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Yin-Yang Creationism

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Some of the old Finns fancied themselves to be Asians and interpreted the stoey of Creation from the Holy Bible in a certain way, with a little too much finesse and emotion.

When the Bible says "darkness was upon the face of the deep," they said that that was when the Sun set upon the primordial Sabbath, and God began His work.

They said that that darkness was so horrible and so deep that not even God could bear the thought of being alone;

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…

They talked about how God worked night and day without resting until the morning dew had fallen and the Sun was rising on the following Sabbath.

God wanted to have a joy-companion in heaven and broke the eternal Sabbath to create one.

That's the Yin-Yang. Night and day. A 24-hour clock. The Chinese concept of 24-hour surveillance. There was a German Übermensch who stole or took over that idea in Finland at that time: 1800s, pre-WWI, when the Chinese were still struggling with heroin addiction folllowing the Opium Wars, and certainly some of them had immigrated to Finland.

When I talk about some of these preachers who are a little bit off, I'm talking about Almighty Vice Lord Nation, of course. A huge gang problem in the US military & among Protestant churches, I'm told.

I have heard that “joy-companion in heaven” business a lot, and it is very crass, not at all heavenly. There's a preacher jacking off at the nightclub, as if God were the Omnipotent locker-room jock. There's an Allahu Akhbar in church.

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AVLN is Islam in disguise, with that Sharia theme of something a little bit off or wrong with the preaching throughout Christian churches and Jewish synagogues of all denominations.

Even the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is getting the Lord's Prayer a little bit off.

Islamic Law or Islamified Christianity is oh-so-conveniently “the solution” offered by the political left to all the religious rot on the right.

Preachers are out in left field actualizing eternal hell and damnation as earthly global warming, especially of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventist sects who patronize “natural” or “organic” food stores.

Their political liberalism is a trap, a web of lies that has ensnared all major religions of the world.

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