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Political insurance

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State Farm = state-owned farm = communism // communal slavery // migrant labor.

Progressive = socialism = a “collective responsibility” haircut for young men + the communist red line on drugs & alcohol.

GEICO = government employees.

Prudential = not just financial prudence, but a general sense of old ladies’ prudery or prudishness.

The big companies really “put people in their place” as drivers, and they do not hesitate to avail themselves of various off-the-books methods to slur an “unsafe” person’s reputation beyond repair to further insulate themselves from civil liability.

Established folks got extra insurance and shit, guns are banned, and there’s no work once the agents and claims reps start pushing papers across their desk.

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Lloyd's of London is just as bad and does operate in the United States. There is something of the overentitled, overly solicitous gentleman to that name.

ancient philosophy

The ancients had an insurance industry, and they knew of its pernicious, insidious, and endemic corruption.

Nay, Thou canst make the rough smooth, bring wondrous order forth from chaos; in Thy sight unloveliness seems beautiful; for so hast Thou fitted things together, good and evil, that there reigns one everlasting Reason in them all. The wicked heed not this, but suffer it to slip to their undoing. These are they who, yearning ever to secure the good, mark not nor hear the law of God, by wise obedience unto which they might attain a nobler life, with Reason harmonized. — Cleanthes of Assos

It is precisely this “yearning to secure the good” on the part of the modern insurance industry that leads to their liberal gun-banning politics, but the law of God rules with a rod of iron, that is, a hollow rod of iron capable of discharging a projectile and stoning an opponent to death.

The ancients understood very well why gun control is so wicked and evil. The problem is that it is the evildoers who need to be secured or locked up, not the good.

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