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Proof is Computer Generated US President "Trump" Part II

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video clip    

NBC News

Title: Watch Live Trump Participates in Immigration and Border Security Roundtable

posted April 5, 2019

time: 52:02

9:45    statement made “anduh dhanext anduh year “ spins the mind, viewer can’t understand, serves as a backwards riddle,  viewer each time, heard is the backwards riddle, enters into a trance state, ready for the abstract, read to grasp, what is easily understood,

9:46      volume increased, General barks, “and what

9:46 viewer in a trance state, picked up the fiddle, understood the message, primal instinct, concentration placed, captured the intonation, received the code, General barks orders, gives instruction, received by the others, included US President,

9:46 lead up well as moment, body language, movements of both men, US President,  US Army Corps of Engineers General, US President, gets schooled, acts part of the fool, child in the seat, feels the heat, received a scolding, subservient sits in place, awaits to be further told,

9:47   “and what that will end up with is uh around December 2020, the total amount of money, that “we” will have “put in” the ground, in the last couple years, will be about 450 miles”, statement is ignorant, amount of money, is not measured, first in 450 miles, without a mention, cost of the construction, statement should been, “with the 32 billion dollars, allocated to the construction, project “The Wall”, within two years from today’s mentioned date, 450 miles of barrier, will have been constructed, if the accomplishments, succeed are accomplished, such as the stretch, “Calexico Length”, also termed “Length 9”, finished ahead of time, if met is the goal of next week, entire project would be finished, reach completion ahead of time, constructed as awaited, quite an accomplishment, carried out here on sight, “Calexico Length”, gives me great pride, being involved, assistance given in the construction, accomplishment achieved, here on site, involvement in the project, “Calexico Length”, one of the nineteen over all segments, incorporated into the project “The Wall”, thank you for the opportunity to speak, make a presentation, before your presence, Sir Mr. President “Name”,   

9:47   statement made, describe construction process, termed as “put in”, unacceptable such terminology, professional serves as oversight, doesn’t have the lingo right, appears as ignorant, described as “put in”, should been “constructed”, perhaps “installed”, could been “erected”, maybe chose “accomplished” , unacceptable is “put in”, low level of intellect, probably is un professional, isn’t a backyard fence, can the US citizen, image the “Great Works Projects”, carried out under the Administration, US President “Franklin Roosevelt”, cost of various trillions of dollars, current date, standard rate of inflation, comparison made, enoromous scale projects, world renowned  projects accomplished, US citizen is in a stupor, bicker over the expense of supper, nickels with dimes, supposed funds over all necessary, in the construction, project “Unamed”, 80 billion over all dollars, Yankee Sam, spends billions every year, in just fuel for the sonics, annually over 20 billion dollars, masqueraders transported, attendees at the banquettes, air transported around the world, full circle circumference, one fly over of the planet, accomplished in 8 hours, four thousand miles, done in a couple hours, with take off included touch down, funds for the project “Unamed”, deceptive technique used, encourage divisions, within in the group, US citizens divided, encouraged to fight, while slips in to place, takes over new management, placed is other governance, forced upon the population, accept the new regulations,  

9:47 action of looked, right on cue, US President, when mentioned, US Army Corps of Engineers General, gave specific date, movement of the leader, looked at the details, on the placed document, visible in front, US Army Corps of Engineers General, same moment, computer generated, canned “mousey mouse”, intonation placed, voice of the General, oversight gives orders, still considered in control, US President,

9:47 turned up volume, “450 miles”, who support the wall, will remember the miles,

9:57   statement made, continued US Army General, “anduh, that probably duah 8 billion dollars in total about 33 different projects, “there” are a lot of complexities, “there” are some that is on federal land, some “that” of “that” is on private land, some of “it” can be done really quick, cuz “you” don’t have to have a “land inquisition”, others “we” wanna make sure “we” do “thru do diligence”,

10:14 statement made, “but when it comes to both thee capacity, of the “contract community”,  to uh be able to execute “this”, uhh the dedication of the “CDBP”, and  “DHS”, to be able to set the conditions for “us” to be able to build, and thenuh for “our” team, uh “we” are uh committed to be able to make this happen”


10:2     statement made, “uhh the dedication of the “CDBP”, and  “DHS”, hogwash nothing but rubbish, abbreviations don’t mean much, spin the wheel, pick another combo, add a few, take a way a few, in the end meant not much, no name association, Country of the USA, just few abbreviated words, unknown to most, US citizen associates, four letters of un known origin, included for most, initials of unknown significance, correlates nonsense for the name, various US Law Enforcement entities, reader given any thought, continues does the clock, sound of tick tock, about to abruptly stop, explosion goes off, by then already decided, joined up with the Revolution, chose to be part of the solution, nation is about to be taken, need to stop with the hesitation, put into a plan, effective make happen, yes will be difficult, what’s the other option, allow the new management, dictate another way of life, forced upon the regulations, held captive in own nation, called by another name, controlled by foreign entities, much as by former US citizens,  


10:29 statement made “uh “we” are uh committed to be able to make this happen”, volume turned down, computer generated, turn of the General, movement of the hands, passed off the baton, quite rudely transitioned, very unprofessional, done to insult Superior, Commander with Chief, US President,


10:14statement made the general “both thee capacity”, received canned “lecture to”, intonation placed to the General, down to is addressed, US President,


10:46 statement made “Don”, “ports of entry”, again omitted name association, unpatriotic won’t state name, “country of USA”, nor any abbreviation, non identification of “US”


11:00 statement made “Don” “where are ya Dave”, should have been “where is located Agent Shaw”, Chuck with Nancy, on over to Don, went on too long, common respect nonexistent, with lack of discipline, lead to breakdown in chain of command, nation associated to “we”, accept no longer exists a presidency, leader is just another, equal to the others, seated at the table,


11:20 statement made “Hi, Duncan”, intonation placed, canned “ignorant dine room host, seated at home”,


11:26 statement made “Thank you Duncan”,  ”, intonation placed, canned “ignorant dine room host, seated at home”, complete rubbish, used to tarnish, take away the position, do away with the presidency, US President, is who should be thanked, commendation ceremonies, have specific times, with specific event locations, public address conference, no place for such behavior, leader acts the part, looser lost the game, is another all the same, attendee at the table,


11:27 statement made “Don”, uses first names, seldom states a title, “Kevin” on to “Gloria” over to “Brandon” continues  to “Oscar”, “Doug” with “Duncan”, is too much, lost is the presidency, painful is to watch, understand do soon to arrive the Revolution, brought about will be a solution, causes person to cringe, listen to the disrespect, stripping away of the position, non inclusion of the US Citizen, soon to be excluded permanently, don’t feel to a wake, renounce citizenship, forced to avow another, identify as someone else, citizen of the global community, given orders from nearly any entity, time to arise, occasion stay for nights, go out light the sky up red, full of fury inside, flames of fire, all across Yankee Territory, go right after the problem, confront the precincts, difficult to put out the fires, confront the fire houses, hydrants turned to geysers, engines don’t return, in the street left burnt,


11:54 backwards riddle


12:08 picked up the fiddle, statement made “Gloria”, sub conscious, perceived “blush”, instead of “much”, due to comment of “Don”, sexual innuendo, liked what say over there, stated as gave stare, titillated public, hash over the actions, computer generated, inappropriate behavior, tear down the position, end with the presidency, put in another type of leader, maybe a “chairman”, possibly a “commissioner”, continue with the “secretaries”, citizen of US, been stripped of identity, doesn’t understand significance, citizenship when viewed, doesn’t hold value, about lost forever, soon to be nonexistent, citizen of the US,


12:14  blurred image, knock of table, heard from “Gloria”, transition is abrupt, action is rude, given was no excuse, repeated action continues, knocks on table, show importance, indignance with self assurance, mallet in the room, who presides over the issues, one who knocks the mallet, sub conscious mind, understands the message,


12:15 statement made “Gloria”, “thank “you” took the time to come out “here”, should been “Mr President “Name”, thank you sir for taking the time unscheduled from your appointments, made an appearance, here at the “Calexico Length” also known as “Length 9”, of the project “The Wall”

statement made Gloria, use of “you”, takes away the presidency, breakdown in command, no respects given, presidency is about over, soon to arrive, new form of governance, forced upon the population,


12:18 statement made “Gloria”, “our needs”, same moment, knocked hand on table, inignate action, computer generated made, entire production, is computer generation, actual reel footage, event was much different, if even happened the event, remember something reader, everyone seen on the screen, law enforcement officials, US Government, leadership to the help, group of liars, in on the conspiracy, images might be genuine, performances are changed, ,more than slightly modified, deception at a heightened level, placement in the underground, don’t mind to participate, help take the country away, trick the citizens, into giving up nation, used to be a story, circulated went around, 250 thousand troops, weapons threw down, tossed to the side, most put hands in the air, hadn’t been engaged, no one understood, why so many Iraqi troops, soldiers gave up, “just couldn’t do it”, Yankee is described, doesn’t even put up a fight, “just can’t do it, insn’t any more room, nothing more available, allowance of another flag, placement of two groups, everything is approved, doesn’t care about unity, in turn citizenship doesn’t value, shareholder in Country USA, is about to be a client, citizen lost everything, subservient to the authority, “Homeland Security”, not a shareholder, just a client, someone subservient, importance is to further the profits, gains for the shareholders, self placed leadership in control,


12:21 statement made “Gloria”70 miles of border that “our” agents patrol” , group of “Gloria”, President “Kevin”, with militants from “border patrol”, isn’t the same group, US President, received given orders, US Army Corps of Engineers General, included others at the table, such as from President “Kevin”, US President, hollered at scolded, talked down to belittled, respect nonexistent, presidency about to go, condition the public, is about to happen, associated to “we”, included understood, use of abstract “you”, with the use of abstract “we”, brainwashed to give up country, take on other identity, associate with another group, which ever entity, arrives on the scene, promoted thru the brainwash, accepted by the public,


12:21 thru 12:35 “Gloria”, subconscious of the viewers, understands the message, makes a claim “Gloria”, soon will be claimed a territory, California announce autonomy, public is conditioned, accept the situation,

12:42 statement made “Gloria”, “our” resources are strained”, make fact known, unacceptable is the use, not even one time, approvable is the word “us” nor “our” or “we”, when any subordinate, speaks with a commander, if takes upon self, chooses to use “we”, places subordinate same level,  superior official, each time used is “we”, condition the public, accept loss of the presidency, statement made,

12:47 actions of “Gloria”, knocked hand on table, coincided with “organized caravans”, unacceptable to hand knock, mallet on the wood, judge presides in the room

12:51 statement made “Gloria”, “our agents are so stretched”, computer generated, intonation given, sound is to scold, talks down to leader, US President

13:03 backwards riddle, “processing and enduring, the callous actions of “these” smugglers”, agents don’t “endure”, while process a suspect, agents don’t “endure”, makes for confusion, serves as a backwards riddle, soon to pick up the fiddle, know well the tune,

13:08 statement made “Gloria”, served as the fiddle, “here in this “sector”, counties are in California, not divided into sectors, condition the public, accept the term sector, placed is the fiddle, won’t mind repeat the title,

13:08 folded paper, serves as name plaque, symbols are blurred, soon replaced by others, fade will with time, weren’t even clear, when in the moment,

13:12 placed in front “Gloria”, jumbo plastic drink cup, condition the public, radio placed on the table, war report from the war room, plastic bottles, with plastic cups, Country of USA, “just couldn’t do it”, decided to “give up”, what a sorry state of affairs, china should be set, more ornate accommodations, USA, isn’t in a time of war, temporary command post, aired is another broadcast, even in the times of war, past decades, shown was more class, better behaved group, citizen of the US, has low expectations, weather is the decor, or just more of the talk, usual standard awaits slop, turned into a slob, due to sloppy style, nearly everything is lost, about to not have a nation, 

13:21 statement made “Gloria”, “they” get a court date soon, and be able to get released into the community”, worded is in favor, sides with the illegal migrant, plants the idea, immigrant is the illegal migrant, differences between the two, immigrant goes thru a process, with time becomes a citizen, illegal migrants are to be deported, transported to the Port of Exit, note from the author, entire issue is a farce, immediate repeal, US Congress, passed legislation, use of mundane reasons, such as domestic abuse, or threatened by gangs, as grounds for asylum, allowance to petition, receive refugee status, resolved is the issue, enforce the standard immigration policies, neighbor country of Mexico, decades over a century, enforced adequate immigration policy, never been a mass migration crisis, entire theme is planted, produced to divide the nation, Country of USA,

13:21 statement made “Gloria”,  used term “fake family”, description is low level intellect, isn’t acceptable, used by leadership, term is “illigitamate families” described as “adults who choose, use children as covers, front as actual families”

13:26 :statement made “Gloria”, “so by the way, those are the things agents go thru”, unacceptable is the phrase, “by the way”, chat at the dine table, talk is casual, breach of protocol, conduct carried out, between subordinate with superior, breakdown in chain of command, position of presidency, existent only in the form, title is still present, authority been usurped,  leader with individuals, entirety of the group, allowed to use “we”, are all of the same level, agents to the president,

13:32 statement made “Gloria”. repeated use of the word “they”, condition the public, identify as a member of “they”, in the abstract, in order to understand, listener must perceive, place self part of “they”, imagine the group, think in “they”, do so in the abstract, problem is “illegal migrants”, are termed “people”, each US citizen, is considered a person, in turn is a member, another more of the people, when described as “people”, citizen of the US, devalued in rank, such as the president, due to association with “we”, instead of the top leader, became just another, citizen of the US, when another of the “people”, termed as so quite often, have associated with “they”, have reduced in rank, are equal with illegal migrant,

13:34 statement made “Gloria”, “and “you” know “we” are real fortunate here in El Centro Sector, just incredible, citizen of the US, isn’t out in the street, full of furry, “you” nor “we” are acceptable, “we” needs be “US Border Patrol”, “you  know” nor tolerated, receive a reprimand, US President, yes does know, doesn’t need be told, inexcusable is “you know”, included use of “we”, reader full of furry, rage should be building, citizen of the US, duped been robbed, all about to be gone, keep loaded the guns, time about to run up, still bit more left, stay around for the rest, report in the end, time will be to decide, join up with the Revolution, or time is yet to arrive, are about to go away, Yankee will be terminated,

13:37 statement made “Gloria”, “we” have about 58 miles of border barrier” intonation placed, canned “indignant”, continued “Gloria”, “it” is very old”

“Gloria” points out details, intonation is antagonist, states details, regularly states “Don”, intonation placed to statement, “Gloria” perceived to be odds, isn’t agreed with “Don”, if actual words are examined, exposed is the opposite, words show feels agreed, subliminal code sent, primal instinct received, two are at odds,

13:41 statement made “Gloria”, intonation placed, canned “snide”, stated “it” doesn’t work for “us”, use of “us”, “Don” is another, scolded is told, instructed what works,  considered other in the group,

13:44 statement made “Gloria” “for groups that come over”, intonation canned “indignant”, statement continued, “it’s very easily “they” come across”, way worded is the statement, is done with the intention, condition the public, associate to “they”, by doing so accept are “they”, in turn another of the group “people”, “person” instead of US citizen, statement made, stated by US Border Patrol representative, terms “illegal migrants” “they”, instead of stated, “illegal migrants, pass across the US Border, enter into the US Territory”, statement made, “easily “they” come across”, who exactly are “they”, go across exactly “what”, every country has people, live inside of borders, citizen of US, associates as “people”, part of the group of “they”, stripped of an identity, soon stripped of a country,

13:49  computer generated actions, coincides with statement made, “Gloria knocked hand, repeatedly upon table, intonation canned “indignant with stern”, “so fortunately with “your” approval”, US President, seated at the table, no longer considered a leader, just the well wisher, present to provide a chuckle”

13:51  insync placed action coincided with statement, US Army Corps of Engineers General, inserted elbow into the screen, pointed towards “Don”, action meant been prodded, actions pushed along, directed by the General,

14:08 statement made “Gloria”, mentioned the “DOD”, after described the letters, never once mentioned US, next phrases, mentioned anonymous “marines”, statement signifies, part of the US Military, will break away, remain with the antonymous region, “sanctuary” place of California,

14:14 statement made “Gloria”, before the entire audience, thru the use of “we” with “you”, speaks one to one, directly with the US President,


14:24 statement continues “Gloria”, “that wall took 8 months “, listeners went from abstract, associated to “we” with “you”, then added up the time, processed the number, applied to construction, process “we” with “you”, in connection with the US President, use of analytical thought process, listener consciously accepts, “you” with “we”, interaction with the President, listener consciously accepts, US President, is just another, other in the group,


14:32 statement made “Gloria”, “we completed”, unacceptable the use of “we”, statement should been, “US Border Patrol, leadership included agents, “we” have completed”, if been referenced, Country of the USA, completed has been the length of US Border Wall”, US pertains to all, citizens of the USA,


14:37 computer generated, action made “Gloria”, given sign language, canned “in process of menstruation”, connected to phrase, “is efficient”, understood in the sub conscious, menstruaters are efficient,


14:39 computer generated, action made “Gloria”, hand movement, brushed under nose, sign language, canned “pee ewe stinks”


14:45 statement made “Gloria”, “Central Americans, people used to get arrested right thru “that” area, decreased by 36%, Indian nationals this sector, leading the country, with Indian apprehensions, for like two or three years, the wall goes up, “it” drops by 56%, use of “force incidents”, which are more important to “me”, than anything, because “it’s” assaults and incidents that directly ihih (border) uh uhffect “our” “border” patrol agents from doing the job on the “border” “they” dropped by 65%, in those two miles of thirty foot, analytical thought process, use of the numbers, condition the viewer, associate with “it”, understand means “US Border”,  statement made “Gloria”, “, decreased by 36%, Indian nationals this sector, leading the country, with Indian apprehensions, for like two or three years, the wall goes up, “it” drops by 56%,served as backwards riddle, “Bill with “Bob” took a visit, he tripped, pants were ripped, picked up the fiddle, use of “force incidents”, is the planted phrase, later to be remembered, statement continued “which are more important to “me”, than anything, because “it’s” assaults and incidents that directly ihih (border) uh uhffect “our” “border” patrol agents”, knocked hand Gloria, hammered on table, placed to phrase, “our” border patrol agents, are no such group, other than from Country of India, use of word Indian, unacceptable at the table, which tribe of Natives, all from America, Hopi’s or Aztec’s, Mayan’s or Sioux, intent is to condition, foundation of Aztlan, after the initial panned action, brake away does autonomous California, Atzlan with Africa America, two group won’t get along, disputes will erupt, not unified, repeats the same, flounders the new nation, poverty with plague,  “State of Jefferson”, will fight, “Atzlan”-“Africa America”, all three entities, are USDIA crafted, made for the take over, don’t have true histories, are based on falsehoods,

14:45 statement made “Gloria”, term used “use of force incidents”, changed to “used lethal force”, hand tapped “Gloria”, Africa America Border Patrol, come under attack frequently, are assaulted often, reason for
use of lethal force”, what the sub conscious perceived,   

14:45  thru 15:18  pay attention, sign language, pay attention, hand symbol, displayed by “Gloria”, uses fingers to display, symbolize  “width”, explains the border, same fashion as “Don”, when uses hands apart,  group of “Gloria”, will settle for a small part, while group of “Don”, will receive a larger section, zones of the entire border,


15:28 statements made “Gloria”, mallet to the wood, upset in the room, subliminal code sent, made clear what is needed, when doesn’t arrive, what “needs” “our” group, needed will be to divide, no longer be with “our” country, help form “there” country of “Africa America”,


15:35 statement made “Gloria”, “that was what was asked for, that was what was supplied”, intonation placed, canned “complains”, interpreted the sub conscious, “what was asked for, never arrived” followed with statement “thank you from the “border patrol” “here”, so thank you for allowing “us” to have that”, handshake made, “Gloria” with “Don”, subliminal code, “thank you for recognizing “us” the territory, autonomous region California, deal completed with a hand shake, signatures on the page, gave the territory away, didn’t matter much anyway, was a “sanctuary” place, be explained by the leader, US President “Don”,


15:42 computer generated, practiced racism, after shook hands, US President, waved hand in front of face, shoed away a fly, or perhaps agrees, found the air stinky,

15:50 panamimed action “Gloria”, lifted both hands, motioned towards the audience, statement made “Gloria”, “really all of “you” “guys” “she” became a “guy”, example given of why,

15:55 statement made “Don”, “that 45% is coming around, and “people” are watching aren’t going over”,  panamimed action “Don”, made motion of hugging, canned “surround”, stated word “coming”, statement should been “going”, statement used word “people”, another time avoidance, state the phrase “illegal migrants”, panamime motion, intent is to condition, first “Gloria” hands motioned, followed with “Don”, made pronounce panamime, viewer is conditioned, read the sign language, associate the panamime, with the conversation,

15:55 thru 16:05 panamimed “Don”, exercise of the session, condition the viewer, receive an impression, due to think in the abstract, interpret the panamime, statement made, serves as a backwards riddle,

16:15 statement made “Don”, panamimed action, motion arms, canned “addresses the audience”, statement made, “as “you” “folks” know better than “anybody”, as “we” extend “it” becomes virtually impossible” picked up the  fiddle, know the tune, divided are the groups, “our” border won’t continue, one group per each section, US Border divided into two, statements made, “it” repeatedly used, instead of US Border,

16:28 “Gloria” to “Don”, computer generated glitch, perceived was “agents want “you” to leave from “here”

 16:35 statement made “Gloria”  “they” wanted to give “you” a memento for all the support “you” given “us”, condition the viewer, accept “they” with “us”, aren’t with “you”, in reference, US President, abstract thought process, “they” to the “you” to “you” to the “us”, not one of the words, should been used, gets the viewer, believe in the illusion, perceives in the abstract, information gets planted, while in a trance state, placed into the sub conscious,

16:41 statement made “Gloria” “we” present “you” a piece of the “border” wall from one that’s out “here”, statement should been “US Border Patrol, Imperial Valley County State of California, Calexico Station, myself with the other agents, would like to present “you” Sir Mr President “Name”, with a piece of build material, from the construction site, made into a commemorative plaque, figurative of the official visit, made by “you” Sir Mr President, thank you, thank you from “us”, the Agents “here” at the US Border Patrol, Calexico Station,”

16:43 stated “Gloria” “uh El Centro Sector”, computer generated, quiet tone word slipped in, another time conditioned, accept the term “Sector”

 16:48 stated “Gloria”, “I” want to make the presentation “to” “you” statement should been, “I” would like to present before “you” Sir Mr President”,

16:50 stated “Gloria” read from the plaque “it” says this, number 45,…” number 45 is the same, another no name, computer generated, canned “chuckle”, placed to “Don”, acceptance of the insult, detail to note, writings don’t “say”,  “plaque written is….”

16:53 stated “Gloria” “employees”, computer generated, pronunciation placed, accent of a hispanic, listened “M Police”, “Mexican Police”, what was perceived,

17:00 stated “Gloria “protecting “America’s” borders”, computer generated, sound of a chair, canned “chair rubs ground” canned “someone exited seat”, canned “door screeched open” canned “clomp clomp” tromped off, message perceived, group of Chief “Gloria” doesn’t approve, will do something different, “border patrol”,  


17:02 actions of “Gloria”, code gave, subtle nod of head, talked as continued, included tightening of eyes, code “said go ahead”, excused romped stomped out,,


17:08 stated “Gloria”, “front lines” match to the words, shimmied the camera, common used technique, agitates the viewer, associates importance, placed to the shimmied words,


17:08 stated “Gloria”, “the unwavering support to the agents on the front line”,  turned “Don”, been reading the plaque, computer generated, canned “funny face”, looked at the audience, inturn looked into the camera, address the viewers, computer generated, heighten tensions, give bad impression, US President


17:08 sated “Gloria”, “Border Security Mission, of the United States, “we” would like to”, computer generated, placed phrase, avoidance to state, “United States Border Security Mission”, condition the viewer, accept the division, autonomous region of California,



17:09  stated “Gloria” “we” present “you” with this first thirty foot of “border wall” “border wall” installed along the United States Border with Mexico, “honor first” US Border Patrol,


17:09 stated “Gloria” “Border Security Mission, of the United States”, computer generated, placed phrase, avoidance to state, “United States Border Security Mission”, condition the viewer, accept the division, autonomous region of California,


17:31 interaction between, “Don” with “Gloria”, both stood up, recipient of the award, “Don” stood to pose, “Gloria” hand took hold “Gloria”, booked at the book room, took set of fingerprints, US President, sub conscious conditioned, “border patrol” will issue a warrant, behalf of autonomous region of California, wanted for arrest, US President “Don”,


17:49  statement made “Krisjen” “and un Sir, “I” think “Gloria” is it’s” probably sitting quite well” interrupted a noise, placed to first word, canned  “chair legs rub ground”, when took a seat” Commander with Chief, in the same moment “Krisjen” reached out hand, towards the shoulder, General “Seminite”, sub conscious perceived, Commander and Chief, sat quite well, noted the action, took by “Gloria”, restled with size, computer generated, intelligence operators, technique “bull frogged”, when sat “Gloria”, ejected from mouth, stuck out tongue, made to look, related to girth, canned “has indigestion” painted the tongue, shaded color of skin, if the viewer relaxed, watches the clip, appeared as if a bubble, appeared from mouth, more was added to face, computer generated, inappropriate comment, stated by “Krisjen”, noted the movement, with the changed face, made by “Gloria”, struggle to take a seat, from the other team, only heard again, “Don” fumbled around, how the viewers, believe this is true, show how far, have fallen the group, been superior quality, technology in 1972, maybe grainier image, much better quality production, sound quality, pick up on the mics, all the advances, population is oblivious, computer generated, entire productions,


17:50 action made “Krisjen”,  touch on the  shoulder, unacceptable behavior, fornicator culture, touchy feely people, hands to everyone self, appropriate handshakes, appropriate salutations, kiss on the cheek, done appropriately, purpose of the touch, was done to condition, viewer associate to panamime, touch on the shoulder, meant had been addressed, form of salutation, also an invitation, depicted as proper initiation, intro into a conversation


17:50 statement made “Krisjen”,  “as is General “Seminite”  meant snub, attendees at the table,, computer placed dialogue, made appear, if as been made fun of, noted way sat “Gloria”, use of the word “as” mentions together both, “Gloria” first, then used  “as is “Seminite”, psychological operation, computer generated production, how to heighten tensions, condition the viewer, fill more with frustration, associate to one group, population at odds, divided into two groups


17:58 statement made “Krisjen”, “thank you for coming out see “our” “men” and “women” stated to the US President, then shifted attention “Krisjen”  watched right side flank, made the statement, “I” want to thank all of “our” members from congress as well, ”we” really appreciate, “you” listening at the “men” and “women” take note computer generated, placed dialogue, use of the avoidance, absence of the title “US Congress, US Congress Members, use of word “our”, places same level, US Homeland Security, Secretary “Neilson”, same group, shares power, US President,


18:05  statement made “Krisjen”, nods head, meant been address US President, statement made “Krisjen”, “you” really are at the top of the spear”,


18:15 statement made “Don”, “uh Brandon”, used panamime, pointed at right flank, no one appeared, placed in the screen, just another voice, “Brandon”


18:20 statement made “Brandon”   “men and women” at the “border patrol” “we” really appreciate “your” time, again placed at the same level, “Brandon” with “border patrol, in in the same group, able to speak in form of “you”, included use of “we”, when addresses, US President, computer generated, placed dialogue, committed is a robbery, taken away of the US Presidency, use of “we” with “your”, “men” and “women”, needs to be Agents of the US Border Patrol,


 18:27 statement made “Brandon” “during “your” presidency time, US Air Force One, has never been this close to the border before”, what a farce, flies over routinely, never touched down at the border, not something to highlight, should been termed, “your” presidency, exercise of session, condition the public, accept unknown individual “Brandon”, is the same, seated at the table, another of the leadership, same status level, US President


18:37 statements made “Brandon”, exercise been to use “you”, duration of interaction, show has equal power, US President, exist a breakdown, chain of command, subordinate with superior, improper conduct, breach in protocol,


18:47 statement made no name official, “and by the way “I” didn’t think the “secret service”, supposed to allow guns in the room”, no official name,  pointed panamimed, signed action, meant “supposed to allow guns near “you” Mr President, finger pointed, official no name, “guns” was a pun, meant biceps, noted the body size, “border patrol” official, seated at the table, take note, most all the agents, such as Chief “Gloria”, carry guns on hips, why the lack in security, been notified public, was officially announced, placed into a joke,

18:47 statement made “Don”, retort “ya interesting”, made in jest, computer generated,  condition the public, likely going to be assassinated, US President,

18:50 statement made “Don” “think “we” can trust “him”, ended with a quip,

19:04 official not named, dropped multitude of names, five unimportant names, every agent is important, doesn’t mean should be named, US Presential address, US President “Name”, left unnamed, most ever is mentioned, Sir, or Mr President, never once “President “Donald Trump”, not even President “Trump”,

19:08 unnamed official stated “we” work pre wall, post wall…”, ridiculous the tone, way in which addresses, US President, unnamed official, sounds as if at a trade show, exhibit booth at the expo, exercise of the session, place the word “we”, when makes the address, interacts with the leader, US President, accepted to addressed, in the form of “we”, allowed power to be usurped, computer generated, intelligence operation, condition the population, give up existent form of government, first will loose the US Presidency, after will go all the rest, territory placed under other “ownership”, termed as management,

19:10 un named official, “we have seen when wall are built, “we” have seen how illegal immigration is driven low, when “we” build those physical barriers, uh “people” say, uh “it’suh”  “it’s” archaic, “people” say “they” don’t work, but in reality, phrase made, serves as a backwards riddle,  excersise of the session, condition the viewer, associated to “we”, did so in the abstract, “we” build those physical barriers”, who builds the barriers, citizen of the US, with the tax payer funds, or “Don” with the “group”, or was both groups in one, perhaps another group, not defined is “we”, necessary is to perceive, think in the abstract, when do are programmed, accept low level agents, others at the table, are of the same level, hold the same power, US President, completely in appropriate, use of the word “we”, intent is to take away the US Presidency, computer generated production, population in an abstract illusion, statement made un named official, termed “illegal immigration”, should been “illegal migrant”, “immigrant” already arrived, “migrant” makes the attempt,

19:25 un named official, statement made, fiddle picked up, was a panamimed gesture, un named official, hand gestures, towards the US President, viewer imagined, un named official, made reference, US President, un named official, stated instead, “Chief Chavez”, viewers thought President “Trump”, imagined the leader, named later, “Chief Chavez”, slight of hand, used was the panamime, mislead the viewer, gave a false impression, shifter the idea of leader, over to “Chief Chavez”


19:25  stated un named official” “I” mean and uh what,  Chief “Chavez” just explained, those walls do in fact work, frankly and uhm “I” appreciate the uh “congressmen” that are “here” cuz “they” support “your” agenda”, take not of the trickery, statement should been, “in referencing what, Chief “Chavez” just described, the barrier project, “The Wall”, does in fact work, make known “we” the agents of US Border Patrol, appreciate the visit, made by the President, President “Trump”, his dedication to the project “The Wall”, his devotion at bringing more security to “our” nation, The United States of America, “we” the agents at the US Border Patrol, extend a warm welcome, to the US Congress Members, who accompanied the President, arrived for this conference, here at the California, Calexico Station, post at the US Internatinal Border Cross with Mexico”,  furthermore the term “congressmen”, current date is in appropriate, “Members of Congress”, better is “US Congress Members”,  


19:43 un named official, “for those congressmen who say, they want a solution “I” say get out of “your” way let “your” administration do what needs to be done, get the “border” secure” completely unacceptable, places low level agent, position to tell, will soon give orders, instruct US Congress Members, condition the viewer, accept the idea, low level agent, instructs others in reference, issues which pertain, US President, completely unacceptable, wording in the dialogue, breakdown in chain of command, subordinate is out of place, inappropriate are the words “I” with “your”,  take note reader, dialogue doesn’t seem genuine, how is placed the words, takes placed belief, decide to perceive, truth from an illusion, low quality production, easily is seen thru, population duped, brainwashed thru with thru,


19:48 un named official, “and “I’ll” turn “it” back to “you”, statement should been, “thank you Mr President for the opportunity, address the conference,”,


19:49 statement made “Don”, “I” just wanna thank you, “you’ve” been incredible, representative of “your” “men” and “women” “I” can tell “you” that “he” is constantly is uh getting “us” to do what’s right anduh “Chris” anduh so many others uh “you” “guys” are fantastic, and “I” appreciate “it” even before “I” started, “they” wanna see “it” happen, and “it’s” happening, and “I” wanna just thank “you” very much,


20:00 thru 21: “I” uh “you” know when “you” talk about the administration so, “we” have a stretch along the Rio Grande, where “you” “people” know exactly where “I” am talking about, “it’s” about 38 miles, done by actually both previous administrations, so they’re sort of fore done, as a combination of this “one” going into the “other” and “it’s” a wall not a good looking wall, “it’s” a wall, “it’s” got 36 doors in ”it” very big doors, very big doors, and “they” never put the doors on, so “it’s” 38 miles, with 36 doors, that “you” can drive a truck thru, there is only one problem “they” didn’t put the doors on “it” so “we’re” putting the doors on “it” or even better not putting any doors, and “I” said “you” do “it” without the doors, for “us”, their putting the doors on cost more, than the property’s worth, backwards riddle,


exercise of the session, condition the viewer, entered into the abstract, confused by the sentence structure, associated with “it”, grouped with “we”, need to associate, in order to comprehend, listened to dialogue, begins out statement, use of the word “you”, psychiatrist snaps fingers, talks directly to the group, patients latch on, associate with “you”,

statement made “Don”, “you” know when “you”, first placed self “I”, “you” represent groups, listeners who identify, reminded another time, who mentioned “I”, same as were protagonists, reminded another time, understand the conversation, follow along in the abstract, go down a different path,

statement made “Don”, use of “you” know when “you” talk about the administration”, viewer needs to interpret, word “you” understands, “as many understand” “in reference to the “administration”, conversion of the word “you”, puts the viewer, into the abstract,

statement made “Don”, “administration, so “we” have a stretch along the Rio Grande”, viewer needs to interpret, word “we” doesn’t understand, Citizen of the US, lead by the US President, holds territory, United States of America, located along the Rio Grande” instead the viewer, due to incessant programming, understood is part of “we”, entered to being, “person” one of the many, “people” inside of “our” country, “we” have a property, located near “our” southern border, located along the Rio Grande”, reader able to understand, difference in the two, difference in the made perceptions, tremendous is the difference, statement made “Don” “you” “people” know, viewer needed to interpret, significance word “you”, “people”, “you” meant “seated before”, “people” meant “agents of the US Border Patrol”, if stated in full, didn’t use panamime, phrased sentence structure, more how should be structured, wouldn’t have the same affect, example “seated before “me”, “you” the agents of the US Border Patrol, are quite familiar, with where “I’m” about to mention”, viewer watches the panamime, understood outreached hands, meant the group, seated before “Don”, what went on, placed word “you”, in reference to the group, viewer continues to grasp, struggles to understand, keys onto information, easily understood, subconscious is programmed, unaware of the trickery, abstract thought process, over the analytical thought process, brings the deceptive associated thought, over the conscious mind, with not much time, subject accepts the lines, feels received viable information, later time makes mentions, discusses the planted themes, planted catch phrases, key words to misconceptions, brainwashed thru with thru, not understanding what to do,

statement made “Don”,  where “you” “people” know exactly where “I” am talking about, “it’s” about 38 miles, done by actually both previous administrations, so they’re sort of fore done, as a combination of this “one” going into the “other” and “it’s” a wall not a good looking wall, “it’s” a wall, “it’s” got 36 doors in ”it” very big doors,

statement made “Don”, “about  38 miles, done by actually both previous administrations”, use of analytical thought process,

statement made “Don” so they’re sort of fore done, as a combination of this “one” going into the “other” and “it’s” a wall not a good looking wall, “it’s” a wall, “it’s” got 36 doors in ”it” very big doors”, heightened degree, abuse incurred, unwitted  subject whiplashed, minds repeatedly slapped, inducement of Dissociative Identity Disorder, “one” going into the “other” backwards fiddle,  picked up the fiddle, analytical thought process, “and “it’s” an wall” sent back to the abstract, viewer must envision, pictures the description, statement continued “not a good looking wall, “it’s” a wall, “it’s” got 36 doors in ”it” very big doors” conditioned the viewer, associate with “it”, abstract to the analytical, process “it” has 36 doors, understood consciously, “it” is the “wall”, reader needs to understand, future time uses “it”, could be the US Border, perhaps the US Territory, included the entire country, Citizen of the US, termed as “people”, are conditioned, accept replies with explanations, associate the theme, placed to the word “it”, programmed the details, consciously later think, sounds a good idea, when is the opposite, but  left unable to understand, due to are programmed, thru with thru brainwashed, don’t tolerate, use of English Rubbish, reader about to join up, become a Revolutionary, opted be part of the solution, drop the use, abstract  thought process, verse “you know”, try not to use ever, toxic is the abstract, people duped believe, true is the illusion, due to the deception, left with misconceptions, if continued use, worded is “you know”, continues on the programming, don’t explain nor describe, thru the use of the abstract, included with “we” nor “you”, not any the others, “they” with “them”, nor any the rest,


code given, gang name took territory, damages to the property, aren’t worth a fight over, territory full of plague, doesn’t much matter, underground exists everywhere, right under entire territory, zone full of plague, who wants to be there anyway, wait till everyone dies off, retrun to the plots, lots with parcels, still own the entire lot, never lost any territory, just all a story, hoax get everyone go along, won’t last long, “Africa America”, won’t be around “Don”, term already over, ongoing been the war, viewer conditioned, no longer have a nation, accept the situation, loss of territory, live under another authority, under a different governance, complete other government, more totalitarian ever before, leadership of bullies, act the part of thugger, enforce with guns,  



statement made “Don” with a confused viewer,  placed in a trance state, high level of  psychiatry, picked up the fiddle, in the first person, “I” would rather give the money, for the property and just say bye bye or sell “it” ta somebody on the other side, but “I” mean literally putting the doors on cost more money, backwards fiddle, due to the question, “why does “it” cost more, to put back on the doors”, sounds as if business, about to close up shop, management going move on,  

statement made “Don” viewer again, picked up the fiddle, “I” said what’s the property worth on the other side, much less than the doors”, places the viewer, far into the abstract, questions are left, how much is the property, what’s the worth in Mexico, other side of the “border, what’s the value on this side of “border”, after all it’s just a line”, will be conditioned, programmed to accept,” can be regained over time”,


21:09 statement made “Don”,  “these are doors with the hydraulic, “they” need the hydraulic cuz “they” are so heavy, which is ridiculous in “it’s” self, but uh, so that’s the kind of thinking that went into this”, play with stop, same second over, note the computer generated face, associated to the ignorant comment, “Don” made practice known, rather throw away the boat, than fix the hydraulic trim, hydraulic system, wouldn’t be expensive, compared to the cost of the doors, hinges are expensive also, statement of “Don”, makes sound ignorant, computer generated, intent to condition, ignorant impression, US President, Atlas A thru F, nuclear missile silhos, have huge doors, opened with shut, used a hydraulic system, functioned just fine, wasn’t a major expenditure, compared to the entire project, make known, US west coast silhos, included US south western silhos, nearly every each are interconnected, part the underground system, air ducts are the weak point, US Army Corps of Engineers, holds the “secret” maps, locations of each, clever bunker planners, most the silhos, nearly every each, are owned by shadow identities, upper pyramid, intelligence operators, USDIA,


statement made “Don”, so now “we’re” filling up those big gaping wounds”

remains with the usual, computer genereated, makes for an atmosphere, war on the hoizon, “tombstones scattered around this vast land” civil war about to happen, statement gave “Don”, inaugural speech 2017,


statement made “Don” I” would rather give the money, for the property and just say bye bye or sell “it” ta somebody on the other side, backwards riddle, answer is in the riddle, rolls around in the mind, when somenone says “bye bye”, in reference to a property, usually is do to loss, what was heard, was “just say bye bye, maybe someday, someone will make a payment, private land ownership, stripped of assets, title companies, who will hold the deeds, which system will be, no longer a nation, Country of USA, 

story about the doors, locks in the idea, sell the property, to the other side, if already been taken, then doesn’t really matter, reason is, abstract thought process, easily understood, were the fiddle tunes, planted into the sub conscious, due to consciously accepted, description was made, returned to a trance state, forgotten was the conscious decision, unaware are conditioned, will have a trained reaction, when again brought up, arises the discussion, needed is to make a decision, programmed actions, how will happen, Citizen of the US, give up the nation, Country of the USA,


code given “Don” would rather just sell the property, too expensive to close, incomplete remain the barrier, territory over ran, “gang name” with “border patrol”, zone took a hold, before not so long, all will be gone, ready to move back, some mending fences, but not much else,


21:10  computer generated, US President, placed funny face, play then freeze, watch the stills, “and “they” never put the doors on”, intonation placed, canned “Jersey Jew”



“but uh, so that was the “kind” of thinking that went into “this” so now “we’re”  filling up those big, those big “gaping wounds”, in this wall, uh “it’s” gonna have a big affect, “we’re” heading to a very substantially in this area


21:22 statement made “Don” “gaping wounds” boomed in the room, canned “mic pick up problem”   takes viewer very far, into the abstract, interpreted “gaping wounds” to be “vast openings”,  reader take note, how the mind, feels as if shifts gears, when spoken is the next phrase,


21:26 statement made “Don”, “we’re” heading toward very substantially on “that” area, Rio Grande Area, reason for the shift, viewer experienced, went from deep abstract, minds needed to process, moment to the next, project “The Wall”, section necessary at “Rio Grande Length”, nearly nobody, able to process, conference  made statements, spoken in English Rubbish, viewers perceive, impression for each, depend on imaginations, same while exists, in general terms, two different mind sets, due to the groupment, use of the word “we”, association of topics, related to themes, accepted by the viewer, identified as into included, pertains to the group, conditioned the viewer, accepts in the form of “you”, being instructed what to do, obliviously follows along, goes with the group, awaits further instruction, soon as listened is “you”, immediately locks on, again receives programming, unless in direct, second person, proper English spoken, person receives programming, even in the second person. proper grammar English, due to the computer generated dialogue, English language, numerous words robbed, such as “you”, other such as “come”, wide range of words, put the listener, entered into a trance, train of thought, changed to other, interference in the pursuance , attempt to reach the objective, need to maintain concentration, in order to follow along, programmed to the dialogue, cued ready to go, lock on await instruction, commanded what to do, accomplished with the word “you”, welcome to the shell game, not going to ask if want to play, ordered already obeyed, being an associate, member in the partnership, country of “ours”, one day when awaken, give some thought, where is “my” country, who am “I”, go to ask, associate of “ours”, entire while were un aware, who actually was “he”, associate of “ours”, always included with “us”, “we” are an entire group, leadership misled “us”, due to personal reasons, one day decided, “we” weren’t  associates, what was once “ours”, considered someone elses,  associate of “ours”,     



and “you” know exactly there where “I” am talking about


21:30 statement made “Seminite”, interjected  “certainly”, versed sounded “sir”


21:32 stop with play, over again the same second, take a look at the stills, facial expressions,


21:32 “you” never saw anything like that, “he” said never “Sair” anything like that before,  computer generated, make sound, US President, said “Sir”, addressed the General, session exercise, condition the viewer, accepts the US President, repeats back what is told, when stated by the General, serves as a backwards riddle, unknown what never saw before, stated in the abstract, spoke in first person, action of another, viewer needed to interpret, “I” is the General, “Don” pretends to “I”, in turn is the “General”, momentarily takes the part, belittles the position, US Presidency, same while gets the viewer, enter into a trance state, imagination in overdrive, attempt to understand, “I” becomes another, not the person who speaks, takes much interpretation, places far into the abstract, trance state viewer, 


21:33 statement made “Don”, “He said he never saw this one before” pause placed “the wall”, skip with a shift, works as a glitch, use of the word “one”, viewer needs to interpret, understand what is “one”, can’t say what was the reference,  primal instinct skills, viewer perceives image, after the placed pause, given the answer, stated “the wall”, looked ignorant “Don”,  stop with play, image over again, take a look at the stills, when stated “one”, 21:33, take a look the images, when stated “a wall”, one leads into the other, computer generated, makes look ignorant, US President


21:35  statement made “Don”  “a wall uh anduh big holes in “it”, served as the fiddle, viewer knows what to do, stores in the sub conscious, anytime brought up the issue, repeatedly plays the tune,


21:42   statement made “Don” “would “you” like to say something go ahead”, unacceptable way to transistion, needs an introduction, female voice, on the screen, image doesn’t appear, begins to talk, session excersise, condition the viewer, accept instruction, from nameless officials, voices from the screens, take note of the conference room, how much the screen, logo “Homeland Security”, how dominate is the topic, placement on the screen, entered into the center, filmation of the clip, done around the theme, acceptance of the screen,


21:42 statement made Sheriff of Fresno, “thank you Mr President,” sound quality placed, canned “mic pick up bad” barely audible, stated phrase, “thank you Mr Prsident”


21:44 statement made un named official, “welcome to California”, statement should been, “thank you Mr President, for your unscheduled visit, presence here at the construction site, project “The Wall” “Calexico Length”, “welcome to California”, without first more respect, places the Sheriff, same level, US President,


21:45 statement made “Don”, “I” appreciate “it”, code sent, “means a lot, wasn’t invited”, included acceptance, US President, same level, County Sheriff, breakdown in chain of command, everything is about to crash, better act fast, quit to hesitate, soon everything be taken, left without a nation, rise up act swiftly, join up with the Revolution,  claim the territory, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,


 21:46 “Margarette Mims” Sheriff of Fresno California,” trickery used, omitted to identify, county with title,  in an improper manner, sheriff presented self, since when does a sheriff, identify without the use, county name not included, when town also county, carry the same name, protocol is the same, “County of Fresno, Sheriff “Margarette Mims”


21:47  statement made “Don”, “yes yes” sound added, canned “paper rubbed mic stand”, better pick up, back in 1949, invent of television, had better quality, digital pixels, digital recordings, computer mixed, duped is the public, takes a lot of faith, been misplaced, in order to believe, such a production, accept as genuine, not able to notice, oblivious to the computer generation, low quality is the production, takes the subject belief, placed in the “authority”, maker of the production, USDIA, places the deception, public believes the illusion,


21:47  statement made “Don”, “yes yes” sound added, sleight of hand, carried out with words, sound distracted, grabbed the attention, if polled were viewers, very few could identify, remember the name, Sheriff, “Margrette Mims”


21:48 thru 22:04 statement made “Margarette” “aduh thank you for “your” personal attention to the very important issue of border security “you” know “I” talked to local law enforcement authorities, across “our” nation and all “our” goal is number one issue is “border” security, when we talk about “our” issues, ehehanuh uncontrolled unsecured border,”


21:57 “Margarette” action made, canned “knocked hand”, mallet to the wood, sounded in the room when stated, “goal”,


22:04 thru        statement made “Margarette”, “directly affect “our” local communities, without a secure border, transnational gangs, human traffickers, and drug cartels will take advantage, of any opportunity to exploit, “our” current “border” crisis, to further their criminal behavior, in our local communities”,  viewer associates, “our” needed to interpret, viewer associated,  “our” with California, further given a description, issues pertain, entire region, US Southern Border, located is California, part of the region, State of California, City of Fresno, is five hours north, Town of Calexico, Sheriff “Margarette”, isn’t from the California, stretch of the US Boder, US-Mexico International Border region, viewer needed, associate “our”, with State of California, then interpreted “our”, with the section of US Border, pertains in the State of California, area which works “Margarette”, viewer need again interpret, “our” reverted back, associated again with State of California, viewer was conditioned, accept the autonomous region of California, dialogue placed, gave clear details, viewer used analytical thought process, when listened to the issues, abstract with the “our”, went in as with out, sub conscious to the conscious, back to the sub conscious, been conditioned to accept, about thee to arise situation,


22:25 thru 22:40  statement made “Margarette”, “we’ve” seen increased “fentenal” drug traffickers, and deaths in Central California, as a result of “fentenal” over dosis, “we’ve” also seen “name” gang member from El Salvador, committed horrendous murders,


22:40 statement “Margarette”, versed the word “murders”, received canned “quiver of a concerned mother”


22:40 thru 23:22 statement made “Margarette”, “our” investigation into “this” gang, resulted in connecting 18 homicides committed in 3 “western” states”, “I” want to commend all of “our” federal law enforcement partners, from “Homeland Security”, and especially “Border Partol” because what “you” do “here” makes a difference, in “our” local communities, and the job “you” do is under very difficult circumstances, “Mr President there is a “border” crisis,  and this crisis does not, “stay” at the “border”, “it” trickles into “our” local communities, “stretching” the  “resources” to “local agencies”, “we” must do everything “we” can to protect “our” communities from this threat, “border” “security” is more important than ever, Mr President, thank you,


“Margarette” is of no position, nor holds the level of authority, “commend all federal law enforcement officials,” keep the “Girl Scout” cookie award ceremony, comendations for some other time, intent is usurp the power, held by the US Presidency, diminished to a level, becomes non existent, arrives other form of government, statement made “Margarette”, take note of the trickery” federal law enforcement partners, from “Homeland Security”, and especially “Border Partol” should been “US Homeland Security, assigned agents, included US Border Patrol,” isn’t good to use “especially”, “exceptionally” goes with “especially”, significance placed, when are two groups, other group isn’t up to standard, other is so much better, even if aren’t compared, just both are mentioned, association is made, processed in the sub conscious, prejudices are formed,   j


“Margarette” statement should been, “3 US States located in the Pacific West”, any who aren’t aware, “Pacific Northwest”, is State of Washington, with State of Oregon, included State of Idaho, “Pacific West” is the State of California, with the State of Nevada, “Southwestern” is the State of Texas, with the State of Arizona, included New Mexico,


23:04 statement made “Margarette” received canned indignant, “Mr President there is a “border” crisis”   


23:18 statement made “Margarette”, “from this threat”, canned “mic pick up bad quality”, turned down volume, lowered fidelity,


22:48 interjected into the presentation, statement made “Don”, “uhuh” intonation placed, canned “doesn’t care”, placed to the “name gang”, 18 homicides committed,


23:22 thru 24:00 statement made “Don”,  “thank you very much and “you’re” right about that, “it” goes into “Iowa” and Idaho, uh New Hampshire, and “it’s” not the “border” and “they” come in, and “you” end up in places “you” would have never think of, uh the “kind” of crime that we see, “it” comes right thru “this” “border”, “it” “starts” right “here”,


23:28 action made “Seminite”, computer generated, moved hand on table, looked directly into the camera, code sent, “will soon handle the situation, end will the babble, continued same “Don”,  


23:30 actions of “Don” computer generated, panamimed action, sent sign language, moved hands around, viewer needed to interpret, motions to the words, and “it’s” not the border


23:31 statement made “Don”,    “they” then use of “you”, group the “Border Patrol” agents, same group as illegal migrants,


23:34 statement made “Don”, “and “it’s” not the “border” and “they” come in, and “you” end up in places “you” would have never think of,    computer generated, sound placed to the words “think of” made in the crowd, canned “cough cough”, reminder the “illegal migrants”, present are the audience, “Border Patrol” agents,


23:42   statement made “Don”, “that’s why “we” stop “them” right “here”, at the southern border of Mexico, which Mexico is doing”, evident is the statement, “here” is Mexico, while present in California, signifies a land grab, on the horizon, about to happen,


23:43   statement made “Don”, “we” stop “them” right “here”, at the southern border of Mexico, which Mexico is doing, precision timed, take note of the paper flip, top right hand of the corner, placed in front of “Don”, calls the attention, viewer takes note, facial gesture, eye movement, begins again to read, panamime canned  “official document gives official US Presidential Address, today “our” country, “we” ceded territory, antonomous territory of California, due to “our” crisis, in the western part, of “our” country, chain of events, which “we” experienced, with what happened, recently in District Federal, City of Mexico, lost most all northern Mexico, land lost was incorporated, into autonomous region of California, merger between the two, name of region is “Awslap” or something like that, territory needed be ceded, understand, look here, “our” bank account, has no more money, just couldn’t do it, had to be done, “we” have no more money, just couldn’t be undone, can’t pay the payments, interest surpassed the ingresses, look “you” know, “we” all know, “everyone” has a bank account, when “it’s’ out “it’s” out, business is closed, ” wasn’t much fun, final address, good luck with the rest, this is “Chairman” “Bob”, “he’ll” be taken on the job, will explain what went wrong, further what is going on, overdue

“the Bill”, now time to be gone, time for “the Donald”, be moving on, one last good bye, just to make known, really been really nice, sincerely was a great time, good night, good bye, let known did arrive, up was the time, final good bye, wink of the eye, wanted to blow kisses, acted to even cry, entered into the cabin, took off on the flight ” moral of the story, don’t allow the takeover, rise up with a vengeance, confront the police state, liberate Confederate States of America, note from the Commander, known as Chief, Revolutionary Forces, choose to join up, then show up, before April 28th 2019, have a court date, April 29th 2019, brought up on bogus felonies, not about to loose both feet, been struggling for years, show up to Redding California, venue of the event, Posse formed, bring about justice, officials held accountable, no more hide out, use of a seal, US National Security, statement isn’t in jest, make the trip show up, in Redding California, hit it hard at the Alamo, claim the Capital, liberate the Confederate States of America,


make known 33% DNA, Tribe Sioux, be one only Chief, leads the group,  


23:46 statement made “Don”, “which Mexico is doing”, General “Seminite”,  made hand movement, retracted arm from table, code sent “is not agreed with statement, when takes command, will take another tact”


23:53 frieze image, has hand placed “Don”, shows is reading, statement from a brief, official statement made, “right “here” Mexico, needed to cede territory, country of “America”, agreed to autonomous region California,


“that would be a fantastic thing, anduh think that is happening think itsa, never happened before, never nobody’s ever seen anything like “it” all of a sudden, uh Mexico’s doing terrifically, “they” have to, because “you’ve” all seen, and “I” don’t wanna do this, uh “it” would be a very profitable situation, “we’re” gonna have to tariff the “cars”, coming in from Mexico, “to” the United States, and if that doesn’t work, which “it” will “we’ll close the “border”, “somebody” said “it” will take a year, no “it” won’t “it” will take a day, “they” wrote in a lot of fake news,  ewuhm “I” said a year, well thee tariffs will work, number one butuh uh what will work really work is a closing of the border, “we” hope we don’t have to do that, but “I’ll” do “it” because ultimately the security, of “our” nation is the most important thing,


24:01 actions made “Don”, computer generated, crossed arms, canned “refuse to do”, placed at the same moment, “I” don’t wanna do this”


24:10statment made “Don”, , and if that doesn’t work, which “it” will “we’ll close the “border”,  backwards riddle, stated in such a way, “if things work, “Don” will shut the US Border”, stated should been, “if things don’t work, necessary will be to close the entire US Border, will stagnate the US economy, payments won’t be made, owed is the Country of China, about to make a move, collect on a debt overdue,


24:35 thru 25:06 statement made “Don”, “and “we’re not even talken about the drugs, massive amount of drugs that pours thru, anduh “it” would have a tremendous impact, “and “we’re” gonna be working on that, we’ve” been working on that, “we’ve” done a tremendous job, drugs coming into the country, if “you” look at some of the numbers, “we’re” having a news conference, next week at the “White House”, so on the impact, that “we’ve” had between opioid and all the other problems “we” have with the drugs, different drugs, where “we” had 10, 15, years ago, much different, but also the drugs coming in, thru the “border” “we’ve” had a great impact, uh “Joseph” would “you” like to say a few words,


24:35  statement made “Don”, “and “we’re not even talken about the drugs, massive amount of drugs that pours thru, anduh “it” would have a tremendous impact” statement made, forces the viewer, think in the abstract, due to left unspecified, where the drugs pour thru, 


statement made “Don”, “and “we’re” gonna be working on that, we’ve” been working on that, “we’ve” done a tremendous job, drugs coming into the country” viewer needed to interpret, “we’re” as the “US Nation”, “we’re” as possible “Don” with advisors”, “we’re” as “US Nation”, three consecutive use of “we”, possible different significances, viewer well into abstract, stated “Don”, “we’ve” done a tremendous job, drugs coming into the country” backward riddle, significance of the statement, “US Government assits, does good job at trafficking”,


statement made “Don”, if “you” look at some of the numbers, “we’re” having a news conference, next week at the “White House”, so on the impact, that “we’ve” had between opiod and all the other problems “we” have with the drugs” picked up the fiddle, viewer went from the abstract, shifted to the analytical thought process, fixed location, planned future event, placed exact date, viewer again interpreted, while in a conscous state, “we’re” having as “Don” is holding”, then again shifted, viewer focused on the abstract, “we’ve” had between opiod, and all the problems ….” as “United States of America has had an opiod problem and all the other problems..” continues the statement, consecutive uses of “we”, abstract thought process, significance of the word “we”, consecutive times, when interpreted meant, United States of America,  entered into 10, 15, analytical thought process, entered into the conscious, associated the term “we”, with the United States of America, conditioned to consciously accept, “we” is the United States of America, thru shifts from the sub conscious back to the conscious, then back again to the abstract, into the sub conscious, thru the “border” “we’ve” had a great impact


24:45 statement made “Don”, “and “we’re” gonna be working on that, we’ve” been working on that, “we’ve” done a tremendous job, drugs coming into the country, statement made,  used the word “we”, three times consecutive, all in one sentence, reader should be furious, “we” forced to associate, accept is just another, no longer is the leader, US President,


24:47 statement made “Don”, statement after statement, structured around, non use of the name US, should been “come into the US”, leader the USA, next to never states name, USA, nor US, nor United States of America,


24:55 statement made “Don”, “opioid problem “we” have” continued with repeated use of “we”, viewer needed to associate, enter into the abstract, identify with the “we”, understand “opioid problem the US has”, viewer instead is another, grouped in the group of “we”,


25:05 statement made “Don”, “affect we’ve had, ok “Joseph”, would..” takes the viewer from the abstract, “we” perceived as everyone, “we’ becomes the leaders, others in the room, equal to the president, another of the agents, viewer consciously accepts, “we” is the president, equal same as the others, abstract to “we” everyone, converted to “we” for the conference group, viewer had no problems, associates the two, “Don” is another of the group, viewer has approved, continues to watch, oblivious just been subjected, heavy dose of psychiatry, in order to give away presidency, readers take note, switch in voice, how plays on mind, when address is direct, “we” shifts to the group, obvious the dialogue, not genuine is placed, observe what a shell game, shuffle the shells, again give a go, understand what is in the programs, same as the present clip, should be perceived as toxic, viewer receives programming, conditioned to every topic, promotes the agenda, Yankee Sam,


25:04 statement made “Don”, “drugs come thru the border” statement is ignorant, reader should pay attention, how often occurs, omittance of name, non use of US, statements are worded, around the non use, “drugs crossed the border, arrived into the US Territory”, won’t be mentioned, not one time, duration of “conference”, televised table chat, done to condition, public to accept, no longer is number one, just is another the president, other in the  group of the “we”, USDIA, takes away the presidency, next is another government, after years of mis management, never held accountable, no one to be responsible, Country of the USA, renamed same in control, superiors hold the authority, over the former citizen, changed to privileged client, subjected to the tyrant, Yankee Sam, with the police state, doesn’t matter, what is the name, changed from what to which, switch till another slip, on with the spin, same in control, Yankee Sam,


25:11 thru 25:29 computer generated, safety yellow translucent spot, placed to the flag, right behind the head, US President, highlighted white graphic, served to highlight, translucent yellow green splotch, perception of viewer, white line is a reflection, dismisses the splotch, sub conscious is conditioned, splotch is suspicious, understands is threatened, viewed as the target, about to be assassinated, US President,  Christchurch shooter’s video, analyst assessment, readers who decide, can further understand, give a read


25:27 statement made “Geremey” , “I would like to talk with “you”, reference to the US President, not even “would like to speak”, slop talk about business, corporate world tycoon, would behave as such, computer generated, take away the presidency, associate the viewer, use of “you”, enter into the abstract, should been at least, still would receive a reprimand, excused from the meet, statement should been, “to speak with you Mr. President, I would like to take the opportunity, explain a few details”,  reprimanded with excused, due to statement should been, “thank you Mr. President, for the allowance, opportunity to address the group”, “you” as with “we”, is to take away the US Presidency,


27:10 thru 27:18 use of the dialogue, conditions the listener, associate with the “we”, do so in the abstract, statement continues, use of numbers, when summed, or when compared, such as three bridges, cost over all four billion dollars, listener needs to perceive, statement given, do math to further understand, numbers summed, listener uses the analytical thought process, accepts the abstract “we”, consciously accepts the “we”, do to shifted gears, eased from the abstract, into the conscious, unaware were conditioned, transition the association, between self with the “we”, understood in statement,  viewer accepts, “Don” is part of “we”, do so in the sub conscious, well as the conscious, don’t have a problem, lost the presidency, Commander and Chief, can’t be “we”, nor part of “ours”, when comes to power, leader has Executive Order, makes Executive decisions, Chief “Gloria’, has now the same authority, is part of the order “we”, described as part of “us”, reader had enough, about ready to jump, leap into action, get out the guns, disperse some, with the family members, friends of like mindedness, stop to wait get out there, go getting going, time is about out, hesitate any further, cops will be in place,


27:43 statement made “Geremey” “we” have that, I said 228% increase, but…”, same while slapped hands, back hand into palm, made slap sound, dialogue with actions, can’t be used, unacceptable “we” with “I said”, breach of protocol, subordinate with superior, take away the presidency, clip is a psychiatry session, condition the viewer, give up form of government,


27:47 statement made “Geremey”, worded used abbreviations, condition the viewer, accept military lingo, jargon used by agents, doesn’t make sense, poken as if is viable, condition the viewer, 


27:49 statement made “Geremey”, use of number, reinforce the indignant comment, “we” have that I said 228%, but it’s been a total of 538”, with the numbers, included all together, analytical thought process, consciously understands, agents say “I said”, directly to the US President, reader what is usually stated, after the phrase “I said”, given is usually a command, objective of the statement, condition the viewer, accept gets told, US President,

28:01 statement made “Geremey” “aliens can enter into the United States….”, “US” Border Patrol, will be the group in California, first time stated correctly, “aliens can enter into the United States”, spoken by the “border patrol”, didn’t mention “illegals”, illegal migrant, is different than an alien, different than an immigrant, computer generated, engineer the statements, avoidance of the phrase “illegal migrant”,

28:02 statement made “Geremey”, “our” border patrol agents”, computer generated, take away the presidency, completely unacceptable, use of “our”,

28:15 computer generated, canned “female cough”, coincided action, stated been the words “our agents”, females included, another reminder,

28:20 statement made “Geremey”, “struck back of the head”, “Don” reached up, gave impression, been struck in the head, abstract the viewer, understood repeated action, envisioned been struck “Don”,

28:28 hand at bottom of screen, marked the statement, hand owner, dressed in other attire, not in a uniform, dressed in black, enemy within in the ranks, division soon to appear, border patrol, will divide into two, take on the part, front line troops, protect the autonomous region California,

28:50 statement made “Geremey”, in appropriate for a public appearance, unscheduled visit, made by the leader, US President, story about the “mower blade”, “sparky does backflips”, get the viewer to envision, caught up in the diversion, perceive in the abstract, again conditioned, accept the president, is just another, other in the group, breakdown in chain of command, ended has the US Presidency, “just couldn’t do it”,

29:49 statement made “Don”, “what do “we” do “we” have the “military”, “we” have the great “border patrol”, citizen of the US, conditioned to accept slop, show put on, statement needs be, “US Military”, included “US Border Patrol”, could be stated “Mighty US Military”, included “Great US Border Patrol”, intent of statement, condition the viewer, accept different statehood, take on other citizenship, no longer be from USA,

29:35 thru 29:50 corner of the room, green color pyramid, top is off, upper pyramid is the logo, “Homeland Security”, agent positioned beside, logo on the screen, agent is an extension, will be the enforcer,  representative of the logo, “Homeland Security”

29:50 thru 29:50 “we have everybody here, we have stretches”, slip kick get into gear, shifted minds up there, viewer associated with “we” in the abstract everybody “we”, within a few words, accepted “we” is the group, present at the conference, reader should know, tremendous amount of abuse, occurs psychologically, due to such programming, equivalent of being in a car wreck, if subjected to prolonged sessions, acerbates the mental disorder, dissociative identity disorder, pronunciation certain words,  person begins to chatter, can’t express self, without use of panamime, eyes begin to un align, heavy duty psychiatry, evident use in the clip, readers still have a bit, time to decide sides, get ready for the fight, analyst assessment, ended will be finished,

29:56 statement made “Don”, intonation placed, canned “whimper with whine, ask the teacher another time”,

29:58 statement made “ Don”, “how do you keep the large number of people from coming thru, what do “you” do …”, reader yet filled with furry, statement should been, “how are illegal migrants, prevented from entering”, “large number of “people” from entering” already places the people, arrived to the territory, again over again, avoidance of name association, non use of the name US, “illegal migrants”, termed again over again  “people”

“we’re” building it now, how do “you” stop these large groups,

person is a US citizen, person is in a group of people,  citizen of the US, is at same level, placed with illegal migrant,

30:00 statement made “Don”, “we’re look, other countries what “they” do is very tough, “we” can’t do what they do, “you” understand that, “we” can’t do what “they” do, “we” don’t want to do what “they” do, but how do “you” stop these large   message in the middle, conversation went from abstract “you”, how does is the abstract task accomplished, interrupted with a hypnotic phrase, “we’re” look” significance of “we”re”, United States of America, needs to be perceived, interpreted from “we”, tied to the repeated phrase, “other countries are “tough”, word represents strength, is a positive word, “tough” goes with “rough”, such as a US Marine, not a street group member, nor description given, placed to the competition, describe self as “just can’t get it done”, sub conscious of the viewer, understood quite clearly, United States of America, isn’t tough like other countries, United States of America, two times stated, US President, “can’t operate at the standard of other countries, reiterated the same phrase, “”we” can’t do what “they” do”, reinforced phrase planted, accepted with a quite unanciated “you” understand that,  citizen of the USA, within a flash, are about to view the badges, guns on hips, placed in shoulder holsters, shout out orders, going to be at the door, snap to why still wait, better stop with the hesitation, go ahead finish the read,

30:12 statement made “Don”, “massive groups of people”, should been “massive groups of illegal migrants”, hear the difference reader, between the two descriptions, why does the leader, US President, advocate for  the illegal migrants, counterproductive doesn’t make sense, till now the reader understands, computer generated, entire production a farce, who knows if the event even took place, everyone on the screen, law enforcement are liars, allowed images to be reproduced, changed considerable, if were actually any, presented genuine performances, failed is the system,  due to ungenuine leadership, pretended to be leaders, in reality are puppets, held by a central command, proven is in the clip, US President, is not in control, others are at work, place the sub luminal code, time to get on the go, move can’t be too soon, knock on the door, cops about to appear, what more to await, announcement “just couldn’t do it’, government is shut, doesn’t ever re open, takes over another entity, security forces, block to block knock, haul the resisters off, about to stop the vehicles, cops on every block,  revolutionaries go out romp, stomp all over the cops, assault the percents, destroy underground well as above,  get out rock with roll, sometimes can be a stroll, head down the road, time to enter into the rodeo, make self a super star, debut in the arena, night lit up on fire, three days of darkness, smoke filled skies, sun light blocked, shady days with firey nights, get out there revolutionaries, hold the territory, liberate the Confederate States of America, don’t allow the takeover, snap to act now, why pull over, just to pull the trigger, hit the porker, continue on with work, terminate the police state,  rise up now stop to wait, time is dire, tick tock runs the clock, about up is the time, go ahead finish the read,

30:24 statement made “black attire”, action knocked on talbe, “there in nothing “you” can do”, “you” reference to the US President, statement should been, “there is nothing, that can be done…”, intent is condition, viewer to associate, identify with “you”, understood agent, talked direct first person, one on one, termed “you” US President, next will be the order, “you…” accept the interaction, usurpation of the Executive Branch, without much fuss, conditioned to except, another form of governance,

30:29 statement made “black attire” “barriers physically keep people out..”, ignorant is the significance, “Don” advocates for a wall, does so on a daily basis, why would need to be told, given such a statement, is a big insult, sparky does back flips, practice of reduced intellect, public conditioned to accept, in turn unable to operate, can’t function at a high intellect level, allow nation to be taken, can’t think logically, time enough get the guns, rise up against the US Government, don’t take anymore, pre emptive measures, necessary is take the initiative, won’t be more of an invite, not going to program, use the technique of “you”, listen get out there, stop to wait, flash of a moment, notice on the television, radio to print, everywhere is the notice, logo on the screen, “Homeland Security”, taken over the scene, troops are in the streets, home by home inspections, insisted upon evacuations, rise up revolutionary, confront the enemy, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,

30:35 statement made “Krisjen”, “used to be “we” would see…”, interrupted by Agent “Geremey”, took a seat, noise cranked up, canned “chair moved”, mic turned up on “Don”, “ya uhuh”, gets schooled plays the fool, reader needs to remember, sounds are canned, computer generated, entire production a farce, note the trickery used, “Don” placed in the group, equal but bit less than the others, appears completely inept, gone is the US Presidency, taken by computer generation, viewed is an illusion, nothing but a deception,

30:41 statement made “Krisjen”, “our border” motioned with hands, formed a pyramid, “our border”, associates to the pyramid, primal instincts take over, sign language read, stored in the archive, understood “US Border”, is “Pyramid Border”, who is “our”, signed with hands, name been demonstrated,

30:43 statement made “Krisjen” “hundreds of people reaching “our” border at one time”, reader whose border, autonomous region California,  secure with our “border patrol”,  what a farce, computer generation, take away the nation, public in a stupor, brainwashed thru with thru, time to wake up, snap to get out there, rock with roll, no need to stroll, don’t diddle daddle, be up a creek without a paddle, coppers be soon at the door, gun confiscation about to begin, just saying keep in mind, soon be time to decide,

30:48 computer generated, condition the public, accept “friendly versus beastly”, dissociative identity disorder, “Mr. Hyde versus Dr. Jeckyll” , readers take note, agent “Geremey”, seated under the logo, extension of the entity, “Homeland Security”, places thumbs together, viewer conditioned accept, thumb together, pyramid is formed, look at the face, eyes to facial expression, watch the transition,

30:48 thru 31:01  statement made “Krisjen”, uses the word “we”, intonation placed, canned “parent to child, indignant”, gone is the US Presidency, more conditioning for the public, “they” take their job seriously, be “we” need to resource those so “they” can do more …..”, another psychiatric session, accept another in the group, holds equal power, placed at the same level, US President,

31:04 statement made “Don”, computer generated, acts the part, canned “game show host”, maybe the rotary club, get together with refreshments, US Presidency, computer generated, level of position diminished,

“so I just spoke with the “people” in the first, second and third, very special “people”, and some in the fourth row “I” see”, intent is to condition, viewer to associate, identify with “people”, persons are agents, people are illegal migrants, citizen of the US, goes unmentioned, identifies as “people”, instead of as US citizen, soon other initials, about to be slipped in, placed in front,  first, second third rows, later described fourth row, viewer consciously accepts, US Border Patrol Agents, are named as “people”, viewer in turn associates, identifies with “them”, “border patrol” people,


31:06 statement made “Don”, “some in the fourth row I see”, crackle distinct snap, placed to “I” see”, fourth row is seated, hand that flagged, bottom of th screen, doesn’t wear a uniform, probably a trainee, recently arrived family member, other agent at “border patrol”, hand flagged at bottom, takes recon photos, readies for the operation, isn’t  with group of “Don”, yellow splotch, located behind the head, US President “Don” addresses the rows, describes the “people”, rapist with murderers, seated all in one group, statement made, addresses seated “people”, extended family members, “people” bring Grandma to the babies, entire families arrive, Chicanos with accents, “Gloria” with “Ohscard Arrdoyo”, included the other names, rrrr just right with ehray, “Don” speaks to the group, “Border Patrol illegal migrants, all as equals, inside one group, accepted as a “person” part of the “people”, in turn 

31:11 statement made “Don”,  “uh system is full, can’t take anymore, sorry folks, just can’t take anymore, so can’t take anymore, asylum you know “I” look at some of these asylum “people”, US citizen reader ready, termed an “asylum person”, significance of statement, perceived by the viewer, “sorry folks business is over, just couldn’t do it anymore, be patient await new management”

31:14 statement made “Don”, “they gang members”, “Don” talks “they gangstas”,  computer generated, intonation placed, canned “Bronx wise guy”,

31:16 statement made “Don” “they gang members, they aren’t afraid of anything”, what a compliment, “rough” with “tough”, aren’t scared of anything”,

31:18 statement made “Don”, “they” have lawyers there meeting “them”, “they” read what the lawyer tells “them” to read, gang members,

31:24 statement made “Don”, “….”them” to read, gang members, “they” say “I” fear for “my” life,  I da “they’re” the ones causing fear for life” backwards fiddle, group doesn’t cause fear for “life”, doesn’t have significance, low level intellect, description needs interpretation, wrong how is worded, statement should been, “group causes fear for others lives”, conditions the viewer, associate with “them”,

31:25 statement made “Don”, “it’s” a scam ok, “it’s” a scam, “it’s” a hoax, “I” know about hoaxes, “I” just went thru a hoax”, placed canned laughter, worded is the statement, serves backwards riddle, someone doesn’t “go” thru a hoax, possibly experienced a hoax,  conditioned the viewer, associate with “it”, doesn’t have significance, unless properly used, word “it” shouldn’t be repeated, unless quite clear what is “it”, given a name, after further described, if not “it” becomes in significant, ambiguous such as “them”,

32:00 statement made “Don”, used the term “America”, every country in the western hemisphere, qualifies as in the Americas, US is the Border, US is the Territory, US are the citizens, A are the citizens, everywhere in the Americas,  term ICE, used for US Immigration, completely unacceptable, CBP noticed the uniforms, Mexico Federal Police, use the same scheme, same color, looks quite similar, CBP uniforms, abbreviation is vivid, US isn’t noted, CBP has no significance,

31:41 statement made “Don”, “so “our” “system” is “full”, not enough description, very low level intellect, “our” interpreted is “United States of America”, “system” interpreted is “US Immigration with Naturalization”, complete US Immigration “system”, termed as such “full”, needs be “overloaded”, used can be “strained to capacity”, could be “strained to over capacity”, continued should been, “due to the overload, all illegal migrants, are immediately transported, deported back to the nearest US Border Cross, reprimanded as with sent back, turn of the turnstile, back in Country of Mexico, deportation papers in hand”, farce is the issue, “full” is not the “system”, “full” due to the legislation, made for an open invitation, Executive Decree, could terminate the legislation, flash of a signature, act nullified, no more gang threats, nor domestic abuses, petitioners not allowed, no more such excuses, immediate deportation, with transportation, nearest US Exit Port, could be achieved, resolved within a minute, argued about for years, in need of assistance, give a read 



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