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I live next to dulce I have intel

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I live in new mexico next to dulce. Scientists have been informing me of the alien human war here. Our state has a heavy alien presence. However benevolent hyperdimensional beings are pushing me towards this knowledge. This is a big drop. The reptilians have been infiltrating our culture by disguising themselves as humans. You can peer as a (sleeper) with LSD and see them but if you open your third eye or even believe in God you can catch glimpses into their camoflauge. I have seen UFOs and by waking up their camoflauge or invisibility (cloaking) malfunctions. I am currently trying to get photographs of it but since I am targeted individual, gangstalking always distracts me. People will see it and act like they didn't. I am surrounded by infiltrators. They are hunting other humans down like me by tracking and monitoring me. If they can't put reptilians around me, they usually have sold out humans talk or meet me. I know they are infiltrating me right now, they own the big tech but I'm pushing for arcturians or Andromedans to step in and regulate shit. I have been pushing the reptilians and reptoids back by exposing them. We need a shipment out to wake people up. Human resistance, new mexico.


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