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Proof is Computer Generated US President "Trump" Part IV

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Analyst Assessment

open clip at bottom

invited to compare

video clip    

NBC News

Title: Watch Live Trump Participates in Immigration and Border Security Roundtable

posted April 5, 2019

air time: 52:02

46:36 statement made “Gloria”, “our” civilian work force”, stated in such way, soon will be inducted, “border patrol” agents, will be entered, serve in the forces, autonomous region of California, US Border Patrol, agents are deputized employees, US Federal Government, 


46:47 statement made “Gloria”, used the phrase, “tank keeper”, how about the tank commander, what about the tank mechanic, isn’t the proper term, named should been “tank tender”, thought only keeper, was the bee keeper, either way use of the phrase “tank keeper”, condition the viewer, usually used in time of war, accept the “tank”, analyst error, “time keeper” not “tank keeper”, wonder how is, US Border Patrol, kept is the time, bet not inside a hive,  honey bee style, probably a clock, hung over a turn style, alert vigilant agent, finger on the button, watches the time, tries not to feel tired, keeps a constant eye, passer bys migrate, watches the flow of migrants, makes sure of the traffic, no one gets past, without first checking in, US Border Patrol, everyone just trying, another time to get by, agent keeper of the time, with the vigilant eye, does have acute sight, so remember go to the side, head towards the eastern sky, just go a few more miles, many walls make up the barrier, walk until isn’t one there, never going been finished, why doesn’t have a name, Calexico won’t be far away, another time headed down the lane, Mexicali not far away, head back to do the same, upon approach, be sure to give a smile, US Border Patrol, travel towards the eastern sky, helps go some extra miles, feeling more than alright high, knowing going to arrive, trecking out on the track, packing back another time, just making another dime, dollar with even some more, Trolley the Traficker, street car smooth, knowing what to do, not giving a worry, never going to be a barrier, even if there was, wouldn’t mean much, open would a tunnel, closed then be another, pay the price, not much roll of the dice, just living the life, high doing another mile, Trolley the Trafficker, happy to be alive, about to make another dime, dollar even some more, oh what a life, trolley the trafficker, street car smooth, always finds a way thru, feels no fear, knows the act dawns a hat, trafficker of contraband, knows how to return back, barrels down the tracks, doesn’t have much of a past, Trolley the Trafficker, knows about the future, probably be about the same, ready go to the grave, proper burial doesn’t await, stays in the game, wants to leave, but can’t stop being “Trolley”, trafficker of contraband, stays on the fast track, street car smooth,  knows what to do, makes another lap,Trolley the Trafficker, USA with Mexico, International Border, don’t allow the takeover, take out the infrastructure, favorable are open borders, getting along with the neighbors, Revolution to succeed, needs an open border, reds thru with thru, be sure to destroy the installments, don’t allow the closures, claim the territory, flag on the staff, raise the Revolutionary banner,  


47:05 statement made “Gloria”, “we” have someone special “here” today, Miss “Nubia Avalos”, constantly has worked”, serves as backwards riddle,

“constant” is as in “obstinate”, “steady” is as in “ready”, positive statement, deserves a positive term, when not worded correct, makes for confusion, compliment with a complaint, positive with a negative, forward as in reverse, can’t do both same while, difficult is to do, included is for the mind,

third grade class, attention everyone, new student to introduce, someone special, name is “Nubia”, welcome to the class, clap with another clap, when can have some cake, better can go outside play, still need to wait, have more to explain, ok, yes Miss “Gloria”, US Presidential address, welcome to the class, Yankee comes in about last, still thinking is funny, how is feeling Yankee, still waiting to be fornicated, how is doing “our” country, should have asked, where is “my” country, still feeling number one, about to be over done, egg all over the face, been quite disgraced, reader turned Revolutionary, take the frustration, furry with rage, charge right at the police state, terminate the mandate, go all the way decapitate, Yankee Sam,


47:12 statement made “Gloria”, viewer picked up the fiddle, knows well the tune, “of “your” next 11 miles, of 30 foot border wall”, ridiculous statement, “your” next 11 miles”, “your” wall, in reference to a structure, built on the US Border, termed “your” wall, supposedly pertains, US President, current date, behave quite ignorant, citizen of the USA, term a national project, named in such a way, 1936 thru 1946, Country of USA, “Great Works Projects”, aren’t termed “Franklin’s” Great Works Project”, Shasta Dam Facility, isn’t “Roosevelt” Dam”, neither are Folsom, Coolie, nor Hoover, great engineered achievements, tremendous in scale, compared to a insignificant wall, “Great Works Project” today standard rate of inflation, expenditure trillions of dollars, back then was another time, country of the USA, nothing would have been accomplished, duration of the history, had the population, ago past decades, behaved in such a way, ignorance at a heightened level, reduced intellects squabble, divided over a wall, termed as “walls”, population continues, often opts to quarrel, performance is disgraceful, well as disrespectful, population lost insight,  prefer to fight, rather than unite, make a strong nation, continued divided will fall, centered around a nonsense wall, cost 140 dollars a day, give stale sack lunches, hold in detainment cells, apprehended illegal migrants, asylum cases linger on, take months to resolve, six months on average, family of four, 140 dollars per day, 21 thousand dollars, per each person, detained for 150 days, total expenditure of 84 thousand dollars, proposal to resolve the problem, if had Executive Decree, declare a national emergency, possible arrival of millions, asylum seeker illegal migrants, placed into effect, immediately put into action, answer is simple, builds strong relations, makes for strong neighbors, have respect for one another, answer to crisis, work as described, plots of land, border cross zones, Country of Mexico with Country of Guatemala, El Salvador with Guatemala, Honduras with Guatemala, Nicaragua with Honduras, both side of each cross, included in the interior, each of the countries, began would be the project, “Build the Urbanizations”, lottery program, included use of joint operations bases, use of US Troops, included private organizations, included private contractors, most the labor would arrive, from the migrant communities, average house cost, included with lot, 15,000 dollars, houses built of brick with mortar, concrete floors, durable roofs, built to last for decades, each border cross, ten thousand family units, total of 40,000 family units, initial project begin stage, total cost of 600 million dollars, each house built, together with US contractors, use of community labor, house built is the pay, no other wage, other than food, full stomachs, workers can do more, caravans no longer, would continue to pass, each year with the reductions, illegal migrant entries, continue indefinitely, ongoing the project, donor communities , no transfer of ownership, nor allowed any type of liens, owned by the bloodline, no selling of the homes, manufacture plants, other forms of employment, placed nearby,   Country of USA, wastes enormous amounts of money, sack lunches, tray jail house slop, held in detainment,  2017, Puerto Rico, hurricane relief, paid by USFEMA, Chef Antonio, made 6.5 million meals, made nothing less, personally profited, per each meal, three dollars, twenty million dollars, near complete waste of funds, caldrons set up, placed on the corners, damage affected neighborhoods, local community members, cook the food, 50 pound sacks of rice, 50 pound sack of beans, entire neighborhood, able to eat on the cheap, less than a dollar a meal, closer to fifty cents, new reports, lies about a made up crisis, not one needed to starve, chopper in the sacks, included cook gas, entire theme made up, went from 14 deaths, reports changed stories, reported were many victims more, went into the thousands, after 11 months, University of Washington work lab, found in a study, 63,321 deaths occurred, from the hurricane, gullible the US Citizen, where were the bloated bellies, starved people in the streets, where were the corpses, average of hundreds of deaths, per each day, no sight of the signs, due to the “shortages”, been no riots, never existed a “crisis”, men such as Antonio, made a bundle, were applauded for the rip off, caldron soup, entre of beans and rice, refreshments served, US Army, desalinator, equipped on the ships, container the water, right at the dock, from mal nutrition, no one would have died, falsehood based. were the reports,


reader take note, underground rail system, travels from near Country of Canada, near  Town of White Horse to Country of El Salvador , City of San Salvador,  brief stop made, USA-Mexico International Border Cross, continuous rail system, included a route, up the other avenue, golf coast, enters a bit at Tampico, 80 miles west of Brownsville, crosses the Mexico with US International Border, vanguard of the group, “Barrie” with the crack smokers, placed at Sacramento, hoisted the rainbow flag, part of the vanguard, group gang “name”, together with “Gloria”, “Cesar”, “Carlos”, included most the others, from the “border patrol”, USICE will split, side more with Homeland Security, given in the code, statement of the USICE official, USICE will fight, against the group, led by “Gloria” with the others, President “Kevin”, resemblent of the current California Governor, sense both are caucasians,  soon after the proclamation, arise will a new nation, active President Barrie, with an African only agenda, group will expel, all non Africans, included associated queers, pop ups on front lawns, California a tent city, full of crack smokers, delinquents on the corner, along with everywhere else, mop atop the heads, being a Yankee queer, rainbow fest will have arrived, everyone queer feeling high, ready to give another try, just can’t stop, hop till drop, cough cough  take another toke, how everyone knows, cocaine is mostly organic, goes well with music, forget about the residual, rocked with a grind, complain another time, need to wait another month, first few days already gone by, can’t any longer get high, await with an extended hand, never arrives,  can’t understand what happened, gang “name” had such good prices, before could afford, tweenkies with hoehoes, even a package of oreos, high for at least five days, just needed to patiently await,  another allotment, pacification payment, paid by donor, Yankee Sam,


all who are new to the show, never rushed into battle, reader turned Revolutionary, about to enter, star at the rodeo, bullets are flying, about time to open up, if setting permits, hot start over cold, hop in place, get the adrenaline built, amped up enter in, not exhausted, just revved for the show, ready to go, take a bullet, still stay on the move, be able to make do, adrenaline already pumped, helps with the pain, if don’t get shot, warmed up helps to be hot, rather than cold, knocked out dead, something learned in Indochina, asians enter in with warm feet, needs be even hot, not to warm, just enough to get going, help with courage, needs be a shot, maybe two, adjusted attitude, go all the way thru, sweeping the street, cleansed the entire scene, proud to be a Revolutionary,  


47:18 computer generated, psychological operation, right side of the screen, hand with the camera, first time reveals identity, hand with black color attire, could been a black drab jumpsuit, such as the elite forces use, revealed self as a civilian, quite possible a new arrival, family member, one the others, just arrived received the invite, soon to be hired, learns the formalities, helps with “security”, perception of the viewer, take note reader, duration of the clip, notice the words spoken matched to the appearances’, when entered into the screen, hand with the camera, remember is computer generated, learn to think as an analyst, compare movements, with the ongoing agenda, learn a step further, decipher the code, sent in the subliminal messages,


47:18 entire scene is troublesome, shake of hands, showed lack of respect, hand with the camera, captured the entire image, two shutters, handshake took place US President, soon as finished hand shake, US President, hand with camera, widen the angle, captured numerous images, recipient of commendation, went to Chief “Gloria”, instead of General “Seminite”, order of respect, subordinate with superiors, shake the hand of the leader, depend of the arrangement, such as witnessed, next in command, General “Seminite”, should have been next, what shouldn’t been, next to the US President, General Seminite, soon will be Commander General “Seminite”, non existent the US Presidency, reader take note, lead up to the handshake, matched with the camera hand, invitee picture taker, non affiliation unidentifiable, read the code, remember the yellow translucent spot, soon as “Don” is gone, who will be responsible,  going to be a take over, will happen in a flash, about to being the last chance, get out there take action, join up with the Revolution, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital,


47:18 thru 47:31 code given, shuttered twice, two quick consecutive times, was the shot in the eye, perhaps heart also, perception is due, duration of the clip, lead up went on, end revealed self, shuttered quick twice, ended the image, widened angle clear view, snapped a few, only of associated group, nothing taken of the other, behavior extremely rude, command approved, recipient didn’t shake the hands, doesn’t associate, Team A, due to obligated, Miss “Nubia”,  shook the hand, US President,


47:27 freeze image, look at facial gestures, US President, primal instinct skills, predatorily sex addict, computer generated, placed image, US Presidency,


47:33  computer generated, female attendee, whistled few ewe, stated “you” go girl”,


47:33 freeze image, computer generated, US President, facial expression, eyes placed on buttocks, recipient as walks, computer generation, citizen of the USA, about not to have a territory, debt to China, heard the news, stated in the clip, China as well as Mexico, California to Texas, encompassed into Mexico,  China grabs the rest, takes over the debt, reason for the mismanagement, bankrupted the US nation, allow for the takeover, outstand debt, US President, “just couldn’t do it, just don’t have enough, business decides to shut, declared defunct, Nation of the United States of America,  


47:36 statement made “Don” “she’ll” get “it” done”, computer generated, first filled the room, canned “sexual tied laughter”, due to comment “you” go girl”, computer generated, compelled to talk, made inappropriate comment, placed to the US Presidency,


47:47 statement made “Don”, “on time on budget, maybe under budget ok, under budget under time, that’s happened before hasn’t “it”,  statement should been, “on time within budget, maybe even under the estimated cost figure”, statement of “Don” backwards riddle, termed wrong “on budget”, in connection with “under budget ok”, sub conscious of viewer, perceived waivered on statement, said something contradictory, on time or not maybe, due to is “on budget”, second half statement, when read loops back, what’s on time, the budget, no within the budget, or


47:47 viewers perceptions, varied based on affiliation, if identify with “Don”, perception formed, “is just what goes on”, due to many are the same,  if are in opposition, oblivious received a loop, backwards riddle, programmed a tune, later to whistle to, yackety with yack,


47:48 statement made “Don”, “I” just wanted to thank “everybody”, “we’re” going over to the new section of “wall”, US President, final of address, unacceptable behavior, computer generated, lost is the presidency, unacceptable we to close, isn’t no longer the leader,  just one of the others, part of the “leadership”, temporary of that venue, who is the leader, public has no idea, analyst assessment, now have a better idea, computer generation, which entity chose to place, indoctrinate the population, promoted an agenda, reader needs to ask, questions how happened, US Copyrighted 1400 pages, Book: US National Security, Intelligence Brief, Nazi Bloodlines, information in the style, USDIA intelligence brief form, hundred birth names, with various shadow identities, every each USDIA agent, hierarchy of age, top of the pyramid, all have things in common, participants at the assassination “John Kennedy”, 1967 thru 1975, International Red Cross, each was a field medic, 1964 thru 1975, almost all the males, included served in the service, US Army, deployed to the war, Vietnam  


47:56 statement made “Don” “and we” have a lot of “it” going up”, served as backwards riddle, picked up the fiddle, “and again General, “I” want to thank “you” for the job “you’ve” really have “it” together, “we” have uhm  a lot of work under construction, use of the word “and” separates the two groups, wall from the construction, sound foolish “we” have a lot of “it” going up, works as backwards riddle, what is going “up”, needed is revert back, viewer needed perceive “it”, interpret the significance, “it” covered “Calexico Length of the project “The Wall”, left nameless, with the intent make confusion, leave the population, duped into a quarrel, sight on the bickerance, when taken away is sovereignty, then nothing left to bicker, just go ahead be bitter, left without a nation, still in a state of confusion, feeling a lot of frustration, time to get out there, don’t allow the take over, rise up Revolutionaries,


48:06 statement made “Don”, “uh money’s been approved, and “it” wasn’t easy, “people” that don’t want to give “you” money, that’s not easy,


48:10 statement made “Don”, “money has been approved”, supposed big business “tycoon”, doesn’t use the term “funds”, sounds low intellect, another time displays ineptness, computer generated, removal of the US Presidency, citizen of the USA, concerned about “our” country, didn’t give much thought, receive a new form of government, system much more oppressive, why such deceptive measures, utilized the greedy, group in control, necessary to ensure, allowed take over, complete forfeiture of assets, complete loss considered, citizen of the United States of America,


48:13 statement made “Don”, “but “we”  know “we” need “it” “we” had no choiceso “I” want to thank you, “let’s” go see the wall, thank you, thank you very much,


48:45 statement made “Don”, “when “you” have a situation when there is “rough” and “tough” “people” with criminal records, are asking for asylum, “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way”, question “what way does “it” work”, what exactly is “it”, already know the answer, question is why, phrased in such way, what is achieved, intent is to program, condition the viewer, associate in the abstract, illusion believe to be true, nothing more than duped, brainwashed thru with thru, taken over population, about to lose the nation,  

description “rough” with “tough, been appropriate if applied, US Armed Force, not to a group, delinquents, declared to be the “enemy”, statement should been, “when exists a situation, illegal migrant delinquents, many of whom, have extensive criminal records, allowed to petition, claim to be “refugees”, again needs to be re iterated, repealed has been the legislation, which paved way, for such described cases, over is the issue, elected the right man, takes action, resolves the problems, solved continue on,


48:15 statement made  “Don”, “thank you, “let’s” go see the wall”, use of the word “lets”, is unacceptable, statement should been “time to go see the wall now, everyone follow in, time to march, get out the door, see everyone at the border, have a good night, good bye,


48:57 statement made “Don”, “so “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way” so “we” have  a full system, nothing “we” could do, thank you very much “everybody”

48:57 computer generated, movement of “Don”,  tapped hand on table, knocked two times, statement made, “let’s go”


49:36 hand with camera, color placed to screen, color aqua appeared, US Copyrighted Book Fagged Marker to the Mark, yankee imperial blue, as with color aqua, is associated to Yankee Africans, hand with camera, color aqua, calls the attention, Yankee Africans, placed part of the theme, assassin taking photos, prepared for the operation, color aqua invited to the group, placed on the screen, included into the theme,


statement made “Don”, “uh money’s been approved, and “it” wasn’t easy, “people” that don’t want to give “you” money, that’s not easy,


statement made “Don”, “money has been approved” 

statement made “Don”, “but “we”  know “we” need “it” “we” had no choiceso “I” want to thank you


statement made “Don”, “when “you” have a situation when there is “rough” and “tough” “people” with criminal records, are asking for asylum, “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way”,

statement made “Don”, “so “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way” so “we” have  a full system, nothing “we” could do, thank you very much “everybody”

computer generated, movement of “Don”,  tapped hand on table, knocked two times, statement made, “let’s go”

code deciphered, goes something as such, “”, “uh extension been approved, and “it” wasn’t easy, China didn’t want to give forgive the debt, demands current payments, that’s not easy, when there is no “money”, “but “we”  know “we” need “it” “we” had no choiceso “I” want to prepare “you”, appears “money” has been approved, “Don”, “when “you” have a situation when there is “rough” and “tough” “people” with criminal records, are asking for asylum, “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way”, was better for “our” situation, send all illegal migrants, place as residents, inside of the State of California, included a few other zones, which now will be off limits, due to raise in delinquency, California claimed autonomy, is best for “our” country, bank account dried up, “pick em out”, can’t get out, read lips, “is no more money”, statement made “Don”, “so “it” doesn’t “work” “that” “way” so “we” have an overdue debt, creditor demands to collect, nothing “we” could do, system is defunct, is no more US Government, await instruction from the new management, position of presidency, thank you very much, all who were a help, put effort forth, supported the “Trump” presidency, time everybody, Chief “Gloria” , one last time, turn out the lights, business is closed, put locks on the doors, tap tap on the glass, was a blast, too bad didn’t last, just couldn’t do it, time to go, let’s go get a bite, any who don’t go one last good bye, business is over, nation is more, Former Country of the USA”,  end of the analyst assessment, tick tock time ran out, time to not have doubt, not already out, headed for the door, gun in hand,take action, walk fast don’t turn back, go get going hurry, time has run up, quit to hesitate, all out at the police state, liberate the Confederate States of America, place the Alamo as the Capital,  take the Rockies, forty miles, each side of the ridge, kick off the Revolution,

uniforms have velcro patches,

taken off in a flash

nation symbol changes

another flag placed

other units represented

affiliated to other entities

Yankee USA

is about to be taken away



April 11

clips with crowds

stands at podium

US President

while gives speech

noted behind

man with a patch

yellow “don’t tread on me”

stands three teirs back

left hand side the screen

directly over the shoulder

US President

motions with hand

allright symbol

thumb with forefinger

waved back with forth

US President

computer generated

man made same motion

formed fingers waved

did about face

looked towards direction

right side of the screen

showed discontent

group “allright” isn’t the same

moved away

aren’t any longer in support

US President


April 12

clip with crowd

red baseball hat

slogan of the leader

man looked down

cued to the dialogue

US President "Trump"



US President "Trump" statement made “Brooks Country Texas”

shows the plan, California has “Sectors”, “Texas” has counties, dived will be the country, zones with sectors, where occurs wars,


statement made, regards to illegal migrants, transported to California, USDIA, plans are a “Mariel Boat Crisis”, Governor of California, will claim autonomy, Californians infuriated, state been declared, termed a safe haven, termed a sanctuary state, done so by the US Federal Government, California Citizens, won’t have much qualms, everything is planned, time in the future, safe haven will turn to maham, groups of Africans, rape with pillage, take over estates, push the residents, forced into the underground, explained only temporary, while controlled is the zone, such as in a hurricane, mandatory evacuations, trouble on the horizon, Sector 3, heavy assaults, residencies on fire, Sector 4, residents ordered, enter into the underground, upon arrival check guns, if guns aren’t for accounted, ushered to detention, complete gun confiscation, will be ordered, under duress to give up location, hidden weapons discovered, radiod back have been found, detainee for lack of cooperation, sent to do more detention, underground inhabitants, will not return, 2018, Paradise California, fire passed thru, watch the reports, video game footage, repeatedly stated, “nothing to go back to”, defined as wasteland, previous parcel owners, will receive a special contract,  convert to underground land, placement in the tunnels, held all by the same entity, “global order congromulate”, what good is a bunker, when the tunnel is obstructed, closed for business, better pay up, definitely not act up, closed gets the tunnel, contract on underground plots, details to give some thought,


Mr Hyde with Jeckyll
shifter runs the show

who’s present no one knows

one moment is “Jeckyll”

sudden as a flash is “Hyde”

both have various sides

wearer of facial masks

worn nearly at all times

puppet is no different

one after another

US Presidents

nearly the entire

upper level

all are the same



“Howell’s” Paint Store

only paint supply

no other near by

everyone held actions

share holders in the store

passed years of mismanagement

when about was to sink the ship

leadership used another name

Paint Store

had the supplies

just drop on by

Paint Store

with the great service

special mixes available

Paint Store

everything remained the same

one moment to the next

under new management

“BillBob’s” Paint Store

thugger is “Bill”

both in the same family

thugger is “Bob”


weren’t given permission

consolidated assets


no longer share holders

patrons were welcome

remained treated as clients

new regulations placed


business conducted differently

patrons needed to accept

appreciate the service

if were in objection

fine long as never painted

anything painted with paint

other than from the local provider


any failure to adhere

follow the new regulations

anything painted

without official paint

burnt to the ground

perhaps no longer found

vehicles to structures

covers all the paint needs


anyone understand

US Border Patrol

US Customs and Borders

US Immigration

are the correct names


first sign of trouble

spin the wheel


any further trouble


keep the spinner spinning


keeps on the trouble

“Bill” needed to go


all the assets are gone

no one held responsible

after the departure “Bill”

no money in the account

share holders locked out

“Bob” was already gone

skipped out before “Bill”

everyone should have known

didn’t have the same name

“Rob” wasn’t “Bob”

entire operation a loss

everyone in the end robbed

spin wheel keeps a spinning

how things went wrong

about to be a take over

reader turned revolutionary

don’t allow shares to be taken

revolt rise up no longer wait

will never give such instruction

Yankee Sam

guns about to confiscate

allowed the purchase of fire arms

leaders in control

laugh with joke

how made a fortune

from what will be confiscated

Yankee Sam

doesn’t plan on a full scale assault

design is the arms

88% of all the firearms

will be confiscated

soon as determined

right after the take over

soon as is announced

within first few hours

new regulations placed

global order conglomerate

more oppressive police state

no room for any complaints

new management in place

insists upon conformity

guns will be taken away

any “it” in opposition

no longer a citizen

dealt with are terminated

revolt rebels rise up

while the weapons

still are accessible

empty out the caches

disperse among the family

among friends the same

together form militias

don’t allow the take over

liberate the territory

Confederate States of America

Alamo placed as the Capital


April 5, 2019


video clip

air time 2:43

complete different setting

maybe later on

when visited

US Border

Chief “Gloria”

with hand near gun

stood behind

US President “Don”


April 12, 2019

“Don” “gave” the people

statement made “I’ll give illegal migrants, to California”

prisoners aren’t “given”

inmates are handed over

placed into the custody of

housed then transferred

never are legally “given”

slaves are “given”

humans treated as objects

leader of the country

US President

has no legal basis

in which to “give”

person nor persons

not to any group nor entity

termed would be slavery

tongue with cheek was no slip

is computer generated

condition the population

policy set by management




plans to cede

Rockies to the West Coast

owed due to “reprartations”

falsified “historical” slavery

claim will the nation

“Africa America”

“Don” will say

“had to be done”

“look right here”

points finger at face

“no more money”

“just had to be done”

“what else could “we” do”

“Word Community”

“demanded the payment”

“everything will work out”

“time to check out”

really though will be “assassintated”


another will come along

hand off the baton


cede over territory

public in a stupor

entered into the abstract

remember back

lines of “Don”

associated with “we”

in turn lost the presidency

without the leader

took on another government

ran by different management

such as the programs

terms a male “she”

with time the viewer believes

same with the presidency

US President

termed “you”

when should been

Mr. President Sir

public doesn’t’ mind

isn’t out in the street

guns in hand on the attack

headed right at Yankee Sam

public is caught up

daze state over diversion

presented at a low intellect level

associates to the abstract

times are “they” included “we”

“us” part of “our’s” one of “you”

on the issues left confused

constant irritation

full of frustration




meet room

details given

subliminal message sent

room face the leadership table

each in single tier

each have similar accommodations

are few differences

included been explained

each side of the conference table

placed in the each upper corner

big flat screen

depicted on each

same exact theme

“US Department of”

“Homeland Security” Limited Liability Corporation

title way is written

placed around the logo

separates the two groups

will be dropped soon

from the start went unnamed

“United States Department of”

remain will the same name

“Homeland Security”

added on will be

“Limited Liability Corporaton”

screen in each corner

condition the public

arrives the orders

leader on the screen

times will be the symbol

within a short while

symbol everywhere

big screens in public spaces

analyze the passer by faces

from the logo will be ordered

arrested for thoughts

evident stress indicators

viewed upon face

reason to be hauled away

indefinite detention with arrest

conducted by the military

“Homeland Security” LLC

holder of asset


women are of authority

placed nearest the screen

each end of the table

extension of the screen

women placed nearest

will be in turn the leaders

flanks each end of the single tier

row of leadership at the table

rows of easels

left side of the screen

set are tow easels

right side of the screen

set are three easels

upon both sets of easels

black with white intelligence photos

condition the public

two different groups

news brief with authorities

military operations explained

row of chairs in the single tier

located behind the seats

single row of banisters

1 flag each

7 flags

left side of the row

2 banisters

first in the file

top of the banisters

placed is a sybol

outreached winged bird

other banisters

atop each is visible a spere

more importance

is placed to the ornate banisters

left hand side of the scree

first flag in the file

color red white with blue

Style “Betsey Ross”

Country of USA

standard style flag

next in the single tier

Style “US Presidential”

color black background

seal in the center

standard style flag

seal reminds of another

placed to the business

“Homeland Security” LLC

holder of asset


chair placed before

Style “Betsey Ross”

Country of USA

standard style flag

seated is a man

disheveled appears

Venezuela “Guaido”

all for the show

President “Kevin”

“National Border Patrol Council” LLC

subsidiary hold     

member in the partnership

major hold asset company

“Homeland Security” LLC

holder of asset


located on the screen

seated the right hand side

seated in the next chair

before the banister

Style “US Presidential”

color black background

seal in the center

standard style flag

seated before the symbol

Chief “Gloria Chavez”

“Border Patrol” LLC

subsidiary hold

member in the partnership

only known to public hold company

“National Border Patrol Council” LLC

psychological operation

taken out of the “group”

“public” will approve

reality on the paperwork

ownership stays the same

“National Border Patrol Council” LLC

remains subsidiary hold      

member in the partnership

major hold asset company

“National Security” LLC

holder of asset

“Africa America”

subsidiary hold     

member in the partnership

major hold asset company

“Homeland Security” LLC

holder of asset




“Mariel” Part II

“US” “Border Patrol”

will be the “militants”

supposed front lines

strong recent immigrant

presence in the agency

“US” Border Patrol

dropped will be “US”

drawn up the staff

“Border Patrol”

added to the partnership

received new guestship

temporary “citizenship”

members in a “dream” state

serfs under contract

subjects to the authority

“National Council” LLC

holder of asset

“Africa America”

former entitiy

“US” “Border Patrol”

take on the new name

AA Border Patrol

subsidiary hold            

member in the partnership

major hold asset company

“National Security” LLC

holder of asset



 Country of USA

assemblence of the agency

US Department of

Homeland Security

seal is inappropriate

US Presidential Seal

words written

are continuous

read in sequence

right to left until finished

US Department of

emboldened on upper half

Homeland Security

emboldened on bottom half

causes eyes of the readers

separate the two groups

top half of the coin

written is the words

US Department of

eyes need to go across

begin a new on other side

continue again to read

action divides the thought

need to relocate again begin

separates the two sets words

need assistance, give a read


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