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Code Given US President "Trump" assassination attempt

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Analyst Assessment

open attached clip

invited to follow along

make the comparison

April 24 2019

CBS News

air time 10:20

entitled: Trump says White House is “fighting all subpoenas”

0:09 thru 0:15 too much attention, placed to the detail, purple tie, viewed as favorable, made a quick look, before stride changed, took steps towards the left, looked back at the booth, included at the two, “Wife” with “Husband”, couple “Trump”

0:19 just doing the job, or is it set up of for op, man appeared, where looked the agent, who changed the stride, took steps to the left,

0:19 thru 0:21 fast stride, between tree with guard booth, agent “B”, shifted to other side of tree,

0:22 man in dark attire, white collar, carries a satchel,  moves with fast stride,

0:22 thru 0:28  action made “Melania”, looked towards the left, same moment sipped back, allowed half pace, advanced in front “Don”,

actions of agents, actions of “Melania”, shows collusion, inside operation,

0:26 expression of face  “Don”, grimaced as walked, advanced in front, when looked turned head, “Melania” looked away, towards the left,

fast paced walker, with a satchel in hand, allowed to proceed, exited the screen,

0:30 duration of clip, pay attention, words spoke “Don”, with the movements, made by “Melania”,

1:05 thru 1:07 actions of “Melania” straightens lapel, state “Don”, “we’re” doing well with China”, Melania touches hair, uses hand gesture, brushes thru hair, gives the symbol, “westside”, man in dark suit, moves with fast stride, behind “Melania”,

1:06 man in dark suit, with white color shirt, looked at the camera, signified “hi” to the followers,

4:45 man dressed in dark attire, runs away from scene, helicopter on the field,approach does the first couple, opposition runs to position, turns around took the shot, snapped picture, chose not to drop, US President, practice run for the event, about to happen operation, condition the viewer, sequence of walkers, three in dark attire, opposition team, worked in coordination, tuff tuff on the lapel, movement “white coat”, US Congress, group of white coat wearers, code given by “Melania”, rumors will be, after the assassination, US President, woman at the side, First Lady “Melania”, was an insider, assisted with the operation,

5:52 box in the top right corner of the screen, take note of the women, “office” on the set, actions coincide with the words,

6:10 bottom right corner of screen, walked by a man, grey bowler hat, coincided with main box, three boxes is dived, larger box played a repeat, man with dark attire, walked between “Melania” with the booth, code sent, shows crime families, involved with the operation,

6:27 grey suit man, goes past, concentrates on phone, grey is the intelligence services, on the scene, present makes calls, takes care of business,

6:28  reportress left shoulder, entrance of the white house, cop appeared, from behind the column, concided with words, stated the reportress, “the “President” takes pride in, is “he” didn’t exert Executive privilege”, code when deciphered, “won’t be able to exert Executive privilege, when the cops arrive, place under arrest, US President”,


6:53  reportress stated “Kelly Ann Conway” was “out” “here”, background people are ushered, cop placed at the door, controls the scene, code sent, “Kelly Ann Conway” with others, were kicked out of here”


7:14 woman wears trench coat, grey with a purple hue, camera in hand, doesn’t show face, looks towards white house, peers the ladder,  eyes the maintenance worker, strap on camera, fluorescent pink, coordination between the two,


7:22 reportress stated “he” stonewalls “us”, upper right corner box, behind reporter, man in blue, phone in hand,

7:30 noise is made, canned “ladder been moved”, gives code, coordinated plans, among group “blue”,

7:40 reprter stated, “if Mr. McGahn” wants to…” behind the reporter, man in blue, head bent forward, concentrates on phone conversation,

7:48 entered on the screen, from the left hand side, African decented male, walks with quick stride, reportress stated “McGahn” himself has made the point…”,

7:49 take note of the image, second play with stop, woman from right side the screen, intersects the African male, female with quick stride, outstretches hand, holds a tablet, hot fusia pink color, appears directly under, maintenance man, located at the steps, entrance of the white house, shows coordination, caucasian women, will assist African men, carry out the assassination, maintenance man, isn’t possible to tell, what race is the maintenance man, dialogue coincides, words spoken, code sent, team blue, doesn’t have patience, will carry out a coordinated attack,


9:05 official with “Don”, walk on the tarmac, back of the center screen, female official did a 360 turn about, faced the wrong direction, instead of came about, snapped to a salute, faced the same direction, walked the pair, breach of protocol, normally would be noted, official receive a reprimand, 


9:36 female worker, shown in hatchway, US Air Force I, code sent, females will assist, female officials present, part of the inter functions, carried out daily, surround the US President,


9:44 reportress stated, “….the President and the First Lady, work on together, don’t usually work together, “she” keeps “her” own profile…..” maintenance man for first time, revealed racial identity, appears African decented, men with cameras, represent intelligence services, on the premises, taking care of business, content is US Copyrighted, #Bigbossjock, more code available, give a read,  


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