement “……”we’re” cuready to make a deal, or we won’t make a deal at all” “cuready” is intentional glitch, listener cant make out word, garbled is the pronunciation, listener grasps for meaning, understands what is easily understood, more clearly placed, next phrase states, “….or “we’re” not going to make a deal at all, but I think it looks like the deal is moving along very nicely, so I think “you” are going to meet me, and uh “we’re” going to say hi to the media, for a little while, sometime after two o clock ok, thank you everybody, analyst assessment, slip glitch, stimoceiver program, is backwards riddle, tells the operator, hit the fiddle, code given in the next line, so if when read a paragraph, sentence confused, necessary was to read twice, trained to lock eyes, capture the next line, public receives similar, conditioned to receive, catch phrases or key words,  could be a catch theme, emotion or attitude, placed after the confusion, intential placed glitch, word “cuready” is an example, fiddle picked up, tune programmed to play, interested is “Don”, caught up in personal affairs, everything mixed with business, distasteful is the show, doesn’t appear as a business tycoon, but rather a bafoon, be a “tycoon” pretends, show isn’t genuine, is easily perceived, when able to realize, computer generated, production is an illusion, US Air Force One, Presidential plane, could have wrecked on the way, while after passed away, computer generated, same exact production, USDIA, are able to fabricate, population follow, computer generated President, placed by intelligence operators, work at keyboards, employed inside a command center, underground design, approximately 90 million residents, are awaited to arrive, where will be the reader, plan on being underground, if not time is to rise up, soon the guns, Yankee Sam, will take the weapons away, stopped at a road block, maybe at the door a knock, nothing but underwear on, patty wagon hauled off, ready to spend time, held in indefinite detention,

1:24 statement “ya a lot of good things are happening with Mexico, Mexico understands, that uh “we’re” going to close the border, or I am going to tariff the cars, I’ll do one or the other, and probably start off with the tariffs,” 

analyst assessment, language is very simple, low intellect level, “Don” when mentions, identifies as “we’re”, who is “we’re”, “Don” with imaginary friend, “Don” with unspecified group, “Don” with perhaps “governmental figures”, “Don” with all the US Government, “Don” with the entire Yankee Nation, “we” before was termed, “… I as President, with Executive Order, signed in affect, an Executive Directorate, approved funds for the construction, thru to completion, final stage of the border wall,” if for some reason, US Southern Border, needed to be closed, statement should be “ the US Border will be closed, I as President, will use Executive Order, have signed an emergency precautionary measure, Executive Directorate, issued at every post, of US Borders with Customs, included every post of US Immigration,” “I as President” is replaced, used instead is “we”,  

1:36 statement “that will be a very powerful incentive, because Mexico, has the strongest immigration laws, anywhere in the world, uh they don’t have courts, like “we” do,” analyst assessment, noted the anti patriotic stance, US President, accepts system is failed, US Government, if the Judicial branch, is considered a failure, why isn’t also the Executive branch, for that matter, in entirety the US Government,  

1:46    statement “we” have a stupid system of courts it’s the craziest thing in the world, “we” could be the only country that has it,”

analyst assessment, Commander and Chief, terms the judicial branch, “stupid system”, USDIA, computer generated, placed derogatory phrase, place into the mind, all those who listen, stored in the archive, versed from the leader, US President, “US court system is “stupid”, lack of respect, in turn listeners, with time will lack respect, accept the US system, perceive as inferior, in need to be ended, does the reader, plan on living underground, where the new government, central command will be found, if not what system, would be better, author of this report, will give the answer, agreed with the US President, Yankee US Government, from fire fighters, who do a “poor job”, Country of Sweden, has much better fire fighters, leadership there, knows how to prevent, tragic situations, such as had just occurred, statement “Don” gave, regards to the fire, 2018,  Paradise California, agreed from the Judicial Branch, firefighters to the US Congress,  termed as all a failure, time for the situation, lives of the people improve, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital, don’t await instruction, given by Yankee Sam, USDIA, will not instruct the population, rise up take action, terminate the police state, liberate the territory, rid the tyranny, which has taken over, if plan to rise up, act swift, take not, USDIA, plans on taking away, USA, name might remain, will mean next to nothing, Mexico has a better government, versed from the US President, computer generated described, tick tock running out is the time, Yankee Sam, satellite imagry, knows where are the caches, in smash then snatch, any in the proximity, taken in as the catch, serve rest of lives, spent in indefinite detention,

1:52     statement “you” put a foot on the property, “you” put a foot into the United States, congradulations go get “Perry Mason” to represent “you”

analyst assessment, another time, avoidance to name, place the title, United States of America, statement should been, “if an illegal migrant, places a foot, onto the territory, of the United States of America, due to special measures, passed by the US Congress,” instead of mention again nonsense, show from yesteryear, numerous decades ago, placed self with age, statement was ignorant, manifests low intellect,  if was actually the head of state, felt a sense of patriotism, would outlay the situation, in order for the population, able to further understand, help with bring about a solution, statement should have continued, “...legislated over ten years ago, changes in refugee requirements, US Congress, legistlation allows for the excuse, illegal migrants can use, domestic violence, threatened by a gang, or threatened by a gang member, illegal migrants can petition, given are asylum, now almost anyone, allowed are to stay, receive temporary refugee status, immediately assigned a lawyer, just for the reason, arrived to the territory, United States of America,” statement would also include, “…the United States of America, can not implement such legislation, undermines the very nation, thru Executive Order, I as President, repeeled the legislation, which is at the root cause, reason for the caravans, which have suddenly began to appear, without the repeal, the United States of America, will most definitely, suffer a similar crisis, occurred in Europe, duration of the last years, witnessed was an influx, masses of illegal migrants, across the Atlantic Ocean, if a repeat of what was seen, were to happen, on the US Territory, would upset the fragile balance, ethnic make up, traditions which practice, citizens of the United States of America, due to the repeal, necessary won’t be a wall, new barriers won’t be needed,  repeal of the legislation, same immigration policies, which have been shared, between two neighbor countries, United States of America with Mexico,  same policies will remain, same actions will be taken, same functioned, not for only decades, but as of now over a century, same immigration policies, will be again enforced, US Special Operations Base, located in Southern Mexico, if any crisis situation occurs, conducted will be a special operation, forces from the United States, in cooperation, with forces from Mexico, troops will together conduct, carry out a joint operation, US Forces in an advisory role, will supervise the activities, curtail any incremental influx, directed are to be deployed, if in the occurrence, any significant increase, mass illegal migration is noted”  reader don’t be duped, know personally, how is the migration, along the trail, 1994 May thru July, Huanchaco Peru, traveled to California, Panamericana, hitch hiked, no money in the pocket, many miles on the highway, stood along the sides, thumb extended, observed the situation, included rode along the rails, aboard the trains, Mexico didn’t tolerate, undocumented migrants, enter into the country, territory of Mexico, Yankee doesn’t realize, economy of Mexico, is much stronger, compared to neighbors, Guatemala, Honduras, or  El Salvador, Country of Mexico, protected territorial borders, took quite serious, issue of drug traffickers, illegal migrant smugglers, 2018, Country of Mexico, was instructed to tolerate, illegal migrants, cross over land, territory of Mexico, with regards to the “illegal migrant”, due to US Congressional legislation, Country of Mexico, took a new stance, regards to travelers, prevously illegal migrants, allowed free passage, when for over hundred years before, same class of individuals, would have been halted, couldn’t have passed, Tapachula, border if crossed, most didn’t get far, immigration checks, existed all along the highway, train is inspected often, now due to instruction, decades old policies, changes have been made, US Congress, ten years ago, not announced till now,  made an open invitation, refugee status, for anyone who appears, arrives to US Territory, anyone who can claim, country of origin, where is place of residence, gangs are in the vicinity, felt threatened by gang activity, newspaper with a report, noted is the neighborhood, if an illegal migrant, possesses identification with same detail, given immunity status, sent a monthly check, given health benefits, allocated a residence, court case should go well, after a short process, accepted as a US citizen, “refugee” status, is something to be respected, should be reserved, for people in need, much similar to the description, placed to the “refugee”, United Nations Charter, since described in 1947, included specific details, in the early 1940’s, descriptions were outlined, in the Geneva accords, stipulates what is a “refugee” is a person in need, usually fleeing a war zone, horrendous conditions, fear for lives, mistreated many are tortured, well as impoverished, loss of nearly everything, due to the conquest, decisions made by others, subjected to factions at war, reasonable is, give such status, placed to such a person, when ascribed the status, allocated is for mundane reasons, insignificant become actual refugees, 

2:01    statement “you” end up with a court case, and “they” release “you and “you” come back four or five years later, but nobody comes back, 2% come back,  the not so smart ones come back, it’s the most ridiculous system anyone has ever seen” analyst statement, word used “you”, is done for the intention, leave the viewer programmed, “you” is inappropriate, obvious is the computer generation, “Don” would need, pyshciatry a phd, shares the practice, thru the screen, “Don” is not speaking, USDIA, computer generation, intelligence operators, thru the use of “you”, manipulates the population, reader about to rise up, ask self why, “Don” everytime is able, why doesn’t state, “illegal migrant”, instead of say anther times, “people”, or in the above case “you”, who listen need to convert you to I, take the place of the migrant, why wouldn’t “Don”, supposedly a “nationalist”, be interested in protection, conservation of the image,migrant without proper documentation, is an illegal migrant, repeated often, should be such term, reminder law was broken, penality was paid, person was deported, ask self what person, be the “illegal migrant”, one who broke US Law, was subsequently deported, sent back towards origin country, note from author, 1993, Redding California, Bluebird Bus, color grey white, separated steel, placed near the door, well as covered the windows, side of the bus, letters read, color dark blue print, US Immigration Patrol, any undocumented “illegal alien”, was put onto the secured bus, every two days, bus made a trip, arrived at the port of entry, San Ysidro cross, chained till the turn style, uncuffed let pass thru, papers in hand, deported from the USA, walked across to the territory, Country of Mexico, some were apprehended, others allowed to stay, give a try again, on another day,  1993, operated the last bus, been intentional, in order to make for the situation, immigration problems experienced, taken place at current date

2:01 description is ignorant, stereotypes presented, intention further fester, problem which exists, lack of diplomacy, statement is perceived, viewed as racism, statement use of “you”, instead of “illegal migrant”, confuses the issue, isn’t clear who is “you”, nor are “they” given a name, should be US immigration Judges, not explained well enough are “you”, exactly what goes on with the group, why would they return in four or five years, where did “you” go, where did “you” arrive from, doesn’t make sense, worded in a way, viewer with personal biases, perceive the words, in accordance to opinions, needed is to guess, add in what is missing,

 statement should be “an illegal migrant, fresh arrival to the US Territory, upon entrance, if apprehended, is given a court case, allowed to leave, exit detainment, upon own recognizance, many choose, not to remain, on the territory, country of USA, return to origin countries, same illegal migrants, most wait four or five years, again re enter, into the US Territory, only who are ignorant, 2% are re captured,” statement use of “not smart”, signifies the US Border Patrol, entity is in ept, due to only the most ignorant, are who get caught,

2:15 statement “..and “we” have catch and release, and “we” have chain migration, where somebody comes in, and brings a whole family, bring um all year, bring grandparents, “you” have brothers, “your” sisters,  “your” cousins, analyst assessment, again the statement, intention is to place, opinionate racism, statement should have been, “US Immigration, implements a policy, termed catch and release, due to the implementation of such a policy, the United States experiences, something termed “chain migration, that’s where a migrant, brings in the whole family, elderly to the babies, entire bloodline arrives”,  ignorant is the statement, computer generated, made by “Don”, same techniques are used, reference to the words “we” as with “you” also “your’, “we” should been “USA”, “you” as with “yours”, should have been, “them” as with “theirs”, Yankee population, speaks same style of rubbish, by doing so serve, programmers to each other,


2:27 statement “the craziest thing, I have ever seen, put in by democrats, and uh the democrats, are going to straighten it out, and if “they” don’t straighten it out, and I predicted this, and I hate to see it, but at least I can say I was right, I told everybody, this is “you” have a national emergency, at “our” border,” analyst assessment, sorry state of affairs, politician a practiced diplomat, seldom states at least can say is right, every time is wrong then be highlighted, reminded again, isn’t often right,  “craziest thing ever seen,” sounds exaggerated, statements in future, given same credit, viewed as exaggerated, use of the word “I”, with in the given text, cheapens placement as leader, US President, chump with the bunch, doesn’t mean much, talks very simple, manifest a low intellect, is unable to speak, level of a statesmen, supposedly is a business tycoon, computer generated production, places biased opinions, based on falsehoods, computer placed illusion, repeatedly discussed, hashed over by the population, statement divides the people, intention is to do so, USDIA, needs a divided population, in order to remain in control, readers with daily dialogue, should practice the avoidance, practice the omittance, word “hate” not versed, only when is necessary, when described as personal feeling, done as such, “he” hates me, I in turn disdain “him”, “hate” is at the root of evil, less often word is mentioned, less often evil is remembered, computer generation, reader take note, how often placed,  is the word “hate”, heard is in the programs, statement made, no need to mention, opposition groups, dismiss the others, only address a dispute, when is necessary, otherwise is non existent, continue direct ahead, in a positive direction, give descriptions of positive aspects, try not to upset, problems further fester, tensions attempt to lesson, try to further progress,

2:43 statement “and nobody even talks about drugs, the drugs that are flowing in, so for the last four days, “you” have actually covered it to a very minor extent,”  analyst assessment, again very low intellect, use of the word “nobody”, who is exactly the group, who doesn’t mention, US Congress, perhaps the reporters, who doesn’t mention drugs, makes the listener, sub conscious, isn’t aware of where, appropriate the meaning, attaches the significance, with who is the dispute, assumes is the US Congress, group of Democrats, after the fact, stated is the simpleton statement, “so for the last four days,  “you” have actually covered it to a very minor extent”, phrase placed, makes the listener, assemble the description, which is backwards, by doing so, locks in the mis perception, backwards riddle, locks in the message, sub conscious, goes on to assemble more, doesn’t mind, mis appropriated, was the description, information fit anyway, details given after the fact, versed with the word “you”, placed as reporters everyone, covered was the story, briefly for few days, archive of the listener, is full of such misperceptions, placed by the trickery, example just given, makes for biased opinions, based on falsehoods,

2:55, statement “Mexico has been, capturing people, bringing “them” back to the their countries, at their southern border,  analyst assessment, again noted should be the word “people”, if performance was genuine, player in the game, wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity, would not term the group “people”,  term would be “illegal migrant”, or perhaps “undocumented migrant”, “people” are “persons”, every viewer also is a “person”, use of the word “people”, is beneficial to the group “illegal migrant”, why does the player, treat so the opponent, question should be asked, pondered by the reader, USDIA, constructed an underground, where the command is found, soon population will be forced, flushed when pulled is the plug, dwellers in the underground, rebel time is dire, tick tock run up has the clock, time is short, time stop to snore, awaken with a furry, place the rage, directed at the police state, terminate the mandate, no longer tolerate, Yankee Sam, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital, rise up Rebel, kick off the Revolution, be part of history in making, enter into the rodeo, be the star at the show, 

2:55 statement should been, “Country of Mexico, Immigration Authorities,  recently have been apprehending, illegal migrants, who are subsequently deported, transported to the southern border of Mexico, are allowed to enter, Country of Guatemala, where the illegal migrant, is either apprehended, or allowed to follow a specified route, allotted a specific time frame, in which to accomplish the journey, onwards towards origin country, if are found after the visa expiration, again are re apprehended, incarcerated for up to months, until are deported to the next country, where the same process, rigmarole again re occurs, until the illegal migrant, returned is to origin country, statement word used “their”, is again “Bill” with Bob”, trip the two went on, during the visit, “he” tripped, who tripped  “Bob” or “Bill”, “people” in transit, origin country, isn’t to be found, territory of Mexico, territorial southern border, statement should been Mexico’s Southern Border, or Southern Border of Mexico,

3:04 statement “they have been taking “people”, under “their” very powerful laws, “they” have the right to do it,” analyst assessment, again the word “people”, instead of “illegal migrant”, statement is structured, computer generated, appears ignorant, US President “Don”, statement should been, “Mexican Law Enforcement, have been deporting illegal migrants, are able to do so, under Mexican law, which appropriates for such actions”, 

3:08 statement “and “they’re” bringing “them” back to where “they” came from,” analyst assessment, computer generated phrase, intent is to program, “they’re” as with “them”, back to  “they”, makes following “Bob” with “Bill”, journey on the trip, is very difficult, allocate the description, listeners minds instead spin, grasp for significant details, backwards riddle, soon will pick up the fiddle,  what is yet to be presented, included is easily understood, will be slammed into the minds, stored into the sub conscious archives,

3:11 statement “that’s pay, uh about three days now, I guess since frankly since there, and I was going to close the border, but before I close the border, if Mexico and uh uh “we” love Mexico, “we” love the country of Mexico,  analyst assessment, computer placed rubbish, viewer keeps going in circles, watches the candy striper, in front of the barber shop, caught in a daze, proceed in a trance state, grasp to understand, about ready to be slammed, receive the message, not yet given, continues the backwards riddle, statement made, use of the word “I”, again without title, cheapens the position, Presidency of the United States,

3:21 statement “we” have two problems, “we” have the fact that “they” allow “people” to pour in, to “our” country, analyst assessment, picked up is the fiddle, “two problems” exist, “they” is in appropriate, is “they” the people of Mexico, is “they” the Mexican Government, is “they” both the entities, is left up to the discretion, viewer needs to allocate, give a significance, place a group to “they”,  statement versed is “love”, misused is the word, use is similar as with “gotta”, God is with Love, when misused, word lacks significance, when used as such, becomes insignificant, reader take note, news to entrainment value, how often versed is “love”, word is misallocated, repeatedly is misused as such, associated is with rubbish,

statement made, word “we” is to group, isn’t necessary to use, stated should have been, “there are two problems, there is the issue, that Mexico allows, illegal migrants, to pour into the United States,” statement as was made, computer generated, US President “Don”, again continues on, made to appear as ignorant,

3:29 statement “we” have to stop “them”, border patrol’s been incredible, ICE has been incredible, law enforcement, has been incredible,” analyst assessment, use of “we” is inappropriate, intention is to program, statement should have been, “illegal migration arriving, into the United States, needs to be halted, in assisting with this effort, US Border Patrol, has done a commendable job, also noted to be commended, US Immigration Customs Enforcement, well as US Federal to Local level Law Enforcement,”

3:33 statement “and the other problem is drugs, massive amounts, large amounts, uh most of the drugs, much of the drugs, coming into our country, come thru the “southern border”, analyst assessment, computer generated, more placed rubbish, statement should have been, “other problem, which plagues the United States, is the traffic of narcotics, illicit drugs flowing into the territory, most of the contraband, enters thru the US Southern Border”, computer generated, US President “Don”, avoids the use of the name, title of the country, USA, or any official term, such as US Border Patrol, instead used simply border patrol, reader every country, has a border, in turn has a border patrol, everywhere in the world, are part of “our” country, every person is a citizen, exists inside a country, picked up was the fiddle, illegal migrants as with illicit drugs, country of Mexico, problems is responsible, are to blame, catch phrase placed, “pour into “our” country”, attached with the two specified problems,   

3:46 statement “in all different ways, much of “it” where “we” don’t have walls, the wall is under construction by the way, large sections,” analyst assessment, “in all different ways”, computer placed, make appear as ignorant, US President “Don”, statement was need, begin with an re iteration, name again the second problem, statement should have began, “traffic of contraband, takes place in various forms, much is trafficked, transported directly across, where barriers aren’t placed, wall is non existant” statement made, “the wall is under construction by the way, large sections,”  computer generated, US President, is no longer a statesmen, instead is as a used car salesman, doesn’t know about cars, never owned one, present is there to sell”, inappropriate is the statement, uses very low level intellect, doesn’t speak as a leader,

3:52   statement “we’re” going to be meeting, I think on Friday, at a piece of the wall, that “we’ve” completed, a big piece” analyst assessment, “pieces” are with “bit”, “lengths” are with “sections”, again inappropriate is “we”, who exactly is “we”, in appropriate is the word “we’ve”, should have been stated, with out the use of “think”, word shows uncertainty, is displayed over nothing, US President, prejudices own self, by the use of “I think”, should have been stated, “from what I understand”, better yet is not begin, if aren’t sure, uncertainty leaves an impression, incapable aren’t ept,  certainty shows leadership, is at the helm, knows where is headed,

3:57 statement “a lot of it’s being built right now, a lot of it’s being signed up right now, by different contractors”,  analyst assessment, again reduced intellect level, 1500 miles of wall, is not being completed, will take years, before ever completed, before resources will be depleted, cost over runs, family given kick backs, fund be mismanaged, supposed business “tycoon”, computer generated, doesn’t know the lingo, is unaware of own show, contractors place bids, don’t “sign up”, or are allocated a contract, due to note worthiness, are able to accomplish, what others are not, when the “professional”, doesn’t even apply correctly the lingo, shows again incompetence, leaves an impression, doomed to fail, is the project wall,

readers time to move on, nearly 4:00, not going to finish all 8:02, rolling rolling, traveling down the road,  strolling to Calexico, time to analyze the show, move on to another video, was quite a production, will discuss some more, couple of the highlights, 


video clip

NBC News

Title: Watch Live Trump Participates in Immigration and Border Security Roundtable

posted April 5, 2019

time: 52:02

above the clip title

title box picture, analyst assessment, flag placed behind, US President, unidentifiable, is not the standard US Flag, where is placed, usually the blue box, placed is a white box, accommodations at the table, are more simple, in front where is seated, US President, appears no name plaque, subordinates each side, folded pieces of paper, titles with names, in full print, US President, position merits a bronze color plaque, engraved inscription, US President “Name”, date of the honorable appearance, out done by subordinates, folded paper name plaques, placed more importance, are of more significance, superior are the subordinates, compared to the entertainer, guest in the middle,


0:00 thru 0:23

“dauh” taser sound was heard “I just wanna thank everybody, for being here, “we” have some of “our” great great people from the “stake”, pause, “an of all places it’s California, and “we” love California, but those people wanted “us” to build a wall, and “we” got it built, including the wall in San Diego, which is pretty much completed, and it’s had a tremendous impact, that wall has had had a tremendous impact”  “completed” placed is a shutter sound, opened closed, seal in the line, open again the eyes,“wall has hadhad…”sound computer generated, clear a throat, is precision timed, placed to the line, volume level is quite low, computer generated, fidelity is placed, in accordance to the discretion, opted by the intelligence operator, computer generated, done to make confusion, strain on the viewer, needs place further attention, upcoming will be the backwards riddle, locked in is the previous message, different messages sent, reflected were opposite views, depends on the group, messages programmed, placed in the sub conscious, will be used as themes, topics to talk about, who identify with US President “Don”, picked up the phrase, “wall makes tremendous impact, is being completed” US President “Don”, viewer if opposed, received the message, US President “Don”, knew was not accepted, used the word “but”, when described the “but those people wanted “us” to build the wall” use of the word “but” serves as a reminder, opposition exists, opponents of the wall, State of California population the majority, didn’t want to appear, US President “Don”,

0:00 thru 0:23 statement began, with a sound, made to look slow, US President “Don”, began with  “duhuh”, computer placed, glitch at the first second, set the mood, taser sound heard, is a technique, used in the programs, heard often times, readers take note, when watch the news, or other programs, clicks in rapid secession, sounds similar to a taser, images or theme, associated to law enforcement, USDIA, computer generated, taser click sounds, are used to condition, viewer becomes intimidated, sight of law enforcement, or mention of the theme, another time in the mind, taser sound is heard, ring the bell, trained dog nears, sound the taser, citizen fills with fear,

0:00 thru 0:23 statement made, “…I just wanna thank everybody…”

introduction wasn’t acceptable, showed lack of leadership, computer generated, lack of professionalism, statement should have began, “Good Afternoon, let’s begin, 74 mile stretch of the wall, after having the opportunity, to see first hand, construction which is being accomplished, I as President, feel quite pleased, with the advancements achieved, wall construction, continues as was constructed here at Calexico, will be not very long, before the United States Southern Border, for the first time in the history, barrier closed will be the border, with the barrier will bring more security, than ever was before, experienced in the United States, will be a tremendous, downturn in illicit drugs, upon the US Territory, reeking havoc on our society, noted today I as President, accompanied by US Border Patrol Agents, included US Immigration Customs Enforcement Agents, who gave me a tour, up front was able to see, witness the daily operation, which occurs, right near in Imperial Valley, Calexico located right on the border, I noted the amount of traffic, along with the amount of commerce, arriving from the neighbor Country Mexico, it’s daunting the task, of weeding out, smuggled contraband, when such a sizable amount of cargo, crosses the US border, enters into the US territory every day, I would like to note, commended are the actions, work accomplished by the  Agents, their work helps to secure our nation, the United States of America, US Border Patrol, as with US Immigration, are appreciated by our country, I as President extend my gratitude, by saying Thank you,”  something as so, would be appropriate, statement made, computer generated, show is ignorant, US President “Don”,

0:00 thru 0:23 statement made, is quite troublesome, copyrighted May 14, 2017, Book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, described was a “sanctuary place”, not a sanctuary city, rather a sanctuary state, or perhaps group of states, but most definitely, planned for the future, Sacramento Capital building, Barrie the Guru, would lead the group, hoist up the flag, rainbow with another, represent the Yankee Africans, would flee to the state, seek a safe haven, underground would be forced, who choose not to fight, most likely would be over ran, due to the Yankee Africans, have been programmed, are filled with racism, aren’t about other ideology, will fight out of hate, instead of for a better way of life, base is made of falsehoods, bottom would collapse soon, after began the “uprising”, termed a “revolution”, what wasn’t realized, when written were the lines, Yankee Sam, thru imbalanced immigration policies, has offset the balance, MK ultra program, Country of Kenya, Tribe Messai, Family Odingo, Member Oscar Odingo, born in 1931, near Nairobi Kenya, 1943 Ellis Island, immigration headquarters, picked out of the group, sat with hands patted, played on a shoe box, beat the drum, Yankee Sam, has a preference for talent, offered US Citizenship, if would become an operator, became an intelligence Agent, USDIA, issued an identity, Family Odingo, Member Oscar Odingo, took on the identity, is aka Singer “Howlin Wolf”, singer who was before, known as “Howling Wolf”,  USDIA Agent Chester Brunett, held since a young age, took on other identity, acted the part, continued as “Ottis Redding”, MK Ultra program, DNA of Oscar Odingo, fathered 4.5 million children, DNA of Chester Burnett, fathered 400000 children, Country of USA, Yankee Africans, politics to nearly all the entertainment, included many in athletics, are from either of the two bloodlines, Book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, author hadn’t realized, regained awareness, regards to US History, 1861, were approximately 7,400 persons, individuals of African decent, current date, Yankee African population, supersedes 50 million,  over 95% arrived, after of during World War Two, newcomers don’t care, don’t feel part, conditioned to be resentful, have a chip on the shoulder, resentment based on falsehoods, when receive instruction, are sent the sublimal code, given is the message to go, begin will the riots, Yankee Africans, green to the pink, sexual stimulation program, described the technique, book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, 2017, “women’s day speeches”, USDIA Evelynn James, is aka USDIA Agent  “Angela Davis”, up on the stage, given were examples, subliminal code, was being sent, message was for Yankee Africans, sexually assault Caucasians, described is clearly, included is Coyrighted, are welcome to give a read, though forewarned, have changed arious views, with the information anew, “Communism”, am in favor of the “community”, “Socialism”, am in favor of the society, Confederacy, is different than Democracy, Confederacy meets the needs, represents the majority, special interests aren’t forgotten, all those who practice high morals, are included in the society, free market system, one with high standard of practices, same while an end, what is termed capitalism, associates to predatorial practices, global standard will be place, business conducted with integrity, otherwise not enter into a contract,

0:09 thru 0:23 statement made “we” have some of “our” great great people from the “stake”, pause, “an of all places it’s California, and “we” love California, but those people wanted “us” to build a wall, and “we” got it built, including the wall in San Diego, which is pretty much completed, and it’s had a tremendous impact, that wall has had had a tremendous impact” 

analyst assessment, “we” have some of “our” great great people from the “stake” an of all places it’s California,” pronunciation of “stake”, was to confuse, viewer didn’t clearly understand, due to phrase structure, United States, consist of 50 states, one of those states is California, computer generated, reminds the people, California is separate, such as is each state, Commander and Chief, mustn’t highlight the divide, rather often as possible, with the words unite, strengthen the nation, computer generated, US President, made understood, California is alone, well as so are the people, “we” have some of “our’ great great people”, who exactly is “we”, “Don” with imaginary friend, “Don” with advisors, “Don” with attendees, present at the conference, “Don” with the entire Nation, “Don” with the entire world, listener isn’t sure, depends on affiliation, with which group are placed, “we” have some of “our” great great people”, in appropriate for a leader, all the US citizen, are some great great people, “great great” worded, phrase isn’t acceptable, shows low intellect, shouldn’t be versed, presented by a statesmen, use of the word “love”, again is in appropriate, word is tied to rubbish, makes the term insignificant,

0:23 backwards riddle, took the viewer, picked up the fiddle, learned “I want to thank the border patrol station, thanked was the structure, instead of thanked the agents, even if US President “Don”, thought to thank the structure, should have mentioned, “US Border Patrol Station” every country has borders, in turn nearly every country, secured has a border patrol, US is the Patrol, which secures the US Border, who is works daily, are at the task, US Border Patrol Agents, US President “Don” nearly at most all times, omitted is the use of “US”, replaced is with “our”, or is just left vacant, ambiguous are the agencies, departments of law enforcement, which have nearly every country, which exist in the world,

0:23 statement made “including the wall in San Diego, is pretty much completed,” makes for a perception, viewer to think, consider the wall, not as continuous, but rather various walls, which make up the border, speak as such, every section of the wall, will be fought over, project should be described, as project “The Wall”, described in sections, when the sections are completed, finished will be “The Wall”, accomplished will have been the project, stated should have been “the construction is going as planned, such as the section of wall, constructed here in Imperial Valley County, California”,

0:29 “in “Calexio”…uh “CalexicO”..and’s been a great group of people, and uh I just met uhm back stage, the way “you” work, is uh pretty incredible, and the job “you” do, is beyond belief” analyst assessment, computer generated, slop talk pronunciation, which will repeat, followers of “Don”, statement made, “is uh pretty incredible, and the job “you” do, si beyond belief”, computer generated, tone trailed off, sub conscious of the viewer, understands the presenter felt, “incredible” was obligated to say, cheapens the message, incredible changed to insignificant,  “great” is unacceptable, needed is other adjectives, great in such context, equivocates to nonsense, word used “pretty”, should not be versed, isn’t a stately word, cheapens the presentation, slop talk on the street corner, not an adjective to be worded, in a US Presidential address, “very, very, great , great, double adjectives, included sound off, appears as if not prepared, isn’t skilled enough,

0:53 statement made, “we” have a system, it’s full, it’s just full, and uh I was just telling some of the “people” before”  “it’s” or is it “ifits”,  “full there’s nothing “you” can do about it, statement made, “we” have some very terrible court decisions, that have been made over the years”, who exactly is “we”, shell game, shell game, onwards moves the play, don’t loose pace, won’t be able to trace, stay with the chase, statement should have been “the United States has a system”, described as “full”, description is in appropriate, “systems” are “strained”, or “systems” are overloaded, or “systems” are burdened, never are just full, when was the US prison system, determined just too full, resolved needs be the issue, if not becomes defunct, no longer respected, end will be the system,

0:53 thru 0:55  statement made “we” have some very horrible court decisions, that have been made over the years”, again “we” is unacceptable, “we” should have been “there have been”, unacceptable for the leader, US President “Don”,  describe the government, US Judicial Branch, termed as terrible, if the Judicial Branch, viewed is dysfunctional, what makes the Executive Branch, viewed as anything different,  noted with the word “we”, nearly every time is heard, word is a reminder, two teams on the field, one of the head coaches, makes an address, part of the people in the stands, rise upon feet, cheer as with clap, other group riled up, again is maddened, each time mentioned is “we”, statement made, “there’s nothing “you” can do about it” slight shimmy of the camera, insync with the phrase, computer generated placed, agitates the viewer, re enforces the phrase, 

0:55 thru 0:     statement made, “’s not fair, that’s the way it is, uh the system is full, and when its full, there is nothing “you” can do about it, “you” have to say, “I” am sorry, “we” can’t take “you”, analyst assessment, “it’s not fair” computer generated, US President, acknowledged is “unfair”, system is in turn biased, “unfair” with “unbalanced”, US President, admits is a failed system, statement made “it’s not fair”, children on the schoolyard, give back the ball, hey its not fair, if don’t identify, what many viewers heard, statement made, “that’s the way it is”, significance sent, establishment in place, stuck with a failed system, statement made “you” have to say, “I” am sorry, I can’t take “you”, viewers who identify, catch phrase was placed, will later describe, when hashed over is the issue, state “sorry, can’t take them, it’s just too full”, awaited instruction, arrived in the form of “you”, theme then associated, described in first person, when attached the second group, named as “you”, viewer understood, when first worded, was the word “you”, due to intonation, with where word was placed, “you” converts to “I”, when processed in the mind, dialogue described, how to carry out the instruction, did so in first person, sub conscious of the viewer, knew what to do, re enforced in the mind, took on the part of the US President, thought about the position, entered into first person, in turn became the US President, walked in the shoes, later when asked about the issue, already thought as the US President, feels knows what needs done, viewer will repeat, nearly identically again, repeat the planted phrase, example just given, maybe the reader now, will realize how, previous described theme, “all billionaires are rapist included also murderers”, became a common phrase, repeated by the population, unacceptable behavior, disgrace to anyone, who in any context, repeated ever the phrase, “all billionaires are rapist, included also are murders”, every time phrase was heard, re enforced once more, idea of “all of one group, are a rapist, included also are a murderer”, should be unacceptable, considered as hate, turns the population, hate leads to evil, fills the people,  which benefits the programmer, USDIA,  command are Nazis, nearly all upper pyramid, share the same bloodline,  each are descendants, World War Two, Third Riech Nazis, known throughout the public, Nazis are racists, details aren’t known, racist are for unfounded reasons, when learn actual history, Family Clarke, is aka Family Hitler,

most the members, are actually 50% Tribe Sioux, other halves, are a mixture, usually of Western European origins, most of the member, Family Clarke, have none or next to none, DNA, Bavarian, USDIA Agent Francis Clarke, 1934, became more full of rage, increased the frustration, when was expelled, Country of Venezuela, sent away from the jungle, assets burnt by the Natives, learn the true history, concept of “Nazism”, how the symbol was invented, placed to the symbol, how the name came about,  Copyrighted Book “US National Security, Intelligence Brief, Nazi Bloodlines”, written form in accordance, resemblent of the style, uses the intelligence agency, USDIA

1:08  watch then stop, play then freeze, examine the image, facial expression, computer generated, face placed upon, US President “Don”, reader needs to begin, ask why would such a face, be placed upon the US President, who benefits by such an image, computer generation, applied is by, USDIA, what would be the intention, allright enough hesitation, explanation take away the Nation, homogenized people, goop soup, stewed in the melting pot, Global Order, police will take over, United Nations, blue helmets, which converted to white helmets, words “black” with “white”, spin the spin wheel another time, words leave Yankee hypnotized, programmed about race, associate race to color, instead of race to culture, described as black, will perceive a white helmet, much different than a Caucasian, black for blacks, white for whites, is planted in the minds, due to the incessant, MK Ultra programming,  reader time to decide, take view the situation, now with open eyes, first time are able to realize, still going to wait, do nothing be complacent, or opt to be part of the solution, join up with the Revolution, keep the subject in mind, still more left to analyze,

1:08 thru 1:11    “…anuh “we” been trying to take people, and uh I have to disagree with it..”, statement made, US President “Don”, doesn’t have the will, quite possibly not the authority, Command and Chief, decides what is best, if isn’t agreed, changes does the policy, until met are the needs, wishes are requests get met, US President, can’t be disagreed, same while allow to continue, policy found unacceptable, within short time, will take orders, instead of be the leader, still remaining hesitant, begin to think, tyranny has taken over, high level of deception, in order to promote a secret agenda, have the right to possess guns, with too much hesitation, quite suddenly in days, one hour to the next, gun confiscation, due to the crisis situation, planned to happen, go ahead ponder some more, time left yet, analyst assessment, more information, be back in a bit, continue on with the analyst,

1:11 thru 1:14 statement made, “we” have been trying to take people, and can’t do it, “you” can’t do it” statement made, since when has the Nation, United States of America, incapable just couldn’t do it, computer generated rubbish, place the United States, reduced to a third rate level,


1:14 thru 1:17 statement made, “so, “we’re” gonna take a look at “that”, “we’re” gonna look at it very uh very strongly” statement made, computer generated, slop talk pronunciation, makes appear as ignorant, US President,  statement “gonna” is unacceptable, going to needs to be enunciated, “I plan on taking a look”, statement been better, “plan on reviewing the issue, coming to a conclusion, which once do, of will further inform the nation,” stated the word “we”, again over again, associate the viewer, placed in the group, either identify with “Don”, or again are offended, feel are excluded, team from the group, USA , reader take note, percausion noise, placed on the second time, stated was word “very”, agitates marks the notation, viewers who identify, understood “review very strongly, hard at work is “Don”, discuss if do the issue, will describe the same”

1:20 thru 1:45    statement made, “I uh would like to thank, secretary “Nielson” for being here, general “Semenite”, Chief of the Army Core of Engineers, uh for being here, duhuh really uh thank you uh very much, its been a fantastic job, “you’ve” done”, analyst assessment, computer generated, appear is ignorant, US President “Don”, Commander and Chief, is who should be thanked, is a great honor, receive a visit, US President, take time out of schedule, visit first hand, project of interest, with which feels passion, inspected on an scheduled visit, honors would be given by others, US President, should be about the brass tax, hammers with nails, completion of project, when describes details, hands off the baton, allows momentarily others to speak, time of the hand off, mentions commendable service, received by the agent, great honor, have received a mention, from the leader, United States President, display of gratitude, shown in such a way, devalues the leader, US President, converts to an equal, due to the incessant use of “uh” well as “anduh” included “gonna”, rather appears inferior,

statement made “secretary “Nielson”, completely unacceptable, coach is reading off, pears out at the jerseys, notes the last name, avoidance of name association, again omitted “US”, statement should been, “US Securtiy of Homeland, Secretary “Kristjen Nielson”, necessary is name, department represents the secretary, otherwise title has little significance, statement made “for being here, General Seminite…” necessary is name first the entity, listener in order to ascribe, appropriately attach the description, statement versed “ General Seminite, Chief of the Army Core of Engineers”, avoidance of name association, again omitted “US”, statement should been, “US Army Core of Engineers, “Chief” General Seminite”

1:20 thru 1:45   take note, computer generated touches, completely unacceptable, US President,  among the members, isn’t just another, absolutely no reason to touch, fornicators touch, Yankee is a feeler, reader  now understands, computer generated actions, such as USDIA Agent Ert Alf, born in 1927, is aka  “Joseph Biden”, “incidents” were aired

condition the viewer, accept such behavior,


1:40      statement made “and “you” uh are going to be speaking on, explaining exactly, what’s happening on the wall, and how much, in fact “we’re” going to be doing some of it now I think, probably be a better time to do it I think”, analyst assessment, worded with “you”, is unacceptable, again needed be stated, “and General “Seminite” will inform the public, details in reference to the daily operation, which takes place surrounding the construction of the project “The Wall”, statement made “we’re” going to be doing some of it now I think, a better time to do it I think”, backwards riddle, locked in the theme, awaited is to pick up the fiddle, statement made, are multitude troublesome issues, US President, turned away from the camera, address the subordinate, used a touch, composure with vocal tone, asked if was alright, seemed to ask for approval, completely inappropriate, Commander with Chief, is the US President, file in the ranks, over every other is the Superior, no one has rank higher, in subordinates are to be treated, in a specific manner, if a failure to do so occurs, proceed will a breakdown, structure will not withstand,


1:49 thru 1:55 statement made, “Commissioner Kevin Macleaneanen, of uh of “our” group “we” have uh spent a lot of time together, and Kevin you haveuh done a great job, and “you” have done a great job, “we” appreciate it”,  analyst assessment, avoidance of name association, included avoidance of affiliation, “Commissioner” of the Commission, member in the group, position is of Leader, regardless of title, necessary is describe, clarify the group, which the title is associated, computer generated, slop talk style, football coach with the team, “our” group “we” have” who is “our group”, who are the members, what is the entity name, in order to associate, place members into a group, understand the association, statement made “and Kevin you …..” worded with “you”, intention is to program, viewer has a mental disorder, dissociative identity disorder, developed a “best friend”, conditioned to respond, when heard is “you”, most often converts to “I”, word “you”, is the name, “best friend” found in the mind, each time converts to “I”, Yankee Sam, grabs a hold of the mind,  statement worded, placed with “you”, US President, instead of addressing the group, placed all of attention, spoke to a subordinate, in front of the group, action viewers perceived, equal level are the two, US President, with the “Commissioner”, titles signify both are the leader, members inside the “group” computer generated act, reminds the author, “Flinstones” “Fred” made Grand Pumpa, appearance at the bowling lodge, conducts an awards ceremony,

1:57 thru 2:04    statement made, “…California Assembly woman “Melissa Melindez”, “we” appreciate very much, Melissa, thank you very much I appreciate  “it”  computer generated, blur of the screen, blurred was the statement, in turn diminished was the “thank you”  statement made, use of the word “it”, is inappropriate, better not to gave thanks, isn’t a show of gratitude, was specified “it”, “Kevin” was told, did a “great job”, two times re enforce, after followed by “it”, attached was the significance, phrase “did a great job”, Melinda was appreciated, reason why for “it”, 

2:07     statement made “national border patrol council president “Brandon Judd” been uh friend of mine for a long time, and hu making a lot of progress “Brendadale”,  analyst assessment, reader rise up Rebel, begin to prepare, take the frustration, furry with rage, direct at the police state, reader hasn’t yet decided, running up is the time, bit more to go, analyst assessment, more information to cover, statement made,avoidance of name association, again omitted the title “US”, reader don’t be fooled, existence of an entity, US National Border Patrol Council, with an appointed “President”, done with the intention, program the veiewer, accept are various “Presidents”, avoidance of the title “US”, offensive is the assault, stripping away of the identity, citizen of the USA, nearly every country in the world, exists as a “nation”, exist a multitude of “Presidents”, leaders of countries to corporate heads, unacceptable at the same table, US President, in reference to another, other US Government Official, use the title of “President”, when did the title, used is “president”, name placed to a position, which US governmental entity, past till present, used the title “President”, is it President of the DEA, is it the “President” of the CIA, how about at the DIA, answer is no in absolute, US Government, exists one President, head of the Executive Branch, title for leader of the country, exists no other of equal placement, in turn exists no other “Presidents”, USDIA, re writes history, historians who remember, factual actual history, describe which US Government Agency, US governmental entity, any of National Level, which was led by a “President”, duplicate title didn’t exist, due to reason just given, analyst assessment, USDIA, will remove the position, US President, reader should ponder, who will be the leader, what other form of government, publicly yet to be announced, deception at a heightened level, still hesitant reader, just yet can’t decide, tick tock still a bit of time, opt to be part of the solution, join up with the Revolution,  keep the thought in mind, become a Revolutionary, be part of history in the making, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,

2:07 statement made “national border patrol council”, don’t know of the entity, is the the title “US National Border Patrol Council”, or is the title “National Border Patrol Council”, if the title is “US National Border Council”, in appropriate is the title, country of USA, has various borders, each pertain to the nation, country of the USA, aren’t any of types of international border, pertained by the USA, national doesn’t need to be explained, border is of the USA, not of California State, nor of the Country of Mexico, who also has a nation, in turn has a “national border patrol”, if such terms are used, diminished is the identity, all nations become one, one group in control, power over the entire world, termed “The Global Order”, opposition to such a system, Confederate States of America, Revolutionary member Republic, Confederate Republics of the World, red thru with thru, raise the flag of the Revolution, inside the territory, Confederate States of America, for time present, Florida State flag, mark the territory, when available Florida State Flag, use the same design, without the state seal, symbol for the country, Confederate States of America, two staffs side by side, both same size flags, every member country, Confederate Republic, everywhere in the World, other staff display, Revolution Confederate Republics Flag, same level at the staff, red revolution all red flag, inscribed or printed, single five pointed star, placed in the upper left corner, star to be outlined, marked in color gold, inner outline in color black, outline inner 50%, marked in color black, outer half of outline, used is color gold, width of the outline, should be 10%, total surface area of the star, points of the star, when connected together, should take up approximately 10%, total flag surface area, star displayed atop, all red color flag, Revolutionary Confederate Republics

2:15 thru 2:54 statement made “anhun I will tell “you”, really making progress, in letting people know this is an absolute emergency, I see that some of our biggest opponents, over the last two days, have said you know what is really is an emergency, they can’t believe what’s happening, and part of it is because of the fact the country is doing so well, an part of it is just a scam, “people” want to come in, anduheh “they” shouldn’t be coming in, they shouldn’t be coming in, and they’re “people” causing problems, annd gang members, lots of “others”, “we’re” getting them out, ann “we’re” stopping “them” for the most part, “we’re getting “them” out when “they” get in”

2:54 thru 3:30      statement made, “ann nobody does the job, “we’ve” done, “national border patrol council president, so I wanna thank you very much, “you” beenuh fantastic, an several members of law enforcement, I wannew um also thank leader “Kevin McCarthy” “Kevin” came in from Washington, with “us” today, “he’s” been uhamazing leader, the relationship isuh the best “we’ve” had, I think as republicans, the unification, unified nature of what “we’re” ehs been something very special, an I wanna thank “Kevin” very much, “you’re” doing a fantastic job, an I really appreciate it,

3:30 thru 3:51      statement made, “…and “I” think “you” and “your” group are going to be leading, the charge in getting rid of some of these horrible loopholes, that “everybody” knows mm are pretty bad, whether is catch and release, or weather itsuh uh visa lottery, so many of uhm, chain migration isda total disaster, uhbe the asylum laws, are broken, they’re totally broken,

“chain migration” computer generated, blurred over image, insync with phrase,

3:51 thru 3:56     statement made, “an look I inherited this stuff, and “we’re” gonna get if fixed, “we” have to…” any time is worded, word begins with “f”, facial expression reminds, viewer knows said “ehf word”, picture on posters, word repeated over, said one time, repeated a thousand, public is conditioned, if “f” begins the word, facial expression when enunciates, spoken by the president, sub conscious perceives, about to say “ehf word”,

3:57 thru 4:01        “…so “Kevin” I appreciate “you” being here, I appreciate “you” leading the charge,”

4:01 computer generated, action of brushing away, shoe fly shoe, reminder is near the border, flies are abound, computer placed mis conceptions,

3:58    computer generated, US Army Core of Engineers General, is busy scanning, appears to be the used car trader, maybe is looking for a boat, cant make clearly the images, is interested in a good buy, deffinately is occupied, US President, address to the group, doesn’t mean much, General is more interested, when will begin lunch, meantime will browse, trader some more check out,

4:01   statement  made “..I wanna also, state there is indeed a an emergency, on “our” southern border, “it’s” been loud and clear,

4:10 statement made, “we’re” in court, and a lot of people aren’t even bringing too many of the suits anymore, a lot of people, thatare bringing the suits, pretty hard from them to say there’s not an emergency, note facial expression, 4:17 when stated phrase, “…them to say…”

4:18     statement made,  “we” have a big emergency at  “our” southern border, ‘

4:24    statement made, “the United States, had more than 70,000 illegal migrants, rush “our” border, “they” rush our border, and “we” have military, and these are great military people, these are “people”,  that are uh um hu strong and solid and “love” “our” country, uh buth they can’t the way they would under, other conditions, and there not a lot “they” can do, but “they” are doing “it” anyways,

4:53 thru 4:57        “we’re” gonna bring up some more military, and uh I wanna also thank Mexico, because Mexico, and I am totally willing to close the border”,

4:57 thru        “with Mexico over the last four days, has done more than “they” have ever done, “we” were talking about that before “Kevin”,

5:05 statement made “uh “they’re” apprehending, “people” by the thousands, and bringing them back to their countries, bringing them back to where “they” came from,”

5:11      statement made, “and I think “you” see that, that’s at their southern border, and that’s a big difference, that’ll help “us” uh “you” know pretty much 90% 80%, what do “you” think fellahs, close right?”

5:24      statement made “but uh that’s uh big difference, “they” have never done that before, I mean, when I say never done, like in 30 years, “they’ve” never done it, like “they’re” doing it, right now,”

5:33     statement made, “so the crisis is a direct result, of the obstruction, by democrats, in congress, “we” have to do something about “it”,


5:43  computer generated, again swatted a fly, computer placed

5:43    statement made, “…and we are going to, and “I” think a lot of the Democrats, feel that way to, “I” think “they” feel it, they see it, there’s not much “they” can do, but to say wow what was that “I” just saw on television”

analyst assessment, USDIA, computer generated technique, how to infuriate, subliminally plant the idea, do so in a way, which when used is the phrase, in order to understand, jest of the content, planted was the irritation, US President, spoke in first person, spoke about speculation, voiced how feels the opposition, understood in the opposition group, received been chided, opposite of how actually do feel, US President, computer generated quip, “but to say wow what was that “I” just saw on television”, “what was that “I”, used instead of “what did “I”, just see on television” up to speculation is “that”, opposition viewed “that”, what was witness on the screen, US President “Don”, intelligence technique,  places the viewer, take on the hypothetical “I”, temporarily walked in the shoes, became the same hypothetical “I”, in turn viewer shares self, listened with the presenter, person who describes, thinks in mind to call self “I”, due to entered same hypothetical “self”, described the exact moment were chided, causes the listener, frustrated fill with furry, further festers the situation, use of the term “Democrats”, is completely unacceptable, each time worded, name of the group verses, necessary is place, title with name association, within short time, if failure to adhere, Superior with Subordinate, interaction exists specified conduct,  50% of the country, grouped in one political party, were made to be infuriated, didn’t understand why, many perhaps perspired, or face turned hot, were about to go off, couldn’t handle “it” any longer, if left in wonderment, do to clarified, word “it” did not “get”,

5:57         statement made, “since October agents along 70 mile stretch of border here, in El Centro Sectrum,” analyst assessment, “agent” as with “border”, both words lack identification, omitted name  association, country of USA, taken out of the theme, computer generated, end of pronunciation US President, placed lips together, versed the word “Sectrum”, condition the public, ease in the word “sector”, accept name “El Centro Sector”, instead of Imperial Valley County, El Centro district, or El Centro Area, Town of El Centro, US Citizens, dwell in counties, perhaps a parish, not sectors, zones are in wars, divide up into sectors,

6:03  statement made “nearly 400% increase in “family units” arriving in to the “sector”, and you compare that with uhm other years ehs pretty amazing, but what “we’ve” done, and what “we’re” doing, uh uh “you’re” going to see some very very strong results, and as soon as the barriers or the walls-I-like calling “them” walls, since that’s what “they” are, go up “you’re” going to have a tremendous impact”

6:30     statement made  “…um where “we” are going to be in a little while, uh “I” have heard from “people” in “that area”, the impact has been incredible”, analyst assessment, “people with “that area”, find quite troublesome, “people”  are US Citizens, members of the community, Imperial Valley County California, deserve much more appreciation, than named “people”, word  “people” is used, such as “we” as with ”you”, already explained previously, shell game, written a top each shell, is the word “people”, times in the conversation, word “people” is illegal migrants, word “people” are US Citizens, word “people” are Mexican Nationals, other times is the hypothetical “people”, which is anyone placed, thought up by the presenter, further more a politician, includes into the conversation, needs to mention constituents, in order to receive more votes, if not to act, US President, out of high moral reasons, such as to enstrengthen the nation, all inclusive make feel appreciated, noted as a member, Citizen of the United States of America, 

6:36      statement made, “it’s a colossal surge, and it’s overwhelming, “our” immigration system, annnd “we” can’t let “that” happen, and so as “I” say this is “our” statement, the “system” is “full”, “we” can’t take “you” anymore, analyst assessment, US President, “we” don’t have a “immigration system, if versed by the leader, statement should been, “US Immigration and Naturalization, just can’t process anymore cases, work load is too great, US Immigration, with US Border Patrol, resources are depleted, can’t apprehend anymore, illegal migrants, closed is the United States of America, dysfunctional is the “Immigration system”, was the message sent, accepted by the recipient, “I” should not be stated, unless shortly follows, “I as President”, or “I with Executive Decree, announce”, “we” nor “our” not one time, should have been used, two teams one of the coaches, one team not represented, made to feel excluded,


6:54 statement made, “whether it’s asylum or “it’s” anything “you” want, “its”  illegal immigration, “we” can’t take “you” anymore, “we” can’t take “you” “our” country’s full, our “area” is “full”, the “sector” is full,” analyst assessment, inappropriate is “illegal immigration”, should been “illegal migration”, statement should been, “the United States of America, will immediately deport, any individual, regardless of age nor nationality, every illegal migrant, apprehended anywhere on US Territory, will face immediate deportation, US Air force Transporters, are ready to fill with passengers, return all illegal aliens, discovered on US Territory, deportation process, admentation signed into law, I as US President, signed into affect, an amendment to all US Immigration Policy, returning the outlines for immigration, use of the 2006 US Immigration Policy standards, this action was taken, in order to close the  “loopholes”, accomplished to prevent, any type of occurrence, mass illegal migration, from arriving into the US Territory, US Congress, over ten years ago, passed legislation, which undermines, the nation of the United State of America, refugee status allotted, based on mundane reasons, such a personal fear of gangs, or perhaps suffered domestic violence, are not acceptable reasons, legislation is viewed around the world, accepted as an open invitation, anyone who can make the journey, tell a tale aobut gangs, are granted a refugee status case, 

7:00 statement made “anything you wan’t”, takes much interpretation, has the significance, “anything pertaining to immigration”, is a long step, viewer must think, acknowledge “anything “I” want”, apply to migration, understand meant, “anything to do with “migration”, captivated is the mind, placed are the catch phrases, viewer in a deep trance state, can understand, “any “I” want”, means “anything to do with “immigration”, caught up in a daze, placed in a trance state, catch phrases planted, deep into the sub conscious, population inside of each, developed a secret friend, obey to the name “you”, answer right on cue, when told in “you”, know right what to do, perhaps right what to say, such as “we can’t take “you”,  anytime such a person, described is viewed, “illegal migrants” look as “legal migrants”, viewer who associate, US President, all those who identified, take on a deep bias, programmed into the sub conscious, further more anyone, who was able to understood, conditioned to take on the bias, due to understood the dialogue, thought the entire while, used the hypothetical “I”, 

7:08 statement made “I” can’t take “you” anymore, “I’m” sorry, can’t happen so turn around, that’s the way it is”, statement should been “I” as President of President of the United States, need to inform any potential migrant, do not attempt, enter into the United States Territory, any individual who opts not to heed this notice, if apprehended face punitive damages, will pick up garbage, work along the roadsides, until final is the deportation, upon journey to the US Southern Border, reiterate no illegal migration, will be tolerated, the United States of America, will to the fullest, enforce US Law, illegal migrant if caught, apprehended upon or after illegal entry, into the US Territory, will be prosecuted, warning has been issued, closed is the issue”

7:12    computer generated, US President, deliberately moved Directorate Order, placed on table official document, movement sealed the bid, stored in the archive, sub conscious of who identify, “just can’t take “them”, “system is full, isn’t anymore room  entire place is full, over burdened with “them”,  versed again the catch phrases, disgraceful statement, such as a hotel, business is closed,  too much traffic, due to the rift raft, no more rooms, couldn’t make the repairs,  sounds as if in final hours, business soon to close,

7: 15    statement made, “uhm if “you” look at “our” southern border, uhm the number of people and the number of the amount of drugs”

7:19 blurred the image, “number of people”, more defined blur, when reached word “people” again image blurred, when spoke word “human trafficking” complete face blurred, condition the public, accept shifter in the mirror, smoke with the screen, tom foolery more trickery, evil will appear, mirage will be clear, transposed will be images, glimpses at first, such as people, current day live in “Sectrum”, couple minutes later, explained areas are “S e c t o r s”, second time quite enunciated, first times just a blur, conditioned over time, will accept the evil. some people are familiar, appears in the mirror, placed by the evil entity, times reflects off the water,  due to the evil in the air, image suddenly appears, blurred over image, often times a silhouette, or perhaps a hazy image, possibly another face, transposed over the blur, computer generated, selected by an operator, example are reptilians, nothing but a hoax, digital pixeled illusion,

7:19  statement made “human trafficking , human trafficking is something, “nobody” used to talk about, “I” talk about “it”, “it’s” a terrible “thing”, “it’s” “ancient”, and “it’s” never been bigger than “it’s” been modern, right now today, all over the world, no just here by the way, all over the world, human trafficking, a terrible thing, backwards riddle, places the viewer, enters into a trance state, await further instruction,  statement worded with “ancient”, makes for a misconcept, significance of “ancient”, writs are “ancient”, structures are “ancient”, have thousands of years, US nation, is not “ancient”, so anything pertains, described as “ancient”, significance is meaningless, viewed as rubbish, what was accomplished, public is conditioned, accept rubbish as valid, such as the statement “ancient” as “something” is “modern”, in reference to an issue, problem since the foundation, in existence less than 243 years, Country of USA, is not ancient, nor is the migration issues, when later term is used, citizens of the USA, trained to follow idols, emulate the speak, part of the style, public talks similar, computer generated dialogue, placed by command, USDIA, moment to the next, with practice of low intellect, describe will issues, pertain to the nation, Country of USA, describe in terms of “ancient”, in turn will appear ignorant, perception isn’t appropriate, scale to opinion time, how long is an era, instable don’t have a base, soon nation will be taken away, allowed the situation, ungracious ignorant population, didn’t understand nationhood, didn’t value existence, benefits received as citizens,

7:20 statement made, “it’s” “ancient”, and “it’s” never been bigger than “it’s” been modern, right now today, spins the mind, significance of the word, “ancient” are the pyramids, located in the desert, Country of Egypt, mind of the viewer, first perceives “ancient”, thousands of years ago, statement as ensues, doesn’t specify the theme, mind must associate “ancient”, with the phrase, “it’s” never been bigger than”, mind of the viewer, is in full spin, doesn’t understand how to go from reverse, abruptly into forward so, no type of break, no given explanation, mind of the viewer, placed in full spin, statement ensues, “than “it’s” been modern, right now today”, viewer perceived, “ancient”  never reached “today”, instead spun on the phrase, are ready to be programmed, confused ready to grasp, what is easily understood, catch ideas or catch phrases, programmer opts to plant,

7:40  statement made, “and “they” come into the areas, where “you” don’t have the wall,  blurred image to the phrase,  “they” come into the areas”

statement made, worded with “they”, instead of identified, titled as “illegal migrants”, viewer must think abstract, statement continued, “where “you” don’t’ have the wall”, “you” must be interpreted, when word is processed, associated means “where the US Boder, is without a barrier”, with the use of “you”, listeners reduce intellect, same while are left programmed, entered into an alter state, minds are in the abstract, trained to believe an illusion, reality are left un aware,

7:43 statement made, “they” don’t come thru “your” “points” of entry, they come into areas, where “you” don’t have the wall”, viewer picked up the fiddle, future date will play the tune, repeat what was understood, after confused in the maze, caught in a daze, grasped the catch phrase, with catch idea, statement made, should have been, “illegal migrants don’t pass thru official US Ports of Entry, illegal migrants, enter into the US Territory, where the wall doesn’t exist”, listener heard “your”, converted to “mine”, associated to “ports of entry”, “they” is associated to “them”, don’t enter thru the door, instead pass thru areas, where “you” converted to “I”, don’t have the wall”, brainwashed is the viewer, clever placed rubbish, heightened level of psychiatry, experienced thru the screen,

7:43 statement worded, again left un identified, group named  “they”, mind ov the viewer, must interpet to do so, enter into the abstract, need to identify the group, children to the elderly, migrants without entrance visas, depends on the person, perceived the significance, group named “they”, regardless of the opinions, each viewers was forced, in order to understand, associate a significance, stated wasn’t the information, details are assumed, left up to the the viewer, what name, other than “they”, place to the group, takes years of conditioning, impression in the mind, idea viewer places, in reagards to “they”, pertains to “illegal migrant”

7:48 statement made, “they make a left or “they” make a right, “they” come right into the “country” loaded up with people in many cases, “it’s” pretty pretty sad”,

7:58 thru 8:24  statement made “by the end of next year, “we’ll” have completed, or begun construction, and that’s what “we” really here with the Army Corp of Engineers, for and I think what I would like to do is uhm while “we” are on that subject, General “you” ood just give a little detail, of the wall that is under construction, what “we’ve” built, where we’re going, because the press never likes to talk about it, they don’t like to talk about what  “we’ve” done, and “it” doesn’t fit their narrative, but we’ve done a lot”


computer generated, significance is double negative, “next year the project will have completed, same while will have just begun”, which way is portrayed, begun or accomplished, serves as a backwards riddle, viewer placed into a stupor, trance state in a daze, accepts the next phrase, when should be outraged, statement given, “and that’s what “we” really here with the Army Corp of Engineers



8:05 statement made, “…Army Core of Engineers,….” elbow of military official, position moved outward, interrupted the presentation, Superior Official, President of the US, show breakdown in command, absolutely unacceptable, position of a General, before the Command and Chief, General is a trained individual, knows the protocol, behaves proper before a Superior, if fails to behave proper, first is reprimanded, if persists is then removed, US Citizen is conditioned, accept a breakdown in command, accepts the statements, phrases as genuine, “United States just can’t, United States just can’t do “it”, regardless what “it” is, just can’t do it, US is third rate, US Law Enforcement, velcro patches switched, done just as fast, just been mentioned, switch of authority, business went bankrupt, announced by the leader, just couldn’t do “it”, various warnings gave, defunct is the US Judiciary Branch, associated with “Horrible”, “Terrible” to “down right rotten”, US Congress, receives similar type mentions, included 50% of the us population, group of “Democrats”, sent be offended programming, feel the need to impeach, same while programmed, feel defunct is the government, when US Law Enforcement, take off the US symbol, no more of Betse Ross style Flag, Global Police, new name for the entity, which will be in control, old business folded, everyone for one last time,  turned out the lights, workers went home, take over with the new owners, in place will be new regulations, due to the failed nation, business be ran differently, take over the nation, “Global Police”, jumpsuits with velcro patches, right off in the start, usual uniforms, with another symbol, business have another logo, go just as usual, placed in the same spot, carry out the same job, just another business, employer head of the board, not much is different, is what will be told, guns temporarily taken, due out of safety, crisis situation with new regulations, any disagreement, be met with punishment, most off to the camps, FEMA is a farce, formed to take away freedom, enforcers of regulations, in a crisis situation, “riots” are considered “crisis”, FEMA, in the very name, mentions Management, in charge of the crisis, with the defunct business, when shuts the doors, announces “just can’t anymore”, “sorry just can’t” versed from former leader, US no longer president, no more US, due to closed the door, “just couldn’t any longer”, bankrupted with a defunct government, shrugged shoulders, put hands up, United of States of America, just couldn’t so gave up, move on with the situation, Africans programmed to rape, above ground mayhem, added in with the “plague”, ushered into the underground, any who have qualms, give up guns, need to fend off, Africans programmed, trash anywhere allowed, US Law Enforcement, taken over by the new management, doesn’t need to explain, why certain areas, unprotected will be left, everyone ushered underground, all guns checked at the door, of turned in, door to door inspections, new management, can’t have any disruptions, un trained personnel with guns, too much of a problem, anyone above ground,  or fend off the onslaught, brought on by the cops, much as the “rioters”, population of fornicators, programmed to rape, sexual assaults the norm, fear will run rampant, used to manipulate, usher in the new regulations, tolerance for the “Global Police”, tactics different from before, new business, “Global Order”, further suppress the people, totalitarian system, accepted by a brain washed population, programmed  to upon own will, accept “just can’t do “it” anymore”, everything is over, bankrupt no more budget, without much resistance, allow another governance, one that wasn’t decided upon, nor chosen by the people, rather forced upon the population, programmed to the people, entered into a stupor, while in a trance state, instructed to obey, nodded heads up down, again over again, agree is a good idea, final stage about to happen, time to rise up, join with the Revolution, reach yet a conclusion, where are “you” reader, about time to decide, still have some time, continue with analyst, learn more about the clip, keep in mind by the end, when over is the assessment, needed will be to decide, tick tock up is the clock, out ran the time, join up with a side, perhaps stay with the rubbish, presented throughout the clip, or bring about a solution, problem plagues “us” all, terminate the police state, be part of history, foundation of the country, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,

8:24 thru     statement made, “..”we’ve” renovated a lot, and “we’re” building a lot, and maybe “you” could give a little summation of that now, statement given, significance is rubbish, not specific enough, doesn’t have importance, better of not spoken,

8:22 thru 8:30 while been announced, General held hands, formed a pyramid, symbol of the command,

8:30 thru 8:45  General statement made, “ uh thanks mr. president, “you” know before “we” talk concrete ‘n steel, though “I” think “it’s” important talk a little, “you” know maybe  service the nation, and protecting this country, four days ago, I’s was in a combat zone, with “our” service members, and “I” saw the dedication “they” have, to be able to detect-and-to-protect “ourselves” from over seas, ahh incredible service”. make known, US Service Personnel, don’t protect from “overseas”, described needs be “ourselves”, should have been, “US Citizens”, ourselves is team A, versus Team B, head coach of one of the teams, league in entirety, placed as the leader, doesn’t include other teams, uses terms such as “we”, well as “us” included “our”, when mentioned words are heard, again is reminded, mentioned named group, members are included, everyone else, other than Team A, another time is excluded, name of “United States”, replaced with name “we”, due to the leader, US President, identifies as member of “we”, in turn people who identify, included as a member, are another of team “we”, perception all depends, presenter of the name “we”, Team A, as with Team B, included rest of the league, all associate to the name “we”, depends on who speaks, weather are included, associate with specified group, divided is the nation, Country of USA, population conditioned, practice high level of racism, “black” correlates to “ehnner”, such as “kid” correlates to “queer”, “white” correlates to “trash”, report on the news, “recently three black churches were burnt”, should cause outcry, population should demand, end of the racist dialogue, exists a  different significance,  “recently three churches, where predominately African Americans congregate, all three churches were set a fire, structures completely burnt,” much higher intellect, necessary to understand, due to the complexity, if etiquette is adequate, in turn the racism is non existent, statement worded, in terms of “black”, associated to the structure, same while associated to parishioners, worded is quite ignorant, style of dialogue, statement “black churches”, specifies “blacks” only, makes for not only racism, included as well discrimination, might been times, Caucasian or perhaps others, races of another, frequented the church, therefore “predominately” is adequate, eliminates the discrimination, doesn’t promote segregation,

8:41 thru 8:45 in order to understand,  took six times, repeatedly examined, before captured the words, observer average viewer, when watched one time, next to no one understood, computer generated, sound as if military official babble, backwards riddle, “able to detect and to protect “ourselves” from overseas”, way is stated, “they” have to detect “ourselves”, well as protect “ourselves”, make known a simple fact, US Military, protects the US Citizenry, statement should have been,  “when carrying out my tasks, as General in the US Army Corps of Engineers, witnessed first hand, the dedication of US Service personnel, assigned to the US Border region, are quite capable the agents, regards to illegal migration, agents due are more of accreditation, commendable are their actions, detection with apprehension, securing of the border, US Service Personnel, actions are vital to the security of the US Nation”, statement made, where is the “combat zone”, what way does the “combat zone”, correlate with project “The Wall”, details of the construction, work which is being accomplished?

 8:42  screen faces blurred, when the General stated “saw the dedication “they” have….”, blur forces concentration, human primal instinct, such as when a person, enters into a dark room, sudden to the next, uses feel more than sight, blurred is the image, viewer isn’t able, can’t see clear, uses other senses, due to the listener, hones in the skill, auditory sense heightened, captures the message, planted are the words,

8:45 thru     statement made, “but sir, “I” would put these agents, right in front of “you” today, customs and border patrol, , paves way, US President, will receive orders, directed by subordinates, statement “General” made, isn’t much different, from what will be tomorrow, “but sir “I” “will” put “these” agents, deployed into sector 47, active effective today”, “these” versus “those”, General is seated, looks in front, said “these” agents, right in front of “you” today, use of the word “these”, gives the significance, US President, is instructed directly, if been worded “those”, significance would been other, address of the General, would have spoken to everyone, inacceptable is the word “you”, when address the US President, “Sir Mr. President Sir”, code of conduct, placed into the rule book, each service personnel, serves in the US Military, one of the first tasks, taught is how to interact, subordinate with a superior, viewed in the clip, tremendous breach of protocol, public is being conditioned, accept new “management”, business about bankrupted, soon be declared defunct,


8:47 actions made, General wagged finger, in front of Superior, would receive a reprimand, stone faced is a professional, rank of General, statement is inappropriate, if stated should been, “Sir, Mr. President, Sir”, isn’t possible, go further, General wasn’t asked, give an opinion, regards to another theme, General doesn’t make suggestions, spontaneous in front of the public, such an action be viewed, perceived as  mutiny, among the ranks, breakdown in chain of command, conditioned to the public, defunct is management, President, is about to be removed, new management, runs business differently, doesn’t deal with a President, just a group conglomerate,  industry with factories, name brands, quality goods, known brand, US, been removed, product is ambiguous, soon new management, will place new initials, entities as such, “customs and border patrol”,  once known as US Customs and Border Patrol, when arrives new management, off with the patches, velcro placed on others, change will the initials, different but similar flag, “GO Customs and Border Patrol”, with a new business logo, symbol for the nation, due to un for seen situations, “GO” perhaps will be the end, not what is placed at first, name of new business, won’t last long, other initials be placed, management again replaced, no one held responsible, similar to a limited liability holding company, account makes the decision, head appears as other,

8:45 thru 8:     statement made, paves way, US President, will receive order, directed by subordinates, take note of statement “


8:43 thru 9:04     statement made, “before “you” today, customs and border, are the same exact team, “they” protect America here from within, “I’ve” been on the ground, “I’ve” seen the dedication “they” have sir, and this is not for a paycheck, not for “you” know, any kind of a reward, this is to be able to step up, take care of this country so, I think before “we” take care of this  


8:55    statement made “I’ve” been on the ground, “I’ve” seen” primal instinct, first senses learned, vocal intonation, bad versus good, scolded or awarded, computer generation, General instructed, another time explained, tired of doing so, will though for the moment, emboldened  intonation, when versed was “I’ve”, significance of self insistence, display ignorance persists, most definitely, if  were a real situation, Superior would intervene, no longer tolerate, such an interaction, in front the group, make known the subordinate, take self be excused, would be dealt with later, most likely a nod, given at a confidant, make known is to be escorted, not allowed to leave, available with to speak, directly after the meet, convened did the assembly,

8:57  blur with a backwards riddle, statement made “they” protect America “here” from “within”, dissociative identity disorder, serious case sufferer, about to panamime, instead of use verse, how “they” protect from “within”, location of where is “here”, unnamed again the “USA”, intent is to program, makes for rubbish English, spoken at low intellect level, “US Service Personnel”, instead of “here”, country of USA, have own turn, re engineer statement, perceive what  is understood, versus the clever rubbish, programming on the screen, statement made “sir and this is not for a paycheck, not for “you” know, any kind of award”, viewer just picked up the fiddle, canned “parent scolds child”, sound bite intonation, General scolded, US President, sub conscious of the viewer, understands the relationship, General is at equal level, soon to be lead General, doesn’t take any guff, had more than enough, actions are a regret, disgrace to the USA, superior with subordinate, military protocol, country of USA, presents forth, computer generated, USDIA, produced illusion exists collusion,

9:00 statement “I’ve” seen, the dedication “they” have”, computer generated, canned “you” don’t understand “I” do”, placed to the tone, given to the General,

9:03“this is to be able to step up”, canned “get told off”, placed to the tone, used by the “General”,

9:04 thru 9:06      statement made, “take care of this country so, I think before “we” take care of this…”, voice trailed off, when said “country so”, canned “attempt to get approval” , fidelity changed, voice boomed, “I” think before “we” take care….”, canned “given is instruction”, use of the word “we”, puts the General, part of the group, equal placement leaders, both part of “we”, same while voice boomed, gave orders in the room, US President, isn’t as the number one, subservient is being chumped,  about to be replaced, USDIA, computer generation, “Global Order” placed, reader how long going to wait, tick tock running down is the clock, going to let the “Global Order”, place in governance, system more oppressive, existent police state, much more abusive, client in the incarcerated, worked as a slave, rights suspended, any who enter, agree to live underground, aboveground as well, forced upon the citizen, not allowed to choose, be ordered what to do, management can’t be removed, citizen with any move, forced to accept, another form of government, less representative than current date, doesn’t seem very appealing, anyone want to revolt, time to un do the dead bolt, get outside into the street, sweep the place clean, rid the country of the tyranny, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital, first of the war, due to the confederate flag, became a symbol of Nazism, USDIA, associated with mind controlled groups, loyal to the central command, necessary declare sides, Red Revolution, will always fly highest, in every Republic in the world, in the country of the Confederate States of America, when begins the war, Florida State Flag, without the state seal, if need to make do, alright is the state seal, later on begins the war, tattoos are erased, covered over with red stars, used will be the banner, orange background, Confederate Flag,  

9;06   statement made, “I” think before “we” do anything else, “we” just gotta make sure, “you” know


9:07 thru 9:09 statement made “we” have um “you” know uhuh acknowledge the great work these “guys” do a phenomenal job,   faces blurred, US President, looks at the General,

9:12 statement made, US President, computer generated, canned “sheepish voice”, stated “Thanks”, impression made, viewer perceived, US President, gave a Thanks, reference to the comments, instruction placed, stated by the General, blurred image, viewer couldn’t make out, US President, panamimed action, addressed the group of agents, attendees of the conference, due to said “thanks”, showed the US President, received instruction, ordered by the General, accepted the instruction, US President, carried out the request, added in a “Thanks”,


9:12 thru 9:15 actions made by the General, completely un acceptable, rocks back forth in seat, acts as if is the head honcho, bellicose gives the details, computer generated movement, adds to the illusion, blurred faces, followed up, canned  “head honcho act”, placed to the General


9:16 computer generated, action of the “General”, extended hand, motioned back well as forth, US President, followed suit took action, paper placed in front, straightened the paper, perceived in the sub conscious, one who had the hand raised, about to be scolded, placed flat the paper, didn’t want be scolded further, tries to stay pace, not hold up the show, attempt to place more attention, follow closer the details, ready to be explained, what is needs to obey, printed right upon the page, General passed the message, action commanded same, motioned second time, with left hand made movement, began the action, General waved hand, right hand wagged, in front the leader, US President, in turn took action, sat more upright, placed in front, straightened out paper, same while, US President, when reacted, General received the action, noted with body language, motioned over to the Secretary, conductor of the symphony, waves the  staff, others follow thru with the act, public is being conditioned, sub conscious sent the code, conductor is the General, conducts the show, receives orders is told, US President, with the others, instructed by the military, Generals in Command,


9:12 thru 9:18  statement made, computer generated, canned “mic quality problems”, due to “movement”, “mic turned up too loud”, voice of the General, again booms in the room, statement made, “when it comes to the actual construction, the corps of engineers, is very very proud to work for Secretary “Neilson, anduhand da commissioner”,

9:18 statement made “anduhand da commissioner”, volume was turned down, pronounced as a mumble, US President, such as stated “sectrum”, second time annunciated clearly, “areas are s-e-c-t-o-r-s”, “commissioner” will take over, soon be the “President”,  head of the board, what “commission”, does the “commissioner” lead, “US Army Corps of Engineers, doesn’t ever work, for any other entity or person, over the acting command, US President, Commander and Chief, “I as General in the US Army Corps of Engineers, speak for myself, along with my colleagues, at the US Army Corps of Engineers, “we” are very proud, Sir Mr. President Sir, be able to work on such an extensive project, being led by Sir Mr. President Sir your command, your oversight with direction, given is “our” appreciation, the US Army Corps of Engineers, has experienced positive results, with US Homeland Security Secretary “Krisjen Neilson”, presence often, frequent visits to the border region, US Southern Border, where the extensive project “The Wall”, has begun and in the near future, is due for completion, as General in the US Army Corps of Engineers, this has been quite and experience, being able to work with others, Sir Mr. President Sir, I would like to thank you, for your visit, Sir Mr. President, your diligence at addressing the at hand issues, pertaining to the onsite construction, I look forward as General, knowing with pride, I as General, serving the US Army Corps of Engineers, took part in the construction, well as the completion, of the project “The Wall”, thank you Mr. President Sir, for the opportunity to address the forum”,

9:18  statement made, “we” have put intah ground over 82 miles uhm that is uhm up to date, and then the right now, by the end of this year, “we’ll” have another 97 miles that will go in, an “I’m” really talken the entire depth of the border, all the way across from Texas into California,


9:26 “and then the right now, by the end of this year”, should been statement, “in one year’s time” statement made, served as a backwards riddle, fiddle picked up, viewer knows the tune, spoken by the General, “we’ll” have another 97 miles that will go in, an “I’m” really talken the entire depth of the border, all the way across from Texas into California”, statement worded “go in”, should have been worded, “constructed”, “go in” is lack of intellect, talks at a low level, computer generated, canned “casual corner talk”, used an ignorant form, mis worded is the phrase, “entire depth of the border”, should have been, “entire “length” of the border” , continued “all the way across at California”, US Border, exist a “depth, distance at the line, placed upon the terrain, differentiate the markation, nation border line, Country of USA, with Country of Mexico,

9:26 statement made “all the way across from Texas into California”, distance is greater, than distance discussed, is more than 97, even summed with 82 miles, how does the presenter, arrive  details are insignificant, use of the word “into”, doesn’t leave the impression, worked on till completion, project “The Wall”, needs be discussed in entirety, described in lengths, portions of the overall project, each leg of the project, given a name as well, such would be an example, properly worded report, “the US President, interested in the progress, project “The Wall”, visited personally, the US President, made an appearance, travelled to the construction site, “Calexico Length”, one of the 19 Lengths, which make up the over project “The Wall”, as of to date, 8 lengths have been completed, under the direction, personal involvement, US President “Name”, “Calexico Length”, within a few weeks, will reaches completion, the accomplishment will make the 9th Length, 9 segments of the project “The Wall” finished, 10 Lengths more to go, United States will have a continuous barrier, be more secure than ever, impressive are the achievements, Nation of the USA, is able to accomplish, when the citizens come together, support such a project “The Wall”, achieved come about to fruition, under the directorship, due to the leadership, US President”,

side note: public was so entertained, “Don” with “Nancy” over to “Chuck”, public didn’t realize, what was going on, been taken away, nation is about gone,

9:39 statement made, “and then sir with thee, uh money, that both congress has appropriated, and other money that “chyou” uh have been able to direct uh, “we” will “put in” the ground, another 2 hundred and 77 miles,

9:39 computer generated, US President, reaches into pocket, retrieves a folder paper,  what is perceived, needs to pay attention, General gives instruction, does so in the form of “you”, General is prohibited, norms of conduct, subordinate with superior, use the term “you”, un less authorized to do so, public conference, such an act is mutinous, be absolutely no excuse, pull out a gun next move, finish business in the room, take control of the group, conditioned is the public, doesn’t understand, left in a stupor state, about to give away the nation, “you” is more than rude, used to program, further the agenda, Yankee Sam, going to put on another image, place some new initials, groups the usuals, law enforcement, placed with different pre initials, US Citizen no longer US, officially under new management, in need of assistance, please give a read,


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