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CIA spoon benders.

The spoon is a metaphor. The spooks project their thoughts into your head & bend your “appetites” to impute something horrible to your sexuality that they might get a D.A. to degrade & humiliate you in court for some kind of false criminal charge or another.

The CIA boys party with the Cuban girls and slander men who don't “get it.”

MK-ULTRA is the usual drug-alcohol-marijuana-and-sex party. People are doing drugs & they want someone else, always male subject, out of respect for the Virgin Mary, to take the fall for it. Omertà, the Thieves' Code, etc.

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F-22 trade resources. I got Bay of Pigs. (basically how U.S. soldiers were brainwashed in the military.) I have gates to the illuminati. I rejected joining the illuminati and they tried to kill me. My ex was a honey pot prostituting herself for the illuminati. She asked me to join and I declined and after that they hunted me down like an animal.


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