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Proof is Computer Generated US President "Trump" Part III

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Analyst Assessment

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video clip    

NBC News

Title: Watch Live Trump Participates in Immigration and Border Security Roundtable

posted April 5, 2019

air time: 52:02


31:43 “we’re” not taken ehm anymore”, pretend gangster, canned “Bronx “wise guy”,  who exactly is “we”, viewer perceived USA, “Don” speaks in “we”, “he” with imaginary friend, not acceptable in office,  suffer from such a mental disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, sufferers of the mental sickness, talk in the third person, in reference to self, usual use the “we”, explain in the abstract “you”, what more needed, reader turned Revolutionary, obvious is the problem, tyranny has taken over, mental disordered individuals, highest security clearances, under know type of oversight, every action hidden, placed under a seal, US National Security, rise up don’t allow, robbery of citizenship, partnership in the territory, Confederate States of America, traditions from the past, traditional to the land, with out Yankee Sam, queerest of all the land, placed in command, traditions worth kept, fornicator low moral style, no longer practiced, end of Yankee vile style, how low can the morals go, gone forever left in the history, understood to be never repeated,


31:43 computer generated, mouthed “we’re” out”, stated “we” can’t do “it”, “we” can’t do it, “you” know “you” can go up to a point, but “we” can’t do it anymore”, statement when worded “point”, panamimed with hands, showed a space between, viewer needs to interpret, two hands positioned apart, shown in between, depicted is a space, stated confrontation, between two sides, now time is to fight, nothing else left to do, computer generated, US President, turned to the left side of screen, appears to be busy, have a personal word, chat a bit with “Chief” “Gloria”, though doesn’t, looks hard to the right side of the screen, talks one on one, with an unnamed individual, ridiculous performance, computer generated, deception orchestrated farce, diminish the importance, reduce the status, US Presidency


32:08 thru      same exercise, “illegal migrants” replace when heard is “people” when described is “family”, re engineer comments, replace with “illegal migrant units”, “illegal migrant adults, accompanied by illegal migrant children”, “people” aren’t “let into” the territory, 126,000 illegal migrants, apprehended shortly after arrival, on US Territory, processed by US Immigration with Naturalization, after a brief detention, no longer deemed “illegal migrant”, were allowed to temporarily immigrate, reason for allowance to remain, petitioner for refugee status, given is asylum , used as an amnesty, approved for temporary stay, allowed to reside in the United States of America, temporary residents, are not allowed to gain employment, “refugees” are given checks, entire existence paid, medical benefits to clothes, due to arrive the crisis, will be such an influx, refugee “illegal migrant,  subjected to confined areas, anytime an outbreak of measles, mump or the fungus, appears in the vicinity, frequented by recent arrivals, US Congress passed legislation, illegal migrant termed refugee, huge crisis has unfolded, needed is to terminate, retract the legislation, Citizen of the US, continues oblivious to the details, doesn’t understand the issues, due to the incessant programming, can’t think logically, await further instruction, sent in the form of “you”, pick up the fiddle, again play the tune,


32:15 statement made “unnamed”, official for US Immigration, “our detainment facilities”, issues with the dialogue, anatomies California detainment facilities, or “Homeland Security” detainment facilities,


32:25   “at the “border crossing” daily, “families” are being released, with nothing more, than a notice to appear”, stated should been,  occurrence at the “Calexico” US Port of Entrance Facility”, stated should been, “illegal migrant units, adults with children, allowed to return, remain on the US side of the US Border region, upon own recognizance, carry with them US Immigration with Naturalization documentation”, due to the reception, termed as a refugee, instead of deported as an illegal migrant, has back loaded the US Immigration court system, again reiterated, US Congress legislation, needs to be repealed, terminated before worsens the crisis, no more domestic abuse, no more gang threats, allowed for petition cases, not given refugee status,


32:34 statement made US Immigration official, “we” need” again on the same level, equal in power with US President, public again associated, identified with “we”, placed “Don” in the group, approved of the removal, stripped of power, ended the US Presidency, conditioned to loose citizenship,


32:34 statement made US Immigration official, “we” need the funding and the authority to detain these individuals, during “our” immigration proceedings”, abruptly shifted gears, next phrase heard, received canned “happy voice, good idea given, just a suggestion”

significance of statement, condition the public, theme understood, group of speaker, US Immigration official, when stated “we”, worded phrases “our”, didn’t associate self, isn’t connected with team A, leadership in team B, asks for approval, understood is other, prelude is a set up, accept autonomous California, “we” with “our”, didn’t ask for much approval, soon won’t need any,

“Florida’s settlement act” as “you” know have…”, not familiar with the act, concealed in the act, detrimental is for the public, if not would be explained, instead of slipped in, listened further, statement is a cover, “creates poles”, panamimed action, between Chicanos with Caucasians, when moved hand, chicano to the right side of screen, moved back with forth, called attention to group, identified as chicano, represented  the group, US Immigration official, presenter is a Caucasian,


32:50 computer generated action, chicano agent, scratches face, calls attention, reminds is another, other of the “illegal migrants”


32:51 statement made, US Immigration official, “we” must amend these outdated laws”, should been, “noted again is the need, outdated ill legislated US Immigration laws, need to be amended, better yet some repealed”,  


32:52 backwards riddle “that have created pole factors, that basically “incentivized”, illegal migrants to cross the border by the thousands everyday”, statement stated “that have created poles, that basically “incentivized”, doesn’t have significance, described better needs be word “poles”, statement used word “incentivized”, rubbish English, “gave incentive”, is the proper use, other version makes confusion, works as a backwards riddle, picked up the fiddle, “we” must amend these outdated laws,to detour the illegal immigination and to prevent the effective operation, “our” legal immigration system” statement should been, “ to not hinder the effective operation, US Immigration legal system”, use of word “prevent”, effectively prevents the operation”, requested was the termination, US Immigration legal system, California will be granted autonomy, intent is to condition the public, accept the new measure, picked up the fiddle, will play the tune to do so, “illegal immigration”, needs be termed “illegal migration”


32:59 “America” is also facing a public safety crisis” shifts gears, planted the idea, needed is “prevent the effective operation, of the US Immigration legal system”, on to the next, no longer in the abstract, slang term used for nation, called by name “America”, didn’t continue with “our” country”, viewer enters into analytical thought process, name use of “America”,


33:01 statement made USICE Official, “ice” has had to reassign hundreds of our officers to the “border”, limiting “our” ability to arrest remove criminal aliens, gang members, and public safety threats, from “our” communities”, statement is to condition, “ice” such as “border patrol”, separate from “US”, statement made “ice” has had to reassign hundred of “our” officers” , needs be stated, “ice” has had to reassign hundreds of officer to the US Border”,  statement use of “our”, separates the presenter, from the employer entity, USICE, statement use of  “our”, affiliates the officers, with the group of “our”, given is the officers, due to been reassigned, obvious pertain to the entity USICE, inappropriate is the “our”, done with the intent, program the viewer, accept multitude of officials, will brake away, USICE, will no longer exist, one group with antonomous California, other with “Homeland Security”, probably will term country “America” use a flag, similar what is placed, behind the leader, president “Don”, regardless of the titles, same group in control, changed from a “democracy”, converted to a “private entity”, formed will be, limited liability corporations, absolved of responsibility, complete loss for the citizen, country name, significance of a yester year, low quality imported product, nonexistent business, due to went bankrupt, another after another, made the same product, nothing near as good, been the original product, made by the known brand, lasted for decades, name went away, product no longer the same, inferior in almost everyway, Country of USA, about to go away, citizen won’t be US, lost the title, “America” is anyone in the “Americas”, time to rise up, grab the guns, go get something, do some hunting, Armageddon, were Rebels get a get their getten, go get something, quit with the hesitation, tick tock almost down to seconds, still left a moment, continue with the read, keep in mind, necessary at the end, over is the analyst assessment, time to decide, opt to be on a side, revolutionaries rise up, confront the US Government, Federal to Local levels, known is the objective, get out there hit the hit, till there is nothing left to get, Revolutionaries Revolt, act swift without hesitation, Rebels rise up, take to action,   


33:10 statement made USICE  Official, “just in the fiscal year two2018, ICE arrested approximately 10 thousand gang members, including 2 thousand, that were the members of 31SM gang”, absolutely ridiculous, name one of the groups, no need to place again the name, gang problem been around, nearly long as the drug problem, war on drugs, now war on gangs, no just a “war” on one gang, repeated again over again, name of the gang, condition the public, accept as notorious, made out to be more, what really is, if Yankee Sam, wanted to terminate, end the 31SM gang problem, use of proxy governments, Country of El Salvador, Country of Honduras, Country of Guatemala, Country of Mexico, any gang member, tattoo with the group, in the street executed, death squads clean the neighborhoods, terminate the US Congress legislation, gang threats with domestic abuse excuse, carry out operation “Condor” Part II, instead of “communists”, cleanse away gang members, reader don’t be fooled, Yankee Sam, has the means, doesn’t act due to doesn’t coincide, gangs further the agenda, convenient drug addicted foe, doesn’t go far, easily is controlled, acts out of being immoral,  spins out of control, network isn’t organized, doesn’t dominate the business, money with the goods, Yankee Sam, confiscates nearly everything, allows players to operate, do so for a while, again take a tumble, gains picked up, Yankee Sam, top level clearance holders, fill personal coffers, don’t need to explain, US National Security, protected behind a seal, gang “name”, will be used, placed on the front lines, act as the militant front, Barrie’s group, located in autonomous California, planned is to fail, Yankee Sam, will be defeated, US Armed Forces, US Law Enforcement, will not defeat gang “name”, long as even one member operates, organization functions, war not over, victory not gained, defeated by one gang, if declared been, war on the “gang problem”, would have been seen, curbed violence, reduced drug flow, positive advancements, war on one group, bound for defeat, US Armed Forces, US Law Enforcement, demoralize the United States of America,


33:19 statement made USICE official “we” also seized over million pounds of narcotics, including 27 hundred pounds of fentenal”, “fentenal” is such as “MS-13”, shouldn’t have been mentioned,  imported year 2018, 40 tons of heroine, into the US Territory, nearly 40 times as much heroine, doesn’t receive a mention, made also of opium, considered an opioid problem, mention is ridiculous advertisement, drug named fentenal, promulgate the problem, associate opioid with fentenal, increase the use,  statement made, “million pounds of narcotics”, doesn’t have significance, how much cocaine, how much methamphetamine, how much heroine, how much “illegal” marijuana, needed to be mentioned,


33:24 statement made USICE Official, “any reduction in these vital law enforcement efforts creates a unnecessary and unacceptable risk in “our” communities, and for “our” citizens, “I” appreciate “your” time “sir”, ended statement, presenter turned hand, sign language sent, canned “it wasn’t much”,  intonation placed, “reduction” received, canned “being told off” reader give some thought, who is “our” citizens, why not US citizens, are “you” part of “our”, something give thought, will the country, remain as one, with continued use of “our’, ask selves “who” made the production, computer generated deception, feel a bit bitter, about been duped, don’t be a fool, bring about a solution, join up with the Revolution,


33:32 statement made “Don”, “you” know, “you” mentioned…” again used is trickery, viewer opens statement, uses phrase “you” know, viewer must interpet, “so from what I understand”, in order to interpret, must associate to “you”, statement made, very next words, “you” mentioned, viewer in the abstract, able to understand, need to shift, significance of “you”, interpret is “another”, “other” in the group, statement should been, “so from what I understand, as mentioned Agent “name” …” reader go ahead, stay in place, some more moments, couple more than a few, more assessment to do, go ahead continue, before the end, more than a few, going to be difficult, not to open up, already grabbed the guns, headed for the truck, perhaps the trunk, why bother, under the seat tucked, one on the lap, another in the consul, already headed down the road, bit more to go, stay with the assessment, final will reach the end, stop went the clock, nor more the tick tock, time been to hop, already down the trail, hit that hit till nothing left to get, until victorious is the Revolution,


  “Don”, “you” know, “you” mentioned fentenal,  so you know “we’re” working on a  trade deal with China, that’s part of “it” “they’ve” agreed” pause “to essentially not goen to be sending “it”, enter into backwards riddle, “criminalize “it’s” not criminalized right now, and “they’ehr” going   classify “it” in such a way that it is very hard to send, make, and a lot of other things so “we” have some pretty good things, coming on” statement made, use of the word “it”, done with the intent, program the viewer, slight of hand with the words, any who choose, re engineer the phrases, replace “it” with a name, replace “they” with Country of China, or Government of China, replace “we” with United States of America, take a look, do a review, perceive the difference, between the two , statement made, conditions the viewer, “they’ve” correlates to “we’ve” , deeds done by “they”, have positive effect, over the US Government, due to been agreed upon, chosen to be achieved, acted upon by “they”, are in control, take action cause effect,    


 33:50 computer generated action, “Don” panamimed, put hands separated apart, sign language, canned “compacted” viewer accepts, shortened version explanation, due to panamimed “compacted”, repeated is the action, bee already viewed, been pointed out the “wall”, referred to the “border”, reference to fentenal, national crisis declared, Executive Power, illegal is “fentenal”, fast as document is drawn, placed is the signature, within due time, added to further legislation, ended in immediate, crisis termed over, how supposed to function, Country of USA, 


33:50 statement made “Don”, “we” have some pretty good things, coming on because “it” comes a lot of “it” “I” guess most “it” comes from China, and President  Xi, “himself” told “me” “they”, are going to and “we” have an agreement, “they” have already started, so “that’ll” help “you” a lot”, statement made “good things, coming on because “it” comes a lot of “it” “I” guess a lot of “it”, serves as a backwards riddle, three continuous phrases, three continuous use of “it”, completely un acceptable, done with the solo intent, use of heavy psychiatry, condition the viewer, after the three uses of “it” tied that with United States of America, due to first mentioned “we”, transitioned to “it”, tied to “I”, US President, due to three uses of “it”, viewer  caught up in the riddle, ready to pick up the fiddle, “comes from China, and President Xi, “himself” told “me”, statement made, uses of Country name China, title with first name, given is name association, respect with use of title, evident who is known, President of China Xi, what happened, told the US President, one on one told the US President,

33:57 statement made “Don” “himself” told “me” “they”, are going to and “we” have an agreement, “they” have already started, so “that’ll” help “you” a lot”, statement made, intent is evident, place the former US citizen, under the leadership, multi national directorship, viewed as a partnership, former US Citizen, answer to other authorities,

such as China President Xi Xinping

should be noted, USDIA Agent Dim Earnhof,

born in May of '44, in Auschwitz Camp,

is aka USDIA Agent "Kam Lee"

Ancient City High School, Class ’62,

Mother was Ruth Valerie

Father was Alf Arch

born in 1908, at Lake Huron South Lock

is aka USDIA Agent Adolf Hitler       


34:00 statement made, “they” are going to and “we” have an agreement, “they” have already stated”, conditions the viewer, agreement such as contracts, must be met, are in a partnership, how much money, country of “we”, territory of “ours”, United States of America, indebted owed to China, isn’t much different, indebted owned by China, going to accept, such a plan, put into place, going to stay pace, sit there in place, jump into action, quit with the hesitation, stop with the anticipation, won’t take action, unless given instruction, sent in the form of “you”, understand with the Revolution, clear is the message, no instruction as the rubbish, passed off as English, placed to the clip, get with it, time to act, are receiving instruction, soon to appear, blow of the whistle, flash of the lights, set up the sites, house to house, inspections with gun confiscation, road blocks in every zone, no safe place to call home, feeling a bit hopeless, could of done so much, then nothing but stuck, taken away the guns, confined in an designated area, aboveground as with underground, different regulations, fast action set into place, now that have woken up, time to rise up, get out there go on the offensive, don’t be the sitting duck, hesitant doesn’t act, make things happen, part of the commotion, participate with sudden action, open up on the enemy, get out there Revolutionary,   


 34:03 statement made “Don”, “so that will help “you” a lot”, statement use of “you”, reference to border patrol Agent, given is the significance, China President, with US President, make decision for “you”, are over the US Border Patrol, again the viewer, caught up in the abstract, understands is good, China has say, plays a part, decisions made in reference, US Border Patrol


34:04 “some of “it” is coming right in “here”, right into Mexico, and then across so, uhm I think “we’re” gonna take care a lot “it” thank “you” very much” , Ole Bienvenido a Mexico, autonomous region of California, grouped with narcos, drug cartels from the north, Country of Mexico, drug cartels, wll fight Country of Mexico, District Federal, narco cartels in the north, will be included in the group, considered part of the “vanguard”,  autonomous region California, part of the vanguard, included into the group, norteno drug cartels, with gang “name”, gets much mention, don’t choose to name, state another time, name spins in the mind, psychological operation, part of the plan, soon take over, autonomous region California

34:04 US President, stated “here” is Mexico,  everyone enjoy the tacos, fire up the mariachi band, US President, territory handed over, computer generated, statement was stated, clear as day, even used slight of hand, panamimed action, hand motion of “Don”, sing language, canned “movement across the “border”, viewer is conditioned, interprets the slight of hand, adds to the comments, comes up with an opinion, what thought was heard, oblivious was conditioned, accept “here” is Mexico, when presence is in California, makes the significance, “California is part of Mexico”,


34:12 panamimed motioned, statement made “Don”, “please”, sign language, canned “go ahead introduce self before the group”, viewer needed to interpret, associated very strongly, entered into the abstract, understood a single word “please”, covered the issue, condition the viewer, accept not named officials, address the public, official wasn’t introduce, nor was filmed, hooded judge tribunals, future be no need, people will obey, orders from a screen, presented is the logo, “Homeland Security”, “move two steps back”, “were too close to the tracks”, incessant commands, any small infraction, received with reprimands,


34:12 thru 34:27 began to talk, unnamed official, camera slowly pans, while films appears, person more to the scene, when finally reaches the present, who talks the agent, entire while is unnamed, nor is viewed, done to condition, public to accept, orders from an entity, left unnamed, same while unidentifiable,


34:16 statement made BP Official,  “welcome to Calexico, “I’m” madethecamp”, intonation placed,  canned sigh, “ struggles, get up with gear on”, not clear enough the mention, if stated name, unclear is the phrase,


34:18 computer generated, oh how the pride shows, couldn’t put on more of smile, group in the spotlight, team chicano highlighted, “Chief” “Gloria”, looks as if will burst, much so very jubilant,


34:29 statement made border patrol Agent “unnamed”, computer generated action, places thumbs behind belt buckle, staged action, taken as an insult, cops show authority, put thumbs behind belt buckle, should been taken, viewed as a great insult, equivalent of flipped off, usurpation of power, authority over the US President, previous statement, “guns aren’t allowed”, time with again, duration of clip, guns displayed on hips, each  agent as appears in the screen, no worry for the security, US President,


34:32 statement made border patrol Agent “no name” “the influx of people especially from Central America,” come on people, US Citizen, non existant in the discussion, time again over, “illegal migrant” termed “people”,

“it’s” completely overwhelming” canned “complains”, ethnic intonation, canned “chine chuse” chicano accent”, highlight the divide, between the two groups, non caucasians versus caucasians,


34:37  “influx of people from Central America, are completely overwhelming “our” agents and “our” agency”, how is in the group, rapist and murder accuser, isn’t in the group of “our”, when spoken by a hispanic,


34:42 “the apprehension demographic, is completely different”, backwards riddle, “demographic of apprehensions, has completely changed”


34:44 “the majority of “our” arrests were from people from Mexico, backwards riddle,


34:47 picked up the fiddle, “now most those arrest are from Central America” subliminal code, gang “name” arrived, current is on the site,


34:53 “bring to “our” borders” territory of the US, has one continuous border, Pacific Ocean to Gulf of Mexico, when speaks a chicano, evident “our” border, significance isn’t the same, “our” border states, US President,


35:01 center of the screen, located is the screen, logo “homeland security”, condition the viewer, accept the screen, reader have interest, attention been obtained, ask selves why, such shoddy footage, population is indoctrinated, accept four images per second filmations, conference in Calexico, couldn’t position two or three cameras, in distinct locations, such as the old days, snip together the clip, computer generated, deceptive production, nothing but indoctrination, population give up nation, performance of “border patrol” Official “no name”, is almost a repeat, canned “complains”, canned “indignant”, another show of insubordinate, same while conditioned, viewer associate to “we”, understand thru use of “you”, feel are part of “ours”, country is about gone, time to act, don’t allow the theft, rise up revolt, kick off the Revolution,


35:07 “majority of “our” agents are assigned to traffic duties, processing duties, hospital watch”  shifted gears, “here” at El Centro Sector”, one out of three lost, not much noticed, first two in sequence, ended in “duties”, added was “hospital watch”, shifted gears, “here at El Centro Sector”, inaccurate is the statement, reader should ponder, US Border Patrol Agents, how many are assigned, work on “hospital watch”, what is a “hospital watch”, where is the employment carried out, city hospitals or at clinics, perhaps both, more of an explanation needed, “hospital watch”, phrase was included, intent to condition, about to arrive plague, epidemic major issue, didn’t know the epidemic, already had arrived, what is the reason for “hospital watch”,  reader should remember, begin of clip, pronounced was “sectrum”, then clearly enunciated “areas are s-e-c-t-o-r-s” after over a half hour, airs on does the clip, sector is boldly pronounced, included bold printed, side of the table clothe, public is conditioned, accept the term “sector”, if as always existed, counties turned into sectors,


35:16 are so many details, muffled sounds, actions of hands, body movement, tied to the dialogue, would take many more hours, court date on April 29, don’t have much time, tick tock ran up the clock, could get hauled off, anything determines the court, mental competency test, how much more abuse, going to be put thru, shouldn’t even be in court, am a US Federal Agent, since the year 1989, initially identified as so, now completely ignored as so, treated as nothing more, than an indigent criminal,


35:37 “that affects national security,” ridiculous amount of disrespect, how is schooled, US President, bake sale going to be next week, whose going to bring refreshments, how about the condiments, higher level at Boy Scout meeting, would show more respect, towards hierarchy members, chain of command set, or a parent would get upset, “Don” acts part of child, schooled by the others, senior members in the group, computer generated,  nearly everything in the production, not genuine been modified, turn about of the agent, made look certain way, doesn’t move naturally, moves computer generated, canned “walk as a cop”, light placed to butt of gun, highlighted guns, visible in the room, any moment quick draw, be a quick drop, moment other gone is “Don”, how could of happened, who lowered the security, announced only US Secret Service,  have guns nearby allowed, are the only ones, announced in the very conference, boldly state comments, don’t coincide with ethics, protocol of command, nor mutual respect,


35:56 border patrol official, “that’s an increase of 400 %” canned “being schooled”, one plus three, does sum to four, doesn’t need the math lesson, shouldn’t be informed, such a manner, talked down to explained, gone is the US Presidency, about to be removed, US Government,  replaced by China with Mexico, probably be some more, giving the orders, authorities over the former US Territory


35:53 thru 35:57 border patrol official, “what we are seeing is minors being exploited” hand with camera,, popped up at center bottom, entered the screen, focuses on “Don”, sweeps as covers, entire group of  “Don”, doesn’t film “Gloria” onwards, significance is “Don”, included group of “Don”, “Homeland Security”, nation of “America”, exploits as well as implants children, phrase mentioned when camera focused, along with swept,


35:58 camera person, took the shot, stalled at down, snapped the picture, sub conscious “took the shot”, suspect in assassination, another time takes recon photos, as been already mentioned,


36:10 “minors implanted into these “fake families”, intent to condition, acceptance minors receive implants, children nor youth, are termed implanted, when placed into a family unit, child could be inserted, placed into the family, child could be place with a family, child could be assigned, child could be recruited, child could be “used for cover, taken in by adults, together pose as family units, termed “illegitimate family units”


36:21 “what’s more troubling is these children range from a nine month infant, to a 14 year old,


36:28 statement made official, “Mexican Nationals”, received intonation, canned “happy voice”, approval from a group member, from right side of the room, side represents group of “Don”, heard was a hack, such type of cough, rudeness heightened, computer generated, low quality mic pick up, used is quite often, duration entire clip, canned “poor quality mic”, readers need to remember, mic quality could be near perfect, volume quality the same, accommodations, such as a make shift command center, set up during time of war, intelligence photos, placed on easels, located at each flank, two different groups, set is the stage, war room reports, production of clip, information value is not, intent is to program, sentences structured improperly, made to appear, fifth rate is the nation, United States of America, some of the remotest borders in the world, show better hospitality, china set on the table, ornate wreath placed in front of mics, foliage from the nearby areas, dusted off clothes, everyone on best behavior, cups of tea, ornate sugar cube holder, placed towards the center, table set proper, venue is a staged farce, nothing more than to deceive, should imagine in such way, reader needs to picture, “Don” removes the wig, peels off the mask, changes the dentures, looks a completely other man, compared to the other, found unrecognizable,  


36:34  “to exploit these loopholes, and these outdated immigration laws”, supposedly on the same side, subordinate with superior, explains the issues, regularly explains, US President, agent as speaks, canned “is at odds, tells off”, when should be the opposite, due to same phrases, “Don” mentions often, sub conscious of the viewer, primal instinct intonation, understood another version, complete other story, than the spoken words, reader make an attempt, listen to the presenter, stop the play, run the frame, three or four time, try to listen casual, try to tell if the couple get along, what is the tone going on, what’s the message perceived,


36:53 border patrol Official, “Mr. President “we” are in constant contact with consulates all over the world, in an attempt to verify, these family units, this task is nearly impossible, “we” don’t have the resources, or the logistics of what “it” takes to toto help us”


37:00 “we” need “your” assistance, “we” need additional “agents”, “we” need resources, “we” are completely overwhelmed, “our” “agents” and “our” “agency”, thank you for “your” assistance, intonation placed, first part of phrases, canned “pleads stressed urgency”, later turns to resentment, doesn’t want to act, US President, reader pay attention, listen only to intonation, understand the conversation, foreign language not known, what is the mood, who is in control, which has the upper hand, who is in command, take not in the clip, changes in accent, depends on the words, sign language, when thumbs the belt buckle, with when takes other stances, words associated to sign language, given thru the body movements,


37:08 statement made official “thank you for “your” assistance”, placed thumbs behind belt buckle, intonation placed, canned “you’ve been told”, usurps the power, authority of the leader, US President, breach of protocol, complete breakdown in command, structure is about to collapse, US Government, about to fall, flash speed taken over, wake up in a different country, taken over by foreign entities, such as China with Mexico, included multitude of others, United Nations, white helmets, deployed to the scenes, multinational coalitions,


37:09 US President, statement made “very good and “we’ll” take care of “it” ehn “I” agree with “you”, completely unacceptable, US Presidency, been taken away, soon to be announced, intonation which was presented, when said “I” agree with “you”, was been informed, due to been scolded, shameful performance, not one of those “we’s” in 37 minutes of clip, have been appropriate, everytime heard, another step closer, take away the US Presidency, about to announce the vacancy, “just couldn’t do it”, United States of America, went out of business, sudden placed other management, with countries such as China with Mexico in control, Atzlan turned California, incorporated into Northern Mexico, 


37:09 computer generated, movement significance, “cop on duty, shows authority”, made a deliberate turn, butt of gun highlighted,


37:28 thru 38:20  red dress presenter “when “you” want to come, “we” are going to roll out the red carpet,     if you’re an illegal migrant, “you” want to come to the United States, California is where “you” want to come, that causes a strain, not only on “our” tax payer, not only on “our”  

“our” law enforcement, “our” schools, “I” mean “it” is across the board, “it” is felt everywhere,  US President interjects  “and by the way, “it” makes “it” much  tougher for everybody, “they” pour into “these” areas, that sanctuary cities, are a disaster” red dress interject “yep”, US President, continues, “and they poor in places in California, “they” don’t want to be sanctuary cities, “they’re” actually asking not to be, a sanctuary city, exercise of the phrases, condition the public, accept an autonomous region California, associate to the “our” transition to the “they”, if “them” are “ours”, who are “they”, clever English rubbish, reader take note, cleverness in the wording, presenters would need practice, hours upon hours, talk in such a manipulative form, intended to confuse same while program, any who choose to listen, feel as if are informed, know next to nothing pertinent, reference to the issue, minds left full of nonsense, programmed to be in agreement , allow the takeover, give up the territory, Country of the United States of America


38:45 red dress, mic over volume, boom in the room, interrupts the US President, turn takes precedence, red dress, continues to talk, completely un acceptable, reader take note, red dress words, coincide with the agenda, promoted by “Don”, red dress intonation, canned “chastised” scolded the president, explains due frustration, acts as if isn’t understood, intonation perceived, not on the same team,


38:50  red dress statement, “ a lot of people, go to their city councils and demand”, reader take note, trickery used in the statement, compare with this version, “ a lot of Californian’s, approach their local city council members, and demand,” statement made red dress, condition the viewer, thought in the abstract, needed to interpret, “people” are “Californians”, remember should be, over again over, “people” are “illegal migrant”, transition to “US Citizen, included transition to “Californians”, associate to “they”, feel are a part of “them”, grouped in with “us”, share part of “ours”, times take part of “yours”, all in the abstract, viewer is conditioned, can’t think logically, subject to years of brainwashing, suffer lowered intellects, take not Revolutionary, in order to get away, not any longer be programmed, necessary is not to use the abstract, don’t use the hypothetical, attempt to phrase ideas, without the use of “you”, “we”, “they”, “us”, “ours”, any of the others, she nor he or it, any of the mentioned words, need to be first named, then used no more than two times, try never to use the abstract, stop with “you know”, use “I know”, stop to associate, live in the abstract, reality has become an illusion, blurred is the vision, about to loose nationhood, get off the programming, realize the clips, dialogue to the music, nearly everything, now since four decades, received heavy programming, more the time went on, higher level of toxicity, vile has become the style, “she” became a “dude”, due to been group, computer generated, again over again, termed a “guy”, in turn identified as dude, transsexuals placed out front,  leaders of the group, women associate as a man, if consider “him” to be “her”, included in “ours”, became one of “us”, now are the example, leader for the women, mental disordered males, pretend to be a “woman”, same happened to the men, similar type programming, curtailed to the male, led by transsexuals, bisexual queers as leaders, due to instruction, sent in the form of “you”, queer became leader, head of the group, Yankee America, queerest in all the world, where is more queer, which group practices, lower moral values, than Yankee American, enforcers of queer values, lower the moral values, viewed as favorable, how low can Yankee go, production is the show,


38:54 backwards riddle “there city council stated they would not become a….” bill with bob, both travelled abroad, he tripped, was quite hurt, bloodied his shirt, Bob’s injury, is not acceptable, who tripped needs to be named, if is not named, description inappropriately gets placed, description spins in the mind, listener needs to go into overdrive, attempt to attach the description, assumes where to apply, depend on the influences, lead up to the confusion, technique allows for use, placement of false accusations, listener left with a mis allocation, after the fact explanation, damage already done, description been abstractly placed, after the fact explained, condition the listener, accept falsehoods as truths, due to been conditioned, accepted to inappropriately associate the description, which didn’t actually have association, get ready to pick up the fiddle


39:00 red dress stated,   “because the legislature said no “we” are going to become a sanctuary state”, am a California resident, wasn’t aware place of residence, considered a “sanctuary state”, how does the California State Legislature, carry out legislation, if a legislator “states”, different than legislated, should been not stated, done to give the idea, passed is the legislation, approved made law, California is considered, legally a “sanctuary state”, picked up is the fiddle, “California is an official “sanctuary zone”,  red dress stated, “because the legislature said no “we”….” places the viewer, into the abstract, must interpret the word “we’, significance is “California State Legislator”, non identification of “legislature”, done to condition, legislatures exist, multitude of countries, reader needs to ponder, why the avoidance, name the entities, such as State of California, nor California State Legislature, nor California State Legislator, nor Citizen of California, nor Local City Councils, nor Local City Council Members, nor Local City Mayors, citizen of the USA, been stripped of identity, placed part of “ours”, grouped in with “we”, have lost the country, will live under other authorities,


39:04 red dress stated, “so “we” have the issue of drugs, which “everyone” “here” has spoken about “I” don’t need uhm add on to “it” “I” think “we’re” very clear on the problem, comes with the drugs”


39:08 red dress states, “and “we’re” very clear on the financial burden this places on this country, an and on “this” state,


39:14 red dress states “when “everyone” “else” in the world, say this is not a crisis, what I would say to “them”, Obama’s secretary, just “I” think last week, “Jay Johnson” said he cannot imagine, how these “agents” are managing, the border, and “that” is a crisis, so if “Jay Johnson” can acknowledge “it”, “I” would hope, that Democrats across “this” country, could acknowledge “it” as well”, anyone who believed, red dress performance, viewed as genuine, can’t hear the subliminal code, computer place intonation, probably emulate the same, bought the swamp, feel own park place, name “Jay Johnson”, wouldn’t matter what name, if were “Johnson Jay”, would matter about the same, does “Barrie” have a secretary, one for each day, or a different brief writer, Monday thru Friday, what does the maid, does have anything to say, bet has a gardner, along with a chef, also could have statements, “secretary” is insignificant, name association made, public “drops” names, methamphetamine addicts, chatter while “drop” names, feel as if are important, know such important names, US Citizenery the poplation, behaves much the same, reason for mention, statement made red dress, places “Barrie” current, still as if is in office, not viewed as a former, rather someone active, made part of the scene, if not would be forgotten, instead is brought up often,


39:36 thru 39:43  red dress states, “because what is happening, is Democrats, are saying “they” want to take “our” border, change “it” from a border to a crosswalk, and “we” cannot have that, intonation placed, canned “indignant”, times canned “declaration”, spoken in “we”, absolutely unacceptable, US President, “Don” the chump guest, just another in the group, often gets talked down to, reader take note, avoidance of name placement, presenters will not state, US Border nor USA, no mention US President “Trump”, odd when presidents, make campaigns, await to hav name, associated to the campaign, repeated  title with name,  usually done much more often, reader take notice, how half the country, thru the use of “our”, divided is ready to fight, nearly at all times, conditioned be a racist, aired in the programs, black with white repeated, programmed are primed, divided into two political groups, encouraged to bicker, fight at all times, divide the nation will fall, go ahead bicker on, soon to be nationless “people”,  reader turned Revolutionary, time to take action, act with a vengeance, furry harbored inside, revolt immediately rise up, don’t allow the takeover, about to happen, any given moment, population is conditioned, quarter million Iraqis, tossed weapons aside, most put hands in the air, hadn’t been confronted, joked about for years, citizen of the USA, conditioned to do the same, are about to give everything away,  stop to hesitate, get out there today, no difference day or night, give all go fight, rise up Rebel, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,


39:36 thru 39:43  red dress states, nation name avoidance, “our” border”, needs be US Border, reader take note, trickery used in the words, “they” the viewer, needs to associate, with “they” with “they”, B Team represented, red dress presenter, reference to self as “we”, didn’t use “I”, match the tone place, “we” was inappropriate, statement shouldn’t been made, if were to be made as in example, should been  “…and that cannot happen”, or “…and that no longer should be allowed”, or “…and that no longer can be tolerated”, statement made red dress, “Democrats” then used “they”, engineers phrases, intent is to condition, rather than convey viable information, take note of the association, “them” against “us”, is what the viewer, gained from the statement,

“because what is happening, is Democrats, are saying “they” want to take “our” border, change “it” from a border to a crosswalk, and “we” cannot have that”, now inappropriate theme, now view the difference, when no use of “it” nor “they” nor “we” author note, went to write, not going to spend the time, so inappropriate is the theme, troublesome state of affairs, nation about to be taken over, adults act as squabbling children, completely unacceptable, statement made red dress, troublesome the ignorance, “Team B” “they” said” sounds as if “Cindy” said, group with “Bobby” “we” feel a certain way, with “Cindy” don’t agree, don’t know how, yell thru use of words, furry felt inside, difficult to suppress, go along with the same, decade after decade, watch the charade, masqueraders with the acts, have on the top hat, population actually believes, rabbits are hatched, when pulled from the hat, wonderment can’t get over, magic act with the top hat, enthralled with the act, can’t get enough of the production, hash over themes, how rabbits hatch, are produced inside a hat, magician has a name, Yankee Sam, reader take note, mentioned before, imagine “Don” remove the wig, peel of the mask, swap out the dentures, place in some others, masqueraders on the set, “homeland security”, secretary wears a facial mask, high school degree, born same year as the author, lived in the same neighborhood, another of the pretenders, daily mask wearers, slip into one identity, out for dinner in another, later on one more, maybe even another, depends on the need, understand reader, leadership are actors, masqueraders daily pretenders, US Congress, senate with house, multitude of masqueraders, included a multitude, all share the same DNA, are from the same Bloodline, Family Clarke, can be proven quite easily, swab on the inside cheek, demanded rub faces clean, no fake noses, no partial nor full facial masks, understand yet reader, system is complete farce, masqueraders at a police department, have the author backed in a corner, tick tock times run up, too many health conditions, place on a short list, take up too much the report, need able men to join the posse, demand transparency, demand an investigation, hold the masqueraders responsible, don’t allow the theft, about to take the nation, Redding Police Department, is an extension, Shasta Dam Facility, USDIA, Command Center, 80,000 square feet, placed in the center of the dam, in daily operation since 1946,  80 names, placed 1963 November 22, State of Texas, City of Dallas, “John Kennedy” Assassination, taken were fingerprints, were all on site, all are active officials, placed current date, Redding Police Department, understand yet reader, difficult is the situation, man on last leg, heart attacked over again over, four aneurisms, broken back, given no type of health care, healed improperly, chronic pain, can’t yell loud enough, place in words, furry felt inside the rage, come join the posse, not going to say please, tired of again made another plead,


39:36 thru 39:43  red dress states, use of “because what is happening” is derogatory the significance, makes known, US President, spends time in office, completely unknowledgeable, gets informed in such way, indignant talked down to tone,


40:06 pop sound, acts as a trigger, placed into a heightened state, next words are absorbed,


40:06 statement made “Don”, “Florida’s courts decisions, Florida’s decision is a disaster” improper to repeat twice “Florida”,  if worded as is ignorant, statement should been, “Florida State Court decisions, are a disaster”, what the viewer understood, disaster is the system, included disagreed harbors resentment, US President, doesn’t get along with Floridians, ignorant is the statement, nothing on part of the Team “US Government”, is ever to be considered, stated in a way derogatory, do so brings down the entire group, is the intention, soon to go away, no more country USA, repeated by the leader, US President, words such as “terrible”, “disaster”, “horrible”, on with on uses other slurs, viewer associates the slurs, with the entire system, precisely is the intention, statement uses low intellect, in turn who listens, due to the trickery, takes on the same style, go around program each other,  behave at a low intellect level, what’s on the mind, manifest in the actions,  about to give away own nation, dance clap hands, every generation, tattooed doing the Yankee Gyration, await their next fornication, Yankee fornication gyration, affected every generation, rotted out the population, degraded the society, time to regain some pride, go do the business right, Rebel rise up, shine for the occasion, liberate the Republic, Confederate States of America, Alamo gained, placed as the Capital


 40:08 statement made “Don”, “I” have to tell you uh Judge Flores “whoever” “you” “might” “be” , that decision is a disaster for “our” country”, come on readers, time to enter into the streets, go ahead take the copies, continue to read, while with the team, joined up with the Revolutionaries, statement made “our” country, spoke by the US President, what will be next, block by block, dispersed are the cops, door to door knock, no answer not a problem, special measures, new regulations in place, arms registered, anywhere near the residence, door knocked down, confiscate the guns, residents hauled off, preemptive measures, get out into the streets, don’t allow the takeover, sweep clean the territory, be part of history, make a name, family part of the lore, foundation of the country, Confederate States of America,


40:09 thru 40:20  “…disaster for “our” country, a disaster, and “we’re” working on that”, action made, US President, turned looked har, towards left side of the screen, address directly, previous presenter, doesn’t state name, statement continues, “but “I” just want to thank “you” great job “you’re” doing, really appreciate “it”, “really” “we’re” gonnagetit, taken care of”, shifts gears, US President, looks towards camera,


sidenote: May14, 2017, US Copyrighted, Book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, “if a person, looks into the camera, identifies with the public, if looks away, interest is where is watched, associates with the group”, usually left side on the screen, when exists an audience, presenter makes eye contact, looks to the left side, where perceived group, associated with presenter, advocates are seated, more watches to the left, directed are the words, more exclusive to the group, viewer watches the screen, understands if identifies, seated is on the left side, when presenter makes address, looks towards the left, viewer was personally addressed, member in the group, instructed what to do, often is in the abstract, entered into the illusion,


40:09 thru 40:20 actions made, US President, show is subservient, address directly, indignant previous presenter, US President, stated “we”, imaginary friend with self, US President, would work on that, equilvalent of “yes mam, e right with you mam, have that finished is jif, sorry for the error, be right there, won’t happen again” accepted learned lesson, been schooled, US President

Citizen of the US, no longer uses the title, prefers the term “our” country, Yankee Sam, didn’t program the use of “my” country, one day Yankee will awake, ask where is “my” country, Yankee Sam, will answer back, “our” country went away, “your” country is “ours”, arrived a lot of company, “our” country has another name, due to “your” country, was over run by “people”, “you” such as “them”, needed a territory, “people” treated the same, “we” are all equal, “people” all in “our” nation, “we” are not alone, “we” share food, shelter with spending money, share “we” do, what a country “we” have, “our” nation “we” the “people”, who chose take the “they”, gave away title of USA, took on name “our” country, in turn gave away, handed over the entire place, Yankee Sam, has on the top hat, does the magic act, rabbit pulled from the interior, how the crowd roared, always wanted more, slight of hand, robbed the nation, Yankee Sam, have a question, how does it feel, be an “our” associate, “we” partner with the “us” magicians, Yankee Sam, might still be a bit confused, if await further description, could be described, thru use of the word “you”, instructed further what to do, better though not to, something to give thought, remain Yankee maybe not, time to rise up Revolutionary, get out there hit the hit, till nothing left to get, go get to getting,


40:24 statement made “Don”, “Kevin “yours” statement made President “Kevin” “yes very quickly Mr. President, just want to echo Secretary “Neilson”, and Chief “Chavez” thank you, for coming “down” to see “us”, sound effect “ SCHCK”, statement continued President “Kevin” “most our “men” and “women” talk about the progress “we” are making, and “you” will see that with the resources that “you” supported for the “border”, with General “Semenite” “team’s” assistance, “that” “wall” is formidable, “it’s” making an impact in “this” community, in this sector, where “we” need to continue to work with congress on improving the laws, as “you” noted “we” need partnership from Mexico, on “these” flows, in attacking the criminals exploiting the “individuals” and really “ones” profiting from “this”, entire cycle, anduh “I” just wanted to thank “my” “men” and “women”, who do a tremendous job “here” everyday, “I” am very very proud of there commitment, even though “they’re” facing extreme challenges, “you” know, thank you,

41:02  “Don” rudely interrupted, talked over President “Kevin”, statement made “Don”, “the casting “I” have never seen a group of “people” like this, everybody is in perfect shape, and “you’re” proud of what “you” do, or “you” wouldn’t trade places with “me” for anything, “I” know that right, “you’re” smart don’t do “it”, don’t do “it”,


41:15 thru 41:42, statement made “Don”, used “you” again over again, associated “you” with “we”, reverted back to “you”, described to another group, present at the table, exist two groups, “you” with the “we”, condition the viewer, accept the two groups, divided in two the USA,


41:42 statement made “Don”, “I” don’t think “anyone” ever has expressed “it” like “that”, but “I’m” expressing “it” like that”, serves as backwards riddle,


41:42 panamimes with hands, shows a gap, hands of “Don”, primal instincts, viewer reads the sign language, tries to understand verse, statement made “when “it’s” full “it’s” full”, moved hands apart, sign canned “broken”, sign “too full” would be hands together, opposite of gesture, held further apart, mean filled over out, instead of door shut,


41:42 statement made “Don” “when “it’s full, “it’s” full, “you” can’t take ehm, “they” go back to Mexico, and Mexico will bring “them” back to “their” country


41:54 statement made “Don”, “ok or if “they” are Mexican, “istja” a step easier frankly, and again over the last four days, Mexico’s been very nice, ok”


42:00 statement made “Don” “soistja “you” made a point very interesting, but “you” can’t take them, “you” can’t take them, there’s nothing “you” can do, ok,


42:11 statement made “Don” “I” would like to “maybe” end, by having a man that’s really been a help, and that’s “Kevin McCarthy”, and “you” can speak for “you”, on behalf of “your” great representatives,  that are “here” with “you”  


42:12 statement worded “help” sound made, canned “female cough”, subliminal code sent, reminder “women” helped,


42:18 statement made “Don” “anduh maybe “you” could stand up say a few words “Kevin” cuz “you’ve” been very much at theuhuh forefront of this fight, and “you” love “this” “state”, very much”  readers take note, trickery used in the omittance, avoidance of the use, State of California, Country of USA, 50 states, termed “this” state, computer generated, sent subliminal code, any doubts is computer generated, nearly every word, placed to the movements, included background sounds, 


42:18 Army Corps of Engineers “General”, acted quite rude, canned “mic quality needs improved” sound picked up, broadcasted quite boldy, glass moved on table, motion was the notion, go ahead continue,  order given  the leader, US President,


42:30 statement made “Kevin” whose congress, California State Congress,


42:35 statement made “Kevin” “we” wanted to thank “you”, uhm anyway, “you’re” on the “front line”, “Kevin” wasn’t properly introduced, nor was position held identified, intelligence analyst, soon to open, when begins the war, ready to give the reports, invited into the brief room, reader take note, poor quality of filmation, two nor three cameras, just one fixed camera, needs to sweep, when begins to speak, “Kevin” isn’t seen, takes time to appear,  ignorant statement made “you’re” on the “front line”, term is reminder of war, US President, doesn’t need to be told, described to the location, again talked down to, US President, should know the location, where chosen to go,


43:17 statement made “Kevin” “we will work with this “president”,  reader take note, something the ignorance, US Government, “will” work with the US President, named in way “this president”, no name placed, president no name, statement should been, “as an employee of the CIA, am authorized to instruct, US Border Patrol, agents will provide service, under the directorship, included leadership, President “Trump”,


43:20 statement made “Kevin” “we will work with anybody that wants to solve the problem” perhaps with President “Barrie”, antonymous region of California,


43:21 statement made “Don”, “thanks, appreciates that”


43:33 statement made “Don”, “I’m” sayin to “them” panamimed motioned, towards the seated audience, “because “you” people all get “it”, places viewer, dependant on interpretation, verse isn’t used, percieve the sign language, simple arm motion, interpreted to mean, “US Border Patrol Agents, seated in the room, attendees of the conference” , viewer in the abstract, associated with the word “you”, in turn needed to interpret, “US Border Patrol Agents, understand some of the issues, pertain to US Immigration, statement made, causes confusion, serves as a backwards riddle


43:36 picked up the fiddle, instructed the tune, statement made “Don” “it’s” the “dumbest” “thing” “anybody’s” ever heard”, viewer again, listens a derogatory term, used to describe the US system, versed by the leader, US President,


43:46 computer generated accentuated, statement made “Don”, “pick ehm out”, annunciated given sharp fidelity, followers of “Don”, will holler “pick ehm out”,


44:26 statement made “Gloria”, stated ethnicity stressed, “Cesar Arroyo” highlight the differences, remembrance rapist with murders, attendees all together, placed as one conference, USDIA, psychological operation, tie the phrase, murders with rapist, in connection with US Presidential Candidates, state such campaigners, do almost anything, rape as with murder, repeated thousands of times, description place on the leader, bit of friction in the room, divided into two group, headed by a defunct government, headless at the top, due to terminated the presidency, population practiced disrespect, been programmed to do so, now is almost over, new management, about to be announced, everyone further locked down, more oppressive than anything ever before, had more than enough, rise up Revolutionary,


44:26  actions made “Gloria”, canned “brushed away flies”


44:26 thru 45:10 statements made “Gloria”, ignorant story, better for the neighborhood get together, maybe at the next barbque, inappropriate for an official Presidential address, statements made, equivalent of a psychiatry session, patient envision a beach, place self on the surface, describe the scene, statement made “Gloria”, viewer places self in the ditch, given details in sequence, will be able to pass interrogation, if can remember, details are able to juggle, every item tied to detail, US Customs, asks the questions, removes an object, suspect stands at the counter, Customs Agent, after removes ten or so items, each placed on the counter top, moment to the next, clears off the counter, or obstructs the view, can’t be seen the objecst, backtracks on the story, tell me reader, how many people are in the vehicle, included a how many month old, Friday was the birthday, or was the birthday another day, been both days in one, how many more details, hadn’t mentioned Friday, now further goes the interrogation, secondary room taken, statement made “Gloria”, intent is to program, viewer enters the abstract, placed self in the ditch, envisioned the scene, more human became “Cesar”, birthday man with a helping hand, strike up the band, waiters dawn hats, sing to the birthday man, Cesar make way, continue on to the dinner, what kind of restaurant, was the cuisine Mexican, do like the chicken enchiladas, does Cesar wear a cowboy hat, drive a pick up truck, top notch act, US Border Patrol, Citizen of the USA, well informed,  all stuck in the ditch, living in the illusion, come to think more, prefer the tacos, carne asada, with some pico de gallo, maybe some carnitas with salsa verde, difficult to decide, already ordered the side, some rabano with zanahoria, Citizen of the US, sure knows the issues, handles the problems, just right on top, present to do the job, plays the fool everyday, not just once in a while, going the extra mile, who prefers a taco also, imagine in the car, box of doughnuts, birthday sprinkles, rainbow colored, atop each decorated morsel, box of twelve, does make dozen, how many would be left, Cesar already ate two, who was included, seated back of the vehicle, let go if can remember, answered to slow, detainment time to go, continue with the show, reader get out of the ditch, back onto the road, Cesar made way to dinner, completed another birthday, now can be relieved, stay with the read, out of the ditch, continue with the assessment,


44:26 thru 45:10 computer generated intonation, canned “welcome to class, the new student’s name is “Cesar”, everyone say hi “Cesar”, schooled as acts the fool, US President,


45:04 statement made “Gloria”, “all four” were pulled to safety to the bank, while “others” got there to help “them”, and assisted, but “it” was “his” actions, serves for a backwards riddle, statement us of “but”, makes a negative, included with a positive, reverse and forward, used at the same while, use of “all four” , “others”, “them”, names needed placed, such as all four passengers, “others”  named as bystanders, or passerby, non identification, makes for confusion,


45:04 statement made “Gloria” served as the fiddle, uhm truly reflect, character of what a border patrol agent is, and I” wanted to recognize “his” actions today”, “his” needs be Agent “Arroyo”, “I” wanted to recognize” places “Gloria” apart, separate from the group, Chief “Gloria” acted, statement could been, “acts of courage displayed by Agent “Arroyo”, reflect the character, of what US Border Patrol Agents are, commended today, are the actions of Agent “Arroyo”, thank you “Cesar”, fiddle picked up, was the disrespect, exclusion of the leader, US President, inappropriate placement, given to the level of Chief “Gloria”, places as just another, other in the group, US President,


45:35 no guns allowed, near the leader, US President, just the US Secret Service, take note of the gun, highlighted on the hip, used by Chief “Gloria”, condition the people, security doesn’t any longer matter, such as doesn’t much matter any longer, US President, guns present, while is spoken to rudely, “we” shared power with, canned intonation, schooled as a child, done by gun toting agents,


45:39 statement made “Gloria”, heavy ethnicity, placed to pronunciation, highlight the divide, invited “Carlos Lara”, someone should investigate, doubt exists “Carlos Lara”, nor “Cesar Arroyo”, nor “Oscar Orroyo”, all with the letter “r”, highlight the divide, where is Sanchez, how about Lopez, maybe Diego, or Diaz,  exists good chance, agents named don’t exist,


45:44 statement made “Gloria”, “Carlos witnessed an “individual cross the “border” illegally, jump into an irrigation canal, and immediately took action, to also jump in” statement made, worded should been, “Agent “Lara” witnessed an “illegal migrant” illegally cross over the US Border, Agent “Lara” as did Agent “Orroyo”, Agent “Lara” immediately took action, attempted to apprehend the suspect, startled tried to flee, entered into an irrigation ditch” use of the statement  “immediately took action, to also jump in” serves as backwards riddle, “also jumped in” previous story is over, if is included, necessary is re interject, “same as Agent “Orroyo”,  use of “also”, when listened confuses,


46:00 statement of “Gloria”, use of the word “individual”, US Border Patrol “Agent” is the same, significant as “illegal migrant”,


46:05 statement made “Gloria” intonation placed, canned “chastised”, statement worded “and that day “he” went thru, an extreme hardship”, knocked hand on table, when stated “hardship”, mallet on the wood, control of the room, make known the frustration, words if analyzed, show a different story, almost the opposite, intonation worded, primal instinct interpreted, “Gloria” with “Don”, two are at odds, statement should been, “Agent “Lara”, in taking action, endured great hardship”


46:06 statement made “Gloria”, use of the word “him”, makes for confusion, individual male illegal migrant, termed as “he”, US Border Patrol agent, termed as the same, commended actions, shown is little respect, first names are unacceptable, duration of the conference, titles with last names, nothing else stated, used for a name, statement made, exercise of the session, equilvelate the two groups, “individuals” are “people”, “they” are “them”, “he” such as “individual”, “he” “Cesar” is an “individual”, same as is the “illegal migrant”, placed in the same group, even though one, apprehends the other, obstructs travels northward, yes both are humans, everyone person on the planet, part of the human species, considered is a person, part of a group of “people”, why the collusion between the two, done with the words, answer is this, US Border Patrol, Hispanic Agent, hispanics are together, service at US Border Patrol, comes in second, first are hispanics, together in one group, 


46:09 statement made “Gloria”, “all the things “he” had to do to get to that person, so eventually “he” was able to bring “him” to safety as well, so thank you “Carlos”, “Bill” with “Bob”, traveled together, took a ride in the car, he was hurt, while he helped him, things turned out alright, so thank you “Bob”, exercise of the session, condition the viewer, associate “he” with “person”, part of a group of “people”, associate “hispanic agents”, words when listened, equal level as a person, part of a group of “people”, same as “illegal migrant”,  conditioned in the abstract, idea brought forth, accepted consciously, use of “thanks Carlos”  volume heightened, versed quite quick, made to sound, loud with rude, statement made “Gloria”, canned “tells off”, US President


46:09 statement made “Gloria”, “all the things “he” had to do to get to…”, computer generated phrases, place the wrong concept, when obligated due to forced, at times appropriate is “had to do something”, assistance given, “all the thing “he” needed to get done”, “have to’s” is “forced to” versus “need to’s” is “gets to”, so “forced to” versus “gets to”, each times something gets done, which phrase would be better,  up to the reader, something remember Revolutionaries, serving in the Revolutionary Forces, nearly everything in life, considered a “get to”, use “need to” whenever possible,  


46:21 made actions “Carlos”, shook the hand, US President, soon as let go, advanced took the hand, shook with “Gloria”, when advanced further, extended to shake hands, President “Kevin”, same moment, computer generated, US President, looked in other direction, all the rest the members, “leaders” at the table, looked towards the handshake,  two presidents present, antonymous region of California, part of Greater Aztlan, not grouped together, “Homeland Security” “America”,


46:42 statement made “Gloria”, while speaks, knocks back of hand, bangs on the table, knock of the mallet, again over again, shows frustration, well as power, has the authority, act such a way, before Command and Chief, US President,


46:31 statement made “ Gloria”, “we” have”, places self, level of the US President, statement made “Gloria”, “our” civilian work force”, use of the word “our”, done to condition, viewer accept two groups, when a hispanic states “our”, included isn’t the accusation maker, US President, sub conscious of the viewer, conditioned for hundreds of hours, if not even more, depends on watch time, programs are viewed, included, conversations with others, received are hours of prejudice, in reference to the issue, accusations previously placed, repeated thousands of times, included into the programs, computer generated, phrase repeated, another example, when “Don” gestures, puts upper teeth, over bottom lip, taken is a still, what was phrase, such an impression, with just one image, again over again, each time seen, again used the profanity,  US President, same is with the issue, accusations previously made, anytime a hispanic, mentioned or viewed, near the presence, US President, again is reminded, condition phrase insult, thought of is the divide, no words spoken, just the sight of the two, any conversation held, sub conscious of the viewer, knows is only for the moment, two groups are enemies, such an inappropriate statement, computer generated, intelligence operation placed, such as was the image, two upper teeth, over the bottom lip, included multitude of others, images with phrases, which carry hundreds of hours, conditioned to the public, sub luminal code sent, same holds true, almost any promoted agenda issue, queerism to bestiality, murder to pedophilia, example with give, murder mystery documentaries, could be held liable, due to put the knives, into the viewers hand, included the ideas, into the viewer mind, use of “you”, viewer thinks in the abstract, becomes also a killer, thinks as the murderer, walks in the shoes, temporarily part of the group, approved to be as such, analytical thought process, brought back to the conscious mind, conditioned accept the concept, not aware how happened, if shows are watched, frequently part of the routine, viewer spontaneously ponders, begins to think as a killer, becomes a murderer, conditioned to do so, sent the subliminal code, direct from the authorities, USDIA, such as are in the clip, doing away with the US Presidency, same type of trickery, present in all the programming, 1993, US President  “William Clinton” Executive Order USDIA Directorate, placed a five minute lapse, mandatory to every broadcast, read go ahead give a ponder, what is the preference, what is the favorite show, realize personalities, most are facial mask wearers, every productions, computer generation, receives the changed dialogue, intonation placed canned themes, facial gestures, body movements, can reproduce entire episodes, no need for any personalities, present in the studio, 1949 thru 1993, been a five second lapse, due to security reasons, incase needed to cut a mic, change a few words, Cold War precautions, turned into a full five minutes, every show exists mandatory signature signed forms, confidentiality agreements, no allowance to mention, computer generation, if fail to abide, threatened with life, treasonous act, threat to US Security, would receive nothing less than five years for any type of breach, agreed to signed contract, every performer include guest, any type of appearance, every individual signs, need of assistance, give a read,  


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