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Analyst Assessment

Proof of the use Computer Generation

CBS News

April 5, 2019    

clip entitled: President Trump tours refurbished fencing at the southern

air time:5:48


0:18 thru 0:20 statement makes “Don”, while speaks right behind, with hand on weapon, stands Chief “Gloria”,  scene coincides, analyst assessment, previously posted,


1:39  sophisticated psychological operation, play with freeze, image over again, till placed is the transition, images are overlapped, take note of “Don”, head in smaller image, corner of flag, where located, needs be the blue, with the red with white, box in the corner, right angle touches, top of the head “Don”, such as written, Book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, when a person, touches or obstructs, colors or objects, correlation is made, person is aligned, color or object, symbols are represented, person becomes associated, bigger image of “Don”, head obscures, appears on the box, right shoulder of  “Don”, appears a man, stereotype “analyst”, stands in between, head of “Don” with the screen, placed to the image, logo of “Homeland Security”, extension of the logo, appears the Analyst, head is right below, corner of the white box,  

1:39 same frozen image, take a look, left side the screen, cropped at the edge, contractors in special attire, wear black color vests, have on khaki color pants,  Mexican Federal Police, investigators wear vests, are dressed different from the rest, use black color vests, will take orders from Analyst “A”, over the decades, Analyst “A” location of operation, changed affiliations, no longer the United States of America, current date Analyst “A”, no longer is stereotype “USDIA, public knows as USCIA”, rather has another  front, analyst for a “security firm” employee of “Homeland Security” Limited Liability Corporation,  Anayst “A” undercover, undercover part of the group, took on another look, put on a Guayabera shirt, shirt styled in such a fashion, gives the impression,  live at the event, operates at the venue, Russia took over, “Miami” little Habana, represented in the room, KGB back on the beat, rumor in the streets, story will be “Russia”, had to do with the takeover, subliminal code, due to what is sent, psychological operation, such as described, in the observation,reader become analyst, let image proceed, watch the movements, Analyst “A”, well as “Federal Police” “A”, statement will be made, sent is a clear message,  

1:39 thru 1:41 play with stop, correct image obtain, movement made “Don”, stepped in front, screen with the logo, quoted  from the US Copyrigted May 14, 2017 Book: “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, when a person, touches or obstructs, colors or objects, correlation is made, person is aligned, color or object, symbols are represented, person becomes associated,  logo on the screen, “Homeland Security”, placed at the back, stood in front “Don”, left side shoulder, re appeared Analyst “A”, off the screen, out of view Federal Police “A”,


1:41 thru 1:42 gave away Betsey Ross Flag, vests represent, Mexican Federal Police, investigators wear vests, are dressed different from the rest, vest take orders from Analyst “A”, acts as undercover “KGB”


1:43 play with stop, correct image obtain, senators appear, heads to each shoulder, stood Analyst “A”,  shifter takes on other , identity becomes another, represent “John Kelly”, be the go between, US Congress, will cede territory, Rio Grande River up the Colorado Tributary, continue up thru, line will dive State of Idaho, “Africa America”  territorial indication markation, border line be placed, down the middle of the peninsula, State of Idaho, keep in the mind the theme, another clip, CBS This Morning, April 22, 2019 air time:5:30 clip title: “Climate change threatening to dry up the Rio Grande River, a vital water supply” described are details, markation placement line, worded in presentation,  “border” sounds as if International border, isn’t just on the southern edge, state of California

3:28 evironologist stated “we’re” sort of a microcosm,  of a lot of “river systems” in the world,

reportress stated, so “you’re” saying the Rio Grande, is the canary in the coalmine, 

4:33 evironologist stated, “sure think of “it” that way, as things warm up, uhyou for a certain level of precipitation, an “you” get into “your” rivers and into “your” reservoirs,  caucasian  environologist, not in the same group, non caucasian multi racial reportress, everytime noted is “yours”, pertains only to the “reportress”, programmers chose not use “our”, didn’t state “…that enters into into “our” rivers,  and “our” resevours”, CBS This Morning, evident are the groups, competitions that exist, between the races, caucasions versus non caucasions, interactions on the set, mentioned about the show, Bigbossjock Radio Show, Might Seven Fifty, AM 750 khz, recorded live show, hundred of hours, US Coprighted, are the shows,


CBS News

April 5, 2019    

clip entitled: President Trump tours refurbished fencing at the southern

air time:5:48

1:43 take note head of “Don”, woman has on, pink color attire, arms folded about to scold, bold pink for all to perceive, reader with the thought, keep in the mind the theme, another clip, NBC News April 22, 2019 air time:21:05 clip title: Full Broadcast April 22, 2019 NBC Nightly News  described is the sequence, 4:36 thru 4:48, coincides with women, part of the scene, grouped by color pink, identify on the issue, about to demand impeachment, impatient don’t want to wait, assist in the assassination, 4:36 thru 4:48 watch the message sent, understand the code,  happened in the clip, children run, enter from left of screen, “Melania” with “Don”, stand upon the lawn, employee with apron on, color blue full bib front, representative for the queers, man ways further back, left hand side, behind the “First Last” couple,  security concerns, too close to the couple, short fences represent, “barrier easily crossed over”,   “enemy” positioned, behind the stanchion line,  african decented male, camera is visible, identifiable as press, continue to next image, front of the screen, pink is the shoulder, reportress with a microphone, points mic towards direction, US President, ground between the two, splotch of green, US President, stands behind, positioned is a “state trooper”, a foot uniformed female, turns head away, from the center attraction, shows discontentment,  obscured faced male, holds camera to face, hands are darkened, appears african decented, upon closer inspection, perhaps is caucasian, attire black with red, communist colors, positioned behind, female “state trooper”, shows collusion between the two, assassination rumors, story will be due to lack of security, women in uniform, serve as assistants, group associated with the symbols, colors black with red, due to appearance,

4:44 appears in the center, US President, positioned behind, woman in red dress, uses sun glasses, transpcript place to screen, statement made US President, stated “not even one little bit”, women in red dress, mumbled come a bit closer, positioned with camera, front of the screen, baseball capped “individual”, male or a transsexual, entered into the screen, code sent, collusion between the two, women on the scene, about to occur the event, baseball hat wearer, appears transsexual,  

4:49 woman with sun glasses, trench coat style attire, identifiable as an intelligence operator, looks into the camera, Book “Flagged Marker to the Mark”, when a person on screen, peers into the camera, action makes for an impression, vewer perceives is been addressed, message was sent, intelligence operator, color khaki attire, pink color scarf, sun glasses on, runs cover for the assassin, lesbian haircut woman, on the play field, about to go in, assist with the kill,


CBS News

April 5, 2019    

clip entitled: President Trump tours refurbished fencing at the southern

air time:5:48

1:43 location where is placed, head of “Don”, another man appears, mid forties with a beard, supposed appear, seem as a threat, possible of the suspects, when the assassination happens,


1:44  man at the podium, not far behind, left side of the screen, spectator motioned, computer generated, canned “pyramided”, canned “KGB with the pyramid, instructed the others, transposed image “senators with the general”,


USDIA, about to make a move, found a way avoid prosecution, absolved of all responsibility, “Homeland Security” Limited Liability Corporation, main asset hold enterprise, necessary was take over, assets as are specified, due to insolvency,  overdue debts, absolved were the assets, lien holder “Nation”, forfeiture of all property, entire “Territory”, continental property with extended “areas”, described as “common wealths”,  “United States Of America” , placed under major hold company, “National Security” Limited Liability Company, holder over asset, “Homeland Security” LLC, holder asset “America”


NBC News April 22, 2019 air time:21:05 clip title: Full Brodcast April 22, 2019 NBC Nightly News ,play with stop, images watch, bit of a lapse

security appears lax, US President, about to get stabbed


4:38 thru 4:40  red alert, can notify the US Secret Service, computer generated, USDIA, plans assassination attempt,  NBC Evening News,  man with dark hair, over top of child, computer generated, motions balled fist downward, quite near the shoulder,US President, after passed by, suspect raised again hand, displayed a marker pen, message sent, didn’t take the opportunity, trial run a success, showed had access, sent a message,

4:38  three women with sun glasses, on the shoulder, man with the dark hair, woman with the beach hat, comer with the hat, works at the beach, part of the scene, operator in the arena, two other women near, colleagues on the same operation, overight is the woman, top of the screen, takes a cell phone image,

4:38 thru 4:40 take note of the actions, skirts the suspect, quite near takes a picture, woman with red hair, works as decoy, bait in the way, attraction is distraction, third woman wired, works back as with forth, covers for the others, time to rise up, take action, don’t allow the takeover, get to getting, go get something, liberate the Confederate States of America, Alamo placed as the Capital, help share the information,   




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